Koptalk "Insider" Video at Melwood

by Andy Insider and Rupert Insider

Andys Bit

This is the Koptalk Video link of the team training at Melwood.


The close-ups notwithstanding, you can tell their taken with zoom lens from over the fence by the sound of the traffic passing and the off-camera voice of scouser taking snaps next to Oldham. In fact he says “I’m here every day” and “they must know you by now, Dunk”. At the end of the video Oldham gives us a glimpse of the chatty scouser hauling the purple wheelie-bin.

There’s been a fair bit of discussion about the legalities of poking cams over the fence at Melwood. The following might of interest. They are two excerpts from a legal guide for UK-based photographers.

The full guide can be found at:

http://www.sirimo.co.uk/media/UKPhotographersRights.pdf (you need Acrobat to open it).

“A person who enters onto private property without permission commits a trespass, as does anyone who ‘interferes’ with the property. Interference could be something as minor as climbing on the landowner’s wall to take a photograph over the wall or resting a camera on a fence.”


“Even where property is open to entry by the public in general, as in the case of most business premises, the owner or occupier has the right to demand that a photographer cease taking photographs and the right to demand that he leave the premises.”

Rupert’s Bit

If the video glimpse of the purple wheelie-bin is too fast for you, or your distracted by the fine tenor voice of the scouse lad as he hauls it away, here’s a photo. It’s copyright of Krap Talk (2004) so you know its authentic – untouched by the Koptalk Photo Shop.



It must be comforting for members of the Kotpalk Insider to see the actual hallowed ground of the Insider Enclosure at Melwood. (The big guy with three heads on the left is not Oldham – its three young scousers minding his place on the wheelie-bin for a quid. That’s how important it is to him).

All joking aside, I quite enjoyed his little video, especially since I never paid 30 quid for it. But I don’t think I want to see too many more disjointed and foreshortened shots of barely recognisable characters in the distance kicking their balls about.

And I couldn’t really relax because I kept worrying about Dunk, the wheelie-bin, the cheekie scouser and the force of gravity.

We know Dunk doesn’t trust the wee “scallies” who blackmail him into paying them for minding his car on the rare occasions he visits Anfield. So why trust them at Melwood? If I were him I’d tow the wheelie-bin to the Pier Head behind the Mercedes. He could get his contact at the Crowne Plaza concierge desk to bring it up to his room on the lift.

What a topsy turvey world is Oldham’s!

Just a couple of months ago, Rick Parry was begging him to come over to Anfield for an urgent meeting about something Oldham had and Parry wanted; somebody else had given him exclusive tapes of Crouch talking to the S**; Steve Morgan’s people were consulting him about boardroom battles; the L4 Group in the USA and the Kraft family were constantly on the transatlantic blower keeping him up-to-date about their investment plans; he couldn’t get foreign agents and world-class players out of his hair with their confidential messages about transfer negotiations and he had to go about incognito in Liverpool to avoid the attention of LFC players who insisted on giving him the dirt on their teammates.

Steve Gerrard was a particular nuisance – always wanting to gab – and as for Dalglish – it was just as well he couldn’t speak English.

The suits were clambering to give Kotpalk official status at all LFC press conferences and other non-public events for the 2006-2007 season and his phone never stopped ringing with insider information from his army of Anfield, Melwood and Academy insiders.

And if that wasn’t enough, his real esate agents and financiers were racing ahead with the purchase of Chris Waddles 300,000 pounds house near Melwood, a downtown hotel in Liverpool and several vehicles. It was all one big happy whirl.

And now? Well look again at the photo above and the video.


14 Responses to “Koptalk "Insider" Video at Melwood”

  1. alan Says:

    why is he publishing videos of the team training, surely this is helping opposing teams? o yeah i forgot hes not a red hes a fat geordie prick.

    Its people like him that make the players just drive past you when you go to melwood cos they have had enough of dickheads putting pics all over the place of them, and selling signed stuff, (eg signed balls for £100).

  2. alan Says:

    why is he publishing videos of the team training, surely this is helping opposing teams? o yeah i forgot hes not a red hes a fat geordie prick.

    Its people like him that make the players just drive past you when you go to melwood cos they have had enough of dickheads putting pics all over the place of them, and selling signed stuff, (eg signed balls for £100).

    also look at his youtube profile he claims his home town is liverpool. How many scousers breathe that heavily (listen to the video again) and sound like a geordie, and joke about bedding 12 year olds?

  3. scouse Says:

    I never watched this clip all the way until the end but just did, funny seeing the guy dragging Duncs ‘steps’ around for him.

    Maybe a post should go up EARLY every day that Dunc is at Melwood so a few of us can make sure we are there…

  4. alan Says:

    sorry for posting the other one twice, never meant to. If he’s there all the time, why not some ppl go down there (if anyone lives by) to go and see him?

  5. Fred Says:

    That video is quite amusing, especially the end bit.

    It is rather sad that a 32 year old would stand on a wheelie bin filming people over a fence, and the players must think Dunk is a complete nutter.

    Wouldn’t you think that LFC would install a more substantial fence to prevent this sort of invasion of privacy? Although the players perform in front of tens of thousands of supporters every week it must still be unsettling and distracting for them being spied upon when they’re supposed to be concentrating.

    I spotted a fishing magazine called Carp Talk in my newsagent’s yesterday – it made me laugh anyway.

  6. fat_boy_fat Says:

    Sooooooooo Fat twat wanker Oldham is video recording at melwood everyday because he wants to do it for his Gold club “family”?

    HA! we can see through you fucking ugly 30stone frame Oldham.

    The real reason you are there is so you can get a BIG exclusive that you will try and sell to SSN or a national paper. You are going there everyday just praying that Stevie G punches Bellamy in the face. Or you see rafa kick a football boot at Fowlers head.
    You pray for that moment to be caught on your FAT CAM. Then you can send the club into turmoil for a few quid. ………………. of course a GENIUNE liverpool fan would not do this, but we all know you are breathing heavy on that camera just waiting…….. and waiting.

    Watch you dont have that heart attack fatty, climbing up wheelie bins aint good for a fat ugly fucka.
    And since you find it quite alright to take photo’s of people i think maybe i will take a hour out this week to go and take some of you at mellwood. I should be able to find you, i’ll just follow the maccys wrappers and wheelie bin trails.

  7. ScouseUK Says:

    “were are the bums going now” did i hear that correctly,comeing out the gob of a so called liverpool fan and a scouser to boot,why dosnt someone kick him off his wheelie bin or put a brick through his merc.lol and to think some dum git just payed 30 quid for that lol

  8. Alan Says:

    I was thinking of going just to get some signed stuff to add to my collection, but perhaps a few snapshots of Dunk in action could be taken and sent here

  9. lamus Says:

    yes for those not in liverpool! film a confrontation with dunk! it would make many feel vindicated!! you wouldnt just be doing it for yourself, the whole online liverpool community would be amused…

    seriously, this is getting pathetic now – how long can dunk really persist? imagine if a player denounced the website… that would be it for him…

    lol… ahh… we’re all just milling round for the commupance!

  10. lamus Says:

    c’mon rupert, with the amount of time you’ve invested in this site, surely you can invest sometime lurking around melwood for dunk with a list of questions … he wouldnt know your member id through your face, haha – hahahaha. ahh, this should be on Little Britain.

  11. RedinSweden Says:

    A disgruntled ex koptalker happy slapping Dunk would be well worth a watch.

  12. lamus Says:

    better hush hush it though, in regards to how dunk would treat the situation. don’t want him reading this and subsequently he’d become paranoid, avoiding melwood to never face his past and himself, by collecting his slap *ahem*

  13. rupertinsider Says:

    I think most of our readers – even those that are critical of the blog – would enjoy seeing a few photos of Oldham on his wheelie bin or otherwise hanging about Melwood – or anywhere else for that matter. Unlike Oldham we don’t consort with “hitters” or underworld heavies, and would strongly advise anyone who comes into contact with him to give him no excuse to say he was being “attacked” or “stalked”. Best not even to joke about violence or intimidation of any kind.

    But that’s not to say you shouldn’t have a lively discussion with him – even better if you can catch it on cam or tape. He says he enjoys being famous through the blog so its difficult to see why he would object.

    If you’re lost for a conversation opener you could ask him where the Crouch talking to the S** tape is, or did he ever have that meeting with Rick Parry at Anfield – you know the one Parry asked for to get something from Oldham, or maybe ask him about advice on how to achieve benefits while working and tax-free status to boot.

    If you want to send anything in to the blog the address is on the home page or you could send it to me at rupertinsider AT gmail DOT com

  14. amused Says:

    Or you could ask him “Where’s my book?” 😉

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