KopTalk's malicious lies about Liverpool players

Duncan Oldham views Liverpool players with the same contempt with which he regards the club’s fans – as something to be exploited to line his own pockets.

Nothing will ever match his concerted campaign against Robbie Fowler, but he has come close on a few occasions, not least with his ridiculous lies about having a tape of Peter Crouch giving an interview to a S*n journalist.

Crouch talks to The Sun
01-06-06 02:21 PM –
Dunk KopTalk Daddy Age: 31
Well, well, well… only days after I was told by Rushian that Liverpool players DO NOT talk to The Sun, after I said that they did, I see Crouch was talking to them about his dance.
What shall we do? Shoot him? Hang him?
Don’t tell me, it was a freelance journo.. or maybe there were loads of journos there and he didn’t know he was speaking to.

Dunk KopTalk Daddy Age: 31
01-06-06 02:40 PM –
In response to brendan
No Brendan, I have the proof right here, I have the tapes. I’m going to lock them away until I decide it’s time for Crouch to be sold… probably next week then.

Needless to say, the non-existent tape never materialised. Then there were KopTalk’s lies about Craig Bellamy being involved in a bust-up at Melwood just before a Merseyside derby.

It was complete nonsense, of course, but damaging enough to the club for Chris Bascombe to have to set the record straight in the Echo a few days later.

When Oldham isn’t making up malicious rumours about Liverpool players, he’s trying to capitalise on any controversy which may surround them – as he did with gossip about Gerrard’s private life and tabloid reports regarding Pennant. He’ll steal such stories from The S*n if the opportunity arises.

Sometimes he will even begin fantasising that he has been speaking to Steven Gerrard and Michael Owen. But when Oldham went to Melwood last year, this trusted confidant of the team’s captain didn’t pop inside for a chat with his dear friend. Instead, he stood outside the gates with a bunch of kids while the players drove past, clearly oblivious to his existence.

One Response to “KopTalk's malicious lies about Liverpool players”

  1. Dunk For President Says:

    I wanna talk to The Sun, best damn newspaper on earth.

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