KopTalk and The S*n – blog articles summary


The infamous Sun hat

Boycott Koptalk

Dunk says the sun is ok

A bare faced lie
knew about Sun boycott before wearing Sun hat at World Cup – despite claims to contrary

The sun hat has got his hat on

BBC gossip page lies

Advertising under review at koptalk (S*n adverts)

More support for the sun from koptalk

Koptalk admit daily sun delivery

Koptalk and the sun yet again

Koptalk uses the sun boycott again

Koptalk and the sun yet again

The S*n – Pennant

Sun lover moons critics

Sun boycott still as strong as ever

The sun comes up yet again at koptalk hq

Sun loving site owner tries to rewrite history (S*n adverts + S*n summary)

The truth – Koptalk still supports the sun

Duncan Oldham, Koptalk, The sun.

The sun on koptalk again

The sun. Koptalk love it.

The sun rises on koptalk yet again

Still no sun boycott at koptalk

Defoe bull and yet another sun ad at koptalk

The sun still a main source on koptalk


Dunks lies and audiotape

Dunk denies crouch-tape slur. We prove otherwise

Attempted Crouch-slur, all a joke to koptalk owner


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