Gossip: Wallet says Parry agreed Alves fee last week

Busy times for Dunk. Flattered by our blog, he's got to work hard to make up the stories his paying customers want to hear. Well, those few that can still get in. And it feels like most of those who can still get in are actually sending everything on to us.

Remember this name "wallet"? It's got Dunk's trademarks all over it. Full of little escape clauses and get-out routes in case the guess is wrong.

We bring it to you to ensure you aren't tempted to part with thirty quid for what is the second piece of exciting stuff today.  

wallet Silver Member
Re: Alves – have you heard anymore Wallet? [Re: GW]
Mon Jun 26 2006 12:01 PM

I've just made a call and was told once again that Parry agreed a fee last week for Alves. As far as my contact is concerned all that is left to negotiate is the structure of the payment and one other minor issue relating to Alves future on-sale from Liverpool . Essentially if Rafa wants the player, he's ours at the agreed price. Now, here's the interesting bit that hasn't been disclosed fully but was referred to in the press – we've been offered Simao for much the same fee we've agreed for Alves. Rafa also rates the player so this is why he has "alternative" options. That was all I was told.

My thoughts…we're now in a situation where the money is there for THIS signing, Parry has done his job, now Rafa just has to decide whether to take it over the line. Again, I hope he does, I don't rate Simao, I like Alves…..but I also think Pennant is a nice option if it means extra funds to spend elsewhere.

YNWA Lauren – Liverpool's No.1 Fan
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Gold Member
Mon Jun 26 2006 12:08 PM

Cheers for the info Wallet, any idea who Rafa will prefer?
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Silver Member
Mon Jun 26 2006 12:27 PM

Honestly no, I don't know who he'd prefer. This is a new twist. Simao was on his way for a medical last year so obviously he rates him very highly for the system he wants to play. However, he was chasing Alves for a similar amount of time but was priced out of that one. Now he has the money for either!! Alves is younger so that might sway it…

YNWA Lauren – Liverpool's No.1 Fan
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4 Responses to “Gossip: Wallet says Parry agreed Alves fee last week”

  1. Toby Says:

    It’s interesting to see that this ‘wallet’ chap, who appears to provide all the inside goss, free of charge, so Dunk can charge for it, is only a silver member. Surely someone so critical to the profits would be given honorary status, unless of course he runs the show himself from a bedroom in Scarborough and therefore doesn’t need such a title.

  2. Ian Randyman Says:

    ha,so true………….

    At this rate i can see the famous Dunk disappear from the forum, keep your eye out for an alias!!

  3. Fiddy Says:

    “wallet” certainly has an interesting signature.

  4. Jon Says:

    How sad you have to attack someone like this, you know it’s not just the fact you get “inside” information for your money which I was highly sceptical about in the first place you get a hassle free forum (free of goons like you) and you also get video links, articles and oppurtunities to talk to Liverpool fans.

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