Confirmed: Duncan Oldham of Koptalk has been lying

Thanks very much to “Redz” who forwarded this email to us a few minutes ago. There’s very little I need to say – except that the only edits made are to remove email addresses, names, phone numbers etc – we’ve still got the unedited version.

The only other thing I’ll say is this – explain this to all of your users Duncan Oldham.

From: LFC press office
To: <address removed>
Sent: Tuesday, July 18, 2006 4:30 PM
Subject: FW: Email from Customer Contact Form

Dear Mr (removed)

Thank you for your email which has been passed to me for reply.

There is no agreement with Koptalk regarding transfers or press
conferences.  Any club comment on transfers will be published on the
Official site and certainly not given to an unofficial media
organisation.  For your information, Koptalk do not attend any of our
press conferences, nor do they have any access to Rick Parry.

Also, we do not arrange any interviews for our players with The Sun
Newspaper for obvious reasons so I have no idea what Koptalk are
referring to.  They certainly have not come to any arrangement with Mr

I hope this is of help

Yours sincerely

Ian Cotton
Head of Press
Press Office
Liverpool Football Club
Tel:  0151 xxx yyyy  Fax:  0151 xxx yyyy


145 Responses to “Confirmed: Duncan Oldham of Koptalk has been lying”

  1. Insider Insider Says:

    Hi “kaip” – no idea who you are but this is a blog, not a forum. Your posts have been put to one side for now, I’ll find a home for them at some point.

    If anyone wants to read them in the meantime email me and I’ll forward them on.

    If you want to comment on a post then do so – otherwise find somewhere else to make yourself look a child.

  2. shanks Says:

    bring back kaip, bring back kaip, bring back kaip

  3. Husk Says:

    and suddenly all went quiet… keep up the good work Insider and Co…

  4. bigf00t Says:

    disco… incase you dont know- there’s a new post by InsiderInsider which explains everything… and just exactly how redz letter was actually relective of Dunk’s actual comments…

  5. jj_sawyer Says:

    I think more important than the actual comments of this Ian Cotton email in response to redz’s concerns are the tone of the email. In my opinion Ian Cotton and Liverpool Football Club are distancing themselves as much as possible from Koptalk.con and the Loon from the Toon Duncan Oldham.

    The actual words and accusations are not important compared to the tone of the email.

  6. rupertinsider Says:

    jj:sawyer: I can assure you they are on his case – even before today’s email from Cotton.

  7. shanks Says:

    hey rupert, by ‘on his case’ what do you mean?

  8. Disco Says:

    bigf00t – cheers mate, I’ve read it now.

    – We’ll have to agree to disagree with what he said about press conferences. I think redz question to Ian Cotton must have been loaded.

    – Rick Parry. Insider makes an interesting point about an older Dunk post. I guess it depends on how Redz phrased his question.

    – Crouch. No comment. Just don’t get the point this site is making. And yes I have read all the posts on this. This is a red herring.

    In general – please don’t think I’m bashing Redz post for the sake of it, but I have sincere doubts at how accurately it was phrased. I’m sure it’s possible to send Ian Cotton a balanced letter and I’d be more interested in that response.

    – contacting Cotton : I’ll be very interested to hear what Insiderinsider finds out from him.

  9. jj_sawyer Says:

    that is good to hear, the sooner that koptalk is shutdown the better… no more exploitation from a geordie conman

    for the record I AM NOT ANTI-KOPTALK but I am ANTI DUNCAN OLDHAM. You would never see this sort of thing going on with any other Premiership club so why should we let it happen to our own club and our own supporters.

  10. rupertinsider Says:

    “You would never see this sort of thing going on with any other Premiership club …”

    My point is that I doubt there is another football site in the world where the OWNER is front and centre. To make it worse this OWNER is a liar and conman – not only with respect to LFC.

    KT has good software and some decent contributors. But that should not blind anyone into tolerating the scams the OWNER conducts or the lies he tells especially his lies and abuse of LFC- the directors, manager, players, employees and supporters.

    If he wants to carry on like that let him apply for a job with the S** That’s where his heart is. If he can’t get a staff job with them, let him stand outside Lime Street and try to sell the rag.

  11. jj_sawyer Says:

    hopefully he’ll soon be standing outside a shop in Wallsend selling the big issue

  12. Stan Says:

    Has anyone ever seen Dunc at the match? I’ve been going for nearly 30 years and I’ve never seen him.

  13. Whois Lookup Says:

    “KT has good software”

    Actually it has rubbish software which may explain why he has so many server problems and has removed the right click opyion as “opening too many windows causes high server load”.

    Would be interesting to know how much his hosting costs per year. Looking at the traffic on Alexa 50 subscriptions should cover the lot. But he won’t tell you that.

  14. rupertinsider Says:

    I’m an illiterate when it comes to software. What I meant was that it looks good and responds quickly from a user’s point of view (when the servers are not down). What I have learned form this blog is he bought a licence from Fusion BB and he frequently goes unto its support forum to ask for help in sorting out his bugs or gagging or controlling input. It seems he used his licence for the KT software to start a Spurs and Newcasle site. But people from this blog reported him to Fusion BB and so now he has to pay for a multiple-use licence. It might explain why he has frozen development on those two sites.

    I also learned on this blog that since we started he has been stripping KT of many of its user features in order to prevent members finding out about this blog through email or private messages and from cutting and pasting content to us.

  15. Lobster Says:

    Disco, i cant believe u cant even understand the crouch point Insider Insider is trying to make. Either you didnt read it properly or you cant read it properly to be taken seriously.

  16. Nome de Plume Says:

    # rupertinsider Says:
    July 18th, 2006 at 9:51 pm

    hang on – “nom de plume” is a past commentator, I think, but in this commentary he is quoting the “fat boy’s” response.

    Where did you get it, nom de plume?

    Rupert: In regards to your question, I snaffled it from the forums. Alas at the time of posting I was in a bit of a hurry and obviously did not make it quite so clear.

    Gene: the Aria is sublime 🙂

  17. univofchicago Says:

    thanks rupert,

    i have just sent a letter myself to the LFC.TV support team.

    i can feel this campaign gathering steam big time.

  18. Chunka Says:

    Koptalk.con is crumbling down, crumbling down crumbling down
    Koptalk.con is crumbling down, crumbling down crumbling down

    Poor old Fatty……

    To the tune of Londons bridge is falling down.

  19. jj_sawyer Says:

    i have just written to LFC with a clarification on Koptalk.con and Duncan Oldhams new found official role with the club. His financial relationships with Melwood gatemen, his budding friendships with rick Parry and the official authorised Koptalk representations at the club press conferences.

    I’ve also added for good measure some of Dunks comments.

    Here’s hopeing for the sh*t to really hit the fan for him.

  20. Sinon Says:

    Well done JJ_Sawyer, keep us informed!

  21. Dunk thinks I am his pal Says:

    maybe i am dumb…well Ok I am not but I pretend to be……but what is the fuss about press conferences? Press conferences are (usually) shown in full on the official site to e-season ticket holders, aand unless Dunk gets his mum in ther and ask curly questions does it matter if he (KT) is there or not? Anything important said in them is not a secret it goes to all the press for reporting.I know it is more lies from him, but so what? We (you) have enough on him, bribery to gatemen etc is far more important IMO.

  22. Rich Says:

    No, he’s obviously done worse than claim he’s going to press conferences but the thing is that this is a lie that can be proven to be a lie. There’s not much mileage in writing to the club about his claims to be bribing a gateman as its just complete nonsense that will be rightly denied by the gatemen. If he is making claims that he is in with the club in a more official sense we can confirm with the club whether or not it is true.

  23. Dunk thinks I am his pal Says:

    I am on this blogs side but just need something clarified. If I was a friend of a journalist (In fact i am but a cricket correspondant not football), and this friend went to all press conferences couldn’t I say I have a represntative there if he spoke to me after each PC?IS it possible fatty does know someone from a rag he talks to?

  24. Sinon Says:

    Re: Dunk Thinks I’m his pal.

    Yes, thats completely correct. Dunk could (and may) have a media connection that is invited to the Press Conferences, and many journalists are freelance anyway, so a few quid here and there to get info shouldn’t be a problem. If he is affiliated to any newspaper though I would hazard a guess its the S*n, what better way for them to get ‘in’ to the Liverpool fans than getting Dunk as their feeder?

    However ‘having a representative’ isn’t strictly the same as getting second hand information from a reporter. He is getting it AFTER the media, once they have informed their bosses they will give him a ring, but SKY, BBC etc etc will get the official word (plus the official site will beat the lot at a PRESS confernence) sooner.

    And he charges £40 for this…

    Plus it doesn’t explain the cozy tea and biscuits he and Parry are going to have, whereby Parry begs Dunk for the information he wants, Lardy stroking his chins and saying “Ok rick, but it’ll cost you”

    Hope this clears it up.

  25. Sinon Says:

    Plus I VERY much doubt a reporter (or his boss if he found out) would be delighted to be called a Koptalk representative, which is what Dunk is implying.

    Dunk has basically said that someone walks into the press conference stating that they are represnting KopTalk, and that is a bare faced lie. He MAY have a contact of the press (but NOT the club itself) but he doesn’t have anyone representing KopTalk itself.

  26. Dunk thinks I am his pal Says:

    cheers it does. BTW Dunk relie(d)s on me for some of his Insider info…….I have none!!! But I know peopel who do…they just cant/won’t tell me.

    As for the Rick thing, its bollox, as some of my other comments say, getting hold of Rick is bloody hard, all I get from hm iss letters and thats it!!!

  27. Sinon Says:

    God, just re-reading this and its hilarious:

    “Nobody from KopTalk has ever claimed to have any agreement with the club regarding transfers or press conferences. Anybody who thinks such must be pretty stupid. However, KopTalk will have a representative at every major press conference this season, rather than the odd one here and there. We have had contacts at such conferences in the past and will continue to do so, only from this season we won’t miss any out. ”

    Firstly he starts by saying that he has never had an agreement with the club for PC’s, then he says that “KopTalk will have a representative at every major press conference”, which implies he DOES have an agreement. To represent you have to declare who you represent. Lie.

    Then he goes on to say he has “We have had contacts”…so its not a representative then is it Dunk, its a guy who will feed you second hand info and you’ll sell it on the internet? Liar.

    Does he not realise that people outside his stalag like hideaway, where people are allowed to talk, we aren’t thick? His lies are as transparant as the fatty paper his pies are rapped in, yet he keeps digging. Run fat boy, run.

  28. bigf00t Says:

    he uses the word “Official”… he shouldnt be using that word…

    that suggests an Official relationship between him and the club… which clearly he doesnt have.

  29. shanks Says:

    hi all. I posted a question last night but it has been deleted. Double standards me thinks! The ed of this blog wants to take a look in the mirror. Feels like koptalk with all these deletions! Why did u delete my comments?

  30. Insider Insider Says:

    Hi shanks – you posted three times last night, from a different IP address to today.

    As you were posting from an IP address that is in the same ballpark as Dunk’s and as you posted 2 comments which were part of the childish stuff Kaip was posting, I put your comments back into moderation.

    Today you seem to be posting from your phone or a GPRS card, or maybe your place of work (I can’t be bothered to check yet but if you start causing trouble I will).

    Your question from last night – why not ask it again? That question also added to my suspicions that it could be Dunk doing the posting.

    And if this is Dunk, again, why not be a man and post as yourself? You aren’t banned, your IP address isn’t banned – you’re just being kept an eye on.

  31. shanks Says:

    just to clear this up about the ip address thingy, i have a bt broadband connection at home and as i work as a paramedic i don’t get the chance to post at work so i use my mobile??!! is this a problem??
    isn’t this all a bit paranoid, please explain as i don’t understand. what trouble would i cause?? i really don’t get any of this.
    is it the case that anyone with a bt broadband connection will flag up as similar to dunks ip address, surely quite a few people have ip addreses originating from a bt cluster??

    i’m intrigued, please reply

  32. shanks Says:

    p.s i work as a paramedic in sussex, is there any way my mobile ip address will proove i’m around 300-400miles from dunks home address when i posted. seriously mate this is all a bit paranoid.
    sorry if i caused offence last night by posting from a bt broadband connection.

  33. shanks Says:

    sorry missed your point about asking the question again, ok, ‘what does rupert the bear mean by the relevant authorities being ‘on his case’?? just curious, is that not what blog comments are about, asking questions and responding to the blog updates??

  34. Insider Insider Says:

    Shanks – I’ve said I was keeping an eye on you. Yes, there will be genuine posters on here that have similar IP addresses to Dunk’s. That’s not enough for me to notice something. Your first two posts were backing up “Kaip”, the third one was asking rupert a question, which you can ask again if you like.

    No offence, if you are genuine then email me koptalk.insider @ from the email address you left in your earlier comments.

    Last night I made the same request to someone pretending to be “Will Robbo” – that was Dunk. The real “Will Robbo” came on later to confirm he’d had nothing to do with this.

    I could probably check out your IP addresses in more detail but I’ve not got time at the moment. Send me an email, and ask that question again if you are still interested.

  35. Insider Insider Says:

    Shanks – just noticed you’ve got back home again and you’ve re-asked the question. Rupert – want to answer?

  36. Disco Says:

    I’m fairly sure Will Robbo wasn’t Dunk 😉

  37. univofchicago Says:


    insider-insider is NOT paranoid. they has been a lot of troublemakers lately (fake will robbo etc) that its only natural that he takes extra pre-caution.

    insider-insider is open to discussion. if you were to come here and make a case for fatty he won’t delete/lock threads, ban you like a certain fat madman.

    i have even URGED the insider-insider on numerous occasions through email to ban people who come here with an agenda to discredit the site and nothing else. but he has flatly refused, and told me thats not the way he intends the run the blog. he wants an open discussion and rightly so.

    but there have been troublemakers who just come here to…well…cause trouble…and insider-insider is perfectly entitled to get rid of these.

    duncan oldham is the one who is paranoid here…

  38. univofchicago Says:

    and what makes you so sure disco?

    did fatty tell you hes not?

    or are YOU fatty?

    let me know why you are so sure.

  39. Insider Insider Says:

    Have to echo univofchicago’s question there – why are you so sure Disco?

  40. Disco Says:

    univ – it’s not rocket science.

    I’m not convinced insiderinsider really thinks it was Dunk.

  41. shanks Says:

    insider insider, could i have a response regarding my bt ip address, completely confused as i’m a long way from dunk, how could it be him. genuinely interested and as i’m no pc geek i really don’t get your reason on stopping my posts because of this??

  42. shanks Says:

    univofchicago, could insiderinsider answer for himself, thanks for the response but wasn’t actually asking you.

    well blocking anyone with a bt broadband connection seems a tad paranoid to me!! don’t you think??

  43. Insider Insider Says:

    Hi shanks / dunk /  – whoever you are.

    Who’s “blocking anyone with a bt broadband connection”? Are you having trouble reading? I’ve not blocked you at all. Last night I put your three posts back into a moderation queue because I had a feeling they may have been the work of someone a little slow on the uptake.

    Would you like me to check up with the ambulance service in sussex? Would you like me to report the IP address to BT? You’ve not done anything yet to annoy me enough for that.

    As a clear fan of Koptalk, why not follow Koptalk rulez and try to keep “on topic”.

    I’ve forgotten what you wanted, prior to the IP Address questions.

  44. shanks Says:

    not being funny mate but take my name out that is very unfair as i hadn’t given you permission. everyone uses user names, shanks is mine. i emailed you a few mins ago so we could do this via email.

  45. shanks Says:

    seriously please take my name out now, that really isn’t on. i’ve not abused you.

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