Koptalk and the Sun

One of the main motivations for the people behind this blog is Dunk’s continued and long-standing support of the Sun newspaper.

If you are new to the concept of The Sun being boycotted by Liverpool supporters then I won’t criticise you. Email me to find out more or visit the HJC website (link is on the right of the page).

Dunk’s first known internet support of The Sun came when he was seen using a picture of himself in a Sun hat on various pages of his website. He even photoshopped the logo on one of the pictures to try and hide it.

Here’s some of them:

All of these images were taken from archives of Koptalk.com and associated websites.

Dunk’s tried to explain many times why he wore that Sun hat. He tries to claim he did not know about the boycott when he first wore it. THIS IS A LIE.

See A bare-faced lie for details of how he lied about his Sun hat.

See Dunk’s lies and audiotape for details of how he tried to bring Peter Crouch into things, by claiming he had a tape of Crouch giving an exclusive interview to the Sun. He has already shown contempt for Crouch on many occasions by calling him “Lurch”, at a time when just about every other Liverpool supporter saw him as a legend-in-the-making.

Dunk says The Sun is OK.

There’s a lot more, including More reasons to boycott The S*n and Koptalk but there’s plenty there to get you started.

See here for a list of blog articles relating to KopTalk’s love of The S*n from 2006

12 Responses to “Koptalk and the Sun”

  1. scousenproud Says:

    this is one of the reasons his membership with sos should be revoked

  2. slimshady Says:

    scouse – for the benefit of dunk, sos should invoke his membership. he’s a bit thick you see

  3. justino Says:


    I think this ‘invoke’ thing is an LV term based on the phrase ‘invoking the final solution’ – which is commonly used to refer to the commencement of the holocaust – extermination of Jews by the Nazis – and they appropriated it for when someone left LV. A bit sick, a bit melodramatic, a lot ignorant, and a bit conceited.

    Much like our fat necked friend in Alicante

  4. koptalk insider Says:

    i remember he also once claimed that hat was a tango one. its lie after lie with oldham

  5. koptalk insider Says:

    Latest video is a ‘must watch’ if you’re monitoring the obese man’s health. The obese one warns us that he may well be on his last legs and may not last beyond Friday. As John sang, ‘Instant Karma’s going to get him’.

    I foresee a Heartbeat appeal coming on….

    PS, his chin has now almost disappeared into his neck! Even Jabba The Hut had a chin!

  6. Diego Sanchez Says:

    Dunk has pulled out the stops in his rage against women and any one who criticizes him. Dunk stooped so low that he posted an image of what Dunk thought was a child in the nude. That’s right; Dunk posted child porn on his blog today.

    Saved the blog but removed the image.


    In the last few days Dunk has posted nude images of former site members who have criticized him. Dunk has also posted he’s having hyper stress problems. Hopefully Dunk will earn his Darwin award sooner than later.

  7. Koptalk Insider Says:

    I believe the domain is hosted, or at least managed, through 123-reg.co.uk

    A quick email highlighting his article should be enough to make sure he gets what he deserves.

  8. aztecsghost Says:

    Server host for kraptalk and most of Dunks other sad miss adventures is dime.com, location Florida USA

    The domain name is registered through 123-reg.co.uk for failed football sites having to do with Kraptalk and a few others.

  9. aztecsghost Says:

    Sorry, mates that was me above.

  10. scousenproud Says:

    How ignorant of him to have a justice banner on the front page and yet use these words to defend himself from a rag article he put on his shite
    ” were not going to ignore something that they claim to be happening, it’s up to the individual to either ignore it or digest and accept it. by referencing such articles nobody is supporting its publication. All of us have to consider that everyone has the right to suppoert or protest as they see fit. Rather than attack everyone who makes reference, a simple response like, lets not forget what the rag said – is far more fitting”

    He said that in response to a ronaldo article he posted from the rag.

    Take down your justice banner dunk and remove any links to the SOS AND HJC, YOUR NOT WORTHY

  11. kraptalk_addict Says:

    He knows quite well that referencing articles from that rag is supporting them though, not surprised. He’s a horrible cunt. I looked at his twatter account where he updates for the most mundane things…15th April, not one word about the anniversary, no surprise again.

  12. aztecsghost Says:

    Cunt is posting LFC, Sky and other videos at Kraptalk. No copyright complaints? Is LFC powerless cause Cunt is making money from both of them, LFC and Sky?

    Does any one have the email of LFC’s Copyright Agent?

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