About Us

This blog is run by Liverpool supporters who are determined to stop Duncan Oldham from using his scam KopTalk site to con LFC fans out of their money. His cynical, systematic lies have duped supporters out of many, many thousands of pounds since 1999. None of the blog’s contributors have ever received a penny for our efforts, and we never will.

Click here for a summary of the blog’s work to date.


Below are summaries of many of the main subjects this blog has covered. Most of them also contain links to all the major articles on each topic.


March 2006

This is a blog, a blog about a website called K*talk and its secret sister, the K*talk Insider.

We don’t want to get money for this site – and we don’t want sympathy either.


UPDATE – 12th July 2006.

The text above was how the “About Us” page looked when we were started this blog. It was a way of mocking Koptalk’s constant begging for sympathy and its so-called “Insider” information about Liverpool FC which cost up to £30 a year (£20 if you paid in cash and didn’t require a receipt!).

At that stage, the blog was a bit of fun – if you’d already paid your money to Koptalk then you’d not renew: if you hadn’t then we could save you some.

But if Koptalk’s “Insider” information was all it had been cracked up to be, we would have been left with egg on our faces – our blog would have disappeared up its own backside in a cloud of embarrassment.

News of the blog spread among LFC supporters. Some who’d left Koptalk a long time ago came forward with their own reasons why. Others told us about more recent reasons for leaving and yet others, still nominally with Koptalk, reported “from behind enemy lines”.

This site has no quarrel with those visitors to Koptalk who are unaware of the contentious issues. It is intended as an expose of the owner of Koptalk – Duncan Oldham.


UPDATE 5th June 2007. The following is a contribution from Jon originally made as a comment to a blog article Today’s Koptalk Response to the Blog and subsequently edited by him for this page.

For those visitors wondering “what the hell is this site all about?!”, the following should give you a good grounding. Now read on…
1. “Koptalk insider” is a free site run entirely by volunteers which has been set up to monitor and scrutinise where possible the activities of Duncan Oldham, a man from the North East of England who runs a subscription-based web site focusing on Liverpool Football Club. His is the only Liverpool fan site which operates on such a business model, and a quick search on Google should confirm this for you. Our name is a parody of a feature which Oldham uses as one of the justifications for the £30 he charges for access to his site, namely “exclusive insider news from inside Anfield, Melwood, and the Academy”. The first thing to ask yourself is; “why would these people want to bring this poor chap down – haven’t they got better things to do?” And the answer to that is yes, I would guess that most if not all of the contributors here have many things that could better occupy their time. So the question remains – why do it? And this also raises a second question – is any of it true?

2. To explain why so many people give up their time to bring this man down, it’s probably best that you read the blog for yourself. There’s a lot to read, and not all of it will interest you. We’re not an LFC fan site, although it’s true that we’re all fans, and this is one of the motivations for stopping Oldham doing what he’s doing – we don’t like our club being used as a vehicle to con people out of often significant amounts of money, which is exactly what he does. We acknowledge our fellow Reds by providing links to some fantastic sites in the sidebar – there’s loads of them, you can join all of them for free, and you’ll get informed, lively, and up-to-the-minute debate wherever you decide to hang your hat (or scarf).

3. “You still haven’t answered my question – how do I know if any of what you’ve written is true?” That’s the million dollar question. Hopefully you’re thinking “if it’s true then where’s the proof?” Or maybe you’re thinking “this is a load of rubbish”. Maybe you’re thinking both. If you’re thinking it’s a load of rubbish because nothing can be proved, or worse, that the site is indeed founded on a flimsy tissue of lies and fabrication, then the authors and contributors are in for one hell of a libel case and there will be nothing to show for all that hard work (count the number of articles and comments) except a criminal record and a hefty wad of legal fees. As you may know one of the defences to libel in tort law is ‘truth’, so in the event that it can be shown that any of the claims made here are true then there will be no case to answer. Mr Oldham may also be aware of this, which could be why to date he has been strangely reluctant to challenge any of the statements made on this site, a status quo which I for one am confident is set to continue for the foreseeable future.

So, we’ve established that this site could be in trouble if it can be shown that none of what is written here is true. That’s the legal side of things out of the way, but what of the battle for ‘hearts and minds’ – what if you, you yourself, still don’t believe a word of it? We know it takes time to gather evidence against criminals under English law, so what you see here is the result of the work of many people who are united in their wish to see a man of dubious moral character receive the sort of justice that we believe, and belief is the operative word, that he deserves. Why do we believe it? Because we have witnessed the lies, distortions, mistruths, and deceptions that he has practiced for a long time, some of us as former members of his site who have read the blog and have been convinced of his failings, others as interested onlookers. We do this because we believe in the good name of our club, and that people who prey on the naivety of others must come under the most intense forms of scrutiny. Feel free to come and go as you wish: if you do and you choose to leave a comment, your comments won’t be amended in any way even though the site administrators are perfectly capable of doing so. Read the blog again, using the links at the top as a guide, and look at some of the things Oldham has done in the past. Make up your own mind – that after all is the beauty of a democracy. In a way your visit here has vindicated the existence of the site – you’ve stumbled across it, read a few bits, raised a few points, and if you do go to his site you’ll do so with your eyes open if nothing else. For that I think you can congratulate us on raising your awareness, and yourself for having the curiosity to do some research in the first place. It’s people like you that we’ve been trying to reach. ________________________

Right of Reply We hold open a “right of reply” for Duncan Oldham.

We have sent him emails offering him a platform. We’ve yet to receive any direct communication from him.

However, he does reply on Koptalk where he makes many direct and indirect references to the blog. And we publish most of those remarks verbatim in the blog.

41 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Taz Says:

    Have you seen Koptalk’s Latest signup page.


    Some very Impressive Comments towards the end. Are they Real?

  2. rupertinsider Says:

    Those quotes are from 1998-2002 period when Koptalk was the largest site – in fact there were only about 3 LFC sites then, in the early days of footie-sites on the net. It was large because its forums were free. They are no longer free.

    Koptalk had been founded by Colin Seaman and afterwards, the present owner, Duncan Oldham, muscled his way into control of it. Seaman left when he saw that Oldham was more interested in money than football.

    Virtually 95% of the original contributors who made the site’s reputation at the time of those citations left en masse in protest against Oldham’s influence on the site – they went to the other sites or started new sites.

    There are now about 25 LFC sites based in the UK. Koptalk is ranked in traffic terms somewhere between 10th and 15th by the Alexa organisation – marginally higher only than the most recent start-ups or the small one-man sites.

    Two of the sites he quotes in that list Total Football Magazine and Football 365 were themselves start-ups in that period struggling to establish themselves. One of the techniques they used was to run silly polls. Both of them ran a poll to establish which was the “best” football site. As was typical in those days of unsophisticated software, the polls allowed unlimited votes from the same person. Oldham used the forums in Koptalk to organise the hi-jacking of those polls. He and a group on the site voting repeatedly all day and night. His helpers treated it as a joke. But Oldham was deadly serious. He knew exactly how he would exploit the polls and kept urging on the voters that it was “very important” for the site that it topped the poll.

    When the magazines announced the gerrymandered results, Oldham posted the result as banner headlines on Koptalk and included them in his Google tags – as though they were genuine polls.

    Other mainstream media – unaware of this cheating and unaware that he was lying when he claimed to have inside information from LFC and that players and ex-players were contributors – then made congratulatory remarks. Remember, even the mainstream newspapers did not have net sites in those days and the journalists who made the comments were not very sophisticated in their understanding of how the net worked. They simply believed the two fake polls and Oldham’s lies.

    One of the tabloids he cites is the Daily Star. It did a S** type number at Hillsborough (but did have the sense to apologise quickly).

    It’s noticeable that Oldham does not posts any citations since 2001. And he does not post any of the many critical and condemnatory reviews of his site. Nor does he acknowledge the 2006 written statements by Ian Cotton, Head of Press at LFC, that Oldham has never had any contact with officials at LFC and he has no access to the club, or the letters containing the same sentiment sent to contributors of this blog in 2006 by Rick Parry, Executive Director of LFC.

  3. nico Says:

    I unfortunately gave oldam a deposit on his book and I would now like to get it back, should i report him to trading standards? surely they must be able to establish that this book does not exist?

  4. rupertinsider Says:

    I would suggest snail mail or email to this person who is familiar with Oldham and would appreciate specific examples.

    Send a copy to Oldham. He tends to pay quickly if someone threatens small claims or trading standards.

    You are right there is no book and there is evidence from Oldham’s posting on Koptalk in the summer hat he has not begun to write it. (You may find those refereces in June -July period on the blog). But you don’t have to prove anyting excepet that you paid and that he has not delivered and not refunded. He promised the book for 2 years ago, then 1 year ago.

    Alan Burnett
    Senior Trading Standards Officer
    Environment, Regeneration & Housing
    The Killingworth Site
    PO Box 113
    NE12 6WJ

    Tel:0191-2192634 Fax:0191

    e-mail : alan.burnett@northtyneside.gov.uk

  5. latestinsider Says:

    Sign-up online or offline and access a wealth of Liverpool FC news and exclusive reports.

    KOPTALK is an independent website run by Reds for mature Liverpool supporters. We’ve more than a decade of experience on the internet on covering Liverpool Football Club. We’re probably the most controversial LFC website because unlike the others, we’re not prepared to toe-the-line.

    We report the good and the bad because we believe our members are intelligent enough to make their own minds up about what sounds right and what doesn’t. You won’t get any propaganda or spin, you’ll just get the facts and we’ll leave the rest to you.

    We were on the net before all of the other major LFC websites today including even the club’s own official website. We’re here to provide you with the very best in LFC coverage and that’s why we have thousands upon thousands of members who renew their sub each year.

    That’s right, even though there’s numerous free LFC websites out there – some good, some bad – people actually pay to support KopTalk, what does that tell you about the level of coverage we offer when all the other sites are free? Our rivals and some of the fans that frequent other websites despise us yet visit any of them and you’ll see them debating the info we’re reporting.

    Our members site is completely advertisement free and our forums are moderated 24/7 every day of the year to ensure a safe and mature environment (the membership fee deters rival fans and idiots you may find on other forums). You also get free worldwide LFC sms alerts as a member.

    The membership fee is a donation towards our running costs. We receive no financial backing at all – we’re just Liverpool fans, and none of us receive a wage for our efforts. Many websites accept donations, we’re no different but we give our donators something back. 100% dedication on their behalf.

    If you class yourself as a serious fan, then a KopTalk membership will be right up your street.


  6. rupertinsider Says:

    That was written either by a hard-faced con man or someone with delusion bordering on psychosis.

  7. latestinsider Says:

    …or that it was written by a fat cunt drunk on cider and over-indulging in too many pies!

  8. Paul C Says:

    “Those quotes are from 1998-2002 period when Koptalk was the largest site – in fact there were only about 3 LFC sites then, in the early days of footie-sites on the net. It was large because its forums were free. They are no longer free.”

    Spot on. I used to run one of the “3 lfc sites” that we’re around back in the ‘early days’ and Dunc even then used dirty tactics to pull fans away from my site to his.

    He even prized a top ex-red who used to write for us for nearly a year over to his site – not too sure how he did it….

    Great blog this by the way!

  9. John Halvorsen Says:

    First time I’ve been on your site and its very interesting at my age I’ve only just learnt how to use these new fangle things. Just going to watch the Carling Cup final so I’ll sign off and call in again. By the way check out the new LFC song on my site http://www.myspace.com/seethekopites I think you will find its not bad in grows on you.

  10. Paolo Says:

    Could you tell wich sites Duncan is not the owner? I need to know because I did subscribe as a Koptalk Gold Member !!

  11. Andy Says:

    Paolo – any of the sites listed on this blog under “LFC Sites”

  12. Jack Hayes Says:

    you guys are twats!!!!!! Koptalk is best lfc site around! you lot are jelous because you cant make a decent website!!!! Duncan and Steve are legends and you should close this shitty website down!!!!!

  13. Ian Says:

    Jack the man reads the S*n! he’s admitted it, and advertises it, that alone is enough for any TRUE Liverpool fan to boycott his site and see him shut down I don’t know if you are on a fishing expedition here but I don’t think many will take the bait like I say you are not a Liverpool fan so I can only assume you are on a wind up.
    Jack can you please answer me one question i’ve never been a member of KT so can you tell me what it offers for£30 that the other sites don’t for free?

  14. Ian Says:

    Look jack if you are not from the UK and don’t know about the boycott of the S*n the educate yourself have a look at the different hillsborough threads on the other LFC forums, if you still think KT is fine after you’ve read all that then I can’t help you and there is no hope for you.

  15. rupertinsider Says:

    Jack Hayes

    You’re right about one thing – sleazy Oldham and gormless Steve are legends.

  16. gigglemal Says:

    Hey guys
    New to WordPress, not a LFC fan, but great blog you have here. Can’t believe that ‘guy’ going round on lash at other’s expense, STILL. The Sun link says it all – greedy, slob, criminal, liar, etc Crikey, it’s got my goat and I’m no links at all with your footy club. Keep up the good work fellas !

  17. Johnny (Norn Iron) Says:

    Its good to see someone taking a stance against conmen like these two. I was looking around for a site and noticed koptalk but my god!! what a pair or sheisters!!!

    I feel sorry for the poor B@$t4rd$ that payed £30 of their hard earned cash for his Bull$hit site.

    He causes embarressment for every true Kopite, and the sooner he fades away the better.

    Keep up the good work!

  18. John Says:

    you guys really need to get laid. even if Koptalks claims of insider info are false what you guys are doing show you really have a great void in your lives.

    EVERY website makes false claims in order to get subscriptions. wipe the faeces from your fingers and mouths and go get yourselves a girlfriend. 😉

  19. Jonathans Punk Bucket Says:

    Thanks for the insightful post Dunk.

  20. fat_boy_fat Says:

    @ John (dunk)

    Which sites makes lies to get subscriptons?

  21. rupertinsider Says:

    That post from John (what an original user name) is from Urmston in Lancashire

  22. Chunka Says:

    Which is not far from me

  23. rupertinsider Says:

    The home of the “big cheese”.

  24. john again Says:

    haha. you boys really are paranoid aren’t you!

    My name is JOHN lads, not Dunk and i’m sure Dunk is pissing himself laughing if he bothers to read this tosh.

    Urmston!? eh? if any of you lads think you’re remotely intimidating then i think you need a reality check. internet geeks with too much time on your hands fellas. grow up and put your energy into something more constructive.

  25. aj-hope for hillsborough Says:

    Please would you be so kind as to publish the following press release concerning anne and her case within the european court of human rights.
    Please also include our email addresses for any supporters who wish to contact us for messages of support, order books, badges or make donations.

    Many Thanks

    Hi to everyone, as promised I said I would keep everybody updated on Kevin’s case in Europe. It is a year August 12th since I submitted the evidence to Europe. My barrister sent some really hard hitting materials under Article 2 of the Human Rights Act “The right to Life”.

    Amongst the evidence there is fraudulent concealment of evidence, perverting the course of justice, suppression of evidence-enough to reopen a murder case. I was happy with the material that was sent, but there was alot more that proved the extremes the system had gone to, to cover up the real truth of what really happened to Kevin that dreadful day so I spent 4 days going through all the evidence that I had collected over the years and bundled it all together with a covering letter, asking the European courts to please add all the new information to the bundles that have already been submitted under article 2 and I also sent a bundle under article 6 of the Human Rights Act- everybody’s right to a fair trial, with the 3.15pm cut off point indicating that the truth of Hillsborough has not come out.

    I have now received a letter from the European Courts saying that they have accepted the new evidence that I have sent.

    My mind is at ease. They have all the evidence on Kevin and a lot more which proves the cover up on the 95 that died with Kevin.

    Thank you all for your support so far. The new book “I never walked alone” is coming along nicely, it will not be finished until I have an answer/judgement from Europe. Win or lose it will be launched with my present book “When you walk through the storm”. The truth is and will continue to be in the books.

    Please support the Hope for Hillsborough. All your help and orders for books badges or donations are so very much needed to assist in these legal fees and continued awareness and pressing of the case. Assistance via the said methods for ongoing maintenance of the Hope for Hillsborough group that has led me to the European Courts is desperately needed.

    You have all been so kind in your emails of support and once again contact addresses follow for any further details you may require.

    Justice for Kevin and all 96

    Hope for Hillsborough



  26. Big Bro Says:

    I’m the administrator of a small but official supporters club website/forum in Denbighshire, North Wales. I have only just been made aware of the Koptalk Insider site due to a periodic check of the links published on our website. To be honest, not a lot of people view our main website as far as I am aware although our message board see’s a little bit of activity albeit we only have around a dozen members who post with any frequency! I will remove the Koptalk link from our main site ASAP. Never been on KT personally as I have always been led to believe it was shite anyway. The links on our main site were put on before I became the admin and I did make a few checks a couple of years ago to make sure they were ok but didn’t realise KT was causing quite so much embarassment and distress.

  27. Koptalksucks.com Says:

    Thanks Big Bro.

  28. Tubby Says:

    Well done to all involved, this is just what the doctor ordered.

    It’s time to dunk the fat donut.

  29. Tubby Says:


    defending the likes of Oldham tells us all about you we need to know.

  30. Steve O Says:

    Time to put bigbro’s site on the links surely

  31. scousenproud Says:

    what a boring twat he is. threatening woman is about his level and did you ever see or hear a bigger drama bitch than sunk?

  32. Just Wondering Says:

    I am just wondering, how come all these people sign up for his website if they are being cunned? *g* maybe that more than anything shows the IQ of an average LFC supporter.

  33. Sweep Says:

    Aye, “Just Wondering”, it probably does.

    Now you’re here, us being a bit dim and all, what does “being cunned” mean?

    I wonder, assuming the verb is “to cun”, whether it follows a similar rule to, say, “learn” or “burn”?

    In both those cases it’s acceptable for the past tense to be written with a “t” or “ed” at the end: learned/learnt burned/burnt. So cun = cunned/ – you?

  34. dustybin Says:

    As you may be aware Dunk is on YouTube. I have listened to this fool for many years on his free site and YouTube, spout contradictory tripe and false claims about LFC. I was at one point early on going to get a membership, but quickly realised that he chats complete tosh and declined to subscribe. I still see his videos and follow him on twitter on his personal account and he seems to he doing sweet f.a apart from lording it up. I saw this site and have read about 80% of what you guys have posted and can’t agree more. I’m glad I did not fall for his bullshit unlike many others. In a recent video on KOPTALK YouTube channel, this month intact. Fatty is now considering (because he had soooo many subscribers to his channel you tube have told him) a pay per view YouTube channel as the other stuff does not pay the “rent” and has used YouTube basicly as a sales pitch a large chunk of the video was rambling crap about how he needs to pay the bills and con more people out of money. I can’t believe the guy has not been lynched. He provides nothing but crap that he claims are facts but then to cover his ass says “I might be wrong” well if youbwere that “connected” you wouldn’t be. Also I’ve noticed how little of the LFC games he actually watches there is always an issue…. this time there was no electric….hmmmm. I work in a hotel and even I manage to watch the LFC games the only one I have missed this season was today’s Cardiff at home because I over slept. A man of he’s status considering the kind of site he runs and what he says. I would have thought he’d be glued to the screen, giving quality discussions after…..nope. its just a case of I was to busy doing something else and I couldn’t be bothered, you tell me about the games and I’ll make something up. Oh and I’m sure he can get the game if he actually tired. I know I can on my phone at work. its not hard, even a thicko like him can do it. I’m fed up of his none committed subjective, wooly, I’m in the know but can’t tell you anything….this is fact but I might be wrong horse shit… the problem is is people of YouTube lap this shit up. So he will gain more members and gain more money from them and even more from pay per view channel…plus advertising revenue. To which can bring in a substantial amount of revenue.

  35. Garry Says:

    Jesus lads, this I have read a fair bit of above and to be honest its a bit much… I have watched a bit of Dunk on youtube but never go to the website and I also watch the Redmen tv and I enjoy both to be fair, Redmen is great,they tell it how it is with a slight soccer am vibe going on from time to time. But Dunk offers the romantic side of it I suppose, I find it harmless anyway, I haven’t signed up to anything but I enjoy how he rips apart a bullshit transfer rumour or gets on a players back when he wants out, all he really does these days is offers he’s opinion and lobs in some banter and makes for an enjoyable couple of mins viewing. Its a bit much trying to slander the man and I wouldn’t be breaking my balls either trying to find shit out about the guy (go have a wank or something ffs), it all smells a bit of sour grapes to me, like you guys missed the boat or something, if you hate him so much just start making your own better vids or something, fucking hell like get a life the is far worst crimes going on than a guy running a Liverpool blog for a 5pound membership…. Anyway YNWA and here is hoping we finally win the fucking league, I was bloody 4 the last time and don’t remember shit 🙂

  36. TopCat Says:


    Are people seriously thinking he is telling the truth

  37. LaDolceVita Says:

    After being told to “fuck off” by Duncan Oldham (8th July 2015) on his Koptalk Youtube channel (this was his response to my comment on his previous day’s video, where I questioned the need for him to be constantly punting DKB (Dunk Knows Best) subscriptions at Koptalk Youtube viewers), I wrote the below comment under his 8th July video. He quickly (I mean within 5 minutes) deleted the entire video from Youtube so as to remove my comment. In a video he posted the next day (9th July 2015 called “STERLING – RODGERS – BERAHINO – BENTEKE – WOMEN – SITE NEWS”) he mentions the video he deleted the previous day and says he “just wasn’t happy with it” (as if to say he wasn’t happy with his own video work, rather than pointing to the real reason i.e that my comment would expose his current followers to the great work done on this Koptalk Insider blog). Anyway, here is the comment I wrote under his 8th July 2015 video (which he pulled) –

    “I watched your videos the last year or so and thoroughly enjoyed them, and defended you against so-called “haters” a few times. But through time, I’m sorry to say I began to have niggling doubts about you. You call yourself “a simple fan, not a businessman”, but that’s clearly nonsense. The word “Kop” comes from Liverpool FC, and if you want to use it in “Koptalk” to make a Liverpool fan site, fair enough/nothing wrong with that. But when you then use that site (which attracts thousands of Liverpool fans) to punt a Dunk Knows Best subscription site, you are essentially looking to benefit personally from Liverpool FC and the use of that word ‘Kop’. Why don’t you set up a DKB Youtube account where you could show previews of your Vimeo DKB subscription service? Why? Because you wouldn’t catch the hundreds/thousands of Liverpool fans if you used a DKB preview site on Youtube, so you leave the previews on Koptalk instead. On the endless punting of DKB here on Koptalk – you often end Koptalk videos saying that you “(C)an’t really talk (about a pressing Liverpool FC news story) here on Koptalk, but I’ll talk more about it on the DKB subscription site, where it’s more private” – again, nothing but a gimmick to get people to subscribe to DKB. There’s a very good reason you still offer your ‘free’ service (i.e. this Koptalk page on Youtube) and that’s to attract new members to DKB. Quit Youtube and you’d be cutting off your nose to spite your face. So please don’t tell us that you’re on Youtube out of some benign philanthropy/a wish to bring free news to your fans. It’s a business decision. Then, a couple of weeks ago you let slip the phrase “the peasants on here (Koptalk on Youtube)” – and it really struck me that that could well be how you refer to those ‘fans’ who don’t pay to listen to your hallowed words. Then there’s the latest gadget (Amazon TV Sticks with Kodi) you’ve ‘endorsed’ and got Koptalk members a discount on from an Ebay seller (this discount, when I looked at it, came to a whopping 1 pound 60 pence saving if people bought the box from that Ebay guy “you only spoke to once on the phone”). In the end, I decided to do a Google search just to find out more about you (bear in mind I was still a fan of you at this point and wanted my fears to be proved false). And I was truly gutted at what I discovered – the Koptalk Insider blog. You say it was written by people who “envy” you. Well if Koptalk Insider had been written by a semi-literate troll-like person, I could believe you. But it’s written superbly well, by people who are clearly well-educated. Could they really be willing to have spent hundreds of hours writing about you because they “envy” you? That’s not the impression well-educated people give about themselves, so I’m inclined not to buy your story. And, now, your reaction, telling me to “fuck off” – this takes the biscuit, and I’m now more certain than ever. You’re at it. It’s no wonder most of your followers are kids – far easier to sell them a load of nonsense. But some of us are old enough and wise enough to smell a rat, and you’ve been rumbled son. Still, wish you all the best with your endeavor. You had me fooled for a very long time, and are obviously good at what you do (conning people into thinking you’re not after their money). Very, very sad indeed Duncan. Very sad.”

  38. liverpoolkopfans Says:

    is anyone still active here?

  39. koptalk_doubter Says:

    I’m interested to know what the alternatives are to KopTalk? I’ve been a member since 2000 and have never got sucked into the constant obvious scams I’ve seen (the latest being the Kodi one). I pay my subscription and have enjoyed to date but getting a little sick of the type of posters on there now – and the lack of insider knowledge. Good info is far and few between now. Also sick of Dunk pleading poverty – oh please! If that site costs money then it’s been run poorly. So many cheap free forum options out there rather than hosting on servers.

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