Koptalk Lies

This was sent in by a regular comment-writer on the blog, who has asked to remain anonymous. I think it sums up very well some of the lies of Mr Oldham, Editor (now Ex-editor) of Koptalk.

Duncan Oldham is full of lies and deceit. He lies so much that it would be impossible to list all of them. Below is a list of selective lies that have been covered by this blog. Many come with concrete evidence while those that do not are so blatantly obvious that it does not need much explaining:

List of Koptalk’s Lies


  • When confronted by a poster about the Sun hat, Duncan Oldham claims that he did not know anything about the boycott. This blog comes up with evidence to disprove his claim. 2006/05/31/a-bare-faced-lie/
  • – Oldham likes to talk and boast about his access to Liverpool players and officials.

One example is Liverpool captain Steven Gerrard. 2006/06/01/hat-trick-of-lies-fatso-claims-stevie-chat/

Another is Liverpool chief executive Rick Parry. 2006/07/08/koptalk-attack-liverpool-fc-again-parry-target-this-time/

  • All these claims have been confirmed to be false by Liverpool Head of Press Mr Ian Cotton who has confirmed that Oldham has no contacts inside the club – 2006/07/18/confirmed-duncan-oldham-of-koptalk-has-been-lying/ (The letter has been confirmed to be genuine and claims backed-up by various credible sources).
  • Koptalk cons its readers into believing that signing up for the Insider/Gold Club will give them access to exclusive ‘inside’ information regarding transfers, investment plans, club finances etc. This is covered by the blog on a near daily basis. One of Duncan Oldham’s old tricks is to put “teaser” headlines and pictures on the front page to make his readers think that Koptalk has exclusive ‘inside’ information: 2006/06/08/the-reality-behind-those-headlines/
  • Many times the blog shows how Duncan Oldham uses various newsfeeds and other forums to extract relevant information and report it as if it was his own. The recent transfer of Jermaine Pennant from Birmingham City to Liverpool is a good example of this where Oldham is several hours behind other forums and news while still claiming to have “Insider sources”. 2006/07/26/were-koptalk-ahead-of-the-rest-with-the-pennant-story/
  • Dietmar Hamann’s transfer saga is another example of Duncan Oldham stealing a story from somewhere else and claiming it as his own. 2006/06/09/story-theft-dunk-takes-story-and-claims-as-his-own/
  • In order to stop this blog getting the truth out to its members, Duncan Oldham has de-activated many functions on his forums as well as locking and banning many of its loyal members. In the process, Oldham has been caught lying many times. An example of this is when a respected member of the Koptalk community was banned for a post that was critical (2006/07/19/manifesto-for-renewal-deleted-by-oldham/) of the Koptalk community that has clearly “deteriorated”.
  • When confronted by a poster to explain Oldham’s claim that Liverpool players speak to the Sun, Duncan Oldham lies about having a tape of Crouch giving an exclusive interview to the Sun. 2006/06/01/dunks-lies-and-audiotape/
  • Duncan Oldham has been exposed by the blog of his involvement in other club sites such as spursarmy.con. To answer criticisms, he likes to make up a cover story: 2006/06/21/spurs-army-an-explanation/
  • In order to protect himself from potential criticism of the accuracy of his ‘inside’ information, Duncan Oldham sets up several aliases to do the ‘dirty’ talking for him. “Wallet”, “Informer” and “Pat McCat” are just a few believed to be an alias of Duncan Oldham by this blog. The “Wallet”, in particular, has attracted the attention of the blog’s readers and here is one example of where he gets his ‘insider’ news horribly wrong: 2006/06/26/gossip-wallet-says-parry-agreed-alves-fee-last-week/
  • Of course, there are many more. His lies about book orders, chloe, season tickets…the list goes on. Read this blog entry by ‘rupertinsider’ which sums up Duncan Oldham’s “Big Lie Technique” very well. 2006/07/14/duncan-oldhams-big-lie/

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