How exclusive is an EXCLUSIVE?

A couple of days ago Dunk posted an exclusive news item on his paid koptalk forum. This was as usual promoted on Twitter and Facebook and what not with links to the sign up site joinkoptalk. The news was this: EXCLUSIVE: Liverpool swoop for Premier League ace. With the added info on the front page of koptalk: Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers has already started looking at his summer transfer options as he looks to strengthen his squad after failing to do so during the January transfer window.

So, what was this about then? Inside the forum where the full story was posted we could read this:

EXCLUSIVE: Liverpool swoop for Premier League ace
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Football agent Dario Canovi has allegedly held talks with Liverpool as they consider making a summer move for his client Micah Richards.

Liverpool boss Brendan Rodgers is a big fan of the 25-year-old Manchester City defender and has identified him as a replacement for big-earner Glen Johnson, unless the 29-year-old agrees to sign a new contract on significanly reduced terms and can shake off his injury problems.

Richards continues to be linked with us on a frequent basis by the British media and a source at the club has now confirmed that there has been contact.

The source said: “Canovi met with people from Napoli and Liverpool last month. He was in Liverpool during the last week of the window to discuss Micah which sparked those reports [in the press at the time, that claimed Rodgers was trying to sign him on loan].

“The initial contact at the agency [that represents Micah] wasn’t Canovi but he has been dealing as he sat with Inter and Napoli before talking to Liverpool. He has a good knowledge of the state of play in Italy with regards the interest in Micah.

“Glen Johnson’s future needs to be resolved first but if City don’t ask for foolish money, then this one should proceed further. Liverpool have spoken to them (City) about a possible deal. There have been talks but it’s a very early stage. These will continue in due course.

“There is no feedback from Richards to date about where he wants to play his football.”

To find out how exclusive this was, I had a look at NewsNow to see if there were other news reports linking Richards to Liverpool, and I found these, all posted before Dunk’s so called EXCLUSIVE:,51996.html
and several more from around the transfer window closing. Not suprising though is it that some of these reports are suggesting that the source of the latest rumours is the s*n. Wouldn’t exactly be the first time news from there pops up on koptalk as exclusives.

So, what’s exclusive about a rumour that’s printed several other places? Nothing! I think I agree with this koptalk member:

Re: “Ace” [Re: swajames]
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Registered: August 12, 2004
Posts: 940 Is Dunk guilty of over exaggerating a headline to get more punters through the door?

I must admit it got me interested when I saw the headline but when I saw the actual name I lost interest – nice marketing tho….

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Koptalk Insiders nowhere to be seen as Liverpool add to the squad

Liverpool FC today announced they have reached an agreement to sign Oussama Assaidi from Heerenveen, subject to the player passing a medical.
This transfer came out of the blue as it’s not been mentioned anywhere in the media or on the internet as far as we can see.

The members of koptalk are paying to get information before anyone else, but they never do. Not in this case either. The only mention of the player before the news broke was from a member who mentioned Fulham wanted to sign him and another player more than two months ago. That was all. The imaginary koptalk insiders was nowhere to be seen. If you belive what Dunk says about who his sources are, you have to wonder why they knew nothing about this transfer. Why didn’t Informer pop up with his usual “money is being transfered” shite as he does when a player is looking nailed on to sign in a few days? Last year he was banging on with this for what must have been a month before we actually signed Adam. Every time it looked like it was about to happen he came out with that story. But not now. Not a word. Why is that? The simple answer is; “Dunk didn’t pick this up from the media”.

Koptalks latest scam

Despite claims of thousands and thousands of members paying 36.50 GBP each, koptalk and duncan oldham have resorted to old tricks of conning Liverpool fans to pay for his latest venture, the koptalk iPhone app.


What Dunk wont ever tell anyone is how much the project cost and never will he keep a public tab on who donated what and how much money he actually accepted. It smells of his cousin Lauren and the Alder Hey collections where no final amount, though suspected to be in the thousands could ever be accounted for.

It’s classic duncan oldham. Goes off to America with his fiance at the expense of his members and comes back to them with a begging bowl to pay for the app, claiming he cant afford the project
There is no shame in the man, He even wants his members to believe that someone donated 1500 GBP for the app just because he is a good guy and the off-chance the bait will be taken by other members for a contribution.

What will a koptalk app offer anyone that you cant already get for free from Twitter ? Almost everything dunk posts today is recycled from Twitter. If Dunk has all this so-called insider information, how come not one Liverpool Football journalist follows him, not one ? Tony Barrett, Tony Evans, Chris Bascombe, Brian Reade, Ben Thornley to mention a few are all easily accessible on twitter, just ask any one of them their thoughts about duncan oldham and koptalk.

Save your money or do the very bare minimum of doing your homework before you part with any cash.

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Dunk the racist now also a sexist

Following from the sexist remarks by Andy Gray and Richard Keys about the female linesman that was officiating at the last LFC match, Dunk shows his true feelings about the issue. Needless to say, loads of koptalkers didn’t think much of it, and I believe quite a few are reconsidering their membership of the site. One of our top search hit phrases today is “how to cancel koptalk membership”. If you are one of those who are looking for that information, look at the paypal-post in the top menu or send me an email. So what did Dunk say? Read the rest of this entry »

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Summer 2010 – Insider scoops by koptalk

With the next transfer window fast approaching it may be worth having a look at how the “Insiders” of koptalk did during the transfer window last summer. Quite a few new players arrived, but did the koptalkers know about it before the rest of the internet? Surely that’s why hundreds sign up without even bothering to make a single post in the forums. The lure of inside information has always been the main marketing trick for Dunk, but what do you really get? I did a similar post a couple of years back, and there was no inside info back then. Was there this year? Let’s have a look. Read the rest of this entry »

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No surprise as koptalk runs news from the s*n again

Yet again Dunk is running a news story that comes from the hated and boycotted rag that every true LFC fan despises. The story is about Milan Jovanovic, who is supposedly unhappy with things at Anfield. The story has cropped up at a few other websites, but is originating from the s*n.

You can read the quotes and the links to the s*n on these pages: Read the rest of this entry »

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Meet Dunk’s latest KopTalk diguise – Pilkington

KopTalk’s latest self-professed “insider” is Pilkington.

He presents himself as the man with the inside track on the investment saga, and from time to time he likes to imply that he’s actually Christian Purslow.

As you’ll see, in truth he knows nothing about the club’s ownership that isn’t already in the public domain.

In a nutshell, Pilkington/Dunk is a guy who claims to know what Saturday’s lottery numbers will be, but he won’t tell anybody what they are until Sunday morning. In other words, he’s a lot like Dunk/Wallet/The Informer.

He announced himself on KopTalk in December amidst a fanfare of Oldham-esque horseshit. Do the following posts remind you of a certain morbidly obese con artist who loves to rip off Liverpool fans?

Read the rest of this entry »

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