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A few of you have suggested that we market this site more, but we’d need your help for that. The people it needs marketing to are those that are most likely to go and give Dunk some money. If they stop spending then Dunk’s future is as it should be – out of the public eye.

We’ve had some suggestions (thank to those that sent them if we didn’t reply) and we’ll happily accept more. How else can we catch what’s left of the people on Dunk’s sites? How can we make sure the word gets out?

One thing we’ve noticed is that if a forum away from KT gets a mention on it of Dunk and his rip-offs, one of the following will happen:

  1. Dunk sends in some of his teenage posters to defend their master. An invasion ensues and everyone gets annoyed. It has little success, but it’s a messy way of winning a small battle in the war against Dunk
  2. The moderators of the forum delete the post as soon as they see it to avoid one of those invasions.

The idea we’ve come up with is this – PM it on.

In other words, use the PM (private message) function of the KT forum (if you’re a member still) and also on any other LFC-related forums you use. Tell one or two people each day about this blog, or about

Don’t tell them they have to stop using Koptalk, just ask them to read our blog and to bare it in mind. Some individuals are past being able to be converted. Leave them out of it for now.

Don’t PM mods at KT – they are Dunk’s best friends and will tell him straight away.

Don’t spoil perfectly decent forums by clogging them up too much with mentions of Fat Dunk’s empire.

Just PM it on.

On Koptalk, if you are on good terms with other posters, start with them. They’ll be more likely to respect you. If you rarely use Koptalk, maybe trying some of the “Trialists” would be a good start. Just do a few at a time, but be prepared to lose your sign-on for KT if the person you PM “grasses” on you. It’s a sacrifice worth making though.

Away from Koptalk, don’t mess the other forums up. These other forums are better purely because they aren’t Koptalk. If you want to start a thread about this blog, maybe ask one of the moderators if that would be acceptable. Don’t wind them up (even though a lot of them read this and are one our side).

Send two or three PMs a day to discuss this site and we’ll hopefully get the word spread very easily.

Are you any good at making videos? Make a video promoting this blog or and put it onto YouTube.

You have our permission to take anything from this site in order to promote this site.

PM it on.

(Some images below)…

Boycott the Sun supporting

Boycott the Sun supporting Boycott the Sun supporting Boycott the Sun supporting Boycott the Sun supporting

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