Right-click lie repeated by paranoid Oldham

Fatty finally answered the question about highlighting. It seems he is sticking with his stock answer as to why right-clicking is disabled. The more windows of Koptalk a user has open on his computer the more strain it puts onto the Koptalk server. We’ve covered this before Dunk – it’s a lie and it’s not even a slightly convincing one.

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Re: Problem affecting this forum  [Re: Steve Warren]
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I reckon dunk has got a bit para about people posting stuff on other forums. It is a pain in the a-hole though…..

Also, Mumsy, You were missed kidder! dont let it happen again!

The no right-click has been there for years. It’s nothing to do with copying, it’s to try and limit the amount of windows that people open by right-clicking and clicking open. Of course people can still do this but not all the newbies know how to.

As for the other problem about been unable to post, after a set while of no activity while creating a post, it returns an error message when you post. I believe this is a bug of some kind. It only appeared following the upgrade of the forum software.
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Next up, Fatty answers a question about Gerard Houllier by saying GH and RF didn’t get on. He doesn’t mention the Blue Bar and his attempted smear campaign against Robbie Fowler prior to Robbie’s departure for Leeds.

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Re: Question about a Houllier quote  [Re: DKDan]
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I fell over this quote from Houllier:

“We don’t destroy our heroes today when we worshipped them yesterday.”

Does anybody know in what relation he said the above? Im curious…

I’m sure this was about Robbie (even though there’d been an atmosphere between them).
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5 Responses to “Right-click lie repeated by paranoid Oldham”

  1. rupert Says:

    He has the Houllier quote on his site – surely he knows the origin of it. Needless to say he is wrong. Houllier fancied himself as a kind of philosopher of football. He made a lot of psuedo-intellectual comments in an attempt to build up this image.

    The comment had nothing to do with Robbie – in fact he made it in relation to Heskey.

    Houllier did everything he could to tear down Robbie as an Anfield hero in the press and among fans. As we see he failed.

    I’ve already written a lot in earlier commentaries about how Fatty fastened unto to Houllier’s agenda in order to try to destroy Robbie. I’ve desctribed some of the dirty tricks Fatty used – including his partnership with the owner of the Blue Bar and his atttempts to sell gossip about Robbie to the S** and other tabloids. Who can ever foget the Fat Man’s “editorial” the day Roobie left “Close the Door on Your Way Out”.

    Even last week in his flying visit to Melwood Fatty could not resist linking Robbie to drink and ciggies – as a joke. Its not a joke. He’s just waiting for Robbie to have a bad spell of injury or poor form and he will be leading the attack again. He’s already saying on KT radio contemptously that Robbie is no more than a mascot – this during a period last season when Robbie had the best strike rate at the club. And today Fatty gave false information that Robbie is already injured. He’s putting this stuff out now as jokes – because he knows we are watching. But he can’t wait to have a proper go. He knows it will bring in the hits.

    Fatty had several motives for his hyena like attacks On Robbie and Steve and other players – money being the predominant. But another important motive was the one he attrributes to us – jealousy.

    He detested Robbie as a Liverpudlian who made good, He spent his life in those years in a pathetic attempt to imitate Robbie – living in central Liverpool, stalkign Robbie at his the pubs and restaurants, buying a Merc, buying greyhounds (instead of Robbie’s horses) eventually going to horse racers to keep an eye on Robbie, moving out of central Liverpool to be nearer to where Robbie had moved, for a time, “buying” properties – in his pathetic way – and even planning a book like Robbie. One of the prime motivations of the book was to “expose ” Robby.

    Fatty has a deep contempt for Liverpool and for Robbie and an irrational anger that Robbie has done so well and is so popular while Fatty is widely disliked – dested by some – and is not from Liverpool and is not a Liverpool supporter.

  2. Chunka Says:

    I can;t even believe we are mentioning Fatso and Robbie in the same sentance

  3. Sinon Says:

    Never heard about the (former?) manager of the Blue Bar, how was he involved in this whole façade? Met him once, had a meeting for a corporate function I was organising. I don’t think, in my entire life, I have ever met a more narcissistic, pompous, self promoting tosser in my entire life. The whole ‘meeting’ comprised of him masturbating his engorged ego, almost questioning why HE should bother accommodating a global companies function.

    Didn’t he quit/get pushed about 4 years ago?

  4. barry wom Says:

    for the blue bar/robbie story there’s a few bits round this site. there’s a decent post from rupert at https://koptalkinsider.wordpress.com/2006/06/19/insider-insider-comments

  5. rupert Says:

    Sinon: Well I wish I could remember his name. Toby used to have it on the old kraptalk.com Toby any chance of digging it up?

    He was not the manager – he was one of a Jewish family who owned the company – I think there were two or three brothers. We once had all the details from the Register of Companies. His home was in Tottenham, London. Someone look it up on the net.

    Now he may also have been manager as well as co-owner- your description sounds uncannily like him. He was as pompous as hell on the KT board – he used to dictate to everyone. He would write PM’s to anyone who objected to his and Fatty’s anti-Robbie campaign.

    Later he came unto http://www.kraptalk.com virutally begging us to stop exposing him and he stopped posting on KT. I think someone suggested to him that he put a large poster over the door of the Blue Bar “the management reserves the right to report and distort your attendance here to the much-hated Koptalk”.

    I lived near the Blue Bar in those days but refused to use it. However, I know it used to be and still is used by LFC managers and players from time to time. But in those days there were very few alternatives and it was in the same development – the Albert Dock – where many of the LFC players have appartments – such as Jamie Redknapp – some of the flats were owned by the club and rented out to new players.

    Now there are alternatives to the Blue Bar. Several new 4 star hotels have opened and dozens of bars. In fact some of the action had already started to move to Saint John Street in those days – around Matthew Street where the Beatles started out.

    Some of you may remember the “scandal” when Robbie was attacked in one of them when he was with his wife. Houllier tried to blow it up more by holding a press conference to “defend” Robbie.

    KT and the Blue Bar owner would exaggerate any problem Robbie had had in these other places. The BB owner once boasted to me in a PM that he had tabs on what was going on in every other bar and restaurant in Liverpool and could keep a watch on Fowler.

    He and Fatso were Fowler’s stalkers, reporting to the anti-Fowler crowd on KT (most of whom struck camp and started YNWA) and to the tabloids.

    Mind you you had to take it all with a big pinch of salt – as now. About that time this network of hotel and brothel keepers provided Fatso with the information that Sol Campbell was ensconced in a Sefton Park boutique hotel and at Anfield in talks about a transfer – Fatso kept up a minute-by-minute report through the entire weekend. Campbell was actually in London at the time.

    After the Robbie campaign the Blue Bar then hired Anelka’s brother as a DJ.

    I lost contact with all this – if somebody wants to update us please do.

    A couple of weeks ago Fatso was whinging that he had just lost a huge contact who was moving his “establishment ” to Manchester. Maybe that’s an allusion ?

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