"Unwaged" Duncan Oldham's lavish lifestyle

If Duncan Oldham’s statements that he has “thousands” of members are to be believed, his yearly earnings are well in excess of £100,000. Yet Oldham claims he earns no money from KopTalk. He occasionally says that he would be “better off” if he closed the site down. He has even gone so far as to write begging letters to his members.

But then he contradicts himself endlessly with boasts about his lavish lifestyle. Here are a few of them:

May 16th, 2006
I’d alwalys wanted a Merc as a kid. . I remember back in 1999/2000 looking into a second hand car showroom window late one night. I said to Maria, “You see that (2nd hand Merc worth £16k), even I won’t be able to afford a second hand Merc in my life.”
6 years on and I’ve just ordered my 4th. I had a CLK Coupe and then went into a Cabriolet. I was never keen on convertibles but I knew the kids would love it. My mates never believe me though when I say that is the only reason I bought one. So I had a black Cabriolet, then sold it for a silver one which I have now but I miss the black which is why I went back to see Dave, even though my current motor’s only 11 months old.
I’ll cut a long story short and will just say that I agreed to dig deep and buy the Sport edition. I’ve got all the specs I want that I’ve become used to. They’re coming to collect my current car on Sunday and then it’ll be a case of sitting tight until mine is delivered direct from Germany.
I’m just one of the lads at the end of the day. So I have a nice car, well I plough all my money into things that I can show for my money. For example, I have a nice 52″ TV at home.

12/09/2007 by Dunk.
During the last year I’ve been travelling all over the world. We’ve been to America, Canada, France, Malta, Portugal and Spain.
One of my favourite interests is horse racing… obviously I don’t ride them lol! My favourite race track is Wetherby which is why I recently bought a property there.
I’m fortunate in that I also have family overseas (me mam). I recently bought a lovely pad close to where me mam lives so when England’s getting too depressing and cold I can **** off on a flight and escape things for a few days.
At the moment I tend to do a week or two home and then a week or two away depending on Liverpool’s fixtures.

Re: Audio / Home Cinema System Help Required [Re: The Reaper]
Dunk Administrator Site Editor
I have the Xbox 360 hooked up to a HDTV projector. This in turn is connected to the the computer so that I can access my music on the 360. The ipod is also connected to the 360 by USB.
The sound is pumped around the room by a home cinema system making 360 games sound very, very realistic in terms of (racing, war games etc).
The multi-sat system is connected to the PC so I can watch the footy on the pc or the big screen. Alternatively I can also use the projection screen as the computer’s monitor using a wireless keyboard.

07:29 PM Re: Apple iPhone warning proves true [Re: X]
Dunk Administrator
I’ll be getting one. I just wish it had been on another network as I hate O2. I guess I’ll have to swallow my pride and go back to them 😦

Re: Audio / Home Cinema System Help Required [Re: dishykev]
Dunk Administrator Site Editor
Originally Posted By: dishykev – “Get an XBOX 360 Elite, the HD player that comes as seperate and the Pioneer XBOX 360 surround sound system,which is meant to be awesome and comes in at £199.99 at play.com, might get a good deal on the HD DVD player and Xbox Elite too.”

Just ordered the elite. Will report back soon 🙂

06:25 PM Macbook Pro or iMac or Mac Pro
Dunk Administrator Site Editor
The time has come… what do I go for?
I have several laptops and several PC’s.. probably around 20 here just for KopTalk stuff!
But I don’t know what to go for?
Is it stupid buying another laptop? I bought one with an integrated webcam only a few weeks ago. But then again, I also have tons of PC’s.
Why am I getting one? Because everyone keeps telling me I must have one!!!!!

https://koptalkinsider.wordpress.com/2006/12/15/unwaged-liverpool-fc-conman-purchases-home-in-new-york/ 02:35 PM FAO Smoove
Couldn’t get through this morning. Will be arriving at JFK an hour later than planned. Call my U.S. cell phone or I’ll try and connect to MSN.

03:13 PM Re: FAO Smoove [Re: Markb1]
That’s exactly why I didn’t! Just bought a nice house over here. It’s a different world mate.

03:19 PM Re: FAO Smoove [Re: Markb1]
Originally Posted By: Markb1 – “what part dunk.”

New York State

03:33 PM Re: FAO Smoove [Re: Markb1]
I’ve been active in the property market for some time with a couple of friends. It’s taken nearly a year for this one to be sorted but Smoove’s brother has been a great help.
The best thing is buying, doing up and selling or buying to rent out. This one’s for me though, I love it out here and with Steve now running the site and learning more and more stuff, it means I can concentrate on things away from the net.
I have to decide whether to base Steve in Liverpool or leave him where he is. The good thing is though that thanks to the internet we can run an office as if we’re still in the same building thanks to even the most basic of software such as MSN and Skype for free video calling.

Dunk KopTalk Daddy
Photography experts – Van dealerships too
30/07/06 04:35 PM
1) Anyone know much about professional photography? I want to buy a paparazzi style camera and lense this season for use when we go on missions. Sell us a camera
2) Been trawling dealership for a van for the site. We have a small Corsa van but we want something Ford Transit size so we can have a mobile office in the back. Sell us a van

Barcelona coverage on KopTalk
Dunk Administrator
On Friday we’ll collect our new van (I think we’re getting two now – 1 now and 1 in March as I managed to get £8,500 knocked off one of them!). Once we have that we’ll show you photos of ‘before and after’. We’re already drawing up the plans that include:
* 1 or 2 computers
* CCTV / webcam for live streaming to the site
* 1 or 2 tv’s – maybe 1 plasma depending on the weight
* digital tv reception for Sky Sports News
* VHF or UHF radio system for contact between ourselves etc
* broadcasting gear for KopTalk radio
* Steve’s bed!
* My microwave!

I pre-ordered Sky HD ages ago which is a good job as the waiting list is now around 3 months. I wanted it in before the World Cup kicked off so I rejected an offer from Sky to have the installation put off until July in return for £20. They moved the install date by 2 da
ys and already gave me £20 but I want the bloody thing for the footy so there’s no way I’d accept £200 never mind £20!

One Response to “"Unwaged" Duncan Oldham's lavish lifestyle”

  1. aztecsghost Says:

    Duncan Oldham uses clickbank.com (clickbank.net is an alias) to process subscription payments.

    Clickbank.com is not a bank, savings loand or a real financial institution. It’s not regulated by US state or Federal agencies. To give you an idea of what kind of problems clickbank is having review
    Better Business Bureau. Better Business Bureau is converened with consumer fraud. BBB.org has a file on Click Sales Inc, whom owns clickbank. BBB complaints are logged below.


    Further complaints are logged at



    Why does Duncan use a banking service that isn’t a bank? clickbank.com is unregulated leaving the consumer wondering what will happen if they there’s a payment problem. Like double charges, as reported in Koptalkinsider.wordpress.com.

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