Duncan Oldham's lies about meeting Rick Parry

Duncan Oldham has lied relentlessly for the best part of a decade about his imaginary contacts with Liverpool FC’s executives, players and staff.

But in July 2006 his bullshit plumbed new depths with a fantasy about LFC chief executive Rick Parry demanding a meeting with him. Click here, here and here for the full story.

As with all the grand claims Oldham makes for himself and his site, nothing ever came of it. But some of the blog’s supporters were so outraged by Oldham’s lies that they contacted the club. You can see the reply they received below, confirming that Oldham has never had any access to Rick Parry, despite his frequent claims to the contrary.


Dunk KopTalk Editor
Parry Meeting
08/07/06 09:35 AM
I’m meeting Rick Parry at Anfield soon. I have told him I will try and get in before the season starts. We’re actually negotiating for something. He wants something I have, I want something he can give me.
As my comments are always lifted from here and posted around the web, I can’t say any more.

Dunk KopTalk Editor
Re: Parry Meeting [Re: kingofkop]
08/07/06 09:48 AM
Quote: “go on , ask him the burning question, th eone all koptalkers want to know ….. where DOES he get those ties! Thanks for keeping us updated”
LOL… I tend to avoid him like the plague. They’re always trying to get me in, him or the official site top director, I never go because I imagine me sitting in a chair and then these things locking my wrists and ankles to it and all the windows having electric bars shooting up… I can’t explain what I mean lol.

Dunk KopTalk Editor
Re: Parry Meeting [Re: Ally3009]
08/07/06 10:11 AM Reply Quote
Quote: “dear me your the new offal journo!!!”
Been approached before, would never defect

And here is the response a blog supporter received from the club when he informed them of the incident:

From: LFC press office
To: <address removed>
Sent: Tuesday, July 18, 2006 4:30 PM
Subject: FW: Email from Liverpoolfc.tv Customer Contact Form

Dear Mr (removed)
Thank you for your email which has been passed to me for reply.
There is no agreement with Koptalk regarding transfers or press conferences. Any club comment on transfers will be published on the Official site and certainly not given to an unofficial media organisation. For your information, Koptalk do not attend any of our press conferences, nor do they have any access to Rick Parry.
Also, we do not arrange any interviews for our players with The Sun Newspaper for obvious reasons so I have no idea what Koptalk are referring to. They certainly have not come to any arrangement with Mr Parry.
I hope this is of help
Yours sincerely
Ian Cotton
Head of Press
Press Office
Liverpool Football Club

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