Liverpool FC Investment Saga Hots Up. So Does Jackanory Rouge Website.

by SawyerInsider

One Wallsender will be glad to hear that BBC have recommissioned a new series of the popular kids TV show Jackanory, after around 10 years away from the screens.

For Wallsend resident Duncan Oldham though Jackanory never left the screens, he’s been making a decent living off writing fiction for years. For Liverpool FC fans it’s if it never went away, whenever we want to read some made up stories, or Jackanorys, we just read about Oldhams latest tell-tales.

As any Insider Insider reader will know, Oldham has been using the imminent investment takeover as a rue to make up stories for his few remaining members, and to make them believe that he is an Insider at Liverpool FC.

He would have you believe that he has sources at the club, sources in the business of acquisitions and takeovers. The truth is, as we know, and have known for a long time, Oldham tells porkies – big fat ones. Duncan Oldham is living on his past lies, and Koptalk.con is living on borrowed time.

Here’s his latest rant, not missing a chance to get in some digs at this blog, which has helped to crumble his fraudulent incomings.

Do you know that every single time another site takes a swipe at KopTalk/myself, we get a burst of new members and/or book orders. What’s that all about? As a result we’ve stopped our paid advertising on Google’s Ads

The truth is of course that there is no “burst”, there’s been no new book deposits for years. Signups to his shockingly bad redesigned website are at an all time low, and where Oldham could once shout from the rooftops that his site was the number one LFC site (back in the ninties!), it’s now no better than 10th at best. And paid advertising? That shows how desperate he’s become to get new members.

On to his latest investment Jackanory then.

You may recall a couple of months back that I dictated a post to Steve (to post on the site) as I was in Liverpool laid in bed with a massive hangover, regarding some gentlemen that I had been introduced to at the Radisson Hotel by a concierge I know there.

Basically I received a late call to get myself to the hotel to call in as if for a random pint, so that I could then be informally introduced to these blokes who were in the city from London for a meeting the next day with club officials regarding investment.

If you recall the guys had a meeting at Melwood with Parry etc and then left to go to Leeds United in the afternoon on other business. The puzzling bit was why they were speaking to Leeds. That can’t have been connected to us surely so I assumed they were maybe doing something on a smaller scale with Bates regarding their ground or something.

Anyway, the same guys are back in the city tomorrow. They have a meeting at Melwood on Thursday and this is regarding investment. The source will not tell me anything more because of confidentiality, 100% no way, he won’t budge.

What’s interesting is how the club is using Melwood a lot these days to entertain, and not Anfield. The modernisation of the facilities makes this nice and easy and it’s much more private. Hush hush etc once those gates are shut.

Now there’s little point in us posting out at Melwood on Thursday because we know what these guys look like and what they’re called. The suits rarely go to Melwood but even if we see Moores and RP roll in it only confirms what we already know. The only advantage would be if we spotted someone else rolling in but in all fairness we have that covered as we know the official ins and outs the majoirty of the time.

Anyway, I just thought I’d update you incase any rumours start later in the week regarding the suits and/or investment.

Oh give it a rest Oldham, we’ve heard it all before from you. Do I even need to comment? Let’s leave it at that then. He has no sources. Made up bullshit.

The thread, “Investment meeting this Thursday at Melwood” then turns in to a bit of a swipe at Oldham for capitalising on the rumours and speculation. Some of his members are starting to wise up to him now, well done Desertscouser and Craig (are they wising up to the lies?)

Here’s some more in the same thread.

Yup, I hate the topic too but when I got tipped off this morning I couldn’t choose to ignore it because it’s my duty to report here.

Anything I ever pass on is in good faith and I try to make sure you know if it’s first hand, second hand or third hand because it can weaken as it goes down the chain.

However, this isn’t a rumour, this is from one of the guys who will be present and it IS to do with investment/takeover. He’s not a potential investor but he’s acting with others in relation to this subject. Because of confidentiality he and his colleagues will not talk and rightly so if we’re honest about it.

As another poster said, the fact it’s happened within a short time of Gillett putting and appearance in makes it interesting, well it does to me

Whether anything happens over the coming weeks, months or years, so be it but there is activity and just because things don’t always materialise, doesn’t mean that the club aren’t trying to do what’s right.

My personal opinion – based on the pattern I’ve seen build up since they were last in town – is that this time it’s more genuine than before. We have to remember that we’ve heard all the takeover stuff before but we’ve never had much info about the comings and goings of those involved.

While it is frustrating, people should show respect to the whole community and not just think about their own view. It is after all a forum for discussion and whether we like it ot not, investment is a topic that’s very current to the club at this time.

In good faith? Like the Torres, Joaquin, Duff, Shaun Wright Phillips exclusive to name just a few. There are hundreds of pie in the sky transfer snippets that Oldham would have us to believe he’s been privy to over the years.

So basically what is Duncan saying here, or speculating, that some business people are in town? Oh please give it a rest.

If you believe you know so much Oldham then stop faffing about with conjecture and riddles and just tell people what you ‘think’ you know. You can’t? Yes that’s right because you made it up, and you want to keep all your options open by not giving away ANY DETAILS.

If you throw enough darts at a dartboard, maybe thousands, at some point one of them will hit the bullseye. Unfortunately for Duncan he’s thrown so many darts without hitting the Bullseye over so many years that he needs a new dartboard. All that remains is an untouched bullseye.


CONFIRMED: Boycott-buster took SUN cash – blames LFC "rivals" for snitching on him

by Rupert Insider

Yesterday we exposed that Duncan Oldham has been promoting The SUN for money. Today he confirmed it.

Even though he will not allow mention of this blog on his site and bans any paying member who slips in a reference to it, we will publish his statement in full:


Adverts that appear on KOPTALK.COM are provided by advertising agencies. When they add new client adverts, we only get to see them when they appear. They do not consult us or their other publishers first. Once ads are displaying we can disable them.

We would never knowingly advertise The Sun and if you think we would, you’ve been suckered in by those connected to other LFC websites. The only ads we can disable before they appear are those that fall into certain categories i.e. gambling, adult, tobacco.

If The Sun was to run an online campaign via any of the advertising agencies we work with, then yes, their ads could appear but they would immediately be removed, as they would on any other LFC site I assume.

Google Ads allow you to block certain domains so The Sun’s website is permanently blocked. But the other two agencies do not have this kind of block.

When annoying adverts previously cropped up on here when we had the Insider section which carries ads, if a member asked us to disable an ad e.g. because it was irritating, we simply disabled it.

Thankfully our advertising is minimal now.

Using Hillsborough and the innocent lives of 96 Liverpool fans to try and score brownie points through internet rivalry is disgraceful. Shame on those responsible


He is the sole owner of his one-man site. The cash that it takes in from advertisers and members goes into his personal pocket. He boasts about his total control. “Dunk knows best”, he says.   If people don’t like it, they can “fuck off”. He claims he monitors his site 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

But today he says he didn’t know that he was promoting The SUN for money. He would never have done such a thing if he had known!

At least he did not say what he usually says when caught out in a lie or with his hand in the cookie jar: “It was a joke”.

The fact is that his SUN banners on Koptalk were first reported more than 14 days ago by a contributor to Est1892. Unfortunately, that poster was not quick enough to capture a screen shot. If you are already registered at Est 1892 the original thread is on the Koptalk Talk Forum

It was only when this blog published the screen shots and only after several other LFC sites started threads linking to the blog’s article and only after the blog article moved rapidly up News Now “Top Stories” that Oldham ducked for cover. He was waiting to measure the reaction to our article.  He was brazen enough to keep running the ads earlier today. He didn’t want to pull them too soon, if it wasn’t completely necessary. Why turn away money?

But he did pull them – and just the SUN Fastclick ads, not the others – which proves he could have pulled them earlier.

In his statement he does not offer to give the SUN cash back. It must add up to a tidy sum by now – at least 14 days of receipts.   He does not offer to donate it to the Hillsborough Justice Campaign – although I doubt that they would want his Judas money.

In the tradition of the Iraq Minister of Propaganda – he tries to revert blame.

He now claims that anyone who thought he was at fault is a “sucker”. They have been taken in by his “rivals”. And it is his “rivals” who are misusing the events at Hillsborough – events he dishonoured in 1998 when he published a photo of himself proudly wearing a SUN promotional hat.

As we have pointed out before – Koptalk is an anti-LFC site. His big project is a phantom book entitled Anfield Exposed. He classifies all LFC supporter sites as “rivals” and LFC’s “official” site as “the other side”.

He didn’t specify this blog as a “rival” – he never mentions us by name. He’s terrified that if he does his few remaining members might look us up. And if they did they would discover his “rival” reference doesn’t work with us. We do not advertise. We do not taken in any revenues directly or indirectly. We do not have forums or any of the other goodies of a supporters site. And we are not “banned former members” with an axe to grind. We have never met him or paid him a penny or had any personal dealings with him. We have free access to his site thanks to passwords donated by some of his paying members.

I will leave to the experts to deal with his claim that he had no control over the advertisements he profited from. Please use the Comments section below. If you have specialized knowledge perhaps you could email me an article for publication under your own name – or anonymously.

There is a larger question. Why was he advertising at all? In his most recent sales pitch he claims he has “thousands on thousands” of members who pay him ₤30 as well as innumerable others who pay ₤40 for an SMS service. He constantly tries to justify the membership fees on the grounds that it means he can eliminate advertisements.

The truth, as always with Oldham, is the first casualty of his bullshit. The fact is he does not have thousand of members let alone paying members. Indeed, perhaps it was because he has so few members behind the locked gates of his site, that he thought it was safe to run the SUN banner ads where only his sycophants would see them. And he did get away with it for 14 days.

He is financially dependent on the traffic from News Now to earn him hits with the advertisers. And that is why he has to steal news items from other sites, or make them up and give them a misleading headline. His Gonzales accident story the other day – for example. He took it from the news wires and claimed it was coming directly from his sources at Melwood. He headlined it “Liverpool midfielder” instead of “Gonzales” just to add a bit more mystery. And anyone who clicked on it was greeted with a pop-up advertisement. Thanks to the Gonzales’s accident, Oldham made a bit of money that day.

It should be obvious by now that every click on an Oldham piece on News Now is a penny in his pocket. He doesn’t give a shit what LFC fans think of him. As he said before “In this internet lark – always look after No.1 first”.

EDIT: For other stories on this issue go to the side bar and scroll down or use search feature.


Scab breaks LFC's boycott of The SUN for money

by Rupert Insider

Click image to open (For the full page Click here or Here


Well, there can be no doubt about it now!

No amount of twisting and turning by Duncan Oldham, the sole owner of Koptalk, can hide his financial relationship with the SUN.

Money, not principle, is the true reason for his long-standing attempts to undermine the LFC boycott of the SUN.

The boycott is led by LFC, with personal attention from some of its legendary and current players, spontaneously supported by scores of news-agents in Liverpool, most of the people of Liverpool who are aware of it (including many Everton supporters) and, of course, by the Hillsborough Justice Campaign representing the families of the 96 dead and the survivors who were slandered by the SUN.

Click here to go to the official campaign site.

The boycott will continue until the SUN apologises.

The editor of the SUN at the time was Kelvin Mackenzie. A few weeks ago he said he had nothing to apologise for. He said that the fake, slanderous and deeply hurtful report, which still rankles, was the responsibility of his informants, not the responsibility of the SUN.

do_not_buy_the_sun_002.jpgIn their relentless attempts to break the boycott, the SUN knew they could rely on Duncan Oldham. They knew he was not a LFC supporter but a leech on LFC. Money was his only motivation.

He promoted the SUN by wearing one of its hats at the World Cup in France in the summer of 1998 – 9 years after Hillsborough. Coincidentally, he found the money to open his web site shortly after. And it wasn’t long before he brazenly published his treasured Sun photo. At the time, when there were only three or four football web sites, his was the largest. (It is now one of the smallest).


Oldham stalked SUN reporters trying sell his made-up gossip about Robbie Fowler and other LFC players. In fact, he refers to these dirty dealings in the trailer for his phantom book “Anfield Exposed”.

He’s so pathetic he can’t get over the fact that the SUN hacks actually talked to him. Now he wants to sell his account of those shady dealings for 10 to Liverpool supporters. And some have been trusting enough to send him a ₤5 deposit. If you were one of them, its not too late to get your money back. Trading Standards is investigating him for illegal practices on this and other matters and he is under pressure to give the money back. Don’t say its not worth the bother. If everybody who paid insists on repayment it will hurt him were he is most sensitive – in the pocket. While your at it, why not cancel your membership in his site and ask for the balance of your membership fee.

He refuses to support the Hillsborough Justice Campaign on his web site. He says it is “too political” and the people who run it “difficult to deal with”. They are so different from the people from the SUN who always bring him a cheque.

Oldham tries to dress up his support for the SUN by claiming that he does not want to pressure any of the users of his site. His users are mature, he says, and can make up their own minds. They are entitled to freedom of speech.

He is a hypocritical liar. We know how he refers to his paying customers as “loons” and “children” and how he bans them when they question his practices or statements, or mention other sites, or post on them, or ask uncomfortable questions or disagree with him. He deletes posts and threads on a whim. He threatens his critics with his “underworld friends” and “hitmen” and uses their personal information, given to him in confidence, to trace their employers. He calls them at work and threatens to embarrass them in front of their employers because of their opinions. He cancelled the PM and email facilities on his site when this blog started to prevent knowledge of it spreading.

This blog has published much about Oldham’s attempt to undermine the boycott of the SUN including his boast that he takes two copies daily and steals its stories to re-sell them as exclusive to his gullible paying members.

But the SUN money connection is only one of the characteristics that makes his rogue site an anti-LFC site.

Happily, it is disappearing. You can help it go faster by supporting a boycott of Koptalk. Its something around which the unofficial sites might consider cooperating.

Use the search feature for previous articles by Insider Insider about Oldham and the SUN. For the most recent Click Here.

EDIT: Thanks to Andy, a blog participant, who submitted these three screen shots of Oldham’s site. They give us a permanent record of the Judas in action. Several other blog participants have testified that they have seen the banners on Koptalk. See “Comments” below.

EDIT:  For other stories on this issue go to Home and scroll down or use search feature.
Note the SUN watermark behind the headlines.

Click image to open


And here’s another.

Click image to open:


The LFC Predictor League leaves Koptalk for Est 1892

by Rupert Insider

lfc-badge.jpgThe LFC Predictor League is a well-moderated game in which players can test their ability to predict the detailed outcome of LFC and other games by competing with others.

It works best in an atmosphere of deep and well-informed interest in LFC and the game of football.

These requirements clashed with the business practices of Duncan Oldham, the sole owner of the Koptalk website. He stated last week what many have long known that he has no interest in LFC’s success. His site is a business, not a labour of love.

This week the Predictor League quietly uprooted itself, without fuss, and moved lock-stock-and-barrel to the LFC supporters site Est 1892

Est 1892 is free, as is every other unofficial supporters site listed in the right column of this page under “LFC Sites”. Only Koptalk charges.

Like most of the features that the Koptalk web-site used to have, the Predictor League was created and organised by the participants – not by the owner of the site. However, he charged ₤30 for access to it.

The reason for the move is that as much as 85% of former users of Koptalk have abandoned the site in the past five months. Many of the former players in the Predictor League had already moved to Est 1892 or other sites and did not want to play the game on Koptalk. Click here to see the independent ALEXA chart of Koptalk’s demise

The reasons for the massive dissatisfaction with Koptalk has been logged in this blog . Newcomers who want to introduce themselves to the summary analysis might begin by clicking on 2. Summary in the tool bar at the top of this page.


Edit:  The following comment on the above article was received from the founder of the game:

  1. predictor league founder Says:
    November 5th, 2006 at 4:26 am eThe demise of KT and the continous banning of players/members was too much for the game to continue over there. I have spent hours of work on the game for four years.   One day around last month I received an email from Duncan asking me to list some of the players names for database purposes. I did kindly.
    Week after week some of the players who have played the game from the start began to disappear and not play……. The game will live on and thrive at est1892.

Robbie Fowler's web-stalker revisited

by Rupert Insider

fowlerfacechin.jpgDuncan Oldham is a 32 year-old Yorkshireman who lives in Wallsend, Tyne-and-Wear. He has an unregistered business which he calls Koptalk. He runs it from the shed in his back garden.

It purports to be a website for LFC supporters. But it is better known for its anti-LFC propaganda. He dare not show his face at Anfield. Because of that, he has just announced that he will abandon his season ticket.

Last week, in a rare moment of honesty, he said he couldn’t even be bothered watching the game on TV and couldn’t care less if Liverpool won or lost or if the stadium at Anfield was torn down and replaced by an ASDA supermarket – he said he was neutral about football.

This comes close to explaining why he set up similar supporter sites for Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspurs and Nottingham Forest.

Perhaps it also helps explain why scurrilous attacks on Liverpool players is his main gambit for drawing money-making hits to his site.

For example, he is infamous for his stalking of Robbie Fowler.

Click here to read Oldham’s infamous headline “Shut the door on your way out!”. It was aimed at Robbie Fowler.  It was a stab in the back from a guy who had made a lot of money on his bedroom-based website by lying about Fowler and stalking him for about two years.


The Fowler story is still relevant because it reveals how Oldham developed techniques he still uses. Recently he claimed to have a secret tape of Crouch talking exclusively to the S** (which is boycotted by LFC and most supporters). Then he claimed inside knowledge about Bellamy creating a dressing room disturbance just before a match. All these stories and many others turned out to be lies.

Oldham continues this week to use tabloid rumours about Gerrard’s personal life to generate hits for his dying site and to beg for new members. He also fabricated more stories about potential investors and yet more about the goings-on in the boardroom at LFC.

Like the S** which he admires, or the News of the World, which he often quotes, he tries to deflect criticism of his lies and muck-raking by wrapping it in hypocritical and smarmy statements that he runs his site as a hobby out of love of “the Reds”. In fact he and members of his family have no other visible means of support. He has repeatedly claimed to have made substantial riches from his site over eight years. Previously he was an office-cleaner and security-guard.

He says that if you are intrigued by his lies you can have more. But you need to pay him a mandatory ₤30 “donation” – ₤20 if you offer cash, with no questions asked.

Oldham has survived on the net because of LFC’s great achievements and the high reputation of its players and supporters. It is hugely popular overseas. There are always new supporters coming online. They come looking for information about LFC, or to make contact with other genuine supporters, or to connect with “the spirit of the kop”. For some, ₤30 is a relatively small price to pay for entrance to what they have been led to believe is a genuine “insider” site. For others, especially those from Asia where LFC has many dedicated supporters, it is 2-4 weeks wages.

Their quest for contact with the club is not ridiculous. They actually can find genuine information and fellows supporters on the net. There is a list of such sites on the right of this page under LFC Sites. They’re all honest, full of genuine supporters, many from Liverpool, who actually attend matches at the Kop and follow the team at away matches in the UK and Europe. And those sites are friendly and free. Unlike Koptalk, some of them have genuine contacts with the club and its players.

Unfortunately, many of the Liverpool supporters looking on the net who key in “LFC” or “Liverpool Football Club” and similar terms are waylaid by search engines which feature Oldham’s false claims that his site is No.1 ( when independent statistics show it is closer to No.12) and that it publishes “official” news from Anfield (in fact LFC has officially denied that Oldham or Koptalk has ever had any access to the club).

Some are waylaid by the automated news aggregator News Now which gives prominence to links to Koptalk.

If you are a new visitor to this blog and want to know what its about, please read Summary in the tool bar across the top of this page.

If you are a user of News Now perhaps you would consider not clicking on its Koptalk links so as not to put more money in Oldham’s pocket. You won’t miss anything. All his stories are lies or stolen from other sites and given a misleading title to entice you to click. And, in any case, anything of note on Koptalk is reported on this blog.

And the blog earns no revenues from your visits directly or indirectly.

KopTalk loses one of its few active posters

by Rupert Insider

On 23rd October, 2006 thesilverfoxlfc, one of KT’s few remaining active posters, announced his imminent departure.

His explanation on KT is that his annual membership is coming to an end in two weeks and he won’t be renewing. He invited other members to exchange emails because he will still be active on the net – but did not mention where.

That’s a very eloquent statement about Koptalk.


Silver Fox says he is from Ireland. He registered on 18th November 2005, and in that time has made about 2,260 posts.

How important was he to KT? Another poster – Gazami 69 – responded “I’m not looking forward to the next internatiohal breaks! You kept this place going during them…”

(If you are a member of KT reading this, we can save you the need for emails by exclusively revealing that you can find thesilverfoxLFC on EST 1892 where he has been posting for some time along with 85% of the other ex-members of the Koptalk Gold Club and Insider).

We know that most of Oldham’s other remaining members visit KT just “to watch the crash in slow motion” and that they will not be renewing when their memberships expire.

Since Oldham has probably already spent their membership fees, the financial crunch can only get tighter as time passes.

So far, I’ve not seen any from Liverpool. I’ve not done a rigorous study, but a significant percentage of KT’s few active posters are from Ireland with a smattering from Wales. Most of the rest are from outside the UK.

It’s ironic that Oldham is kept afloat by the non-English considering how much of a Little Englander he is.

In fact one could say about his site what he said about London when he returned from it in disgust a few months : “Are there no English people left…?

Edit: I realise that some of those posting from outside England may be English.

The End is Nigh for Koptalk Kapers

by Rupert Insider

“No one knows about that day or hour….”Matthew 24:36-44

I thought the above was an appropriate passage to welcome back the Right Reverend Duncan Oldham from his sojourn. It is from his favourite Apostle, Matthew.

You remember the Reverend’s sermons in the summer?

He took to using the signature: Matthew 5:38 when he signed off on them. Of course it was directed at the blog.

“You have heard that it was said: an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth”- Matthew 5:38

This was after he first threatened to rip Insider’s face-off, and after he told us he had had a word with his “underworld friends” about us but before he told us about his discussion with an “insane Liverpool hitter” who offered to bump us off for him for 500.

We pointed out at the time that Matthew, the Apostle, was a tax collector. You don’t mess with tax collectors – as Oldham is no doubt discovering.

The end of Koptalk is definitely nigh, nigher than usual, in fact very nigh. On the nigh scale from 1 to 100 it is nighty.

We are witnessing the end-times.

detectiveinglasses3.gif1. His latest attempt to get back unto News Now were squashed when we complained about and demonstrated his misleading headlines. That article was pulled.

detectiveinglasses3.gif2. We are aware of other agencies which have his site in their sights.

detectiveinglasses3.gif3. We know he is being actively investigated by regulatory authorities.

detectiveyellow.gif4. How about you? Have you shopped Oldham yet? I’ve made quite a few changes and additions to the 5. Shop Oldham page which you can find on the tool bar above. Scroll down to PART TWO -Duncan Oldham and start reading from there.

It would take you only a few minutes to alert some of the authorities listed there.