How Does Koptalk Rank Against Your Favourite LFC Site?

by Rupert Insider

This article is about ranking Koptalk’s traffic relative to some other sites (a) to test its long standing claim to be “No. 1 LFC Supporters’ Site” and (b) to chart its decline and fall.

Koptalk ranks no higher than 8th, maybe lower when all the stats are in.


Chart: Koptalk versus the LFC Official Site



1. Clearly, Koptalk ranks far below the LFC Official Site, which is the only other site which charges a subscription.

Koptalk also appears to rank far below the following free sites:

2. Shankly Gates

3. RAWK (Red and White Kop)

and marginally below:

4. Kopalk-Insider at WordPress (this blog)

5. YNWA,

6.The Liverpool Way (TLW)

7. EST1892

and Koptalk is about level with:

8. Talklfc * But see the comment below about Talklfc’s higher ranking than Koptalk in normal times.

There are a number of other small sites. I did not check them all. Koptalk is only slightly higher than those I did check.

And Koptalk is still falling.


This article is more by way of starting discussion than expressing a firm judgement. Comments from the better-informed are welcome.

The statistics are taken from the ALEXA organisation. They relate only to users who have the ALEXA bar installed. So they are not comprehensive.

It’s been suggested that the more technically-aware user is more likely not to allow the ALEXA bar.

It’s possible that any given site has more than the average number of users who are without the bar, in which case their results will be under-reported. Likewise, those with more than an average number with the bar will be over-reported.

The ALEXA claim is that, even with these limitations, the statistics are a representative sample of what’s going on.

*Since posting the above, one of the founder’s of Talkfc said that normally it has 60,000 unique visitors a month and clearly ranks higher than Koptalk, but visitors have been unable to log on for some time due to technical problems. A new site is being built on a dedicated server after which it expects to resume its normal ranking. This being the case, Koptalk would be no higher than 9th.

EST 1892 is a few months old and Six Crazy Minutes has an even shorter history. I’m told there is usually a lag of a month or so before the ALEXA stats are recorded (and that applies to this blog, as well).

Some have interpreted the full ALEXA figures to show that YNWA, for example, has a higher rating. YNWA is a free site but has a policy of limiting membership. I’ll leave it to the better-informed to comment further.

The 12-months ALEXA stats for Koptalk show that it was even lower than where it is now in October 2005 and that it had a steep rise in December 2005 continuing into January 2006.

I’m told this is because a year ago Koptalk was divided between several addresses and Oldham brought them altogether on one server only in December-January. It’s only since then we have been able to get a comprehensive ALEXA view of all his hits, and test his claims to be the No. 1 LFC site.

Oldham repeatedly claims that this blog drives viewers to his site, as does critical comments on other sites. And we know that many of his current members are there only to watch the “car crash” as they wait for their subscription to expire. So deduct a suitable number of the Koptalk stats for us, and other morbid curiosity-seekers.

Finally, as I understand it, these charts show hits, not separate visits to a site. So a site that is designed to cause its visitors to jump around from place to place, opening or refreshing pages as they go – as Koptalk is – will have higher number of hits than a simpler site.

I would have published more charts but either Alexa is limiting me to two or the WordPress software has stopped working again. In any case, I give up!

I’ve compared a selection of sites from those listed in the right column on this blog. If you would like to check my listing or complete the list and find Koptalk’s final placing (no higher than 8th) compare other sites and see their charts. To do that just add their full url to the ALEXA comparison box at the web page given below. If you notice anything interesting please make a comment.

Koptalk versus ?-chart (fill in your site name) found here:


8 Responses to “How Does Koptalk Rank Against Your Favourite LFC Site?”

  1. Ed Lee Says:

    Glad my pointing to Alexa worked out for you.

  2. rupertinsider Says:

    Thanks Ed. We have been looking at Alexa for some time. Several contributors have written in with ALEXA charts and made various points. We published the Alex KT v Blog stats early last week, and in the distant past have published the stats versus all other LFC related sites. Two or three months ago – KT could still lay claim to be 4th LFC supporter’s site according to Alexa. It has dropped at least four palces since then.

    The Alexa stats I chose do not include the BBC, News Now and a number of other sites that people interested in LFC consult. Those sites rank much higher than KT and some higher than the Official Site.

  3. rossnoble Says:

    Well done everyone, fantastic work. Form the guys at TLW who invaded last christmas, through to the Blog, Est1892 and sixcrazyminutes!

    Keep up the good work – never stop fighting until the fighting is done!

    I’m also made up that they closed down the free forums after my attack at the start of September – I don’t give a balls for personal gain but its very saisfying to see the stats depreciate!

    Well done everyone!

  4. Giles Says:

    I hear that Dunk has now scrapped the Insider & is closing the remaining forums left, right & centre as KT implodes around him.

    FLMAO@justdeserts for the stupid fat fecker

  5. Peter Says:

    I have to defend talklfc here as one of it’s founders.

    We have been having a major server headache and our forum software wont let people log in. Been having the problems for a while and are buiding a new site on a dedicated server.

    I know this sounds childish but I refuse to be on a par with koptalk. Until recent months, we had loads more traffic. About 60,000 unique visitors a month.

    e shall return 🙂 🙂

    PS Rupert, I just got your email. I’ll reply when I can give you the reply it deserves. I’m interested though.

  6. Insider Insider Says:

    On the subject of email – I’ve not checked mine since the early part of the weekend and even then it was only a brief visit. I’m determined to find some time soon though, so apologies to anyone waiting on a reply.

    I need a secretary. 😉

  7. rupertinsider Says:

    Peter: I have added your comments to the body of the article. Most of our regulars have aleady read the article but at least the corrected version will be in the archives.

  8. Peter Says:

    Thanks very much rupert.

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