In the wake of the success of this blog, a lot of former “Koptalkers”, whether from one of the paid sites or free sites, have mentioned finding themselves asking “where do I go now?”

So here’s a much requested list of forums.

Our recommendation is to try and join the brand-new “Est1892” site, even if that doesn’t remain your permanent “home”, because its creator is a very recently ripped-off Red from Koptalk, and it’s the second home for the Insider Blog. Our Cardiff if you like. Or Wembley if you’re old enough to remember when that was LFC’s second home.

We also recommend spending some time lurking on each of the other forums listed. They all cater for different tastes, but none of them charge you. There’s no harm in registering for any of them (in some cases you have to register to lurk). My only other piece of advice would be that you shouldn’t go to any of the forums and do the equivalent of turning up at the house of someone you’ve just met demanding all their beer, the remote control, and a snog from their other half. Unless you like punishment of course – but that’s where Koptalk comes back in.

Have we missed any? If so let me know and I’ll add it.

9 Responses to “Forum”

  1. Si aka redmachine Says:

    Ex-mod at Koptalk a few years back, got bored of all the shite and left. Lurked and posted a bit on and then set up my own little place after the European Cup final. Its not much, and we dont have a lot of posters but its 100 times better than kraptalk.

    Great blog btw, keep up the good work!

  2. Quango Speex Says:

    Let’s have some fun with the Italian supporters on the 23rd May when Liverpool FC play Inter Milan FC for the Champions Cup. Italians are very sore and bruised when you remind them of World War II. The KOP should chorus “Up yours Mussolini”

  3. Ian Says:

    Quite what WW2 has to do with Koptalk I don’t know, but your argument would be helped slightly if you actually knew who we were playing.

  4. folwer76 Says:

    Check out the Champions League Final old-school match day programme free with The Guardian tomorrow.

    The Guardian is giving away a collectable Champions League Final programme with Tuesday’s paper. This souvenir has loads of great stuff about the match on Wednesday, the teams and their history in the competition, all in a classic retro style that harks back to a golden age of the beautiful game.

  5. Superpippo Says:


  6. Superpippo Says:

    the Champions

  7. Insider Insider Says:

    Congratulations Superpippo.

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