The reality behind those headlines.

Dunk likes to make his Koptalk.coN visitors think that there's real rumour and gossip worth paying for on the Insider site. So last night, prior to going out on his little visit to the pub, he put these "teasers" on the front page of his site:

* INSIDER: Trezeguet, Kewell, Aimar, Diana, Villa latest
* INSIDER: Parry to rendezvous with incoming flight

The first one mentioned five names, in a completely non-commital way. Designed to make you think he had some secret information on each of those five players, they linked you (if you'd paid) to a story where he actually said this about each one:

Trezeguet: A hot name around Anfield
Kewell: Claims Aston Villa have enquired and made an informal offer of £2.5m

Aimar: "No bid for Pablo Aimar but Rafa's a fan as we all know. No way we'll pay over odds for him" They were fatty's actual words.
Diana: Another one who Liverpool haven't bid for.
Villa: "David Villa has been a major topic of discussion this week between Parry and other club officials. Nothing else to go on there I'm afraid. I would have thought this was a non starter but I don't know the ins and outs of contracts, relationships etc with Rafa and his network." Again, the Loony Toon's very own words. And again he trips himself up, by admitting he knows nothing whatsoever about Rafa and his network of contacts regarding transfers. He'll forget he's said this, and will make a story up before too long that has him being good mates with one of Rafa's scouts.

For Dunkin's second headline we have Chief Exec Rick Parry meeting up with an incoming flight. This links to the same story as the other headline in fact. However, we think he means this bit: "some guy (agent? investment?) called Hans ????? (we dug but we have no idea who he is). This character is flying in within the next week. He's meeting Parry in Birmingham (nothing to do with Pennant). Could be finance though."  Again, Lardy's own words. If I didn't know better I'd say his contact was basically the Liverpool FC taxi driver. All that Oldham knows is that Parry is going to the airport at Birmingham to meet someone. 

The full post from Duncan can be found here on this site – Dunk’s update – Gudjohnsen / Villa / stuff from the papers something we will be doing with all of Dunk's "Insider" updates, and all for free. 


8 Responses to “The reality behind those headlines.”

  1. 5times Says:

    I see fatty is up to his old tricks today ripping off other peoples work. shanklygates had an story “exclusive” story up that claims did hamann is on his way to bolton up that registered at newsnow at 02:56 this morning. at 09:34 on newsnow fatty has published the same story with no credit to the source and claims it comes from an anfield insider!

  2. Insider Insider Says:

    This was posted elsewhere (on forums) as early as midnigight. Not on KT forums I must point out.

    For example, a question was asked on The Liverpool Way forum by Myrlas at 11,55pm last night:

    Before this, a poster called Elisha Scott (a friend of Steven Gerrard’s by all accounts) posted that the deal had already been done. This was on the forums at 11.38pm (the YNWA clock is out by an hour, so it shows 10.38) – NB: You have to register to view the YNWA forums.

    I’m just using those two as examples, they were perhaps the first sightings of the story on the Internet.

    Shankly Gates looks to have been first to stick its neck out and publish it as news item.

    It was some hours later that an overweight bully from North Yorkshire barged his way onto the scene and stole the story as his own.

  3. Insider Insider Says:

    Just to add a touch more – the story did appear on Koptalk, at 11.54 when a poster on the forum said he’d heard it from Elisha.

  4. rupert Says:

    What’s the deal with the Big Fat Fart and Cisse? There is always some ulterior motive in his enthusiams for this or that player or manager.

  5. rupert Says:

    I think The Fat Fart’s worse service to mankind is that he hosts, protects and encourages posters like Brendan. I understand that Kraptalk has lost huge numbers of readers over the years and that the Fat Fart is down to scraping the barrel – any hit is a good hit if it maintains the revenue. I wonder what his advertisers would think if they knew just how many hits are generated by the weirdo Brendan who is banned from most other sites. The guy is seriously disturbed and a responsible site owner would counsel him to take professional advice instead of giving him a licence to spread his poison and, in the process, reinforce his neurosis. The Fat fart uses Brendan and Brendan uses the Fat Fart – its what’s called a symbiotic relationship. I wonder which one will give first – they must both be bursting to dish the dirt on each other.

  6. rupert Says:

    I’ve just figured it out. Expect the Fat Fart to start a collection for flowers to be sent to Cisse from Kraptalk and its readers. (OK it may not be flowers – say a book of tatoo transfers in French). A generous percentage of the proceeds will go to “administration” i.e. Fatty’s donuts and porno mags. Fatty will ask Cisse for a thank you note for the Kraptalk readers. And then he will cite the note as banner headline on his site for the next 10 years. He tried this with Houllier. He knew Houllier couldn’t stand Kraptalk so when Houllier was ill he organised a collection of flowers for Houllier’s wife. Their thank you note is still used daily on Kraptalk as part of the general deception that the site is used and visited by players and management.

  7. Insider Insider Says:

    Thanks "Rupert" – you know Dunk as well as the rest of us. And as for Brendan… I expect he's fatter than fat Dunk with no sign of having ever shaved. He may have a Gary Neville style "moustache" made from the fluff he picks from his bottom each day. His avatar is probably a lot less odd than he is in real life. He claims he works in "media" and admits to reading the Sun. He sees no harm in reading the Sun either and ridicules anyone who pulls him up about it. Remember everyone – spread the word.

  8. rupert Says:

    So what’s Fattie’s latest pogrom all about? Someone explain.

    “If you have a,,, or email address (plus several other free email types), you will be denied access to the forums upon registration.

    To register you need to use your own ISP email address or work’s email address e.g. or

    These measures have been introduced to reduce the amount of multiple registrations by sorry individuals who have been banned from our forums.

    If you only have a free email account, we can still allow you access but you will need to open a support ticket at” ?

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