KopTalk members' feeback

Here is a selection from the thousands of comments which have been left on this site by disgusted former KopTalk members:

Most members quickly discover that Koptalk is a site about the owner and his family, his prejudices and his money-making projects – oh and the small facts that the owner isn’t and never has been a LFC fan and has no contacts within the club or even remotely connected to the club, who uses pictures from an agency and claims to have had a photographer of his own at training sessions, who claims to have the ear of the new owners yet when he posted a video it was quite clear Hicks had no idea who you were. I could go on and on but I am growing rapidly bored.
Koptalk survives only because of your cult-like control and censorship over your few remaining members. Your wild claims of hundreds of new members joining every week are obviously not true.
When questions are asked and points made that would be considered normal on every other site, you cancel memberships on a whim.

Im stil yet to see something i couldnt find out somewhere else for free!!

Ive always felt that site was weird – this fella is just a fraud and the sooner the site gets wrapped up the better. I read between the lines of what you say,’Dunk’, and as far as Im concerned you come across as a scouse-hater and a cnut of a man.
Youre interested in ripping people off for subscriptions to a site that provides spurious rumour for the naive. I hope you go and crawl back under the stone from whence you came before you got on the bandwaggon, snake.

Simon Says
This is a joke, KopTalk knew nothing about Fowler rejoining, the “reliable” posters were saying there was no chance of it happening.
There hasn’t been a scoop in the 3 years I’ve been a member, just lots of guesses.

Any tool staying on that site other than to take the piss is a muppet of the highest calibre. All I can say is – thanks Insider for opening my eyes before I paid that thieving conning prick DunCON any more money.

ex-KTer Says:
Can’t believe I used to pay money to that site and read all that bollocks as if it was true!
What a mug I was, but at least I’ve seen the light.

Johnny (Norn Iron):
Its good to see someone taking a stance against conmen like these two. I was looking around for a site and noticed koptalk but my god!! what a pair or sheisters!!!
I feel sorry for the poor B@$t4rd$ that payed £30 of their hard earned cash for his Bull$hit site.
He causes embarressment for every true Kopite, and the sooner he fades away the better.
Keep up the good work!

Dunk’s relationship with The Sun newspaper should come as no big shock. He seems to read their two-bit transfers rumours and then copy them to his own site where he can make a handsome living from his working class, fellow supporters.
You’ll Never Walk Alone? Don’t make me laugh, he’s in this for himself and noboy else.

I have to admit that I would have subscribed to the Insider/Gold Club if not for your blog. I’ve kept a close eye and looks like you definately have a point. I think that if you could market this blog a little better (especially to KT’s legion of vulnerable overseas readers who don’t have a clue) , you’ll find a lot more people like me ‘converting’ . Keep up the good work!

I see fatty is up to his old tricks today ripping off other peoples work. shanklygates had an story “exclusive” story up that claims did hamann is on his way to bolton up that registered at newsnow at 02:56 this morning. at 09:34 on newsnow fatty has published the same story with no credit to the source and claims it comes from an anfield insider!

after reading this blog i have decided as well not to register for the koptalk insider site. i am so glad that i found this blog. what you need is to get TLW, YNWA.tv and other prominent LFC websites to link to this blog to spread the word.

Koptalk is a blatant commercial venture, they constantly go on about how skint they are and cover the site in adverts, yet they apparently have 5000+ members paying £20 per year to read their BS ‘insider’ articles.
I make that over £100k per year plus that earned by banners – even when you take off their costs that leaves a hefty profit for someone who ‘isn’t in it for the money’

I think we’d all be surprised if we ever found out exactly how many of those ‘regular posters’ were aliases.

man, that is so typical of dunk.
stir things up and then denies (if it goes horribly wrong).
stir things up and then boasts (if his made-up b*llshit come true).
a fraud of enron proportions i say.

I’m another of the lifetime membership brigade that’s been locked out of the Insider as I can’t find an email from over 3 years ago!!!
I’ve joined YNWA instead, far, far better

I visited Koptalk Insider for the last time recently as I could no longer stand helping to provide hits for the piece of shit who runs the s(h)ite. I always felt sorry for Insider newbies whose first post would be a variant of “Hi, I’m new here – I joined to find out what the link on the free site was about regarding such and such, but I can’t find anything about it”. What would then happen would be either (a) various oddly happy-with-the-bull old-timers would tell them that the information was embedded within the LFC discussion forum, (b) some other oddly happy and definitely pilled-up old timer would tell that all such ‘info’ should be taken with a pinch of salt and the main purpose of the Insider was all the jolly banter among its members, relax man, chill out, the drugs should kick in soon, or (c) some drugs-don’t-work-anymore old-timer would tell him it’s bollocks, everything here is bollocks, and then this old timer would mysteriously be seen no more.
But THIS episode, a link that just quotes from some bull in the free site, is absolutely unbelievable. Surely the Advertising Standards Authority or some other watchdog should be informed about this? It would be good to also spread the word round other LFC sites so this so-called Red (who also happens to run Newcastle United and Spurs sites, presumably gushing about his lifelong love of those teams too) can stop ripping off genuine Reds.
Disgusting beyond belief.

the prick has just copied and pasted one of my articles, and got onto the front of newsnow main stories for doing it, taking all the credit for it, the fat fucking cock

hello, i am sad to say that i was recently a member of kop talk. and i found out that the fat cunt dunk was taking money from my paypal account every year without my permission, i cancelled my membership and got locked out of the fat robbing cunts site and ive left 5 messages for the fat cunt even giving him both my numbers, but i havent heard from him and its almost been a week.any ideas how i can get in contact with the fat piece of shite ? you can post this on your site if you wish,also what other liverpool websites would you reccomend?

Truth is stranger than fiction!
This conman is a joke!

I’m a victim of this Lifetime Membership scam. I’d encourage anybody else who has been ripped off to contact Paypal and complain about it.
If you look up the History option in Paypal and select “Subscriptions” with a wide date range you should be able to find your payment and the reference number given by Paypal and use this in your correspondence. I’m not sure I want back on Koptalk anyway after the shabby way I’ve been treated but I want to make sure that as a minimum I make sure others including Paypal are aware of what this crook is up to.

I would just like to say thank you to all involved with this site. And congratulations!
This and Kraptalk have made me realise the error in my ways. I have a feeling a few people on KopTalk know what goes off, but if we could get this site mentioned it may open a few more eyes.

Honorary Insider
Koptalk used to be a great site. Yes we all knew there was no Insider info, yes we all knew the Informer, Wallet and the Mole (to mention but a few) were all really you Duncan, but we were happy to remain because, if we ignored you, it was a great community.

I joined the Insider 3-4 years ago after paying a one-off lifetime fee (around £10 if I recall correctly). Last week I was locked out. I opened a ticket to get the matter sorted out, and I even had a telephone call with Steve. Unfortunately I remain locked out.
Having discovered this site I don’t think I’ll be returning to Koptalk. I found that the Insider stuff was nothing that couldn’t be picked up elsewhere (for free).
I have since found other sites (Liverpool Way, YNWA) and I am starting to frequent them. It seems to me that Duncan Oldham’s days of fleecing unsuspecting Liverpool fans will come to an end before too long.

An Observer
I like the way the fat twat is happy to let people post stuff from other LFC sites (so long as they don’t mention the site they take it from), but if anyone posts anything from his site he cries like a baby to the site owners demanding it be removed.
Horrible fat cunt, the sooner he gets hit by a bus or something the better.

Howdy, hope I’m posting this in the right place… 🙂
Just wanted to say that I’m another paid-up “lifetime” member that’s been booted off the K*talk site. I paid for lifetime access via a promotion in 2002, and up until a couple of week’s ago I’d been visiting the site on an almost daily basis. I couldn’t believe it when I found out that my “lifetime” site access had been removed and that I wouldn’t be allowed back unless I could produce a poxy email from 2002.
I’m obviously very pissed-off at what they’ve done to me and others like me, very pissed-off that they “closed” my support ticket without a single response and even more pissed-off at the lack of help when I tried to (politely) plead my case with the lad that supposedly handles the support tickets (Steve is it?).
The whole thing stinks. I don’t know what the ‘real’ reason for this is, but it seems to me that they are trying to squeeze money out of people who’ve probably only paid a few quid for 2, 3 or 4 years of site access – I’m pretty sure that there are plenty of people who have lost their site access but will now start paying full-price so they can get back in… they are mugs if they do.
I don’t know if you can see the “Expired or Missing Info Forum” which now greets those who have been booted off the main ‘Insider’ site, but the latest post (posted yesterday, 20th June) says that “If you can not provide this email you may resubscribe at the reduced rates” – I think that backs up my theory on this being nothing but a disgraceful money making excercise!!!!!
Anyway, I have to say that I didn’t realise that this here site existed, but I’ve spent the last couple of hours reading through everything and it’s eye-opening to say the least! Credit to whoever is behind it.
I know quite a few people who pay for annual K*talk access, i.e. I reccomended the site to a lot of them in the first place (…sorry, we all make mistakes!) but I’ve now told them what’s happened to me and my membership. I’ve also pointed them in the direction of this site and I’m pretty sure that none of them will be renewing their subscriptions.
Anyway, I just wanted to add my support to the site – keep up the good work… whoever you are! 😉

KT Veteran
that site is so so boring. The mods are a load of hitlers with no personality and there seems little to talk about on there apart from world cup players they would all love to sign.

The fatty is a big conman. I was a regular on the Mighty Reds chatroom, the Liverpool mailing list and i was also one of the firsts to visit cocktalk. I started to hate the cocktalk site during his anti-fowler days, he always have something bad to say about fowler and me and my mates were confident he was on a conspiracy to rid God from Anfield, maybe GH paid him to do it, i do not know. I cant believe the fucking fatty gobshite about how he had never wanted fowler to leave etc etc, fuck off fatso, u always wanted him to leave!
I can remember the first scam the fatty launched to get some easy quick money. It was still early days in cocktalk and his site was running really well with a lot of news and articles ripped from all over the net. Visitors dont mind and actually liked it because it was kinda like a hub of ripped LFC news, all under one roof and all for FREE. When the visitors started to increase and became a little addicted to cocktalk, the fat one launched his first scam, he stopped updating for a 1-2 days and disappeared, then he asked someone to post on behalf of him telling his visitors that his computer had exploded and he had no equipment to update the site anymore…..whoa….he claimed and moaned he was so poor and had no choice but to leave the site to rot. Then someone started off and gave him donation and others followed to sponsor him some money so he could get a PC, my mate also donated 20 fucking pounds. This probably wetted the fatso appetite for quick easy money and from time to time he always pretend to be in hardship, telling cock stories about how miserable and broke he is, how fucking sad down he always is, always threatenng to quit the site, in hope of getting another round of donation. I remember one time he posted about him being broke and 2 weeks later he fucked off for a holiday to Malta………broke my fucking ass.
If u have followed this fatso history long enough, u will realise that he is not trustworthy and thats the reason why he will never get a penny from me. He is just one lazy fucker always wanting to get easy money or getting money the dirty way.

The man is a total loon

well i joined Dunk’s site in good faith on a 11 quid for life promo…then got booted out. 2 support tickets were ignored. To be honest it’s only since i got booted out that i have doscovered so many sites like this…and do you know what, it makes me sick to think i have missed out for so long. Dunk, you can stick my 11 quid up your cheating, conning, fat ass.

I love this website, I too was once a Kraptalk user – but I have seen the light!!
Now, where do I send my Annual £30?!?! 😉

I’m loving this blog. I moved on from there a good while back when I came to my senses about Fattie and his shite site, populated with thought-police and all sorts of liers, tosspots and general knobheadery.

The Platinum Club
I was banned from Koptalk with no explanation and had to ask the fat man about it myself. He answered my support ticket and then didn’t allow me to fight my corner. That’s just how shit goes down at Koptalk. What Dunk says goes even if it’s wrong or irrational. He doesn’t ever let people argue their case even if he’s very wrong. That’s why so many people can’t stand him. Well, one of the reasons anyway…

The guys a prat…
I love this blog… 🙂

Blue Sky
It’s unbelievable how this man uses anything to get sympathy from Craptalkers. He is a disgrace.

Phil T
If LFC is one big family, then he’s the spoilt runt of a child who nobody likes. You could set your calendar by his moans. Get a life. GET A FUCKING JOB!!!

Thank you for this great blog and great info on the dark worlds of Dunk. I´m from Iceland and as most of Icelander I go regularly to the liverpool.is forum and it is absolutly clear that no one links or talk to the ***talk.com. If anyone does that the moderators swiftly comes forward and have a go at the one making the link, so we are well aware of it here in Iceland.
I personally stopped reading ***talk.com a few years ago (five-ten years maybe), don´t remember why excactly but it had something to do with the copy/paste news that Dunk does and mighty reds rivalry if I remember correctly, maybe it was his popups also or that he is a sick man that made me leave…
But keep up the good work, cheers from Iceland.

Fucking disgusts me the blatant parasitical (I think that word works quite well in that context…) use of ‘fellow’ fans. The constant use of his poor crippled cousin for his own means “Look at me, I’m a human too…send money”. I once asked him to start a collection for a player’s family, and was told he would get back to me….still fucking waiting. If it was a fund to raise money for ‘pies in need’ then I’m sure Dunk would get back to me.
Well done to everyone for attempting to out the truth about Fatty.

hello, i am sad to say that i was recently a member of kop talk. and i found out that the fat cunt dunk was taking money from my paypal account every year without my permission, i cancelled my membership and got locked out of the fat robbing cunts site and ive left 5 messages for the fat cunt even giving him both my numbers , but i havent heard from him and its almost been a week.any ideas how i can get in contact with the fat piece of shite ? you can post this on your site if you wish,also what other liverpool websites would you reccomend?

2 Responses to “KopTalk members' feeback”

  1. Al Says:

    Have to say, learned my lesson. Not one single “insider” bit of news, far from it, just a load of phonies and saddos. Could not believe as a new Member when Dunk posted a video of himself, it was amazing, like something out of the twilight zone, who the hell does he think he is, or us. Why would we pay to hear about his saddo life and divorce etc, it’s supoosed to be all about LFC. Very untidy website and no way am I going back.

  2. Koptalk Outsider Says:

    This is how Dunk has run the site over the years. Using his family, his friends, his health, even his late father to gain sympathy from his members, who in turn thinks it’s a “big happy family” thing and renew their subs. Luckily more people than not seems to agree with you, so they jump ship. Membership numbers keep dropping (17 less today than yesterday) and it seemes more are on their way out.

    We may not seem to be very active on this blog these days, but the ball keeps rolling. The lies and the scams have been exposed, and it’s all here to read. What amazes me is that there are still members who make contact saying they didn’t know about this blog before. But this just shows that we still have a mission.

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