Koptalk Feedback.

TheElephantMan saved us a job here – he collated the sickliest pieces of feedback Duncan Oldham had faked for his site, along with a couple of pieces supplied by a few remaining members not in the know about Oldham’s ways.

Duncan probably thinks all of this convinces others too of just how good his site it – but it smacks of a dodgy advert for an overpriced bed to me.

Look out for the latest variation on the magic number. And, also look out for the use of the number “3”.

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#1572665 – Wed Jul 26 2006 11:30 PM Reply Quote

Reading through some of this positive feedback made my eyes slightly moist. I’ve always felt that this is the best LFC site in the world, and the following comments would prove any cynical person wrong. I’d love to know who sent these comments in, it’s almost as if I’d written some of this stuff myself.

Ed’s Email Inbox:-
This is a selection of the feedback I have received by email recently. The folder I keep it all in is packed with these kind of ‘heads up’ messages. Truth be told for every 100 positive emails I receive, there’s usually 1 negative. In fact, it could be 500 to 1.

The majority of these comments will be added to the main site over the coming weeks along with the usernames of the contributing members.

There may be sites obsessed with what takes place here along with my every move and word but if we were ever to create a positive feedback only site, we’d need to employ staff purely to publish the thankyou’s we get.

It is because of our genuine supporters – and not those in their cliques that claim to be your friends – that we continue to come up with new ideas to try and make things more entertaining and enjoyable.

We welcome feedback by email – positive or negative – and I personally respond to every geneuine email from members no matter how nice or harsh. If people come in good faith then we’ll look after them, if someone’s just taking the St Mike, we bin them.

Contributions by members makes it all possible and for that I am grateful. However, I prefer quality and not quantity which is why we try to bin the idiots. This enables us to give you a more mature community. However, I know that there are areas that need cleaning up and as a result we will be denying the renewals of certain members who we believe are maybe better suited elsewhere.

Thank you for your continued support. Let’s look forward to 2006-07
Dunk, I really love Koptalk and all that it stands for. You provide a lot of useful information, humour and discussion that is available nowhere else. A couple of things I dislike, as many others, are the backbiting and putting down of people who post information mostly in good faith and also the posters who seem to take pleasure in catching people out for not being as informed as they are. I know that on a forum like this which is going 24/7, you have to allow people to post what they like but all posters need to show respect for others. KopTalk is the best and I hope that the few idiots don’t carry on trying to bring it down.
the gold club was well worth it. the forums are an excellent source of news and entertainment. plenty speculation and rumours and also insider information before anywhere else. im addicted and log on everyday. the free sms service means i never miss a goal. great service and will definitly renew my membership.
Lively debate and gossip, packed with extras (you’ll never miss a goal let alone never walk alone) a must for any Kopite. A true gem of a website that is as addictive as chocolate but less fattening. Never have any need for any other Liverpool website, including the official site. The daddy of them all.
I suppose you would call me a classic lurker on these pages of yours, just thought I’d drop you a line to support the work you are doing. The stories and gossip on here are fantastic!! Great crack among the fellow Reds, especially at transfer window time. The riddles and pix are a bit leftfield for me but still wouldn’t be a riddle if it were that straightforward. The new pages look great on the main site and the Insider is very good with rumour and opinion flying about daily I make sure I visit plenty of times during the week. The online web tv for the matches is excellent as well. One criticism I do have, please accept this in good faith, is when Gold Members mention something from the Gold Club but don’t mention the specifics, I would rather they mention what it is in full or don’t mention it all, a small gripe but thats all. Anyway keep up the good work…………………Walk On…….
I honestly don’t know what I did for Liverpool news and views before I joined Koptalk Insider. it is simply the best fan’s website you could possibly imagine. It’s got humour, opinions and real genuine Inside Info, which again and again, turns out to be right . Join now or forever realise you don’t know what’s really happening.
I’m glad I found this site. The little snippets of information and bits of inside news are totally addictive. Well worth the entrance fee.
Best of all is the overall low level of buffoons found here, mostly smart, witty and perceptive supporters of the best Football Club in the world.
I am not much of a contributor to the forums (not at lot of free time) but I can say with hand on heart that, even when travelling, it is the one site I visit on a daily (almost) basis to keep up with what’s going on,………. with what some members ‘think’ is going on and…………., with what has no chance at all of going on but hey, it’s good to dream!

I really would like to say thanks to the team behind the site and say how good the new site looks. I also have a soft spot for the ‘unofficial’ radio updates on Match days! I can’t put my finger on why but I reckon with a bit more exposure, I really think Dunc’s dulcet tones & shining wit could develop a commentary cult following….. yes, I meant cult, c u ‘L’ t ! Thanks guys!
I am a recent sign up to Koptalk Gold Club and already I have a big complaint to make – I can’t get any work done! This transfer window has been so crazy I’ve not been able to keep out of the forums – its got to the point where I’ve just been sitting hitting refresh waiting any updates.

Thanks for making the re-signing of God a little easier on the nerves – I think if I’d have heard it out of the blue it might have killed me.

Keep up the good work,
I’ve been a Gold Club member for nearly two years, and Koptalk have become an addiction. Great info, great pisstaking, great debates and great community. I’m not the most frequent poster, but I still enjoy the banter.
Koptalk, and especially the Gold Club is the place to be on the internet if you’re a Liverpool FC fan.
Just wanted to thank you for your efforts regarding Koptalk. It’s amazing what you have put together on the web, and what an astonishing work you and everybody are doing.

Since joining KT my interest in LFC matters has risen and I’m on the site almost every day.
Just wanted to thank you!

And so it goes on – we all know how great KopTalk is, but it’s lovely to read the nice things other members have to say.

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Re: acknowledgement [Re: TheElephantMan]
#1572738 – Thu Jul 27 2006 12:30 AM Reply Quote

There’s hundreds to get on the site. Hopefully we’ll add some more tomorrow. When the main site is updated with them we’ll include the usernames.

We started a little page the other day:


I think we’ve had 3 negative feedback emails in the last couple of years, and they’ve come from people we’ve booted out.

99.99% of the feedback is positive. The biggest complaint in the past has been slow support, this is something we’ve really improved in the last few months and will continue to do so.
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Re: acknowledgement [Re: Dunk]
#1572927 – Thu Jul 27 2006 07:23 AM Reply Quote


There’s hundreds to get on the site. Hopefully we’ll add some more tomorrow.

Ed’s Email Inbox could become my new favourite forum.

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Three negative feedback emails in the past couple of years? I bet you’ve had more than that this week. I think I’ll send you another – and remember, I’m not a banned member. I’ve not been booted out!

The most useful dunknowsbestness of this comment from Oldham is that it not only proves him as a liar, but it makes him sound even more of a pillock than we make him. Three negative emails in two years? Even if his site was good he’d get more than that.

Please people – don’t beg for “promotion” to Dunk’s so-called first-team forums. It makes you look very silly indeed. We’ve got people in there already and Dunk loves the begging. He really does believe you are actually arsed about posting in the other bit.

Post: Hi Dunk, Suggestions… (Topic#18901)

Age: 32
27-07-06 03:04 PM – Post#283081

Obviously i am still feeling the heat on my face of not being able to practice my typing skill around with the boys up there… i have read tonnes of posts begging/moaning/requesting/asking/threatening/appealing…. for the right as a 1st teamer. I bet it must be big time for u Dunk & Mods handling these things overtime… it seems to be a case of “u request it… if u r clean, u can be there” now. my suggestion is: why not the opposite? say… u could open the gate for all the members above 1 or 2 years to be there first and introduce very straight rules aka “booking system”. Show anyone who breach the rules the straight RED or warn with a yellow if the “tackles”” from behind is not fat rooney’s style…

i feel this is better for those innocent koptalker who has been with koptalk for years… especially for a 33 years old “boy” like myself still being branded as Triallist….

anyway just my thoughts on this matter… keep up the good work.

1st Team Player

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27-07-06 03:07 PM – Post#283086
In response to saycc

your age says 32 Words are the core of thought. Without words there can be no thought.

Edited by GiBbY on 27-07-06 03:07 PM. Reason for edit: No reason given.

KopTalk Editor

27-07-06 03:31 PM – Post#283103
In response to saycc

We considered this but went for this option. We’re getting people in that want to be in providing they’re not too disruptive and providing they actually have been here a few weeks/months etc.

Funny how this rule came about after this blog had been causing him no end of trouble.

Forgot to mention the other day (maybe I did mention it) – Duncan has decided to promote Steve to the new title of “Editor”. In doing so he helps the Koptalk image no end. A website run by a lying overweight former wife-swapper (when he had a wife to swap) is now run by a teenager. Under orders from the lying overweight former wife-swapper.

Duncan said this would start to happen from the 1st of August, then changed Steve’s title on the forum. He still logs in as Steve of course, and Katie if the mood takes him. And wallet, don’t forget wallet.

Maybe we should run a competition – guess the new job title Dunk gives himself. “Mummy’s favourite” is my guess – what’s yours?


21 Responses to “Koptalk Feedback.”

  1. lobster Says:

    New title for dunk = Dung.

  2. Ben Says:

    You are all being harsh on him, if he gets that many emails with feedback he is obviously doing a good job, I think RAWK’s had about 2 emails with feedback in the last 5 years.

  3. tj Says:

    Jesus, that elephant man post has to be the gayest ever.

  4. rupert Says:

    What happened to “Community Manager” – that seemd to have a shelf-life of only a week.

  5. univofchicago Says:

    what a liar…

  6. rupert Says:

    For those always asking for proof that Oldham is a con artist – they just got more.

    He said he has had three negative feedbacks in the last two years and that was from people who were booted.

    Now you may say that was a tiny lie in comparison with the Big Lie technique he usually uses. But he does not think it a tiny lie, that’s the point. He thinks it important enough to feature on his site, repeatedly. It is critical for the continuation of his con that his victims believe that they are members of a righteous inner group. They must be led to believe that the only critics are those who have been expelled. This is a cultic technique at work.

    The Oldham con is made up of hundreds of these little lies, lots of little pieces that make up a mosaic. He never knows which little lie will be enough to sway the doubter, or quieten the potential rebel, or nudge the hand into the pocket to bring out another 30 quid.

    Go to Est 1892 and count the number on there who gave him negative feed back in the last month. There are far more than 3.

    I have submitted at least six negative feedback in the last two years, at least three of them in emails direct to Oldham. Nothing was done about the topic I wrote about. But I suppose I was artful enough not to get booted. I’m still a valued member of his “zoo”.

    How many more of the readers of this blog have submitted negative feedback in the last two years or know of others?

    I have been sent an email from one of his mods, Rosco, who is still there, who told his correspondent that they were innundated with negative feed back about Brendan, alone, his insults against players, manager and other posters. In the email Rosco told his correspondent that he agreed , that they were holding meetings about it trying to figure out what to do.

    Rosco is a dupe. It doesn’t matter how many meetings he and big DJ and the other mods have in “the baordroom” – what a pretentious names – Brendan survives because he is Oldham’s performing monkey. Brendan expresses the hatred and spite towards LFC and its manager and players that Oldham also feels because all his advances to our club have been rejected and the club has disowned him.

    The same is true of any other aspect of KT that is the subject of feedback – the mods are neutered – when Big Daddy show up Roso and DJ take down their pants and bend over.

  7. fat_boy_fat Says:

    What always makes me laugh about Oldham is the excuse’s he always uses for not giving the full information.
    Like with the feedback,
    “i will be publishing the usernames who gave the postive feedback soon” —- well for christs sake Oldham while not just put them on as you are typing them out?? is it because YOU have made them up and in a few weeks people will have forgotten that you said that
    “i havent got a minute to spare so i’ll just post this one picture of training/press conference/ kit unvieling etc etc. I will post the rest when i get some time later” — OLDHAM YOU GOON im sure it would take about 2 minutes more to post more pics, maybe its to do with the fact you HAVE NO MORE PICS.

    You will see this as a common tatic he uses. He acts like he is in a rush/busy with something else etc as his excuse as to why he cant deliever to full amount he promises. Makes him look like he is a big operation gives a illusion that KT have everything you ever need to do with LFC. NOT once does he every come back with his update to whatever he promises.


  8. rupert Says:

    Clarification: I have been sent a copy of an email from one of his mods, Rosco, (to someone else)….

  9. rupert Says:

    fat_boy. Good point. And later, after one of these displays of how busy he is, we will be regaled by one of his quasi-drunken pods, or told how long he played on the tactics board, or on his Xbox with Smoovy, or chasing girls on MySpace or his drinking in the garden or down at the local.

    He still has not explained what happened on Monday. He said he would be at Anfield Stadium in the afternoon – and never mentioned it again.

    Maybe being a cult leader and all he has the gift of bilocation.

    “Bilocation is the ostensibly supernatural act of appearing or being in two or more locations …” http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bilocation.

  10. scotty Says:

    i can confirm that i have given him a fair few more negative e-mails than “3”.

  11. univofchicago Says:

    “Jesus, that elephant man post has be the gayest ever.”

    tj, you never know! that elephant man could be one of us!

    as fat_boy_fat says, we are going to bring him down from the inside!!!

  12. tj Says:

    Possibly, but it didn’t look to sarcastic to me.

    Goin on from Rupert was saying – Rosco and DJ are two of the biggest jokes on Koptalk.

    Dj is the worst there is – an absolutely woeful and patronising poster, and is despised by those closest to him – He spends an eternity online, at least 12-15hours a day.

    Probably a good 3-4hours spent a day on Manchester Utd forums too. He is Dunk’s biggest puppet, and honestly believes his power as a moderator is comparable to that of a policeman, its quite hilarious.

    Rosco is just a failure aspiring to be a lawyer – which will never happen because he’s far too pretentious and thick.

    I really hope they are ‘beyond seeing the light’ because they would be an embarassment to any other liverpool fansite.

  13. Toby Says:

    How about Absent Daddy?

  14. Rosco Says:

    *goes to check his emails*

  15. rupert Says:

    *goes to check his emails*

    When you are summoned to the boardroom by daddy or big DJ, do you slip into a pin-striped suit?

  16. Rosco Says:

    It’s an internet forum, why on earth would I need to change my clothes.

    You’re a smart lad rupert, start acting like one.

  17. amused Says:

    @Ben: That’s being sarcastic right?

    RAWK’s got a feedback forum which has plenty threads, as well as Mods sending PMs the whole time to people with queries.

  18. DuffMan Says:

    rupert, is there any way you could stick this blog on newsnow, call it insider insider, that would piss fat boy off

  19. univofchicago Says:

    LOL at DuffMan.


  20. rupertinsider Says:

    Rosco: “It’s an internet forum, why on earth would I need to change my clothes.”

    But what’s the boardroom like – does it have oil paintings of the Founder and little models of Toon, Spurs, Forest and LFC stadiums? Does it have one of those illuminated maps of the world showing all the countries where KTalkers dwell?

  21. Spoone Says:

    Haha, everyone else must be really happy then because i made all of those 3 negative pieces of feedback! I could have sworn it was 4 or 5 though but there you go!

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