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This is the Shop Koptalk page. Not to be confused with a Koptalk Shop.

If you want to report Dunk to anyone for things he’s done, here’s advice – as provided by various people either through emails or comments.

We’ve probably missed out some of your advice or extra information, we’ve been sent a lot. Please email it to me (in confidence) with a subject of “Shop Koptalk” and I’ll add it to this page.


I think the best way to hit Dunk and his con is to get the big boys involved.

As we have seen, some people cant see whats in front of them and will believe what ever their fat over-lord says.

Gathering by some posts on here people have contacted the relevant government departments about Del. (me incluced)

For people who haven’t, PLEASE PLEASE DO.

Tax dodgers – call 0800 788 887 24 hours a day. You DON’T have to leave any of your information. Just tell them you suspect Dunk of being a tax dodger. 5 mins of your time that’s all.

Once you have done that, fill out a benefit cheat form. Again you don’t have to give any of your details.
Don’t forget to inform them in the additional comments bit that you also suspect his mum, Steve and others of it.

And lastly tell Scarborough Council about him, just incase he is dodging his council tax bill

Here’s the info on Dunk so you can tell them.

Name : Duncan Oldham
Alias: Del Johnson, Mark Lacey
Address : (various) PO Box 145
1 princess Terrace, Scarborough, PO BOX 145, YO11 1YD,
Other possible postcode YO11 1BB (give all addresses, they can track him through them)

Phone number : +44.1912091617 OR 44.798004536 OR 0905 028 0723 OR steves mobile 07962 475020 (again give them all ,every little helps)

Also give them KT email addy :

Also state you think other family members are working tax free/ claiming benfits etc. Jeanette Oldham and Steve (cant remember their second names, can someone post it below this)

Please do it, will only take 15 minutes all in to do the lot.

Anon (name and email address supplied)

I’ve had a quick trawl through the Inland Revenue site and found the following info if you want to report someone for tax fraud:

Tel: 0800 59 5000

Freefax 0800 528 0506
Freepost Customs Confidential, Freepost SEA 939, PO Box 100,
Gravesend, Kent DA12 2BR

_____ – Website related to Trading Standards.


Rupert provided the following. This is the letter he sent to the LFC PR department. Use this as a template if you wish in order to contact the club. You need to follow the links on the official site, unless you’ve already got a direct email address.

‘Koptalk”s owner, Duncan Oldham, today stated in his site”s Gold Club –
that he has been offered the position of full-time reporter recently
advertised by your site and he has turned it down. In other statements last
week he said your site tried to destroy his site and he will reveal all in
his forthcoming book “Anfield Exposed”. He says he has taken advance
payments for the book but it is already two years behind schedule.

He also says today he is meeting Rick Parry this coming week.

As you may know he charges Liverpool fans subscriptions to receive
information like this. He claims to have insider information from Anfield –
recently he published an email of his asking Rory Parry to call him. He
refers to Rick Parry as the Wallet and regularly posts information which he
says he got from him.

We know that the Wallet and various other psuedonyms are his own.

Last week he said he bribed a gateman at Melwood to keep him informed of the
comings and goings and the next day claimed insider information from
painters working in Anfield about the agent for Pennant and Defoe.

He also announced he is buying a property near Melwood from which to film
training sessions to be broadcast from his site.

As ridiculous as all this is, many fans – including overseas fans – believe
him and pay him. There are many hundreds of fans who are complaining on the
net about his various scams – they range from double-billing through PayPal,
selling season and other tickets at a profit, providing illegal feeds.  he
also runs charities and betting rings on his site and asks for all donations
or payments to be addressed to him personally.

Recently he has announced to use profits from Koptalk to set up Newcastle,
Spurs and Forest sites.

Another scam this weekend is to have his members contribute to a fund to buy
him a share in LFC. He will then use his share to claim access to Anfield
and information.

In the unlikely event that he does meet Rick Parry – even as part of a group
– you can be sure that he will use this to extract more money and to lend
credence to the many false rumours and gossip he circulates about the club.

If you want to consider the full range of his scams and misrepresentaions
and the intensity with which he is disliked and distrusted please go to the
new blog which is attempting to catalogue all his activities and claims and
to report him to various official bodies:


It’s entirely up to you if you want to “Shop Koptalk”. If you do, I would recommend that you provide your name and your contact details. Explain this is to be used in complete confidence if that is important to you. It’s unlikely that any official body will take you seriously if you try to remain anonymous.

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