Greedy conman shows his true face once again

Another koptalk member has found the membership fee to be a luxury he can’t afford anymore. This time it’s even a moderator who has done a lot of work on the site for free. So you would expect Dunk to give him a “free ride” for a while until his fortunes turn around and he can afford to pay again. After all, what’s the difference for Dunk if a member leaves or stays for free? Not a penny. God knows his dying site needs to keep those who actually bothers to post.

Here’s the post that appeared a couple of days ago:

#939748 – January 05, 2012 12:19 With much reluctance and regret and after 7 great years…..
KopTalk VIP

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Loc: Belfast

I have to leave Koptalk.

We have fallen on hard times recently and I cannot justify spending my subs any longer to this wonderful, wonderful site.

My membership is due to expire later on this month and I’ll be around to use up every last minute of it, as I love it so much I cannot go a day without it….

But once my year is up I’ll be off, and so I thought I’d just sign off here, and thank you all for making Koptalk such a wonderful place to hang out.

I won’t deny there have been times (and even recently) when I get fed up with the doom merchants, but even so it has been an amazing journey, culminating for me in being given MOD status here, which I felt was a real privilege.

So I bid you all adieu and bon voyage for the future as our great club begins at last to recover it’s position at the top.

I only hope my fortunes turn around soon enough for me to rejoin you guys at a later date when we have become successful as a club once again.

Take care, and thanks for all the fish!

So after 7 years membership, lining Dunks pockets with something like £200, moderating the site for free, surely he’s entitled to a little help? Let’s see what Dunks reply to this was:

#939960 – January 05, 2012 19:15 Re: With much reluctance and regret and after 7 great years….. [Re: Brushy]
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I’d be gutted to see you go mate. Some people are like family here, it can be a very special place.

I’ve helped out many, many members over the last few years as it’s been a really hard time what with the world going bust. You Brushy would always be someone I’d be here to offer help to.

I’ll do anything to help good people although personally I’m struggling to keep things going as I’ve been living in a hotel since July 10th and that costs up to £52-a-night and that’s before adding things like internet access and food etc. Do the maths… I have no idea how I have sustained it, although some members have helped and a relative has. Flats wanted 6 months up front yet we never knew how long we’d be here…. same applies now, how can I take on a flat when a few days ago they called all the family in? It’s impossible to plan.

We’re hoping that the hotel will offer us a £30-a-night rate from tonight… and so they should after 6 months! But even at £30-a-night that’s still around £900-a-month, not forgetting the usual bills I’m having to pay for my home, even though I can’t live in it.

I will continue to do what I can to help good people but I’m really, really stuck for helping people out myself at the moment. I know that’s not what Brushy was after, I’m just saying that usually I’d be the first to jump in and help.

My priority after mum is ensuring that KopTalk continues to tick over and to put in as much effort as I can. The site has obviously taken a hit but we will bounce back.

I may, in the future, start something new for those who hardcore KopTalk fans. We’ll see.

But Brushy, I don’t think you will be going anywhere else soon mate. We’re family and we help each other out.


All he does is talking about himself, and his own situation. What he should have done was telling Brushy that he can stay for now as he’s a valued supporter of the site and is doing an important job as moderator. He fails to do this and just keeps banging on about the costs of living in a hotel in Hull. It has no relevance to Brushy at all.

Those who have followed this blog will have seen Dunk’s claims that he had secured himself financially before the dot com bubble burst, and that he didn’t need the money from koptalk. From time to time he claims poverty, usually when he’s about to launch some money making scam. Then he will again claim to be loaded with money, owning portfolios of houses and so on. He has made videos where he’s sitting in front of the camera waving loads of cash, in an attemt to upset his haterz. You never know with Dunk if he’s minted or broke. The above post suggests the latter though.

In any case, the koptalk signup page states. ALL REVENUE RE-INVESTED INTO THE SITE and The site is not run to make any kind of profit, we simply need to pay the costs in providing the website. So the costs of a b&b in Hull shouldn’t have any bearing on koptalk memberships. It’s completely unrelated. It’s not like anyone is asking Dunk to pay their membership either, is it? As said above, wether Brushy stays for free or goes it makes no difference in income for koptalk. With the above rant about the costs of living in a b&b in Hull, I wonder what his members think about the new iPhone 4s he just bought his girlfriend. Isn’t it about £500 for the cheapest version? How many koptalk memberships is that?

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