A bare-faced lie.

Mr Oldham, as we’ve said many times before (as have many others), is a bare-faced liar. At best he twists the truth or misses out some detail, at worse he just tells a complete lie. There was a thread on his forum earlier that was started by someone asking whether rumours they’d heard elsewhere about Oldham were true. Had he really done anything bad?

We might go through the thread in detail later, but (for those who say we are selective with what we say) the whole thread as it looked last time we checked is at the bottom of this post. We’ve edited none of it, taken none of it away at the bottom. Here though is one small part. A poster called Drexl responds to the original poster about the types of things that are being said:

Drexl Said:
The usual complaints are that
– He doesn’t have the sources he claims to have.
– He charges money from members for them to learn some transfer secrets
– He has been pictured wearing a hat that says “The S**”
– His book, “Anfield Exposed” haven’t come out yet, despite people being able to pre-order it for 5 years.
– He banned a lot of old timers that used to question him about certain things, and have since started their own forums. (Some poor, some good)

Whether this is true or not, I don’t know. But these are the “alleged” reasons why Koptalk is not overly popular on a lot of other forums.
Maybe Dunk (or someone that knows) could clear this up?

So shortly after, feeling confident, Duncan pops in to put his side of the story across. He responds to the five pieces of information about him.

1) Numerous former players work on the site, any of the old skool can confirm this.

2) The site is independent, in fact it’s the only LFC site thats run by one person. I rely on advertising revenue to survive. Nearly all LFC sites accept donations. I do but in return I give them their own site(s) rather than just take a donation and say thanks.

3) I was pictured with an England hat that had The Sun on it back in 1998 (World Cup, Marseille) when I first started the site. I knew nothing about what the Sun had said about Hillsborough at the time or any boycott. Back then there were no HJC website etc and unless you were from Liverpool, nobody really knew what the Sun had said. I was 15 at Hillsborough.

4) The book had beeen advertised as pre-order for some time. Yeh I would have liked it to have come out sooner but it will come when I’m ready. Out of all the orders, only person asked for a refund when I banned them. Our supporters know the score. If they’re not happy, they can easily cancel their deposit.

5) You don’t get banned for nothing. Some wanted to set their own site up and were spamming our members. What should I do, allow them to continue doing so?

So our response to this?

1) Former players used to work on his site. Some fell out with him for one reason or another, and there are no longer any former (or current) players working on his site.
2) Is it the only LFC site run by one person alone? We know of at least two others without putting any great thought into it. As for sites giving donations the amount is optional, the donation is optional, the reward for the donation is the right to have an avatar or a custom signature on the site’s forum. No extra content in return for a subscription. No need to donate more than once.
3) We’ll come back to this. It’s worth waiting for.
4) When will you be ready then? You’ve already promised it will be out by the end of the year. We are looking forward to it.
5) Banning someone for spamming is fine. But that’s not the only reason for banning users. We saw with our own eyes someone get banned for asking “Where’s my book?” and others were banned for asking Dunk about his lies.

So why did we say we’ll come back to number three? Simply because it’s the most obvious lie. He tries (later in the thread) to claim he really didn’t, in fact couldn’t, have known about the boycott.

He said above, “I was pictured with an England hat that had The Sun on it back in 1998 (World Cup, Marseille) when I first started the site. I knew nothing about what the Sun had said about Hillsborough at the time or any boycott.” The World Cup of 8 years ago. Like this summer’s World Cup, the tournament took place in the summer. So how does Dunk explain this. On Usenet he posted about the boycott of The Sun in May 1998.

That’s not very much before the World Cup, but IT IS BEFORE THE WORLD CUP.

To quote from his post:

“Stradling) wrote:
>On Thu, 28 May 1998 15:12:24 +0100, Tony Henshall
><tony.confide…@zetnet.co.uk> wrote:
>>The message <6kj971$ch…@plug.news.pipex.net>
>> from “Matthew Brechin” <y…@dial.pipex.com> contains these words:
>>> PS – just completed my “Dream Team” from the Sun, tell me what you think:-

>>I think, as a Liverpool fan, you shouldn’t be buying the Sun after
>>the lies that they wrote about the dead and injured at Hillsborough.
>>No offence to you, you might not even have known, but it might be
>>something for you to think about in the future.

>Ah – beat me to it, I see.

This is also applies to the Daily Mirror now as one of those top people recently moved to the Mirror and a boycott was suggest in various fanzines.

® D u n c a n

The username he used on Usenet was “® D u n c a n“, do a search in Google Groups for that username and Koptalk and you’ll soon find the link.

So he knew full well about the boycott when he decided to put on The Sun hat. He knew full well about the boycott when he chose to use a picture of himself wearing the hat on his Liverpool FC website. Whether or not it is right to wear that hat as the “editor” of an LFC site is not the point I am trying to make here. I am making the point that he is a liar. It’s time he admitted this, but we can’t see it happening. He tries and tries to avoid telling the truth. He continues to fleece visitors to his site.

The fact he causes so much trouble for so many people, the fact he tells lies to steal money from Liverpool supporters, that is why above all else we want you to boycott his site. And to let others know about the boycott. Try going onto Koptalk and ask him about the lie from number three above. See how long it takes for you to be banned.

For those who want the full thread (which was here if he’s not deleted it yet) read this: A thread from May 31st 2006.


3 Responses to “A bare-faced lie.”

  1. An Observer Says:

    The title of this entry is wrong, surely you mean fat faced lie?

  2. nameandaddresswithheld Says:

    This should be made more public. Quite frankly the fact that this guy would wear a s*n hat and run ‘the biggest independant’ LFC site is unforgivable. How pissed off am I that I only just joined up and a GC menber last week for the second year. What a fat wanker this conman really is.

  3. nameandaddresswithheld Says:

    My apologies if swearing is considered offensive on this blog, but had a found this site earlier I wouldn’t have renewed. After looking at the compelling evidence against Duncan not just relating to football website but Sky card cons and soliciting his missus (although went she was 23 would she worth it?). I wonder what happened to the footage?

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