Koptalk Insiders nowhere to be seen as Liverpool add to the squad

Liverpool FC today announced they have reached an agreement to sign Oussama Assaidi from Heerenveen, subject to the player passing a medical.
This transfer came out of the blue as it’s not been mentioned anywhere in the media or on the internet as far as we can see.

The members of koptalk are paying to get information before anyone else, but they never do. Not in this case either. The only mention of the player before the news broke was from a member who mentioned Fulham wanted to sign him and another player more than two months ago. That was all. The imaginary koptalk insiders was nowhere to be seen. If you belive what Dunk says about who his sources are, you have to wonder why they knew nothing about this transfer. Why didn’t Informer pop up with his usual “money is being transfered” shite as he does when a player is looking nailed on to sign in a few days? Last year he was banging on with this for what must have been a month before we actually signed Adam. Every time it looked like it was about to happen he came out with that story. But not now. Not a word. Why is that? The simple answer is; “Dunk didn’t pick this up from the media”.

Jordan Henderson transfer rumours

There have been rumours going around the internet at various times that Liverpool are interested in signing Jordan Henderson from Sunderland. About a week ago it emerged again as rumours started circulating on twitter that Liverpool was in for Henderson, and even some rumours we had made a bid and had it accepted. One koptalk member posted this in the forums, but the thread was closed swiftly by Dunk, saying members should not post info from twitter. He also dismissed the rumours and said “Liverpool are not negotiating with the player’s club today. Liverpool have scouted the player several times but today’s claims are untrue and should be dismissed at this time.”

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Dunk's "inside" source revealed

One of the things Dunk does to make it look like he has inside information, is taking news from other websites, add his own spin, and post it as “Koptalk News”.

Today he came up with this: Read the rest of this entry »

Is the Koptalk Conman looking for a last big payout?

So the new free site that was supposed to be lauched in early June, late June, July, August, September 10th and September 28th is now IMMINENT? How long will it be imminent? A month? A year? A decade? You’ll never know with Dunk. He’ll probably put up the old one at some point, with a few design changes to make it look new. Read the rest of this entry »

The Truth – Koptalk still supports The Sun

No updates for a few days? Well with Koptalk and its owner Dunk now banned from News Now and most Reds well aware of what a con-artist he is there’s been a little bit less urgency I suppose. Personally I’ve had a few days of being busy and tired. Then the laptop decided to “blow up”. Actually it stopped working, needed taking to bits and then needed a touch of soldering on a dodgy part, before being put back together. A pain in the arse but nothing too bad. Dunk once claimed his laptop “blew up” – taking with it the almost finished “Anfield Exposed”. That’s the book he claims will lift the lid on all kinds of shameful happenings at LFC, the club he pretends to support. That’s not all he pretends about though – there is no book, never was, never will be. It’s just another item on the Kon list.

Congratulations to all involved at Anfield yesterday in getting “The Truth” to such a large audience. Well in Motty too – the fact you drew attention during the live commentary to the mosaic and the reasons it was there, alongside the chanting, was to be applauded, particularly considering it was your employers who were being criticised. Kelvin MacKenzie is scum and admitted quite happily that he knew he was printing lies when he said Liverpool fans pissed on their fellow supporters at Hillsborough. Kelvin MacKenzie should not be employed by any company or corporation that has any kind of concern about its customers or users. The BBC employed the liar, with public money, and deserve to be fined for it, deserve to have money taken away for it. Kelvin MacKenzie enjoys rubbing salt into wounds that 17 years on are still very much open – and whoever employed him should be sacked, on the spot.

This blog started off, as I’ve said many times before, as a bit of a laugh. A way of sharing with “outsiders” just what you got for your £30 as a member of the “Insider” and “Gold Club” – in particular the transfer gossip that was mainly stolen or fabricated. Additionally, one thing that had got my back up quite a bit prior to starting the blog was Dunk’s attitude towards The S*n. Kelvin MacKenzie was of course the editor of The Sun when he decided to help the South Yorkshire Police deflect the blame for their murderous actions by printing those lies. Like many Reds, perhaps nearly all Reds, I feel a deep sense of revulsion the more I think about that article. How much of a part that played in the prevention of justice ever coming for the 96 is hard to say, but it must be significant.

I can’t bear to see people read the Sun, as I occasionally do when I see people from outside Liverpool. I’m talking about people who aren’t Liverpool fans, about people who may not even be football fans. It might be people sat in a waiting room, on a train, in the pub, in a work environment. If I get speaking to them I point out why The Sun is so bad, and some people are genuinely surprised to hear about it. They didn’t know The Sun had, thanks to Kelvin MacKenzie, helped South Yorkshire Police spread a lie about Liverpool fans so that they could try and make it look like they’d done nothing wrong, that drunken fans were to blame. Great big disgusting lies, and MacKenzie is still proud of them.

What upsets me more about people reading The Sun is that some Liverpool fans don’t feel they need to tell younger Liverpool fans just what the boycott is all about. Or they play it right down, like it’s not important. Like it’s just political and too heavy. Well it is important. I read articles on other sites where the lowest of the low are saying some quite disgusting things about Hillsborough. A lot of this comes from fans of clubs like Manchester United – but it’s actually the exception rather than the norm. A lot of Manchester United fans are disgusted too. If Liverpool fans can’t put their younger fellow Reds fans right about the boycott, what hope is there that this minority of Manchester United fans won’t become a majority over time? An 18-year-old Red may not know about Hillsborough and The Sun – but they should only need telling once. And Koptalk is not a place to learn about the boycott, or to learn about Hillsborough.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingDuncan Oldham has decided to start using the latest coverage of the protest, “The Truth” to try and make himself look like a Liverpool fan after all. Yet anyone reading this blog knows that he despises the boycott. He pays to have The Sun delivered to his home every day. He wore a hat in summer 1998 which carried a “The Sun” logo, and after carefully smudging the logo in Photoshop he put it on his site. He used Photoshop later too with the same image, superimposing his own fat head onto the body of a Liverpool player. In May 1998 he was talking on Usenet about how the boycott might be extended to also include The Mirror, yet in July he was wearing that Sun hat in France, and getting someone to take a photo of him wearing it. He later lied about why he was wearing it, saying he didn’t know about the boycott!

A lot of his stories we found during the writing of this blog came from The Sun. It was quite a simple test to see how he did this. A story would appear on his site that we’d not seen anywhere else. I’d go onto Google News and search for the names mentioned in his story. Google News would show it had originated in The Sun. No need to read The Sun’s website for the story, Google News did enough to prove to me that’s where he’d got it from. How can any Liverpool supporter buy The Sun? How can any Liverpool supporter take stories from The Sun’s website? He doesn’t even have the decency to remove the gossip from The Sun that MacKenzie’s BBC employers include in the column Dunk steals from them.

Duncan Oldham is a Sun-loving piece of scum, and no amount of belated use of the campaign for “The Truth” will change that. If you’re reading this blog for the first time, please don’t take my word for it. There’s is evidence all through this blog about how Oldham loves The Sun. See “SUN-lovers” for an example of how he was paid by The Sun for advertising them on his site. There’s more about that issue at “The Sun comes up yet again at Koptalk HQ“. There’s an old one here – “Koptalk admit daily Sun delivery” too. There’s also “A deleted thread” about what happened when someone tried to point out the boycott to others.

You might find this article is the most revealing – “Response to Oldham” – one where Dunk tries to defend his policy towards The Sun (he was deleting threads if anyone tried to let other members know about the boycott). It was shortly after this that he made up his story about Peter Crouch talking to The Sun, claiming he was going to end Crouch’s LFC career using the tape he had of the interview!

Dunk had visitors on his site for most of the above incidents. His free forums were still thriving. He should have been educating his members, or allowing his members to educate other members, about the boycott. He didn’t want to though – it didn’t suit him. He’d been caught reading The Sun. It had been pointed out how he’d used that Sun hat during France ’98. He had to try and play down the boycott so that his members would think the blog was over-reacting. Like the boycott was a load of crap, promoted by “militants”. The Crouch tape was part of this – we’d proved his love for The Sun, he was trying to make out that was OK!

So why is he now promoting Saturday’s “The Truth” protest? Because he’s desperate for hits, desperate for members. He’s put a video on You Tube of the first six minutes of the game – but he’s made sure he’s emblazoned “Koptalk.coN” right in the middle of it. Desperately hoping other fan sites will put the link on their site and in doing so make it look like Koptalk is part of the LFC “family”. His stolen photos of the protest (stolen from national press photo agencies) are also emblazoned with the tarnished Koptalk.coN name. Again – he wants them spread in the hope people will think KopTalk is for Liverpool fans. Koptalk isn’t for Reds though – Koptalk is for Duncan Oldham. It’s to make him money, and he doesn’t give a shit how he makes it. He doesn’t boycott The Sun himself, he buys it every day and uses its stories as if they are his own. Don’t fall for it, Duncan Oldham still loves The Sun, still admires Kelvin MacKenzie.

Please – Boycott The Sun Loving Koptalk.coN.

And don’t let the BBC get away with employing MacKenzie, and please don’t let the quest for Justice for the 96 ever stop until they get that justice.

"Liverpool" site's £20m defender claim not what you'd think

Wondering who Liverpool’s £20m defender is? If you read Koptalk’s latest misleading headline then you’d probably be thinking that Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez had put that price onto one of our players. But no, it’s a price tag on someone else’s player, and the headline was designed to attract hits from people who think the word “Kop” in a website title means it’s a Liverpool website. In reality the “KopTalk” website is run by a former Leeds United fan who currently owns a Newcastle United season ticket and gets most of his transfer exclusives from the S*n or the Newcastle Evening Chronicle. The rest he makes up or steals from other LFC sites, without any acknowledgement, even claiming he’s got his own contacts inside the club!

#58301 – Yesterday at 01:56 PM
£20million price tag slapped on defender
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Clubs interested in recruiting Micah Richards will have to stump up £20million, so say his club Manchester City.

The teenage right-back who can also play in the centre of defence, has seen his valuation rocket following serious interest from Chelsea and that’s bad news for the likes of ourselves, Arsenal and Spurs who are all keen on signing him.

Manchester United are also keen on the youngster but Sir Alex has reportedly been told that funds will be there to compete with Chelsea if the Old Trafford boss wants to push ahead with a formal offer.

Expect more of the same from Koptalk next month – the transfer windows are  the busiest times of year for Koptalk, the times of year where they can make up more and more misleading headlines in an attempt to Kon people into parting with £30 for “insider” news.

Koptalk have no contacts at the club at any level. That includes gatemen, who aren’t going to be so easily bribed by the fat Konman. (In the summer, Oldham claimed to have persuaded a gateman, through the gateman’s brother, to become the latest member of the payroll for Koptalk. He of course hadn’t spoken to any gateman’s brother, and of course has no payroll of insiders and informers to add the gateman too. On the same day he claimed he’d got the painters at Anfield ringing him up with the identities of everyone who arrived at Anfield – he was at Melwood at the time. He also claimed he was set to move into Chris Waddle’s £300,000 home overlooking Melwood. Yes, that Chris Waddle. The Geordie one who’s never played for any of the Merseyside teams.)

As well as making up transfer stories to get people to part with £30, Dunk has spent a good amount of the last few years selling fake “signed” merchandise, and launching dubious “charity” appeals. Earlier this year he was combining the two, selling footballs with the most laughable of fake signatures on them for £100, similarly fake shirts for over £200, FA Cup final tickets (not fakes) for £1600 a pair – all supposedly for the benefit of his disabled cousin Lauren. Lauren never saw more than a token amount of what was collected at the beginning. Tens of thousands of pounds had been taken from Liverpool fans by the Koptalk Konman. Even now, in full knowledge of the accusations we’ve made, Oldham hasn’t yet confirmed that any of the money found its way to Lauren. Send him an email at support@koptalk.com and ask him what happened to the money. He’ll tell you to ask Lauren!

Just as we got closer to Christmas he launched an appeal for Alder Hey. Surely he couldn’t be about to rip people off again, not in full view of this blog with its thousands of daily visitors. We were worried about him asking for all donations to be paid straight into the Koptalk paypal account instead of him setting something separate up. At the same time I hoped this was finally a sign that he wanted to put things right, start offering something back from all his past cons and thefts.

After failing to show any receipts, after hiding the evidence of who’d donated what and how much it came to, after hiding his list of what he’d claimed to spend his money on, the whole lot was deleted from his forum. No mention of it, no sign of it, and I reported this in my last post on here.

But then I thought I’d got it wrong, I thought I’d missed the latest home of the Koptalk Alder Hey Appeal.

This appeal had first appeared as a sub-forum of its own, under the “Executive Lounge’ bit of the tumbleweed-infested Koptalk members’ site.

Then it moved to be a sub-forum of its own, this time under the “Chill Out Room” section of the same very quiet website.

All along there’d be different, important, threads related to the appeal disappearing on Dunk’s whims. Threads that showed evidence of how the money had come in. Members would leave a message saying how much they had pledged, “Katie” would list each pledge, then when it was received would show how much came through after the Pay Pal charges had gone out. Those threads were deleted as soon as it got close to the time to add it all up.

Later the forum was deleted altogether, and Dunk put just the threads he wanted his readers to see, and put them in various places throughout his site.

As we got closer to Christmas the only thread left for his members to see showed an email from Alder Hey and some photos from the “Imagine Appeal” offices at Alder Hey. More importantly was a promise that the receipts from the purchases would be scanned in and put onto the site, “over Christmas”. The fact that these receipts were, according to previous promises by Dunk, supposed to have been handed straight to Alder Hey “for guarantee purposes” at the same time as the goods were handed over was just another example of how Dunk continually goes back on his word without explanation.

On Christmas Eve all references to the appeal were removed, as far as I could tell.

The idiot running Koptalk, Duncan Oldham, had spent a week pretending to be in New York, when he was clearly still in Wallsend. Yet he couldn’t be arsed to spend five minutes scanning in those receipts to prove how he’d done all of this above board for the first time in his Internet life.

This morning I looked at the site and spotted this…

More hiding by the Konman

So the forum is almost certainly still there, just hidden from members.

What are you hiding Duncan?

Surprise pie for Liverpool-hating domain thief

Newer readers of the blog may not be aware of one of the subjects we’ve not covered for a while. Cyber-squatting.

This article is a brief pointer to the existing article we have on it here – Cyber Squatter. Read that page and you will see the long list of domain names “stolen” over the years by Duncan Oldham in an attempt to drive traffic back to his site.

He buys alternative domain names that morally don’t belong to him. Legally too in many cases. Like the “.co.uk” version of a site that’s using “.com” for its address. He sometimes pointed them to the genuine site for a while, taking them back again to point to either his own site or a pathetic holding page instead on a whim. Or shortly after being “attacked” by that “rival” site. Earlier this year we all had to hold back laughter when we found ourselves redirected from one of these stolen domain names.

He’d set up a holding page, called it “lol.html” (comic genius) and had a picture of a pie on a table with the title of the page set to “You’ve been pied” (outstanding talent). Some nonsense about looking after members when they’ve been spammed was written alongside it. I forget the details because it was just standard Dunkie Drivel.

This list of pinched domain names is long. One of the gems is http://www.kraptalk.co.uk – he bought this in recognition of the original Koptalk spoof site, www.kraptalk.com.

The most recent ones were this summer when he took alternative (and highly unlikely to be used) names for the www.est1892.com website. The site had just launched yet he felt it was ok to take these names and point them at his crap joke. That site has just celebrated getting its 2000th registered user, quite some going really. As far as I know he didn’t bother trying with www.sixcrazyminutes.com, which is now up to over 500 members in a short space of time.

Have a read of “Cyber Squatter” for the full list, including some that might be a surprise.

But first, please, have a look at a domain name that doesn’t belong to him. It used to, but he’s let it slip out of his greasy palms. It used to be home to his “Insider” site at one time in the distant past. No more.

Please visit – www.koptalk.tv – and enjoy the thought of Duncan’s face as he also visits and spits his five-sugars cup of coffee all over his computer screen.

Duncan Oldham – You’ve Been Pied. L O L !


* A big thank you to the blog supporting Liverpool fan who bought the domain and set all of this up. You know who you are – thanks from most web-reading Liverpool fans. Maybe Dunk will hand over the others now?


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