Dunk's thoughts on foreigners

Dunk's world looks set to become even more "interesting" over the weekend if he actually does something he says he'll do. Rather than writing the book we've all been waiting for (and paying for in some cases) he's going to "launch" his blog. Now he did have a blog – http://www.dunk.org.uk but deleted it quickly because some of the stuff on there might just have got him some stick. Some excerpts from it appear on this blog too. The new blog is the Koptalk Blog. He says that he and his 16-year-old drinking partner Steve will update it, and it "will enable us to air a few things that maybe we can't say so openly on the main site" so he tells us.

Then he tells us about his .ORG site being back online. The hosts (1and1 Internet, aka Schlund) are based in Germany, and so maybe got wind of some of his comments on the internet recently. Whether the people of Malta have heard about them yet remains to be seen, but he's off there on holiday and expecting a warm welcome, so perhaps he'd better get one of his stories ready just in case.

The comments that won't go down well with any of his many overseas visitors (probably the audience that pays the majority of his costs) were posted on his dunk.org.uk blog and also on his insider site. On his Dunk.Org.UK site you'll remember him saying after his weekend away in London:

"Just got back home following our weekend in London. I am so glad to be back. It might be grim up North but I'd rather be up here with my own people than those miserable feckers down South. One thing I'd like to know is this… are there any English people left in London?"

Not too keen on foreigners then hey Dunk? Just their money? Ok.

What about Germans? Well he says on Insider that Stan Boardman's go at the Germans over World War II is "just a laugh and isn't to be taken too seriously" Fat Dunk justifies the song because the comedian lost his brother in the war. Not the funniest thing in the world. Still, he says, "Aren't all football songs supposed to be fun?" I see Dunk. Erm, ha ha? He carries on, "I say cut the guy some slack. PC gone mad if you ask me. We should have more of this than less IMHO no matter how tacky or daft." IMHO? Sorry Dunk, but "humble" and "Duncan Oldham" aren't two things that sound right together to us.

By the way – we are still waiting for answers to the questions of the last few days.


  1. Why did you wear that Sun hat when you knew about the boycott already?
  2. Where is the Peter Crouch tape you claim to have?
  3. Why did you lie and say you'd been talking to Steven Gerrard?
  4. (NEW) As someone who hates foreigners, how do you justify pretending to be their friends whilst fleecing them for their money?

Answers here as a comment or send to koptalkinsider at gmail dot com.

For the benefit of Dunk's lackies here's the stuff as it looked on his sites:


Over the weekend we're hoping to finally launch our blog which will enable us to air a few things that maybe we can't say so openly on the main site. Both Steve and myself (Dunk) will be throwing up a few updates on a regular basis and hopefully you'll get to learn about how things work a bit here at KOPTALK HQ. Actually it will be pretty boring but we know there's some geeks out there like us that will enjoy it. Stay tuned!


We experienced an outage on the koptalk.org server this afternoon (Friday). Thankfully the server kicked back in again at around 6.30pm UK time. The hosts reported that there was some kind of misconfiguration setting that knocked out several of their clients and sadly we were one of them. We apologise for the outage… we were bored too!


It's been a few years since I last made a visit to Malta but this July I'm heading out there for a few weeks again. I can't wait. It's a fantastic place and some of the best Liverpool supporters in the world can be found there.

There's a massive Man United base over there but the Liverpool support is unique. I know because I spent some time at both the LFC Malta and LFC Gozo branches when last out there.


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Re: Stan Boardman song [Re: Alun]
#1465292 – Thu Jun 01 2006 11:01 PM Reply Quote


I know KT is right behind his song, but is it just me who really really loathes it and thinks Stan is a bit of a c*ck?

Its just so predictable that the first time I heard it I was listening out for the bombed our chippy reference. Laugh? I nearly did.

Well he's a former Red so that'll do for me

Plus the lads love him, so too do all the former pros, your legends.

He's a big KopTalker too so I have to back the lad.

The songs just a laugh and isn't to be taken too seriously. Aren't all football songs supposed to be fun?

His brother was killed following a bombing also.

"The Germans did bomb our chip shop. They also bombed the shelter I was in and killed my brother who was six. "

I say cut the guy some slack. PC gone mad if you ask me. We should have more of this than less IMHO no matter how tacky or daft.
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3 Responses to “Dunk's thoughts on foreigners”

  1. biscuit taker Says:

    …..maybe your having an affect?


    11-29-05 07:20 AM – Post#27310

    On my site we currently have around 200 users online. The forum says:

    Max Users Ever Online: 39

    Yet it used to say 630 ish.


  2. biscuit taker Says:

    why does he want to do this??? so you can’t subscribe to a thread that’ll soonn be deleted!


    Posts: 181

    11-16-05 05:51 AM – Post#26282

    I don’t think my subscriptions feature is set-up properly. Is there a way I can disable the ability of users to subscripe to topics?


  3. Jacksprat Says:

    Bloody hell a comment about is how many English left in London is Anti foreign!!!

    What a load of bollox!!!

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