Hat-trick of lies – Fatso claims Stevie chat

Mr Oldham has quite possibly excelled himself. Eight years of economy with the truth means Dunk's fake tales of players in hotels and houses being bought can be tough to beat. Most previous forum regulars with even a small amount of self-respect or intelligence left long ago, after hearing one fake story too many. He didn't want to leave his £30 a year "insider" members out though. So he spun them his funniest lie yet. That's three in a row now from him.

So Dunk – care to explain this one? While you're at it explain the Sun hat and the Crouch tape.

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Steven Gerrard
#1462717 – Wed May 31 2006 05:11 PM Reply Quote

Spoke to Stevie yesterday. He was very confident about the World Cup etc.

As regards Anfield matters he was convinced that Rafa was the man to bring the title home.

He still spoke highly of Ged and said he spoke to him every month or so.

On the transfer front he said he talked about how much he'd love to be re-united with Michael Owen. He didn't give much away about the chances of that, probably because he knows about as much as we do in that Mike wants to come home but Rafa is in no rush to do that.

He reckoned that Rafa has spoken to him in depth about the value and importance of home grown talent and players that were physical enough for the Premier League.

Gerrard seemed to think that Defoe would make a good signing but there was no mention of Bellamy. We discussed possible overseas signings that could lead the attack and he said he'd been impressed with Kuyt but didn't know that much about him. He did say though that Ron Yeats was forever banging on about him.

He said we all have to look out for the documentary about him on Tuesday

Oh and he's had a complimentary Gold Club sub for 2 years but said he'd never been on once because he doesn't understand how the computer works and he never has any time. He said computers are for squares or in my case 'rounds'. I was going to chin him but I thought I'd best not
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If we had smileys on here then it would be time for a smiley that rolled off the page spurting urine from its sides. Even we didn't think Oldham could be this crap at lying.

2 Responses to “Hat-trick of lies – Fatso claims Stevie chat”

  1. kopwank Says:

    Why not put a collection together of all his ‘famous’ conversations – I may have an opportunity to verify some of these soon (especially with some of the older former players)

  2. Jacksprat Says:

    Proof that he didn’t speak to him????

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