What would Shanks have thought of Koptalk?

Shanks died 25 years ago today. I’ve been thinking about him a lot today, wondering what he’d think of the game now. In many ways Rafa reminds me of Shanks, and if you’ve ever listened to a Rafa interview in his native Spanish you’ll know that Rafa is almost as witty as Shanks was.

I think if Shanks was still around today that he’d be quite bemused by the Internet, but once he’d got to grips with it he’d be using it to his own advantage. He’d also be disgusted at someone like Duncan Oldham.

Imagine writing to Shanks if we were fortunate enough to still have him around fit and well today. I know he’d be quite old and probably frail if he had lived on until today, but I’m picturing Shanks as fit and well as he was in the seventies receiving a letter like this today…

Dear Mr Shankly,

I hope you are well sir and I apologise for taking up some of your time in what might seem a trivial matter. As a passionate Liverpool supporter I felt I ought to make you aware of a person who is trying to bring our club’s great name into disrepute purely to make himself some cash.

This person is Mr Duncan Oldham. He lives, as far as we know, at 5 Swan Avenue, Wallsend, Near Newcastle. His attitude towards Liverpool Football Club is disgusting. I’m sure you’ll agree when you read on. This Oldham character owns the website Koptalk.coN – I’ve changed its name there to reflect the reality of it. He’s been running this site since around 1999 and it was quite a useful site initially. Now it’s just a way for him to con Liverpool supporters and smear Liverpool staff and players.

You are of course fully aware of what we Liverpool supporters think of the S*n newspaper, and of course I remember your own views on the paper in 1989 when it made those despicable comments. Mr Oldham, fully aware of the boycott we all have on the S*n, decided it wasn’t important back in 1998 and wore a S*n hat to the World Cup in France. Pictures of him wearing this hat were all over his website afterwards, but he made sure he smudged the S*n logo from the photo first. He later claimed not to have known about the boycott, blaming it all on him being “too young” and being from out of the area. We’ve found comments from him before the World Cup talking all about the S*n boycott though, so he was clearly lying.

He also admitted recently that he reads the S*n every day, admitting to having it delivered to his home. He uses it to write “Exclusive” stories on his site, knowing full well that any reputable supporter would not be reading that paper under any normal circumstances. A story in the S*n is completely unknown to any real Liverpool fans of course, and so he helped his site get more hits by copying their stories. This, tied with the wearing of the S*n hat and other actions involving that paper saw him get some criticism from visitors to his site. As a result, and after it being proved he was lying about being unaware of the S*n boycott saw him react in a way that saw a large part of his site’s visitors leave on the spot. He picked on Peter Crouch, a Liverpool player who was at that time under a lot of criticism from England’s so-called supporters. He made up a story that Crouch had given an exclusive story to the S*n. He was pressed about it and so decided to shout that Crouch had not only given this interview, but that Oldham had got the tapes to prove it! A complete lie of course, and one designed to hurt Crouch too. Especially when Oldham commented that he would hang onto those tapes until he felt like ending Crouch’s Anfield career!

It’s not the first time Oldham has had a go at players from the club you worked so hard to turn into a superpower in football. A few years ago he made efforts to smear Robbie Fowler, making up stories about him being unfit to play due to being on the ale too much. It was all false and all part of his campaign to really screw Robbie’s Liverpool and England careers up. You know he even tried to sell this nonsense to the press, no doubt even including the S*n?

He likes to imply he knows people inside the club – of course you and I know he doesn’t. He makes out he’s got something on Rick Parry, someone he claims to meet regularly. Rick Parry’s also told me (through more than one third party) that he has never met Oldham, let alone have anything that he’s frightened Oldham might be able to blackmail him with. Oldham hates Liverpool – this much is clear with all of these attempts at hurting the club by hurting its players and officials. He tried to spread a load of nonsense about Bellamy having a bust-up with Rafa at Melwood the weekend of the derby. You’ll have no doubt heard all the rumours coming from the bluenoses about Craig – well look no further than Wallsend for the source of this river of diarrhoea.

As well as hurting the club whenever he can he loves to rip off the club’s lifeblood – the fans. People from overseas rely on him and gladly give him money they may find it hard to afford in return for his information from inside the club. I know and you know that he has no such inside information, but it doesn’t stop him taking £30 each off any fan who falls for his lie-infested sales pitch. He says they’ll get insider info – they get none. He implies he’ll give them free web feeds of live action from the games so they can watch a whole match on their computer. He just links to another free web site that provides those feeds, nothing secret at all. He does sometimes offer clips of goals – but these are clips he’s not paid for and couldn’t afford to pay for – he knows he’s breaking the law to provide them but even sticks his site’s koptalk.coN name over the top of them. He says they’ll get text messages to their mobile phones from him with news and more – but most people I speak to just don’t get them. Only a token few are able to get the messages. He sells fake merchandise, claiming it to be signed. He sells tickets at prices that a street tout would be ashamed of.

It’s hard to know where to stop when listing all the things he’s done to hurt Liverpool supporters. He got married to his ex-wife at Anfield, but just like he’s always tried it on with other women he’s tried it on with other clubs. He’s got a season ticket for Newcastle now and goes when he can. He tried to set up a website for them too, but he couldn’t get it going because their fan base is largely Newcastle based and they got wind of how he also ran a Liverpool site. That might be why he lost his Spurs site, or it could be because he didn’t pay the bill for the software he tried to use. That Spurs site even had a BLUE Liverbird on it!

He’s got his family running his site – they all seem to be claiming benefits and he tries to keep everything cash-in-hand. He and his family don’t work, yet they’ve got the money to upgrade their cars and buy huge-screen TVs, expensive cameras and other stuff.

I meant this note to be a short one, just to let you know that if you popped into Melwood this week you might see him stood on the roof of the Mercedes car he bought with the money he ripped out of the hands of Liverpool fans. It’s got a “D 1 UNK” registration plate, you can’t miss it. He’ll say hello to you as you pass and claim he was chatting to you. He takes photos from over the fence at Melwood then tries to make out he’s been inside the place! I’ve not got time to talk about his scams under a false name to rip people off for Sky TV viewing cards or his attempts to get people to join him and his wife for some sordid video activity.

Thanks for taking the time to read this – I hope you are able to do something about him,


Insider Insider.

Of course with Mr Shankly I’d have used my real name, but I can already guess what his actions would be. There’s about to be a two-week break from club football where he’d not be able to go and watch the Reds in action. He’d have gone over to Wallsend and knocked on the door of the conman’s house and he’d not have left until he’d got every penny back for the fans. Oldham would finally have got someone of relevance from the club to speak to him directly – but not in the way he’d want on video. By the time Shanks arrived back on Merseyside Oldham would have lost his cars and his plasma tellies along with that big wodge of cash he keeps in his sock drawer. Shanks would not have stood for what Oldham is all about, what Oldham has tried to do to our club. He’d also not have left until he’d got Oldham to close his sites down with a message saying why they were closed down.

Oldham is scum, 100% the opposite of what Liverpool are all about, 100% the opposite of what Shanks tried to turn Liverpool into. Time Oldham left our club alone.

Shanks was special, the sort of person you are lucky if you ever get to meet, the sort of person Liverpool were lucky to have as our manager for the fifteen years he did the job. I think he’d be pleased with what Rafa is doing at Anfield now, although I’m sure he’d keep Rafa on his toes if he was asked about his views!

RIP Shanks.


22 Responses to “What would Shanks have thought of Koptalk?”

  1. dataimaginary Says:

    Shanks would have loathed everything Oldham stands for. Shanks believed in the collective, in re-distribution. Shanks had a moral centre that will be forever alien to a grasping, money centred cnut like Oldham.

  2. Redz Says:

    Is right.

  3. Sinon Says:

    For the first time I stopped reading a blog entry as I found it distasteful. On a day like today I think that Bill should be remembered, not used to slight others.

    Oldham is below Liverpool Football Club, and our legends (or THE legend) should never be mentioned in the same breath, or to gain points over anyone – even the S*n. We are Liverpool and are above petty squables when we talk about a man who actually achieved…and much, much, more.

  4. Kev Says:

    Wonder whether the lickspittle DJ Sydney takes a cut for being fat man’s guard dog on the forums…cunt of the highest order

  5. hoff Says:

    Sinon i 100% agree with you.

    To bring the great man into, what is now, a fairly petty dispute is beneath contempt.

    It would appear that in this instance Insider Insiders grasp on reality is as tenious as Oldhams.

  6. LSM Says:

    All I can say is if Shanks were around, fat greedy cvnts like Dunk would not even have tried it on in the first place. How times have changed. Used to be a man would want an honest day’s pay for an honest day’s work, now all he needs is a fat arse, a computer screen, a freezer full of pies and evil intentions.

    Fuck off Oldham. Go and terrorise the club you really love. I know there’s not as much money in conning Geordie fans (are there any left?) but as thick as you are I am sure you will give it a good shot.

  7. SteveO Says:

    Agree with Simon and was thinking the same before I read his comment. Shanks was Shanks, we know what he stood for but you should not use him like that.

    Too far I think.

  8. Andy Says:

    Can I suggest a second blog to expose that cnut of a linesman today as a lifelong Bolton fan/relative of the whining ape Allardyce

  9. stu Says:

    I dont agree with this post either – its not only wrong to use chanks like this but also your post is speculation…we have no idea what he may or may not have thought because non of us are him, and none of us really new him.

    If you listen to what appears to be public opinion here, as you would like oldham to do – then you woul do well to remove this post. Otherwise your no better than him and thats sad because his blog is there for the right reasons and is usuall fascinating.

  10. Ron Nasty Says:

    Whether or not you agree with this post, the blog is no way as bad as ell tubby.

  11. univofchicago Says:

    I am not quite sure what to make of the post and the comments here.

    Perhaps the post wasn’t necessary as some people here have mentioned, but perhaps the people who made the comments are being overly sensitive as well. I think it’s bit of both.

    However, one thing is for sure. The Insider-Insider will read the comments and make sure it doesn’t happen again (if he thinks he made a mistake). And everyone makes mistakes now and then. It’s whether one actually make an effort to correct those mistakes that is really important.

    And as we all know, Duncan Oldham is one of the worst when it comes to acknowledging mistakes and correcting them. Evil of the worst kind.

  12. waldojeffers Says:

    This blog is great as a rule but this Shankly thing is a huge error of judgement. Please remove it.

  13. Insider Insider Says:

    I won’t remove this post – I’ve not removed any before (as far as I remember) and I won’t start now. The blog is the personal views of those who write for it. In this case this post was my particular view.

    I’d spent a good bit of that day thinking about Shanks and my own views on how much Rafa reminds me of him. Perhaps this post turned into a rant more than my other posts, but it reflects how I felt at the time. I had already been reading through various websites and old quotes from Shanks for quite a bit before I wrote that post. Then I paid a visit to Koptalk to find Oldham had been busily pinching audio and video of Shanks speaking and it pissed me off. It really pissed me off.

    As I say, the blog is a collection of the personal views of those who write for it. That’s how I felt the day I wrote that and I stand by it. I seriously don’t see what is the problem.

    I didn’t perhaps put it as clearly (if at all) in my post but one of the reasons for asking the question, “What would shanks have thought of Koptalk” is that I doubt very much he’d have stood by and let a twat like Oldham get fatter in this way, and it follows on from that I should have asked a seocnd question: Why does the LFC of today let him get away with it? Maybe there’s legal reasons, maybe they aren’t as bothered as we’d like them to be. Who knows? I just felt that in Shanks’s day there’d be no way that Oldham would still be around after this long. No way.

    Perhaps it’s time someone at the club took this issue as seriously as I believe Shanks would have done. Perhaps the world is just so much of a different place now to what it was back then. Shanks was a commanding figure in an era when people had a lot more respect for each other, a lot more respect for their elders. Shanks may not have got the respect he had if he’d been around today. I just think – personally – that Shanks would have hit the roof had be been witness to anyone ripping people off this way. I could be wrong, but I am allowed to speculate.

    Apologies to Sinon and anyone else who’s upset by this, but as I say, thinking about Shanks, then seeing Oldham up to his usual tricks, this post reflected what I was thinking.

    I noticed someone mentioned this blog was now a “petty squabble” – petty to who? To those who are still thousands out of pocket from his ticket touting? To those who lost money due to buying LFC memorabilia they assumed was genuine when it seems quite clearly it was fake? All those who pay to join his site today and find they’ve been ripped off might not find it petty. Only a few weeks back Dunk went for his hat-trick of attemps at slating our own strikers and in effect trying to really screw up their time at Liverpool – I don’t think it’s petty trying to stop that.

    I do however feel that there is possibly less need for urgency in pursuing him now – but with him about to do a runner to Malta I’d not be so sure about that.

    Again apologies to those who aren’t happy, but I still feel that as a club LFC would do well to try and stick to most (not all) of Shankly’s philosophies on football. And we should be the type of club that stamps out parasites like Oldham.

  14. Sinon Says:

    No apology needed, I’ve been an avid follower of this blog over the last 3 months and an active ‘campaigner’ against Dunk. This is your blog and as a blog should be treated as one – simply an expression of how you feel at a given moment. Most of us are too lazy (myself included!) to take the time to do what you do.

    I just had a sense of distaste towards the article on Friday – simply due to the day. Any other day I would have been fine with article. Duncan Oldham doesn’t deserve to be mentioned in the same breath, even 25 years later.

    You do a fantastic job I-I, I agree that the article should not be removed – it was your own view at a certain time. As I said, no apology needed – it was your view and is bound to split people. Keep up the good word mate, it’s just that your infamy on such a ‘basic’ blog brings responsibility and culpability!

  15. LSM Says:

    So you reckon Duncac donuts is off to Malta hey? I suppose he’ll need two seats to fit is fat arse.

    An ode to fatty in Malta:

    Imagine his surprise
    When he finds they have nada
    Of the oven-ey mince pies
    And the greasy pan fries
    That he does so prize.

    And then has to learn
    To feast on pigs feet
    And pasta with no meat!
    What to eat, what to eat?
    “Ooh where’s me pies” fatman cries
    “I need a gravy treat”.

  16. Dammed Says:

    I like this blog and have directed quite a few ‘lost souls’ this way but sorry II I think the Shanks article is in bad taste.

  17. outsider on the insider Says:

    Please keep keeping on Insider – your work is too important – this blog is honest, so you should write what you feel, not what other people want to read. The fat fuck should not be able to relax..

  18. univofchicago Says:

    Yeap, I second that!

    Keep up the good work Insider!

  19. Kopwank Says:

    Koptalk has actually gone off the scale on Alexa now


    The ‘public’ site is dead as far as I’m concerned – job well done!

    The insider site is still going strong though

  20. Insider Insider Says:

    I think on reflection that it would have been better had I said what I felt about Oldham on Friday in the pub rather than on here. I don’t want to remove the post, as I said before, but I will keep this in mind for the future. Time for a new topic so that this one moves back down the front page. Apologies again to those offended or upset and thanks to those who’ve backed me up.

    I like those links above from “Kopwank” – http://www.alexa.com/data/details/traffic_details?q=koptalk.com&url=koptalk.com – is quite dramatic. Time to try and finish off what’s left I suppose, unless Oldham can actually be big enough (no pun intended) to own up to what he’s done and try to win back some readers honestly.

  21. Jonathans punk bucket Says:

    And you felt the need to comment on this 6 months after the last comment!! OK then..

  22. rupertinsider Says:

    # Team Fortress 2 Says:
    April 18th, 2007 at 8:11 am e

    the blog is a collection of the personal views of those who write for it. That’s how I felt the day I wrote that and I stand by it.

    That was one of the more creative spam messages that got past our spam guard. Usually they say – “nice site” or “very interesting comments” . The idea is that you click on the name and it takes you to their blog. We get hundreds every day. Most of them ar caught by Askimet, a few get through – more lately than ever as people find ways of evading the spam catcher.

    Ive deleted it by ,marking it spam.

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