Chronology of KopTalk's development

Jun 1996 – earliest known appearance on the net

Jan-May 1997 – Sky cards scam, selling non-existent cards on Usenet groups

May 1998 – new aliases uncovered as the man behind the Sky cards scam. Suddenly begins posting frequently on Usenet LFC newsgroup

July 1998 – someone tells him about the LFC email mailing list. Oldham has never heard of it

Aug 1998 – Oldham starts his own LFC email mailing list

Sep 1998 – Colin Seaman (the eventual designer and co-founder of KT) posts this message in the Usenet group: “LFC Fans/Backers wanted to make the Ultimate LFC site”. This post will result in the creation of KT

Oct 1998 – begins procedures to start up his own LFC newsgroup on Usenet

Nov 1998 – Oldham’s new LFC newsgroup launched. Begins to spam the old LFC newsgroup with false messages claiming (incorrectly) that the old group is about to be discontinued. These lies are effective in moving posters over to his new group

Mar 1999 – KT launched

July 1999 – gets married at Anfield. His uncle is his best man

c.Sep 1999-c.May 2000 – Mr Manchester United appeal

Sep 1999 – Tommy Smith joins KT

Oct 1999 – Tommy Smith launches KopTalk column

Oct 1999 – Paul Graham to write for KopTalk

Nov 1999 – Jan Molby signs for KopTalk

Nov 1999 – launches Deluxe Email Service (£15/£10 per year)

Jan 2000 – Ian St John signs for KT

Feb 2000 – ‘Kop Kids’ – new feature launched. Run by the ten-year-old Steve McNeish

Feb 2000 – “former Liverpool defender Alan Kennedy is the latest player to sign for KopTalk!”

Feb 2000 – launches VIP site (£15/£10 per year)

March 2000 – Liverpool hero Rob Jones signs EXCLUSIVELY for KopTalk!

Nov 2000 – The ‘Voice of Anfield’, George Sephton signs for KopTalk

Jan 2001 – launches first SMS service. It fails

c.Feb 2001 – begins to talk about selling shares in KT to members

March 2001 – Barry Venison joins KT

June 2001 – launches new forums

c.July 2001 – is having to (slowly) issue refunds to members who bought shares in KT

Nov 2001 – launches Insider email service (£11.75)

c.Jan 2002 – launches Insider site (£11.75)

c.Jan 2002 – KT moves to FootyMad network

Sep 2002 – launches (short-lived) VIP Forum (£5)

c.Nov 2002 – leaves FootyMad network

April 2003 – announces and starts taking “deposits” on his Anfield Exposed book (still unpublished)

June/July 2003 – launches Gold Club service (£26 per year)

end of 2003 – all former LFC players who wrote columns for KopTalk have left the site due to disputes over Duncan Oldham’s failure to pay them

c.April 2004 – moves to Wallsend

July 2004 – launch of “Bronze Member” news service (£3.65)

Dec 2004 – launch of “YNWA LAUREN APPEAL”

Oct 2005 – KT moves to “new premises”

c.Oct 2005 – http://www.footy4free streams sister site launched (£5 per year)

Dec 2005 – KT relaunch

Sep 2006 – free KT forums closed. New £30 per year subscription launched

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