The man of many names.

Is this a real user?

Or is it another of the many aliases Duncan Oldham sets up for himself?

Judging by the sig, we think it's an alias.

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Alves deal agreed…..finally…
#1503457 – Thu Jun 22 2006 11:20 AM Reply Quote

I've just got a call from my contact to say that a deal has just been agreed with Seville for Alves. He couldn't give me any other details at this moment other than both parties have come to an agreement. More to follow once I hear..

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Funnily enough, Fatso calls Rick Parry "The Wallet", so his imagination must have been struggling to stretch itself that day. Much the same as yesterday, when he made this call for help –

Rob Parry - get in touch please

Rob Parry – we're very certain that this is one of Dunk's pathetic attempts to make it look like he knows someone "inside" Anfield. Rob will of course be Rick's son / brother in Dunk's game.

The fact is that a deal for Alves is imminent (doesn't take a lot of looking around on the 'net to find that out). When he signs, watch out for the 'as insider members had already been told' nonsense.

And Dunk's still not sorted out those trackbacks at

2 Responses to “The man of many names.”

  1. rupert Says:

    I’ve read ” a deal imminent” with more details than Fatty gives in several different media reports yesterday and on “The Liverpool Way” bulletin board a guy reported what his mate was telling him from Spain about it – namely, that it was virtually done.

    By the way, I would think Rick Parry would be interested to learn that Fatty is using his name as part of his scam. The suggestion that Parry or any member of his family would be at Fatty’s beck-and-call and would be feeding him privileged information is actionable.

    I’d be interested to see more evidence of this. If people would post it on here I’ll put together a compilation and send it to Parry.

  2. Jacksprat Says:

    we think it’s an alias.

    So you think???

    Where’s the evidence.

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