Right-click unblocking

Koptak owner Duncan Oldham is frightened to death of people spreading the truth about Koptalk. As a result he’s blocking just about every feature he can think of to make his site practically unusable for his users.

We’ve found ways round just about all of them.

Some of our ways we’ll not reveal, in case it gives fatty an idea of how to block it again. Some of them he can’t do very much about.

First of all, if you use Internet Explorer it’s easier for him to block stuff than it is if you use Firefox or Opera. So if you can, download one or both of those browsers. Both of them are infinitely better than IE in our opinion, and both are free.

Right-click disabled? How to fix that problem.

If you choose to use Firefox, you need to change one setting and then your right-click woes will be forgotten.
Depending on your version of Firefox you’ll need to click…

Tools » Options » Web Features »
Tools » Options » Content »

Then click the “Advanced” button.

On the next screen uncheck the “Disable or replace context menus” option.

Try right-clicking in Koptalk – it should be working again.

Other functions disabled by the paranoid Koptalk.coN –

  • Search facility
  • Private Messaging / Private Topic facility
  • View user profiles facility
  • Blog Trackbacks (Later disabled whole blog)
  • New users have to be approved
  • “Free” email accounts not accepted

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