Is the Cockroach Dead or Just Playing Possum?

by Rupert Insider


The meteorite that snuffed out the dinousaurs did not get the cockroaches. And just watch next time we have a nuclear holocaust. Everything will be dead, everything! But then the cockroach legs will start twitching and before you know it they’ll be over-running the world.

Which brings me back to Duncan Oldham.

We haven’t exactly nuked him – but he can see it coming and he has darted off to hide in the dark, inaccessible cracks until the nuclear cloud passes.

So do we leave him there or get the exterminator to go in after him?

Perhaps its time to review our priorities?


This is what we have been doing so far:

1. Providing all his “exclusive” copy free.

2. Lampooning his claims to have inside information and contacts with LFC.

3. Exposing numerous scams and lies.

4. Detailing his history and especially his campaigns against players and club.

5. Contacting senior officials at LFC and journalists and players and the managers of news and references services to ensure that they are fully aware of him.

6. Contacting copyright holders to make them aware of his theft of their property in order to re-sell it to his members.

7. Informing the authorities about various potentially illegal aspects of his activities.


The result is plain to see. His claim to represent the No. 1 Fan’s Site is now in tatters. At best he is 9th or 10th – very close to the bottom – down among the smallest one-man sites and the most recent start-ups.

The coup de grace will probably be an official action by one of the authorities investigating him – or by his flight out of the country to avoid them.

But that is not something we can control. And there are some who say we should not rely on it – we should finish off his site ourselves.

And there are some who say his credibility is so exposed to ridicule and his options so restricted that its safe to let him run about behind the skirting boards, just as long as he does not come into the Anfield living room.

Others say the opposite. They suggest that he is playing possum. He is reducing his activities so that the blog has nothing to record or analyse. He is waiting until we all get bored. And then he will launch a free site again – cocking a snoop at those who thought they were buying into an exclusive members-only club – and he will revert to all the unethical and illegal practices which got him prominence on the net in the first place.

Its a practical issue for those who contribute to the blog either as writers of articles or of comments. Clearly Oldham and his broken, 10th-ranking site would not justify the attention of such fine minds if he is no longer a malignant cancer on LFC.

I can understand some might think he is now such a trivial matter he does not deserve any attention. (But not trivial if you are in Thailand and have just spent a couple of week’s wages on a Koptalk membership because it claims to have “official news” and be “no.1 LFc site with insider information”.)

I intend to do Blog that! – Part 4 – The End Times.

But I really think this is a time for the bog’s readers to give some direction.


What do you think Oldham’s strategy is now – apart from panic?

How urgent is it to go after him?

Should we tighten the screw with the authorities?

What are the options?


13 Responses to “Is the Cockroach Dead or Just Playing Possum?”

  1. Neil O Sullivan Says:

    I think he is trying to lie low in the hope that people take their eyes off his activities before he re-launches the free site and the associated scams. I think his site is on the verge of oblivion – please keep up the good work on here – it’s always entertaining to read about him slipping up and talking to himself – in a way I’ll miss it when KT is gone!!

  2. txtoto Says:


    I havent posted a lately and visited this blog a bit less then before. Its not because this site is getting boring or something, its just that its failry obvious that dunk has fallen.. koptalk is almost dead and the need to go after him is less obvious. However i think this site should keep posting things just to make sure the final few victims of dunk get to know the truth.
    You guys have done great so far ..the results are there! a good kick in the ass from LFC should do him off nicely

  3. sinbad Says:

    Keep turning the screw Rupert, this is one bug that needs squashing for good. Thanks again for exposing the Obese Conman.

  4. LouisRoberto Says:

    I am a “Gold Club” member of Koptalk for just over a year. It’s only from reading this blog that the mist has cleared. I paid for the subscription thinking that it was good value. Then I slowly realised that the “insider” info and the gossip was actually a big load of rubbish with no substance. Having seen a large number of regular posters disappear and the numbers viewing the threads reduce to a third – it seemed more obvious that the site was imploding. I’m not certain that you need to do much more as I think that the cancer is now terminal.

  5. Andy Says:

    KT will probably limp along until the next transfer window, at which time Oldham will go all out to dupe new victims into subscribing.

    Given that everyone can download clips of goals from Soccer Pulse and watch games online for free by bookmarking and, his central selling point is bound to be his bullshit claims of insider knowledge.

    As has been said before, a lot of people probably come here for a few weeks, have their eyes opened and then move on.

    So you have to keep chipping away at him in the same manner. You shouldn’t rest until Oldham has been permanently stopped from ruthlessly exploiting LFC fans’ heartfelt passion for their club.

  6. Phil T Says:

    Dunk is like a fungus. It can look dead, but then grow back just as horrible as before.

    Just like fungus, he (Koptalk) needs to be eradicated. The battle isn’t over yet, we need to keep going until we know he ain’t coming back.

  7. Fred Says:

    This ‘battle’ has reached a Mortal Kombat moment and I think we should “FINISH HIM!”.

    Seriously though, if you/we ease off now then there’s a reasonable chance that Oldham could resurrect KopTalk. I don’t have any sympathy for Dunk whatsoever. Let’s force him into a position where he has to move on. I don’t care if he becomes the webmaster of a Spurs or a Newcastle fan site, as long as he has no association with LFC.

  8. univofchicago Says:

    The blog needs to keep going until Koptalk ceases to exist. There should be no doubt about that.

    The next big step is to enlighten Koptalk’s remaining members who may not be aware of the blog and the arguments against Oldham. This is beyond the blog’s reach. Fortunately there are plenty of current Koptalk members out there who will do it for us through word of mouth. Due to Duncan Oldham’s dictator-like control of information, it’s going to be a slow process, but its a matter of time before those remaining members find out.

  9. fat_boy_fat Says:

    I think i ‘board meeting’ is in order here.

    We need to go through everything on his site again and start picking out the things that he is doing wrong and illegal and to tell the relevant people. Needs to be a big movement by all us blog readers to show Fatty Twatty that we aint goin to let him rip off LFC fans.
    So anything we can detect that isnt right, maybe pinching of quotes from offical mag/website/programme. The use of illegal clips, live matches. Using the BBC’s gossip coloum without permission.
    Lets tell all the relevent goverment bodies again about what he is upto, this time armed with moe info. Like his proper house address.
    Contact the local papers. ANYTHING! lets finish the job before he has a chance to change the minds of more innocent reds.

  10. Paul Says:

    Great site guys, i got shafted by the fat git for 2 years before i eventually seen the light.

    I cant believe the stuff he got away with during this time, i remember thinking one evening about the steve comments and then looking at dunks own english – all the abbrevations were in the same places etc.. even down to the use of capital letters.

    for me the lauren thing was too much, fair enough if she does exist and has the injury dunk reported on then i wish her the best of luck.

    The way it come across on the site was really bad, making everyone feel sorry for them and then starting the appeal to raise money, i think i even donated a tenner.

    What got me the most was when he shown pictures of lauren in his car a fancy feckin mercedes, on one hand he is asking for money to fund the family and then there he is in a feckin merc – and me donating a tenner from the comfort of my ford focus, it makes me sick.

    I also paid the £5 for anfield exposed, i kick myself for been so stupid at the time, im going to write to him and try and get this money back. Apparently “chloe” has a record, again i reckon this is dunk trying to make out koptalk is actually bigger than it is. i will let you know how i get on.

    Cheers and keep it up.

  11. LSM Says:

    I think it is at these moments, just before the final kill, that you should be applying the greatest pressure. Amass your forces for one final time and destroy Koptalk once and for all.

  12. Toby Says:

    I agree with the majority.

    It is obvious that the new closed-shop Koptalk is intended to protect what remains until January when business can resume on new unsuspecting victims. In the meantime I’m sure Duncan Oldham will be hoping that this blog fades away with less of his bullshit available to pick holes in. Don’t let his hibernation tactics succeed.

    With Koptalk quieter, now may be the time to collate all evidence collected over the last few months and display it in a way that the remaining Koptalk members can digest it easily. We know they need to be spoonfed, so lets make it as easy as possible for them to take it all in.

    In addition lets reinvigorate the ‘Boycott Koptalk’ campaign across the other forums, encouraging people to use the avatars and signatures to continue to raise awareness, so that when January does come around we will be still strong enough to maintain the pressure. If we can get beyond January then I’m sure he will call it quits once and for all. His greed will not allow him to keep running at a loss.

    I’m going to redirect to this url for now to help with search engine optimisation.

    Let’s finish him off.


  13. barry wom Says:

    Personally, I think he knows people are on to him, such as LFC and other people who he steels from. So by going small and subscription only it will be more difficult to pin him down to doing anything wrong now. He’s already changed his ways a lot in how he advertises his members service. He is also claiming the new site is not about “inside” knowledge and gossip etc. in fact i think he may actually be persuing the “community” angle he’s tried to peddle for a couple of years.

    this blog had to keep going though until he’s gone, because he will be back if the pressure is lifted. even if updates become just a couple of times a week – the pressure has to remain.

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