Duncan Oldham's Big Lie.

It’s exactly what I expected and predicted.  When questioned about the money that he takes from kids and overseas LFC fans for his lies about his connections with LFC, he responds about his children, his wife and mother.   That’s what he always does.

Read again the comments on here yesterday.  About 4-5 years ago, when Oldham was being criticised by for his unrelenting attack on Robbie Fowler and his family, he responded that his critics had encouraged the rape and kidnap of Oldham’s 8 year old daughter whose photos Oldham had posted on the net.   (Sometime previously he claimed that he had taken a few days off from maintaining his site because his 8 year old daughter had been raped at school.)

Once again he returns to this bizarre theme of threats to his family.

If my children, wife and mother were in danger in some way – whether physically or by email or other threats – then I would call the police.  I would not use the threats to rant on the net or to try to deflect legitimate questions about my business.

If Oldham is unwilling to have dealings with the police, even to protect his family, then perhaps we should do it for him.  I notice his reference to his underworld friends. Perhaps we should also mention that to the police.  It is all reminiscent of the anonymous threats of physical assault some of the readers to his site received years ago when they objected to his slanderous campaign against Robbie Fowler.

I’ve theorised in some detail in this blog how like a wannabee cult-leader Oldham is.  Koptalk must be the only football site in the world where the Owner is front and centre.   So much of it is about him, his sexual adventures and his family.  His openness about those things contrasts with his secretiveness about the money he takes in, his status with the tax and regulatory authorities, or his alleged connections with LFC.

But let’s be clear.  His long-winded rant about his children has no relevance to anything said on this site.

Since he is a well-known liar I doubt very much it has relevance to anything said to him by any LFC supporter.  Oldham distributes photos of his children on the net to promote his various money-making schemes, exposing them to obvious dangers.  Oldham may be contemptuous of scousers, but I find it hard to believe that a LFC supporter would doctor one of them in the nasty way he hints.

I suppose it might be the sort of thing that happens in the world in which he inhabits – the Usenet group in which he advertised for a young footy fan to do sadistic stuff with his wife while he filmed and joined in.  The historical references to that can be found in this blog.

And isn’t that the sort of thing that happens in MySpace where he says he finds girls to shag after telling them in his profile that he makes 250,000 quid a year.

On his KT radio show a couple of months ago he had 16 year old Steve bring him the tabloids.  The story he chose to read aloud was from the front page of a tabloid.   It was about a convicted rapist of young girls who had been photographed in the public park ogling young school girls who were passing.  The newspaper was objecting.  He read the story aloud with much relish – every word of it.  And then said “What’s wrong with that – they shouldn’t have been walking in the park!”  He then went on to lecture Steve that the rape of young girls was understandable because when you get to his age – which he said was 32 – they just ignore you and its very “frustrating”.   This is what Oldham chose to force on the LFC supporters who tuned into his radio show for news of LFC that day!

Duncan Oldham has survived on the internet for over ten years by his cunning use of the Big Lie technique.

Some of his lies are entertaining in a dark sort of way because they are so clownish – like his lie last week that Rick Parry, the Executive Director of LFC, wants something that Oldham has and that there is to be a meeting at Anfield when Oldham can fit it in.

For more of his mad lies read this blog.   But as obvious as his lies are they bring in the membership fees and the advance deposits for a book that do not exist.  In fact his lies are so obvious, in retrospect, that those who were fooled into paying for them are often ashamed to admit it.

The justification for his rant today is his claim that the family of Michael Shields supports him because he gave them a cheque.  I’ve no idea if that is true or not.  He never publishes his accounts whether of his charities or his business.  Even if he did contribute to the fund, it does not negate the true comments on this blog.

We have said that he squats on the sites of his rivals and others. There is a long list of those sites in this blog.  Every day we discover more.  In some cases he then directs the traffic to his own site.  That’s what he did with the Michael Shields site for a time.
The comment about that on here was correct.  Today he provided a late rationalisation for why he did that.  Why didn’t he explain earlier?

I wonder how many hits he got from that arrangement?  Enough to pay for his “personal” donation to the fund, or more?

In the last two or three weeks I have read Oldham on his own site to the effect that he does not want to deal with the Hillsborough campaign or the Michael Shields campaign on Koptalk because that is “politics” and his site is about entertainment.   He made other remarks about how difficult it is to deal with the folk who are conducting those campaigns – now “political” they are.  Odd then that he relies on them to come to his defence today.    He also boasted on his site about the contributions he had made – despite his claim today that he acted anonymously to hide his personal generosity.

If Oldham has used some of the money he has taken from Koptalk readers to contribute to the Michael Shields campaign then he ought to have notified Koptalk readers.

That’s all we have been asking – that he provide receipts and accounts for all the money sent to him for charities and as deposits for his non-existent book.

But when asked to provide accounts he responds with his well-worn Big Lie Technique.


14 Responses to “Duncan Oldham's Big Lie.”

  1. Phil T Says:

    You’re the scum of the earth if you lie about your daughter being sexually abused. You’d have to be a sick, mentally tormented low life to do that.


  2. univofchicago Says:

    he lied about his daugher getting raped?

    if thats true, its sickening…

  3. willrobbo Says:

    All true, every word of it.

    Good post, RupertInsider.

  4. jesper Says:

    I read this blog and i am more and more supprised all the time.
    Im thinking the stories just get worse and worse, from Dunks point of view.
    I never thought it possible for someone to be so calculating, except for with his recipts ofcourse.

  5. Toby Says:

    Good post rupert.

  6. univofchicago Says:

    if fatty was confronted with the kt-radio rape question, think i can pretty much guess what he is going to say:

    “how stupid and blind are you? can’t you see it was all a joke?”

  7. jj_sawyer Says:

    good work rupert, another excellent and well argued post.
    I would though like someone to pick up on his plans last year to set up a TERRORIST WEBSITE!!

  8. lobster Says:

    where can i find the link to his lie about his daughter being raped in school?

  9. rupertinsider Says:

    lobster – two or three of us mentioned this a couple of days ago on here (before his rant). We remembered it. I put out a request for anyone with access to his archives to look it up so we could post the link or a screen shot. I think it was between 2000 to 2002. It must have been on KT because I did not read him in his usenet days.

    4-5 years ago there was a poster – “Captain Scarlett” – on kraptalk.com that used to find all his stuff on usenets or wherever under all his various psuedonyms. If he is reading this how about helping out with searches?

  10. rupertinsider Says:

    jj_sawyer: I did read your earlier post about his proposed site about terrorism. I’ve never heard that before. can you dig up the references to it?

    We did find ads in his usenet days where he was looking for a book on Islam and how to buy prayer beads – it’s on this blog. He got a reply from a guy who referred him to a Mosque. I also think I saw another where he was looking for Islamic headresses and cloaks. But its a long time ago now and my memory is faint.

    I have another very faint memory- which may not be accurate – that one of his schemes when he went under the name of Del – was to sell radios tuned to private police broadcasts. Anyone confirm that?

  11. rupertinsider Says:

    I’d also like to know what happened to his interest in greyhound racing. Earlier in this blog someone dug up the names of about six greyhounds he owned. He used to write about it all the time on KT – often saying he was off for a few days to go dog-racing.

    The same commentator on here also produced a notice from the Nottingham authorities that one of Oldham’s dogs was taken into care because ti was englected and then put out for adoption.

    I wonder if his sudden loss of interest in dog racing has anything to do with that – do they withdraw your licence to own or keep dogs if you neglect them?

    PS Insider Insider – maybe that’s why I keep saying “Mansfield” .

  12. Toby Says:

    I’d really like to know if he has any criminal convictions. Surely someone with so many fat fingers in so many greasy pies has fallen foul of the law at least once.

  13. rupertinsider Says:

    I’d like to know if he was really in the army – a recent claim of his.

    And if he wasn’t, where was he and what was he doing in those years between school and his appearance on the internet with an address list of LFC supporters?

  14. Insider Insider Says:

    Here’s an article on Dunk’s dog, still left on the Footy Mad site from the days when Fatty was being paid to write crap for them instead of himself.


    FootyMAD > Liverpool FC – LFC Online > Latest > Liverpool FC News
    ‘Bootroom Boy’ killed in fatal accident

    By Kop Talk News

    Sunday 21st July 2002
    An update from the Kop Talk News Room.

    KopTalk’s ‘Bootroom Boy’ was killed in a fatal accident last night.

    The Bootroom Boy as a pup
    The 2-year-old open race winner had to be put to sleep after a horrific accident in which he smashed into the rails during an open race sprint event.

    Despite a racing career that was cut so short, he was already proving himself as a real eye-catcher. Big money offers were rejected for Sam who had his kennel decked out in Liverpool FC merchandise – he even received fan mail from our younger readers, one of whom who won a Microsoft X-Box just for writing to him!

    To some he was just a dog, but to the editor’s 9-year-old daughter he was a member of the family. Although kept away from the dog due to the injuries sustained, Charlotte will say her good-byes tomorrow morning when he is buried at home.

    R.I.P. Bootroom Boy

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