Investment summary

Duncan Oldham drummed up business for years with his lies about having the inside track on the investment saga. He made one of his most infamous broken promises about the subject:

“In fact I’m going to make a promise which will be welcomed by many. If there’s no finance secured by the opening day of the season, I’m going to hang up my keyboard and close KOPTALK down.” Dunk, 29/03/06

He included this statement as part of his signature, so it was visible in every post he made. But when the season began with the investment issue still unresolved, Oldham insulted his members with the following sorry excuse:
“I never said which season.”

You can find a comprehensive list of blog articles about Oldham’s investment lies here. His fantasies even extended to claiming highly-paid city investors had risked their jobs by arranging late-night meetings with him in a Liverpool hotel:

ST3 KopTalk Editor
Investment Update
Fri Sep 22 2006 11:05 AM Reply Quote
Dunk asked me to post a quick message.
He spoke to a couple of people yesterday overseas regarding potential investment and they were not convinced that the club have any firm offers.
They believe that the headline and exclusive reports in the Liverpool Daily Post earlier this week were fed to them by the club to get something in the news.
While it is obvious that Steve Morgan is interested in investing, he hasn’t made a fresh bid, neither has L4. Overseas sources have told KOPTALK that there is a strong possibility that Bob Kraft has been in talks with the club.
Just after midnight Dunk received a call from a concierge friend at a top Liverpool hotel to get himself down there as there were some key figures of possible interest.
To cut a long story short Dunk was at the hotel until 4am talking to a couple of individuals who he had been introduced to. These guys were brokers from a major London based company. They are meeting Rick Parry this morning before heading to Leeds to meet officials connected to Leeds United (no idea why).
Although they are currently talking to Liverpool Football Club about investment the main man gave the impression that nothing would come of todays meeting.
Dunk has a massive hangover as he didn’t get to bed until 6am so he apologises for his no show this morning. He will be on later today.

But when the two major investment stories broke, KopTalk’s members heard about them not from Oldham himself, but from KT members who had seen the news on other LFC sites. Worse still, KopTalk’s members weren’t even allowed to read these reports, because Duncan Oldham won’t allow links to other LFC sites, to prevent his victims from finding out that they could get what they pay for on KT free of charge elsewhere.

Re: Liverpool takeover hots up. [Re: Craig]
Rumoured elsewhere that the Gilett deal is done.

Re: Liverpool takeover hots up. [Re: honourablegeorge]
1 True Red
Have you got a link to it mate

Re: Liverpool takeover hots up.
Can’t post it on here. But there’s really nothing said other than that, no details or anything.

Re: Liverpool takeover hots up. [Re: honourablegeorge]
Originally Posted By: honourablegeorge – “Rumoured elsewhere that the Gilett deal is done.”

Heard this too


02/12/06 12:12 PM
Dubai Holdings Agree Deal With Liverpool!!
Just looking at NewsNow and it says a deal has been agreed, but no details!!!
Anyone know anymore?

12:34 AM Re: Dubai Holdings Agree Deal With Liverpool!! [Re: Markb1]
Dunk Administrator
Something could go wrong but personally, I’m quietly confident about this one. Fingers crossed though mate.

One Response to “Investment summary”

  1. Mack A. Rooney Says:

    As an American finance professional and footy fan, I find it imperative to remind LFC supporters that, in this day and age, sport is business. I can give you a detailed dissertation of sport and finance, but I am not ignorant enough to realize that my comments would fall and deaf scouser ears. Anyway, the bottom line is, from a pure business standpoint, I can see where ownership is not satisfied with the ‘investments’ they have made. Accordingly, those making such ‘investments’ should come under scrutiny and put on a ‘tight leash’. I’ve heard all of the criticsisms of Russian money buying the Prem title, yet you are asking current LFC ownership to do same? Look up the word ‘hypocrisy’ in the dictionary when you get a chance! By the way, Man Utd is doing too bad with THEIR American owners, now are they? Once you get over your hatred for Americans, you will notice how those responsible for buying and selling players have failed miserably. After all, wasn’t it LFC who found that Brad Friedel wasn’t good enough for their club???

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