Koptalk: Some More Traffic Charts

by Rupert Insider

This is an update on my article seven days ago ranking Koptalk against other LFC related sites. I need to make a few adjustments to that article and add some charts kindly submitted by Toby.

1. I said that Koptalk ranked no higher than 8th. I think that should be 9th or 10th.

2. I said it was “far below” Shankly Gates. That may be true, but Toby has pointed out that Shankly Gates is not charted separately and cannot be distinguished from the other sites hosted by the Rivals Network. So the chart I was looking at last week was not accurate.

3. I said Talklfc was about level with Koptalk. One of the founders of Talklfc has since informed me that normally it has 60,000 unique visitors a month and, as such, clearly ranks higher than Koptalk.  But it is currently in the process of building a new site on a dedicated server due to technical problems which had the effect of dragging down its stats artificially.

4. I draw your attention to two sites I did not include in the original rankings: LFC Online which is clearly higher than Koptalk and to This is Anfield which is slightly higher.







NOTES: Rather than write out the explanatory notes again I’d refer you to the earlier article.


Comments, corrections, suggestions and other charts and stats are welcome.

My email is rupertinsider AT gmail DOT com


5 Responses to “Koptalk: Some More Traffic Charts”

  1. Liverpool1234 Says:

    Where does http://www.sixcrazyminutes.com rate in comparison ?

  2. rupertinsider Says:

    I have added their chart following your question. Also I made a brief comment in the original article last Monday.

  3. Rosco Says:

    It doesn’t look like we rate at all !!
    We’re only 7 weeks old now so we’re not too bothered at this stage, the quality is there already, the hits will follow.

  4. univofchicago Says:

    I’ve been playing around with this alexa charts…

    What I’ve found is that the main Koptalk site has completely died as Rupert have mentioned. A lot of it is down to the work the blog has done on stopping the newsnow links that was previously responsible for the fair proportion of pageviews. Also, Oldham’s decision to close down the free forums played an important role as well.

    But I’ve also found that the membership site (www.koptalkinsider.coN) still remains strong. Understandable really since its hits won’t be drastically affected by the newsnow links and free forums. However, there is no doubt that there has been a major exodus of Koptalk’s paying members as well (just pay a visit to the wonderful http://www.est1892.co.uk and you’ll know what I mean)

    The hits for the membership site has remained strong because while there has been an “exodus”, a lot of them are still members. While they don’t contribute much to the forums, and don’t frequent the site as before, they will still remain as members until the subs run out.

    That’s why the REACH (the no of unique visitors) has remained strong: http://traffic.alexa.com/graph?w=640&h=480&r=6m&z=&y=r&u=koptalkinsider.com/
    but there has has been a steady decline in the number of pageviews (actual hits): http://traffic.alexa.com/graph?w=640&h=480&r=6m&z=&y=p&u=koptalkinsider.com/

    We will get a better idea of the actual decline in the membership site in about 9-12 months when most of the subs run out (if Koptalk can last that long…)

  5. rupertinsider Says:

    Interesting! Analysis like that does suggest that our priority ought to be existing members. We should try and ensure that people do not renew knowingly or uknowingly.

    Of course, those members have already paid him, and that money will run out long before their membership does. Expect him to cook up some interim money making schemes.

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