Cyber Squatter

CybersquatterHow many Liverpool sites do you know where the owner has taken domain names similar to those of his “rivals” and pointed them at his own sites?

We know only one such owner. You guessed it, Koptalk and Duncan Oldham.

It’s a practice known as cyber squatting, and if a site owner feels he can afford the time, effort and money required he can reclaim his domain name from the squatter in most cases. Especially where trademarks (registered or otherwise) are concerned.

Thanks also to Toby for some extra domains we’d missed out, and for telling us this – “One of his methods is to register an alternative domain name of a so-called ‘rival’ Liverpool fan site, point it to their correct domain then threaten to point it to Koptalk if they don’t censor and silence any critics of him or his practices on the site’s forums.” And thanks also to Toby for the image to the right.
Here’s a list of domain names that the owner of has purchased and pointed (usually) at his own sites.

If you know any more, let us know. and <– Rather ironic! <– After someone kindly purchased the .com version for us! <– Yes, he even bought this domain and pointed it to a part of his website containing all of his pop-up ads and the rest of it. (also and <– Bought within days of the launch of

Not “stolen” or “squatted”, but worth noting:-

For more details, see More Details!

UPDATE: February 8th 2007. Duncan added the following domains to his portfolio. That was his anti-Red welcome for the new owners of Liverpool FC – to steal the domains for the holding company they’d set up in order to purchase LFC.


Registrant type:
UK Individual

Registrant’s address:
PO Box 556
NE28 7WZ
United Kingdom

Registrant’s agent:
eNom, Inc. [Tag = ENOM]

Relevant dates:
Registered on: 06-Feb-2007
Renewal date: 06-Feb-2009
Last updated: 06-Feb-2007

3 Responses to “Cyber Squatter”

  1. TFFDavid Says:

    I have just read the Cyber Squatter page of your site, it defies belief. The man is one very sad individual indeed.

    My name is David, i’m 49 years old and a lifelong Toon fan. I run my own forum where fans of all teams are welcome. It was through a post made by a Liverpool fan that I came here to check out your site.

    Good luck in your efforts to bring this disgusting, disrespectful man down.

    RIP the 96, love and best wishes to their families.


  2. micah Says:

    i had this site on automatic payment. my invoice and invoice payment arrived in my email one after the other as per usual. two days later, my site is an advert (for some unexplained and elusive service or product) hosted by

    it is (was?) my band’s site. (Colossal Head). we are an independent band playing mostly in middle tennessee. no major accalades. just a couple of albums and lots of “labour of love”.

    we have had this domain since our inception in 2004.

    i don’t know what we can offer in the way of combatting this type of behaviour, but we would definitely like to see a bit more ethics practiced. it’s just sad that so many are so unscrupulous. but unfortunately, someone like this is always out there acting as the impetus for laws that mandate morality. i have seen this very thing happen too many times. and so often to those of such meager means.

    fight the good fight.

  3. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    Dunk is now using his domain for another Ning site he has set up. It’s supposed to be a blogging platform for his members, but so far he’s more or less added all content himself.

    Oh, and I wonder how the FA feels about him posting footage from FA Cup matches?

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