Chronology of KopTalk's fortunes since this blog was launched


March 16th – claims to have spoken with Michael Owen

March 29th – “If there’s no finance secured by the opening day of the season, I’m going to hang up my keyboard and close KOPTALK down”

April 20th – “If I was to axe the site I’d be better off financially but it’s a love for me and I don’t know what else I’d do.” Steve goes AWOL.

May 16th – boasts about owning a Merc

May 22nd – Oldham admits he does not have custody of kids and that his wife does not live with him

May 31st – claims to have spoken with Steven Gerrard

June 1st – claims to have a tape recording of Peter Crouch talking to a S*n journalist

June 2nd – Oldham starts his own blog

June 15th – admits that: “Honestly, I don’t think we’ve ever been this quiet.”

June 20th – book delayed as his laptop blew up / Rick Parry wants to meet him (again) / claims Duncan Oldham is not his real name ( )

June 29th – shares his pulling methods

June 29th – claims he is going to buy a property adjacent to Melwood

June 29th – claims he is going to open a hotel in Liverpool for KT members

June 29th – claims Liverpool players regularly visit KopTalk

July 3rd – crappy footage of Melwood filmed over wall and solitary photo of back of Gary Ablett’s head

July 3rd – claims to have recruited a Melwood gateman

July 3rd – “If we get any more inside we’ll get arrested”

July 4th – claims Chris Waddle has offered to sell his Melwood property to him

July 4th – begins to talk about having CCTV on Melwood gates and webcam on training ground

July 4th – admits has S*n delivered. Burns copy of S*n on video – with Steve wearing painfully unfunny “Scouser” wig and ‘tache

July 8th – claims Rick Parry wants a meeting with him

July 8th – demands that all lurkers must post five times a month or their accounts will be deleted

July 9th – Oldham closes down his Lauren appeal after scrutiny from the blog

July 10th – requests applications from members to become overnight moderators

July 10th – blog first reports that Charities Commission cannot deal with Lauren collection as it was not registered to begin with

July 10th – Oldham pulls plug on his own blog

July 10th-20th – Katie starts working on KT
July 20th – KT reverts back to the old format of 2 groups of forums: first team and reserves
July 20th – announces competition: will fly in a Red and their guest from wherever they live in the world to see game at Anfield & stay in hotel

July 21st – blog reprints email from Ian Cotton stating that Oldham has never met with Rick Parry

July 22nd – maximum date range for searches changed from 2 years to 1 day

July 27th – Steve “promoted” to KopTalk editor

July 30th – claims new server will cost almost £900 per month

Aug 5th – says his 12-year-old daughter is now moderating on KT forums

Aug 6th – says will move to new server in next week. He doesn’t

Aug 17th – says KT forums are now moderated 24 hours a day

Aug 19th – admits does not have direct line to Rick Parry’s office – “Please be realistic about your expectations. We don’t have a direct line to Rick Parry’s office so if you’re not switched on to undertsand that, you’re probably best off not joining.”

Aug 22nd – blog prints Oldham’s Swan Avenue, Wallsend address

Aug 25th – KT call members at work to threaten them
Aug 25th – KT introduces “privacy statement” / AUP

Aug 29th – Oldham meets a “hitter”
Aug 29th – Oldham makes sick paedo podcast “joke”

c Aug 29th – Red Del banned for embedding links to Est1892 in his video links

Aug 30th – Oldham at Melwood

Sep 2nd – ridiculous ranting editorial in which he claims his children have been targeted / that Steve works 7 days a week from 7am until after midnight / that none of them is paid a wage / “We’ve just had a bid accepted on a property adjacent to Melwood” / book will be out this season / has declined an offer from a professional hitman

Sep 5th – closes KT free forums down

Sep 8th – claims to have “new base in West Derby, Liverpool”
Sep 8th – Steve appears on Sky Sports News (jumping around like a tit behind a reporter)
Sep 9th – bullshit claims of pre-derby Bellamy bust-up
Sep 9th – claims book will be out this season
Sep 11th – Steve at Melwood / John Lennon Airport
Sep 12th – says will ask server host if can bring back PMs
Sep 18th – runs competition for a ticket to Galatasaray home match
Sep 22nd – claims to have spent £600 on SMS credits on that day alone
Sep 23rd – ST3 claims Oldham had early morning meeting in Liverpool hotel with “key figures” in possible investment in LFC

Sep 29th – KT’s Honorary Memberships are scrapped

Oct 5th – KT excluded from PWSTK poll of unofficial sites by the club

Oct 29th – “I don’t get excited any more watching football and I’ve felt like that on and off for a few years now. My book’s out this season.”
Oct 30th – Oldham gets identity of LFC director who spoke to The Mirror wrong
Oct 31st – Podcast: Oldham claims he will give up his season tickets at the end of the season and says: “Talking about rotation. Talking about investment. F**king boring. Then the stadium. They could knock it down and build an Asda, I don’t care.”

Nov 2nd – NewsNow begins to list blog articles
Nov 5th – LFC predictor league leaves KT for Est1892
Nov 10th – blog reveals that KT had been running S*n ads for at least 14 days
cNov 20th – begins
cNov 22nd – Shoutbox returns
cNov 22nd – new-look KT site
Nov 27th – Katie starts working on KT full time
Nov 29th – Johnny H leaves KT

cDec 1st – launches Alder Hey appeal
Dec 15th – Oldham claims to be in New York to visit Smoove and buy a house in New York state
Dec 15th – blog adopts new look and launches

Dec 19th – Oldham [posting as ST3] claims he will become a father again soon
Dec 31st – Oldham finally produces (incomplete) receipts for Alder Hey collection


Jan 1st – registers domains for footballand porn site
Jan 2nd – banned permanently from News Now + blog delisted from NewsNow + new record number of hits for the blog (12,449)
Jan 1st-7th – three more moderators leave KT
Jan 4th – Kraptalk site now redirects to the blog
Jan 22nd – Katie “injured”
Jan 27th – “Emma” (Rebecca Franks) begins working on KT. She leaves after a couple of days

Feb 6th – Oldham squats on KopFootball domain names
cFeb 17th – Oldham reverts to title of “Editor”
Feb 21st – Oldham in Barcelona – but not inside the Nou Camp
Feb 22nd – date Oldham claims George Gillett joined KT

Mar 1st – Oldham claims George Gillett is a member
Mar 17 – Oldham in Montreal – fails to meet George Gillett, who is not in the city at the time
Mar 23rd – the blog is one year old

Apr 6th – Oldham in Dallas – meets with Tom Hicks for less than ten minutes
April 9th – Oldham launches KopFootball site
April 13th – Oldham’s porn site closes down
April 21st – claims Benitez will have £100 million transfer budget

May 11th – KopTalk Freddie Shepherd video
May 16th – Oldham in La Manga – shooting blurry footage from half a mile away from the training camp after the blog tipped off LFC officials
May 21st – Oldham claims he has left La Manga and is heading for Athens. He will never produce any proof that he was in Athens
May 25th – George Gillett “leaves” KopTalk
May 28th – begins to publish a slew of negative articles about Hicks and Gillett
May 29th – admits his non-existent book won’t come out until after KT closes

June 1st – KopTalk only fan site excluded from independent LFC fans’ survey
June 10th – Oldham claiming to be in Valencia when he is in fact in Alicante
June 11th – pretends he never said Benitez would have £100 million transfer budget
June 12th – blog announces that Oldham is moving to Alicante, Spain
June 15th – all Oldham’s Wallsend properties are put on the market
June 16th – claims he is about to renew his season tickets
June 26th – announces Steve will take over running of site from start of season
June 29th – announces will be moving to a new server soon

July 2nd – claims Torres has passed his medical – 24 hours before it actually took place
July 8th – KopTalk reports Babel story hours after the Echo
cJuly 16th – relaunch of Duncan Oldham blog
cJuly 26th – KT begins move to new server

Aug 4th – Oldham says he will be attending every home league match in the coming season
Aug 6th – KT relaunches its Cafepress shop
Aug 10th – Oldham says he’s trying to take his site away from the “insider” tag
Aug 18th-19th – Oldham claims he is in Liverpool and will be attending the Chelsea match – he never provides any proof of either
Aug 30th – Oldham claiming to be at Melwood. A KT member goes down to meet him but Oldham isn’t there
Aug 30th – KopTalk members hear about the Ayesteran story from other LFC sites

Sep 18th – Duncan Oldham blog is pulled
Sep 18th – Oldham begins to claim Johnny Vegas is his mate

One Response to “Chronology of KopTalk's fortunes since this blog was launched”

  1. Jonathan Says:

    Are you aware of his recent “server move” he implemented to Every user was blocked access to the site unless they emailed him and gave thier details. I presume this was to lock out inactive members, con people into paying again and basically more of his dodgy activities.

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