Koptalk mislead readers again shortly after their threats of violence

Well we missed this one when we went looking around to see how many photos fatty had posted on his arrival back home. If you remember, he posted a photo of Gary Ablett he claimed he’d taken today. It had a date/time stamp of 11.30ish today, and he posted it onto his sites at around 13.15 (that’s quarter past one in the afternoon if you’re a bit slow and large).

His previous post to this was at around 7:30ish this morning, which fitted in quite nicely with the three-to-four hour journey time from Newcastle to Liverpool.

What we couldn’t work out was how he’d managed to get from Liverpool back to Newcastle again and not post any more pictures.

This piece of crap that follows was posted at around 6:30pm, and contains no photos. He’s been home now for two hours (at least) and still no more photos. Maybe he wasn’t actually there…

Anyway – here’s his piece of crap, as promised.

Dunk KopTalk Editor
Reged: Aug 20 2004 Posts: 7946
Monday 3rd July 2006
#1524677 – Mon Jul 03 2006 06:32 PM

Spent most of the day at Melwood. Managed to recruit a gateman for the site which should be a good source of the odd snippet here and there.

Checked out a house that overlooks Melwood’s car-park and one that overlooks the main gates. Will have a think about whether they’re what we need or not.

Meanwhile, I’ve been receiving threatening emails from some numpties running an anti-KT site. While I can handle that they’ve now started to target my family including my daughter and my mum. While I can handle digs at me, having a pop at my family is not acceptable. It’s an unwritten rule as far as I’m concerned.

As a result action is been taken to deal with said persons. Naturally I’m not going to say any more about this. If anyone has been spammed or contacted and you feel this may be associated (some of you have informed me about this), please retain such emails etc. They can be printed off and sent to KOPTALK HQ or they can be forwarded to editor@koptalk.com in the strictest confidence.

If people think it’s big and clever to target my family, I suggest you think again. By all means talk about me as much as you like but when you include my family it gets personal. A joke’s a joke but if you overstep the line, which you are now doing, you will come unstuck.

I have been advised not to comment any further other than to state that the matter is now under investigation.

Right, back to LFC….


Well first of all I can only speak for this particular anti-KT site. And remember, this particular anti-KT site has offered Duncan and his “Koptalk Staff” many opportunities to set the record straight.

Who have we emailed? Well first of all, every email we’ve sent has come from the koptalk.insider@gmail.com account. We’ve nothing to hide, we’re asking Duncan perfectly reasonable questions.

Despite Duncan’s exploitation of both his son and daughter over many, many years we’ve made it a point not to make any contact with either of them. Dunk gave out his daughter’s email address for years as a contact for support and other issues. His choice, not ours. We’ll not publish that address here but it’s not exactly rocket science to go and find it. He even posts pictures of her and his son on the internet on a regular basis, asking his readers to go and look at them – for example http://picasaweb.google.com/duncan.oldham showing his day out looking at tanks.
His mother is called Jeanette. She is listed as a contact for those who wish to become members of the Gold Club. For example, this was posted on the Koptalk Insider. It’s Duncan promoting some of his illegal videos from Premier League games, as an enticement to members to pay the extra subscription costs of becoming a Gold Club member. Note the magic number again.

(Taken from http://www1.koptalkinsider.com/forums/showflat.php?Cat=0&Number=1317769&an=0&page=0#Post1317769)

Dunk Administrator
KopTalk Editor
Reged: Aug 20 2004
Posts: 7644
Goals within minutes, interviews plus more – GC examples
#1317769 – Wed Mar 15 2006 02:04 PM
Reply to this post Reply

99.9% of Liverpool’s goals are available in the Gold Club within minutes of them going in. We usually update the Gold Club at half-time and full-time if we have a satellite feed. Pre-match and post-match interviews are also available. Here are some examples:

Windows Media Player – PLAY

Windows Media Player – PLAY

Windows Media Player – PLAY

To upgrade to Gold Club status, just email jeanette@koptalk.com and be really, really nice and she’ll look after you

Post Extras:

She’s one of the names those people ripped of by Duncan Oldham saw when he locked them out of the Insider site despite them having paid for lifetime membership. She’s “Koptalk Staff”, and as a result can expect to be contacted, on her “Koptalk” address, about Koptalk matters.

We emailed “editor@koptalk.com” on numerous occasions to ask questions and to allow Duncan Oldham the chance to put his point of view forward. He refuses, for whatever reason, although we can all make a pretty good guess why.

He’s also given out the name of his wife in the past as a contact for Koptalk. maria@koptalk.com no longer works as an email address. He’s never been afraid of bragging about his “Koptalk Wedding”, he has often referred to his wife as helping out.

Another name is the mysterious “Chloe”. She is still listed in the instructions at http://www.koptalk.info/renewals.shtml on how to renew your insider membership. Despite Dunk’s fondness for publishing photos and videos of his family members, to my knowledge nobody has ever seen a picture of Chloe. She’s not his daughter (his daughter’s name begins with a “Ch” but she’s not called Chloe). She’s not his wife (that’s Maria as mentioned above). Some say she’s Dunk’s former lover. Others say she’s another of Dunk’s imaginary friends. Whoever she is, family or not, real or not, she’s listed on that page as follows:

Thanks for choosing to support KopTalk by renewing your subscription. Without your support and this revenue we wouldn’t exist, so when we say thanks, we mean thanks!

Please select from one of the options below. If you want to upgrade to a different membership, select the renewal option for the level of membership that you would like.

You are reminded that Gold Club members receive free access to the Insider and free access to KopTalk News.

If you need assistance, please email chloe@koptalk.info

Of course, there may be another website out there sending threatening emails, but he does seem to be obsessed with this particular site at the moment. So, even though we’ve not emailed his daughter, have we been threatening as he claims in his articles? We don’t think we’ve been threatening, but we’ll let you judge for yourselves. Here’s all the emails we’ve sent to Koptalk in recent times.

From: KT Insider

To: editor@koptalk.com
Bcc: jeanette@koptalk.com, maria@koptalk.com, steve@koptalk.com
Date: Jun 30, 2006 5:03 PM
Subject: “Dunk denies “Crouch tape” slur. We prove otherwise.”

Maybe it’s time to come clean…

http://koptalkinsider.wordpress .com/2006/06/30/dunk-denies-crouch-tape-slur-we-prove-otherwise/
From: KT Insider

To: editor@koptalk.com
Date: Jul 2, 2006 2:32 AM
Subject: Book Review


We believe you’ve a book due out this year, we’d like to know if we can have half-a-dozen complimentary copies to give away in a competition. If you could sign them too then that would be even better, a lot of people find you fascinating.

A review copy would be nice too – perhaps an advance of the book before it comes out so we can review it? We’ll even consider giving you a discount on the proof reading too.

Anyway, let us know how soon you can have those books over to us, we look forward to hearing from you. Must dash, we’ve a lot of crap to sort out.


K.T. Insider
From: KT Insider

To: editor@koptalk.com, jeanette@koptalk.com, steve@koptalk.com, support@koptalk.com
Date: Jul 2, 2006 10:49 AM
Subject: Right to reply

Care to respond? We’re more than happy to hear the Koptalk side of the story, but without lies if that’s at all possible.


Better you do it this way perhaps, rather than us visiting your friends at FusionBB and elsewhere again?


Insider Insider
From: KT Insider

To: chloe@koptalk.info, jeanette@koptalk.com, maria@koptalk.com
Date: Jul 3, 2006 3:16 PM
Subject: Real or not

Chloe – are you real or are you imaginary?

We’ve tried to find out and nobody knows. You used to be mentioned all the time.

We’ve had people say you are Dunk’s wife, daughter or lover. We think that there never has been anyone called Chloe.

Maybe Dunk’s murdered you for cutting and pasting.

Let us know anyway (unless you have been murdered of course.)

So where are the threats in that lot? Dunk’s refused to answer any of our emails, but more importantly he’s refused to answer emails and “Support Tickets” from people he’s ripped off. He hides behind his mum’s email address. He hides behind Steve’s email address. How are people supposed to contact him if he doesn’t respond to the methods he says should be used? The only time we’ve had any kind of direct response from him was when we spoke about him on the FusionBB website. Which reminds us, he’s just installed another copy of FusionBB on his poorly-thought-out “Liverpool players” website. Time to let them know in advance.

If Dunk doesn’t want his family members contacted over his lies and theft then he ought to stop publishing their names and email addresses as contacts for such complaints. He ought to pay some real staff to work for him, instead of using family members who we have reason to believe may be claiming benefits as well as working for him.

What Dunk may also wish to consider is whether he’s been at all threatening himself in recent times. Has he threatened any harm to the people behind this blog? Physical harm? Yes he has. Dunk has, in an email to a third party, threatened to mutilate us if he manages to find us. I would say that constitutes a threat.
With that in mind we look forward to receiving some official complaints instigated by Duncan Oldham. When we do we’ll forward the copy we have of that threatening email from him. And we’ve a lot of other stuff against him,
which will also be passed on.

Dunk – why not make an apology and start putting things right instead of hiding behind yet more lies? The more you lie the worse it will get, I assure you of that.


27 Responses to “Koptalk mislead readers again shortly after their threats of violence”

  1. chapeau du soleil Says:

    Hmmm he must be really annoyed to play the “threats to family” card already.

    Interesting that he 100% accuses an “anti KT site”. Perhaps he’d lke to publish these emails in full, including senders email address? Of course not, the old ” ‘we’ have been advised not to comment further” sh*te is wheeled out…

  2. dunkin fingers in the till Says:

    Looks like Dunk has met his match, every twist and turn you give the right response,

    This is because he is the liar and what goes around….

    Well Done!

  3. Insider Insider Says:

    Exactly chapeau. He’s probably had a slap off his mam for being an arse again.

  4. univofchicago Says:

    all too common ploy by fatty to redeem himself…

    he is AGAIN using his family to garner sympathy…

  5. Bill Says:

    Maybe he’s had a call from the tax man, in fact maybe thats where he’s been today and now he’s fucked off.

  6. Phil T Says:

    Oh dear, what a desperate path to take.

    “They’re threatening my family” read: Help!!! The big bad bullies have rounded on me for being a twat.

    Come on Dunk, you can do better than that…

    I actually feel sorry for his kids. What chance do they have when at least one of their parents has absolutely zero morals?

  7. univofchicago Says:

    its amazing how this cunt lies just about EVERYTIME he defends himself.

    cmon fatty, show us the ‘threatening’ email. or you lying yet again?

    its sickening and really fucked up…

  8. jj_sawyer Says:

    i was absolutely shocked when I read that so called “editorial”, it stank of a quest for sympathy. Lies. Lies and more Lies.

    Dunk we know your losing visitors, we know your losing signups. and we know your losing plenty of renewals. The business has never been so bad.

    But now your getting desperate.

  9. Chunky Says:

    The ‘threats to my family’ is an obvious ruse, if not tell him to reproduce the email (with full headers) and we can report it to the respective isp. It’s a ploy he’s used in the past and one he claims will be detailed in his book. (of course he’d get his arse sued)


  10. duncanmitty Says:

    It’s took him a while to dream this one up, he must be at his lowest ebb.

    I’m guessing he’s sent the emails himself and it wouldn’t be hard to prove that. He has extremely limited technical skills.

    He’s a bit stupid giving the names of his family and associating them with his fraudulent activities anyway. He’s hardly a criminal mastermind, most conmen like him wouldn’t give their mum an account on their network.

    Still, if it’s a legal threat we’ll be able to get his name and address to pass on to the Inland Revenue.

    If he sends his mates (he must have at least one real mate) around to give someone a good talking to that’s simply a police matter we can pursue and we can report him to the Inland Revenue after that. I’d love to see DJ_Sydney_A leave the house, could be the first time in years. If some pasty faced fat bastard with stubby fingers turns up on your doorstep with Dunk at least introduce yourself first, he probably hasn’t had human contact in a long long time.

    We can’t lose on this one really, if he wants to chance giving his real identity away for us to pass on to the Inland Revenue then so be it. I’d call it progress.

  11. String Vest Says:

    Oh Dear.

    I suppose it plausible that someone reading something like this might send some nasty emails if they felt angry at being ripped off by the lardy conman, but its unlikely that is what’s happened.

    He’s trying all his snake oil salesman tricks.

    I also believe that while in the past he has threatened or instigated legal action against sites/individuals, that he is not in a position to do so now. Maybe Rupert knows some of this history? YNWA.TV certainly ask posters not to talk about/post from his s(h)ite so I guess he tried something with them.

    Can’t wait to see how this ends!

  12. alan Says:

    recruited a gateman? yea yea. theres like 3 different guys who work there, and they dont get told anything, i know these people having worked at the club and come across them on numerous occasions, also from standing outside melwood myself.

    All they will see is people coming in and out the gates, again, if posted on Koptalk,and he says where its come from, one of them could, no WILL lose their job over it.

    They say stuff to humour people, i have seen people give them mobile numbers to ring when someone new comes in, only for the paper to go in the bin when they leave.

    why would their risk their job for the sake of telling him info?2 of the 3 guys who do the gates at melwood have been there years, and are known not just by the people at melwood, but from most other departments of the club, there is absolutely no way they would risk their jobs for the sake of telling him info first.

  13. Ringpiece Says:

    Risk their jobs for some fat cunt with a North East accent.

  14. Toby Says:

    He accused Kraptalk of exactly the same when we were getting to the truth. Even tried to get our hosts to close the site, unsuccessfully.

    The bloke is sad and on his way to the knackers yard his whippet ended up in.

  15. rupert Says:

    Well, I have two comments.

    (1) During the hay-day of his vicious anti-Robbie campaign I put up a bit of resistance on his KT site – under a different name (s). In those days I had an AOL email and associated Instant Mssenger. Late one night I was sitting quietly at home using my computer for work when my Instant Messenger thing popped open and there was a nice threat. It said “We know who you are and where you live. You’ll be receiving a visit.” There was also some physical threat. I can’t remember the exact words. The Sender ID was a number. I cut and pasted it and sent it to AOL and then spoke to them on the phone the next day. They said the physical threat crossed the line and they would report it to the police. I didn’t hear anymore. Was it Dunk or one of his goons? I don’t know and don’t care.

    (2) Go to http://www.kraptalk.com to the forum where you will find long threads spammed by someone who claims that kraptalk.com “…..asked people to kidnap dunks daughter and rape her while she was only 8 years old??” This was a few years ago.

    The Kraptalk.com editor identified this particular poster as Ma Oldham.

    Dunk is sleazy and his “nice little earner” is under threat from us. Don’t be surprised at what he says and does. He is careful not to say that he has reported the threatening emails to the police. Just that he reported them and they are being taken care of.

    If he were to say he reported them to the police we could inform the police what he has said and ask them to confirm it and if they don’t we could lay a complaint that he is using the police to try to stifle criticism of his site, his failuire to register his companies and charities and to collect VAT and to pay Income Taxes and possibly his part in a conspiracy with Steve and his family to defraud the benefits office.

    Give him enough rope and he will hang himself. But don’t stop the informed, reasoned criticism and always “follow the money”.

    I do admire Insider the way he follows the details and the patience with which he unpicks Fatty’s lies.

  16. rupert Says:

    To be clear – that AOL threat was addressed to me using my unique user name for KT – which was not the name on my AOL account.

  17. Neil Says:

    Alan – do you have a sister called Ann in Australia?

  18. alan Says:

    Neil, no i dont.

  19. Chris Says:

    The heat is getting to him bigtime, he’s getting desperate now and more and more cringeworthy everytime he posts. The thread about him buying a house over Melwood and having a hotel will be comical to dig up in a few years, the man is an idiot.

    Keep up the brilliant work on this site lads/lasses it’s great seeing him getting so worried, its been a long time coming

  20. Neil Says:

    Alan – no worries, thought you might have been someone I know who used to work at the club.

  21. Fat Tax Says:

    Gotta admit, that “(unless you have been murdered)” line would’ve freaked me out a bit, coming out of the blue. If I was the recipient, I mean.

    However since you sent it to an imaginary person, I don’t really see a problem with it. There are few things as funny as a fat man on the run.

  22. Insider Insider Says:

    Hi FT – yes, we know Chloe doesn’t exist, and if she did exist, she did disappear quite suddenly. One day Dunk just seemed to stop talking about “her”.

    We’re 99.9% sure she’s a made up name.

  23. rupert Says:

    I would second that if you would agree to amend it to 99.99%

  24. univofchicago Says:

    so chloe doesn’t exist…what a surprise…

    everyone lies to a certain extent. i sometimes lie myself. but i have NEVER EVER known a person who lies as much as this chubby wobby conman. i really don’t know how to put it into words…its just disgusting how this guy gets away with so many lies & deceit.

  25. lobster Says:

    the cocktalk forum has never been so quiet these couple of days and his news updates is slow like hell as well, fatso knows he is being watched every wrong step he takes..
    start looking for a proper job fatso!

  26. String Vest Says:

    Just read the posts of koptalkrules (ma oldham) on Kraptalk.com forums.

    His mother is seriously unhinged. Easy to see where Dunc gets it from.

  27. univofchicago Says:

    das the problem lobster.

    he CAN’T find a proper job.

    just imagine, he would have a terribly difficult time trying to fit into a corporate environment. i, for sure, would never want him even NEAR my office. he is an absolute con with despotic characteristics; there would be very few people in this world who would take him in as an employee.

    fatty can only survive by running his own business. because he is an utterly shit of a human being, his business will go bust unless he can cheat his customers out through lies and deceit. he’ll have to find ways to get around the rules, to lower costs and evade taxes. JUST LIKE KOPTALK. if koptalk goes down, he’ll go and move on to other illegit businesses. he’ll start a porn site where again he will try to evade taxes. or he might start his satellite scam business again.

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