Where are the goals?

What happened to the goals that Dunk used to post during the matches? Normally he would make a video with the goals and post it in the forums a few minutes after it was scored. But recently these videos seems to have disappeared. Yesterday there was just a link to a file sharing site (filefront) where you could download a 60 MB file with goals and post match interviews. Someone also posted a link to a youtube video with the goals, but this is of course gone now. You’ll only get the message: “This video has been removed due to terms of use violation” Read the rest of this entry »

Is the Koptalk Conman looking for a last big payout?

So the new free site that was supposed to be lauched in early June, late June, July, August, September 10th and September 28th is now IMMINENT? How long will it be imminent? A month? A year? A decade? You’ll never know with Dunk. He’ll probably put up the old one at some point, with a few design changes to make it look new. Read the rest of this entry »

Dunk lands himself in it again

Clever Dunk, who knows best, doesn’t know what he’s saying any more (did he ever?).

This is just a quick post. But he was asking if anyoen (sic) knew about MS Access. A member asked why he wanted to know – his answer follows…

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Re: Anyoen know much about Microsoft Access? [Re: GGardiner]
Dunk Dunk Administrator
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Hi mate. I want to create a new members database with various fields. I have Access but have no experience of it. The original database that we have is old now and doesn’t have new fields that are needed now but that weren’t a few years back 🙂

I started it up and it looks dead confusing. Now I’m no thicko and I can teach myself anything but it’s the lack of time I have to get my head around new things. It’s no good me asking any of the monkeys here to spend time on it as they’re even slower than me, at least my excuse is that I’m always busy

Hmmm. This got my attention straight away. Because last summer he was saying this…

KopTalkInsider.com KopTalk Staff
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Your Privacy
#1545158 – 13/07/06 11:37 AM

We take your privacy very, very seriously.

For each member that participates we ask you to provide certain personal information, which is for security reasons only.

We only need this information to administer your account. It is never shared with anyone else, nor is it used for marketing of any description.

We do not need to be registered with the Data Protection Act as we are exempt for two reasons:

1) Accounts and Records are exempt unless processed or obtained from a credit reference agency

but more importantly:

2) No personal data is held or stored on any computer system

If you chose to cancel your membership or if we cancel it, we destroy any information we hold on you. Such paperwork is shredded several times.

The only way for people to obtain any information about you is through your public profile. We strongly urge you not to disclose your email address or details of where you work etc.

To edit your public profile click on MY HOME above top right.

If you publish your email address on the forums you are likely to be spammed. If you wish to contact another member you can do this through us.

Oh dear Duncan. Another cock-up?

For more on why Dunk lied last July, or lied today, or both – see this old post from last summer.  It was all part of the fallout from Dunk’s botched attempt to find “the bloggers”. He thought if he breached all his members’ privacy and illegally changed the Terms and Conditions of their membership (without notice or the right to cancel and get a refund) he would find us.

He didn’t.

Dunk – you should use the access database to keep track of your lies. Because you’re too thick to remember them.

And if anyone has time, the powers-that-be in charge of the data protection act might be interested in Dunk’s admission that he’s been keeping personal information about his members on a computer system for some time. There’s a screenshot here if you need it…


Ticket tout claims to be LFC owners' confidante

Where did Koptalk’s ticket go?

Duncan Oldham recently showed a scan of a share certificate in his name. He claimed to have “shares”, but didn’t say how many.

The recent takeover of Liverpool Football Club included a guarantee of match tickets for every bought-out shareholder. I’ve not checked the details, but Duncan Oldham was clearly entitled to at least one ticket as a former shareholder, maybe more if he had more than one share.

That is without including any entitlement earned by the season tickets in his name, that he sells on at a profit each season. He was (illegally) raffling tickets to various European fixtures this season too, so that is another way he may have qualified for a ticket. In other words, he was possibly in a position to buy numerous tickets, but let’s say he bought just one.

Dunk did not go to Athens. He’s still pretending to be there now, but there is far too much circumstantial evidence to say he isn’t there.

He spent last week in La Manga with Steve, taking videos from a major distance of the players training. It was impossible to make any of the players out. He had to pad this tiny amount of footage out by adding videos of him and Steve looking at the scenery in the Spanish resort, and making poor jokes about signs they passed.

He said he was then travelling to Athens directly from Spain. Yet not one piece of video from that camera has been seen. We got to see a 10-second mobile-phone camera clip of some Liverpool fans. But after forcing his flabby features on us for weeks on end on film all of a sudden he was nowhere to be seen. Have they lost their camera? They claimed they had two (one of Dunk’s recent videos was of him filming Steve coming home from shopping with members’ money and a second video camera.) They used members’ money to buy these cameras. To buy the flights. To pay for hotels. So why no video of the biggest event of the season, which they claimed to be at?

Because Oldham was at home in Wallsend, with the video cameras and the laptop, logging in as himself pretending to be in Athens, Katie in Athens or Steve in Athens.

I’m fairly convinced that Katie was in Athens, and we know that Steve was in Athens because he helped ITN to produce a report they knew was false.

But Dunk was back home, with the laptop. Either that or Steve has the laptop but doesn’t know how to work it.

Did Steve take any video footage? Well we’ll find out in the coming days – now that Steve’s home. Will it feature Dunk’s wonderful wit? No. Because Dunk didn’t go to Athens.

Why lie? Why not tell the truth? Chances are he was too frightened to go to Athens, given his notoriety on the net for ripping off Liverpool supporters and all the other anti-LFC stuff he does. He was happy to send Steve – Steve’s not quite so infamous, yet, plus cowardly Dunk isn’t exactly bothered about his little brother’s well-being. After all, he’s bullied him into staying in day and night for the past couple of years, keeping an eye on the site, unwaged, for 19 hours a day (Dunk’s claims). So Steve has no friends, no girlfriend, no contact at all with anyone of his own age, save Katrina, the 17-year-old forum chatline assistant. (The middle-aged conned-man Rich T still thinks he’s “in” with the teenager.) Dunk used to have an email address of “TheOrganGrinder”, clearly seeing Steve as his jug-eared peforming monkey. Steve getting beaten up is something Dunk would have enjoyed – a chance to whine about victimisation. It’s not right to beat Steve up, but there was a risk of it happening, and big bruv wasn’t even slightly bothered.

On Monday Steve was pictured in Athens with a ticket. Dunk was asked on his forums why Steve, who’d lied to ITN about his age, was pretending to need a ticket (for which he’d pay £600) when he already had one. “That’s mine,” claimed Dunk, from his bolthole. Well if was his, how was Steve instructed to use it?

We’ve not seen one photo of any of the Koptalk “family” inside the stadium. They were outside in a square according to Kat(ie)rina.

#176046 – Today at 01:30 PM Re: Terrible Photo [Re: Dunk]
Katie Katie
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That picture was at Zappeion square (sp?) where we watched the game! I told you it was bad there but that is terrible!!

So if Steve was outside, Kat-lel was outside, and Oldham was in Wallsend, who used Dunk’s ticket?

On Monday Steve had it in his hands. On Tuesday he had £600 cash in his hands, pretending to ITV he was a Liverpool supporter, looking for a ticket. On Wednesday he was in the square outside the ground not watching the game.

That post above is actually from Thursday, and almost certainly posted by Katrina herself. She didn’t check with Dunk first to get their stories straight. The next one was posted on Wednesday, a couple of hours before the game. Please don’t laugh.

#174676 – Yesterday at 05:18 PM Just received a call!!!!
Katie Katie Administrator
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The boys just had a phone call from mike jefferies who is having a meal in the champions league village with luis garcia and steve mcmanaman. We have all been invited down there to join them. This might be our last post now until after the game. Smoove is online keeping an eye on things.

Garcia!!! wooooo I want to meet him sooooooo much!!!
Wonder if he is drinking Sangria
I’ll get my coat 😦

I wonder if Katie’s ever heard the “I’ll get my coat” saying, from the Fast Show of probably ten years ago now. She’ll have been 7 ten years ago. She certainly didn’t write that little bit of nonsense.

Notice the “Smoove is online keeping an eye on things” statement? Dunk’s put that there in case any nasty blog supporters wanted to post hints to other members about the blog.

“The boys got a phone call” – it’s a minor slip-up but surely she either means “Dunk got a call” or “Steve got a call” – or do they share a phone? Of course Dunk wasn’t even there. And Mike Jefferies didn’t invite them for that meal of course. And hadn’t Dunk already made all of this up the night before?

Oh yes – on the 22nd, in reaction to us pointing out even then that he wasn’t in Athens…

#173447 – Today at 02:40 PM
Steve McManaman
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Meeting Mike Jefferies and Steve McManaman tonight & tomorrow. A few former LFC players from Macca’s time at Anfield also going to be here. We’ll try and get Macca on the video podcast taking the piss out of his ears
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Dunk’s too thick to remember the details of his lies and we’re still waiting for this video podcast. Or even a photo. The meeting was arranged on the 22nd, “tonight and tomorrow”, now there’s a phone call being made on the 23rd to invite them. Small details, but enough to show Dunk up as a liar.

Back on the 22nd, and 15 minutes after posting using Katie’s userid Dunk’s back again about it…

#174681 – Yesterday at 05:26 PM Re: Just received a call!!!! [Re: Liap]
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Jefferies just rang back and handed Garcia the phone! Steve asked if he was drinking Sangria and he said not yet lol answers my question I suppose!

What a load of bollocks. To be frank.

On Thursday Katie was logged on as herself again. She said this, just 20 minutes before she let it slip they were watching the game from the square. WHAT HAPPENED TO THAT TICKET?

#176025 – Today at 01:11 PM Re: Just received a call!!!! [Re: Charlie]
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Had a great night! Shame about the result thought! Oh well bring on Moscow 😀

That was clearly Katie coming in from Athens, logging on, and getting some of her views on her experience off her chest. A few hours earlier though and her userid was saying this (about the fighting in the square where her and Steve had been for the night).

#175641 – Today at 08:58 AM Official fan zone!
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I’m sorry to say but no matter what score the game ended on there is a line that you cross when giving all to the AC Milan fans and some of those reds crossed it last night!

On both times AC Milan scored a good 100-200 reds started throwing stuff at the Milan fans. This included cans (empty and full), glass bottles, chairs, I even saw a pack of 24 cans fly over and the worst one was the red flares that they decided to set off and throw right into the middle of the fans! When Kuyt scored a few cans got thrown back at the reds and that was it!

Now one thing that those who were throwing stuff forgot was that there were some reds in the middle of the Milan fans! I saw 3 lasses run out in tears because they had been hit with something! I was ashamed to be in with them and I hope that when they wake up and remember what they did they feel just as ashamed, if not more.

No matter what the score was that should not have happened. End of story!

What was it like where you watched the game from?

Silly Dunk. You logged on as Katie at 9am and then didn’t brief her on what to say when she arrived home herself much later.

#176111 – Today at 02:00 PM Re: Official fan zone! [Re: GetColin]
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This is a picture Dunk posted earlier and this was taken in the square that we watched the game in!

I am thankful I left when I did

But where was Dunk Katie? Why were there no pictures of Dunk in Athens?

Because Duncan Oldham touted his ticket to the highest bidder. What is funny, really funny, is that he’s probably told Steve to get as much as he can for the ticket. And then he thinks that Steve told him the truth about how much he got! You see Dunk’s been teaching Steve how to lie (badly) for years. Dunk hasn’t a clue how much Steve got for the ticket. Steve says, “I got £750,” and Dunk doesn’t know if he really got a grand. He’s not got a clue.

Duncan Oldham is a ticket tout. His FA Cup final tickets last season at £1600, and other examples, including his season tickets. He’s not going to last much longer as one though. A lot of people who tout their tickets will be getting worried in the aftermath of what happened with tickets from start to finish. And Dunk will hopefully be the first one caught.

Are you angry? People who went to matches all season, not just glamour ties, missed out on tickets. Duncan Oldham flogs his season ticket each year but still got a ticket. Which he sold on at a profit if his track record is anything to go on.

To help you calm down, here’s a piece of fantasy from the idiot. He’s still pretending to have contacts at Anfield. We know he hasn’t. He’s not got any friends at the club at all. Here’s his damning verdict on what our new owners think of our chief executive. It may be true, it may not – but let’s hope Dunk’s got a good lawyer after making these claims…

#170372 – Today at 07:22 AM Re:
Kaka on Liverpool’s shortlist of targets [Re: Dave100]
Dunk Dunk Administrator
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  Originally Posted By: Dave100
  Dunk, quick question. It is obvious that the new owners value Rafa and his opinion/business acumen/ability as a manager.
  If Rafa said he really wanted a player and Hicks/Gillette said “right Rick, off you go and get him.” What would happen if Parry failed to land the player? Do you think that our owners would send someone else in on their behalf to close the deal? Not only could this be an important close season for our team; it could be very important for Parry to ‘prove his metal.’

Dunk, do you think they’d step in if he struggles? I do.

They don’t rate Parry. Truth be told they think the place has been run by a muppet. They’ll never admit that but I’ve received enough DIRECT feedback, not 3rd party feedback, to suggest he’ll be history after the honeymoon period has past. Now he could be retained to save paying him off but look out for key appointments under possible different titles.

GG and TH have no experience of the football so they can’t just replace him with a man who has no experience either. I know that a MASSIVE proven CEO is in the running as I have acted a go between putting him and GG and TH in touch. Whether anything comes of it I have no idea.

The last four words of that little piece of bullshit say it all. He has no idea.

“He’ll be history” and “He could be retained” in consecutive sentences. That little load of nonsense made me laugh. Not sure how the two Americans will feel about the accusations they think Parry is a muppet.

And the extra laughter for me came from the image of George and Tom clamouring to tell Oldham the gossip, about how they’re not keen on Rick.

Oldham – you have no idea.

Looking for a tout for an Athens Ticket? You know where to look…

This blog is here now to highlight the “wrongs” of Koptalk. (Originally it was here to have a laugh at the ludicrous claims of “insider information” that Koptalk sold to its members. At that time one or two members did have links to people that might be able to provide snippets of information, but Duncan “Dunk” Oldham, owner of Koptalk, had none. And all those members have now left).

Some of the “wrongs” on Koptalk are illegal. Some are immoral. And some just don’t fit in with how we do things at Liverpool Football Club.

Look at the top row of links if you’re reading for the first time. You’ll find robbery, threats against players and staff (and the people behind this blog), forgery, fraud, lies and a whole lot more in the list of “wrongs” from Koptalk and its chief liar Duncan Oldham.

Athens is upon us. A chance for number six. Not everyone can go, either through lack of funds or lack of luck in the ballot. And a long list of other reasons. UEFA’s allocations were poor, and the way the club handled the distribution and the PR that surrounded it needs an urgent review. Which our new owners tell us we’ll get. So let’s not start complaining about who did what wrong over tickets. That’s not the focus of this site anyway.

I won’t go into details about how I realised Dunk was almost certainly at home all weekend, and not on his way to Athens as he claimed. If you recall, he went to La Manga last week, where he was shunned by the club for the parasite he is. He claimed that he was travelling directly from La Manga to Athens. I’m 99.9% certain that the pair of them (he and his simple half-brother) came back to the UK at the weekend. I expected him to then travel to Athens yesterday – but he stayed at home, again I’m 99.9% certain of that. He did, however, send Steve over (either on his own or with Katrina). Oldham knows that Steve is not too recognisable by other Liverpool fans wanting their money and also their club back from Koptalk. Also Oldham doesn’t particularly care if Steve gets into any bother. Coward that he is, he’d probably get some pleasure from it. It would allow Dunk to drone on all the more about “attacking my family” and he could do it from the safety of his bunker. The only pain he’d get would be from his mam clipping him round the ear for not keeping an eye on his little brother. Whether Oldham will now change his mind and try to get out there remains to be seen. He reacts to this blog almost every time we post. So when I say, “Duncan Oldham is not in Athens” he’ll do what he can to make that a different story. I’ve collected a few bits and pieces of the mistakes he’s made, if I get time I’ll try and put them all together.

Now, if he does get out there, will he have a ticket? Well as someone with access to a share certificate prior to the takeover, he knows someone who’ll have a ticket. Or someone who would have been allowed to buy a ticket, to use for whatever purpose they choose.

Last year he had tickets for the FA Cup final. He sold them for £1600 for the pair, to an Irish member going under the username of wezo23. This member complained about his treatment, especially because he said one of the main reasons for paying such a high price, the one little justification he gave himself to spend such a huge amount, was because Duncan Oldham had said he would be giving every penny of that money to his sick cousin Lauren. “Wezo” was worried that he’d paid all this money, and nobody had seen an ounce of proof that she ever got it. Now “Wezo” is posting again on Koptalk, so somehow Oldham has appeased him somehow. Something Oldham has said has turned the outrage “Wezo” had into acceptance. For years Oldham was able to explain away his wrongs to his more gullible members very, very easily. Delete a thread, ask them to ask by email, explain his answer to them. A gullible member would fall for it every time. A trusting person might accept it for now, benefit of the doubt. If it was a more intelligent member he’d be able to deal with them another way – just “cull” them, as he calls it. People are polite too – conmen thrive of human nature, and so the benefit of the doubt always went his way. Did Oldham prove to “Wezo” that Lauren had been given that money? If so, why can’t that same proof be made public? Well let’s just say that a lot of intelligent people read his rants through this blog, and perhaps the “proof” would prove nothing. We still wait for Oldham to prove he didn’t steal the money intended for Lauren. Last summer she should have received a good few thousand pounds from those tickets and the forged shirts and balls he sold.

If someone was auctioning tickets for charity today, and they were someone we could all trust, we’d have no problems at all. I’m speaking for myself, but I expect I’m speaking for most Reds. If Phil Thompson or Ian Rush appeared on Sky and said they’d decided to raise money for (insert name of charity here) by auctioning off some of their tickets we’d applaud them, and the auction would be a huge success. Someone who’d been willing to pay a tout £1000 would have paid £1500 for tickets in the auction, purely because they would have felt it was a good thing to do. You get your tickets, the touts get nothing, a charity gets a significant boost.

If another auction appeared at the same time from an unknown, and the same types of tickets went for the same price, but not for charity, the seller would be branded as scum, as a lowlife. Why? Because if you’ve had the honour, for whatever reason, of getting tickets for this match, you don’t get the right (legally or morally) to make a profit. Nobody would grumble at tickets going for £1500 for charity, but we don’t like touts. Liverpool fans don’t like touts. We have an unwritten but respected code that you never sell a ticket for more than it cost you. Anything above face value is frowned upon – most people selling tickets don’t even get the booking fee back, they actually make a slight loss.

For some Reds, especially those who’ve spent most of their time as a Red using Koptalk as their reference point, might not have realised this. Like they wouldn’t have known about the S*n boycott. Only the other day a poster on Koptalk urged his fellow members to go and visit that rag’s website. The response from Oldham and his “staff”? Silence. And Oldham had seen the post, and was posting before during and after the post was made. On a thread he’d already posted on. But in the Koptalk world, touting is OK. Reading the S*n is OK in koptalkland. Dunk’s motto is “look after number 1” and he lives that motto, crapping on anyone and everyone to get what he wants. Even his own family.

With tickets it’s usually a case of what goes around comes around. If you always sell your tickets on at face value, you’ll find yourself in a crowd of honourable people (mainly!), and the day you need a ticket someone will be willing to let you have it at face value. Not necessarily the person or persons you’ve sold to in the past. The idea is, if we all sell at face value, we know we’ve a good chance of buying at face value when it’s our turn to be short of a ticket.

Some forums have ticket exchange sections. Some just allow members to post requests for tickets, or to announce they’re trying to lose one. On Koptalk you have to tell Oldham through a support ticket that you’ve got tickets to pass on. This gives him first shout on the tickets. If he can sell them on himself he will. People have written into us in the past about this – in fact if you’ve ever bought a ticket of Oldham, would you mind writing into us again? If you’ve ever “won” a ticket off him, could you let us know? Dunk’s ticket-touting past is a big part of the information we need to gather on him.

All of this lead-up is quite simply because of this post yesterday. I’ve never seen a post like this on any other forum. Well I have, but it’s usually been followed by a barrage of abuse for the original poster, who more often than not is making their first post. Usually not even football supporters, they’ve got hold of tickets through some corporate deal or other and want to go on holiday with the profits. The poster generally gets put right, his contact details removed by the first admin or moderator to see the post.

That’s how Liverpool FC fan site work. Not how the Koptalk LFC Para-Site works.

On Koptalk you can tout all you like – just make sure you do it through “the big man” first…

#172930 – minutes seconds ago
Match Ticket and Flight available for Champions League Final
RedSnoop79 RedSnoop79
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Loc: Cork, Ireland
This is the deal then. The first person to email me and agree to pay €1850 (roughly £1270) gets a seat on the KopTalk flight from Liverpool to Athens leaving at 03:30 on Wednesday the 23rd of May and returning at 04:30 on Thursday the 24th, and a match ticket in Gate 12, Section C.

Anyone who’s interested in the flight only the price is €850 (£569) but I’ll take the best offer.

Anyone interested in the match ticket only send on your best offer and a contact number for while you’re in Athens so that we can do a deal closer to kick-off if your price isn’t right now.

I need a name for the seat on the plane by 13:30 tomorrow or the seat goes empty! Anyone who offers less than the £569 I paid for it will have to wait until about 13:00 to hear if they have been successful. If anyone matches the £569 I’ll do the deal there and then.

I’ll be on the flight from Liverpool so I can meet the buyer in John Lennon airport to do the deal. We’ll be in contact before that anyway to sort the name on the ticket.

I’ve set up an email account just to do this deal.

Look forward to hearing from you.
We are a football club. We are LIVERPOOL FOOTBALL CLUB. It’s what we are and what we will forever be!
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Rather an inappropriate signature. To “RedSnoop79” we’re just a way for him to make money. Listen out for a Cork accent in Athens. In fact if you’re on that flight in the early hours of the morning, listen out for a Cork accent. This “fan” is trying to get rich from the fact the club have not been in a position to give all fans who want to go a ticket to go.

Maybe I’ve missed something. Maybe the tout from Cork is actually saying that he’s paid £1270 himself for this package, which I find doubtful. Yes, if he’d bought the flight and the match ticket from an agency I could imagine it. But he bought the flight separately from the ticket. He wants a whopping ONE THOUSAND EUROS for the ticket. I really doubt that any fan who’d paid that kind of money for a ticket would not now be able to go to the game.

That’s my view, and a view I’d expect repeated on any other LFC fan site. But not on the Para-Site…

#172935 – minutes seconds ago
Re: Match Ticket and Flight available for Champions League F [Re: RedSnoop79]
Dunk Dunk Administrator
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Don’t post email addresses on the forum please. People can contact you by opening a support ticket
dunk2007 at koptalk.coN

So that’s the view of the para-site. Tout all you like, just make sure you pass it through the main man first.

How much commission has Dunk made from this final? Nobody has a problem with honest commission. How much dishonest commission has he made?

Well keep the evidence coming, old and new, and maybe we’ll get some real figures once and for all about all his rip-offs.

Dream dream dream – Dunk and his "family"

(Warning: This is a long post).

Half an hour browsing around Koptalk yesterday afternoon gave me such a laugh. This was before I saw Dunk post his letter from the Irish businessman. As you probably know, unless you’re a new reader, this blog was set up to poke fun at a morbidly obese liar who took money from unsuspecting Reds in return for stories he made up about goings on at Anfield.

In no time at all it soon became clear that Oldham had no inside information whatsoever, he had not one single contact at the club. But it also became clear that Oldham’s “sins” were much more serious than pretending he had regular tea and cake with Rick Parry.

We also found his love of The S*n stretched further than him wearing a hat advertising the hated rag in France during the 1998 World Cup.

All of this is on the blog, accessible either by using the search button or using the quick links at the top of the page.

My half-hour had started off like days of old. Dunk lies to his members, telling them (or hinting) that he knows what’s happening inside the club. But he makes it all up as he goes along, and forgets most of it. In the old days this wasn’t much of a problem – if anyone questioned him about one of his old “exclusives” he’d just delete the question. Or on a generous day he’d give a quick fob-off for an answer, deleting the thread soon after, before too many got suspicious. And there’d be little evidence of his “exclusive” from those prior months. He’d make sure the posts didn’t stick around too long.

Yesterday one of his members remembered what Dunk had promised him. At the moment it’s impossible to tell who is a trusting member of Koptalk and who is a member fully-versed in Dunk’s scams and asking questions in mock innocence. I’ve no idea which of those “Dave100” counts as, or if he’s one those members who have started to wonder what the hell is going on inside the site they pay £30 for. Dunk had promised more information would be forthcoming in the second week of May about West Ham’s Tevez. But Dunk forgot, because Dunk’s a rather thick bungling idiot.

If he had a brain there’d be less material for the blog…

#161033 – Today at 11:58 AM
Dunk, 2nd Week in May
Dave100 Dave100
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…option on Tevez?

We are into that 2nd week now.

Any news?

Or will it be after Sunday’s game do you think?

– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
(Cut to Wallsend and Steve has to use the wrong end of the broom handle to wake the gross liar from his slumbers. Removing his ear-plugs now that fatty has finally ceased snoring, the young apprentice points at the computer screen. Dunk has to think fast. And for someone who has trouble thinking, that’s a big ask…)

#161039 – Today at 12:01 PM
Re: Dunk, 2nd Week in May [Re: Dave100]
Dunk Dunk Administrator
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My thoughts were that we’d hear something around the 15th which a key date for us. However with us now reaching the final this changes things (in my opinion) so we may have to wait until after the final for these things to be addressed by the management.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
(Even by your standards that’s poor Dunk. First of all, the 15th is actually in the third week of May, not the second, but the rest of it is absolute shite. We know you make things up, and this proves it. So Liverpool are going to turn round to the clubs of potential targets and say, “Oh, would you mind awfully if we didn’t talk about signings until after Athens? Could you tell other interested clubs to hang back as well? What’s that? Yes, I know we were discussing it right in the middle of the season, but this one extra match, big as it is, means we’ve got to stop chatting about transfers.” I’ve heard Rick Parry getting some stick today, and in the absence of answers to some of the questions asked it might turn out to be justified, but even Mr Parry’s not that inept. Poor show Dunk, poor show. “Dave100” pretends (I assume) to agree…)
#161044 – Today at 12:03 PM
Re: Dunk, 2nd Week in May [Re: Dunk]
Dave100 Dave100
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Ok, thanks

I thought as much. Don’t want to unsettle the squad before the CL final i guess.

Stay focused and all that.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
(‘Phew!’ thinks lardy, ‘I’ve got away with it.’)
#161050 – Today at 12:05 PM
Re: Dunk, 2nd Week in May [Re: Dave100]
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Makes sense doesn’t it 🙂
– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –
(Er, let me think. Makes sense? Does it bollocks.)

The following post made me laugh. Some people reading this will know why.

#160554 – Yesterday at 10:10 PM
big problem 4 me
wezo23 wezo23

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im due to fly out on sunday morning from ireland to go see liverpool play charlton on sunday. but i cant find my passport. i have searched high and low in the house and cant find it anywhere. had it for sure in march when we went to rome. any tips?????

I don’t want to comment much further than to say that this person has been mentioned on the blog before. He’s a victim who knows he’s a victim of Dunk’s scams. Think “ticket tout” and “FA Cup Final” and “£1600” plus “For Lauren”. And yet he goes back for more. I think anyone asking a forum for help on where he might have put his passport is probably beyond help, and proof of why Dunk’s found it so easy to rip so many people off…

Then I found this. What was Dunk doing, offering CL tickets for £1? Or to be more accurate, my thought process was more along the lines of, “What does the fat liar really mean by this?” It soon became clear…

#161001 – Today at 11:40 AM
Champions League Final tickets for £1?
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Coming up later today… your chance to win Champions League final tickets in the Liverpool section!
(And a quick comment from underage Katrina…)

#161009 – Today at 11:45 AM Re: Champions League Final tickets for £1?
Katie Katie Administrator

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Are you serious? Why have I not been told about this? Can I not buy it if I pay £2??? 😉

(A couple of other comments appeared before in walked fat boy once again. It later turned out that this comment was about the Irish businessman he thinks was winding him up…)
#161032 – Today at 11:58 AM
Re: Champions League Final tickets for £1? [Re: Katie]
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I don’t have any tickets to sell – sorry.

We did receive a lovely email yesterday from a member of our ‘fan club’ pretending to be a businessman after flights and tickets… you can take the member out of KopTalk but you can’t take KopTalk out of the member
– – ———————-

I’ve just read that last comment again and can’t quite work out what Dunk meant. He’s saying that one of those many people that can’t stand him or his scams had emailed him pretending to be someone else. Using an alias perhaps? Claiming things that weren’t true, maybe? So why is Dunk saying “you can take the member out of KopTalk but you can’t take KopTalk out of the member”? I read that this way: If you become a Koptalk member, you learn about telling mistruths, or lies, and even when you leave, you’ll still be telling lies and so on. Is that what he meant? Is he admitting that Koptalk is run on a bed of lies? Or did he mean something else, but his thickness tripped him up? Who knows? Dunk doesn’t.

Shortly afterwards he posted the email from the businessman. Probably a bit of a backfire to do so, but Dunk rarely gets anything right.

Then again, he’s not the only one. Here’s another exciting post from the £30 members’ only website that nobody wants to join…

#161168 – Today at 01:10 PM
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Just heard this from the next room to me…

“**** me! It’s printing 1173 pages, how do I stop it?!”

KopTalk… no. 1 for getting things right

So, after composing myself again at such a mirth-bringing post I started to wonder what the 1173 pages might have been from. Stolen credit card details from those trying to book flights through his scammy offer? Personal details taken illegally last summer by the anti-Red site from members who would not be allowed to use the product they’d paid for until they’d complied with these new rules (including the “post once a month or you’re out” rule)? Or was it the affiliate terms and conditions for the Virgin Games website fatty was using for his offer of tickets for £1? You see generous fatty was actually asking his members to sign up to Virgin Games’ Poker website, depositing whatever minimum they require. As part of this, Virgin Games have a game where you can win CL tickets. So you download the software (after clicking on the link that includes Fatty’s affiliate code) and fatty pockets a load of commission.

With any other site we’d not have a problem. But this is fatty, and he tries to sell this whole idea as if he’s got the tickets to start with, then gradually admits he hasn’t. But he never admits that he’ll get commission for everyone who signs up and deposits money. Or that it’s likely to cost each member much more than £1 to be able to enter the competition, after they’ve made minimum deposits.

But I don’t think he actually read the Terms and Conditions of the agreement he has with Virgin Games.

If you look at the Virgin Games website you can see those Ts&Cs, at http://www.virgingames.com/affiliates/Terms.aspx. Notably these sections (I’ve added my own emphasis for what I consider applies most to Oldham…)

You should not apply to our Affiliate Program if you do not agree with the following terms and conditions. If you have any queries about the content of this Agreement, please email us at affiliates@virgingames.com.

7.3. We may reject your application if we determine in our sole discretion that your website is not suitable for the our Affiliate Program for any reason, including but not limited to: inclusion of content on your website that we consider is in any way unlawful, harmful, threatening, defamatory, obscene, harassing, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable. By way of example only, this may include:

1. sexually explicit, pornographic or obscene content (whether in text or graphics);
2. speech or images that are offensive, profane, hateful, threatening, harmful, defamatory, libellous, harassing or discriminatory (whether based on race, ethnicity, creed, religion, gender, sexual orientation, physical disability or otherwise);
3. graphic violence;
4. politically sensitive or controversial issues or
5. any unlawful behaviour or conduct.

7.4. We shall reject your application if:

1. your website is designed to appeal to minors;
2. your website infringes or appears to infringe any intellectual property rights;
3. your website does not match the website design, architecture, content or target standards we require of our revenue share Affiliates. Such standards exclude, for example: confusing navigation, heavy loading, design inconsistencies, lack of/scarce use of written/editorial content, low traffic ratings or non gaming targeted traffic (we may advise you to apply to our CPA network partner instead);
4. your website is under construction;
5. your website is hosted in a jurisdiction where online gaming advertising is prohibited by law; or
6. you are already a registered Affiliate on our Affiliate Program.

In other words, Duncan Oldham should not have applied to this affiliate programme. So if you’ve time, please email the address above and warn Mr Branson’s lot that they’ve a fat copyright stealing liar promoting their product in a fairly misleading way, on his porn-ridden site full of threats towards anyone who disagrees with him. You get the idea. The more people who get in touch with them the quicker they’ll deal with him.

Richard Branson doing business with the charity thief that is Duncan Oldham? I somehow don’t think he’d like that.

This next one was funny too….

#161381 – Today at 05:25 PM
FAO Dunk
Hall10 Hall10
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Dunk, With the possibility of “Ged” becoming Newcastle manager, and with Owen already there and their possible signing of Cisse…. Will you be switching clubs and starting BARCODETALK.COM??? 😀
— — — — — — — — —
#161385 – Today at 05:31 PM Re: FAO Dunk [Re: Hall10]
Dunk Dunk Administrator
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Posts: 18789 Now it’s funny you should say that

I’ve been asked to help with loads of football club websites in the past including Newcastle. Sadly when I told people this a few members of my ‘fan club’ on other sites tried to make a big deal out of this. I’ve tested the water and have an interest in a few live projects but it’s a big secret so don’t tell anyone

I’d love to see Ged back though but not at Newcastle as he deserves better.
— — — — — — — — —

So the story changes again. Dunk alternates constantly between admitting he had set up a Newcastle website and a Spurs website, and saying he only offered advice after “being approached for help”. He sometimes claims he had a site planned for, of all teams, Nottingham Forest! The truth is that he set up site for Spurs, and a site for Newcastle. Neither got many hits, and one of them was based on software he hadn’t paid for. He closed both down a year ago.

It was some time later that he applied for a licence from the Premier League to use photographs of Premier League football games on his site. He lied on his application. If you’ve time, can you ring the Premier League and tell them he doesn’t have numerous sites covering numerous football clubs? He only has the LFC site, and that means he should have got permission from LFC, not the Premier League. It’s LFC’s decision how much he should pay for the licence, not the Premier League’s, if his site only features LFC! He lied to the Premier League to get his licence.

Give them a call, tell them the truth, and mention to them that he also thinks the licence includes the actual fees for the use of each photo too. It doesn’t, and he uses those photos without paying for them. Copyright theft.

Shortly afterwards I noticed he had changed the page talking about the flights to Athens. This was a little after I’d had an email from Trading Standards saying they were looking into this offer. Perhaps he’d been warned about the credit card stuff.

Looks like one member doesn’t want to pay £30 for a complete pile of crap…

#161623 – 24 minutes 22 seconds ago
Yo Dunk..(possible goodbye to everyone)
Vish Vish
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Just catching up on my email since my long holiday and have noticed i’m about 2 days away from my subscription ending. I am having second thoughts as whether to renew only because I am a little concerned at the value for money aspect. £30 is a alot of money (especially to a newly graduated unemployed lazy cnut like me).

Any new plans for this summer or up-coming seasons? I do like the fact that there’s loads of videos on here and I can easily catch up with stuff if I’m out the country etc.

Are other members having second thoughts whether to renew? No hidden agendas here Dunk, been around for a while here now just thought i’d weigh up my options if thats cool. If i am going i’ll just take an opportunity to thank everyone at Koptalk plus the excellent contributors for making this a top site
#161635 – 6 minutes 0 seconds ago
Re: Yo Dunk..(possible goodbye to everyone) [Re: Vish]
Dunk Dunk Administrator
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Posts: 18806 If you’re genuinely unemployed and a bit skint then we can help you. The site isn’t about squeezing money out of our members, it’s about ticking over.(My arse!) For less than 9p-a-day I know it’s worth it because of the amount of time we put in but I guess i’m going to say that 🙂 (And we’re off again, starry-eyed Dunk actually believing people still fall for this crap)

There are plenty of other LFC sites on the web that are supported by donations or advertising, or they have a team (group of friends) that chip in to pay the bills. Sadly I’m on my own with the help of family and friends and I’ve chosen to have an optional membership and the site was free to all from 1998/99 until we switched to subs.(Was this during the dot com boom that made you those millions you turned down, or whatever it is you normally drone on about?)

Contrary to popular belief, that means we take less revenue than when we were open to all.(Are you still unwaged, or have you stopped claiming that now? It’s hard to say you’re unwaged when you spend so much on cars and gadgets, without drawing attention to the lack of proof Lauren ever got the money you’d collected for her.) If it was about money I would make the site open to all and rake it in on the ad revenue.(You normally claim there is no money in net ads any more. Like the S*n ones you ran, but not just those. So why’s that story changed again?) The reason I prefer it this way is that it helps keep out rival fans and other idiots. (You mean it makes it harder for anyone to spread the word about you. You prefer to keep them in your little concentration camp instead, where they can’t speak to each other without being watched!) Since we’ve gone members only we’re also online every minute of every day overseeing things.(He means he has NY drop-out Smoove logged on overnight, and 17-year-old UK college drop-out Katrina on during the day, with him and his dopey step-bro doing the rest of the shifts. Why? Because they need to swoop on suicide posts as quickly as possible, they can’t afford many more people to see the anger they’ve caused.)

Since going members only we have stepped up to the best hosting available in the country (but at a price). (Yes – we checked. After reading your claims of £600 per month I actually found out the true price. £97 per month. That’s over £500 less than you claimed. Mr Bullshit. £97 isn’t too bad, for a managed service aimed at those who don’t know what they’re doing.) It’s an invisible feature I guess because you guys won’t think about that kind of stuff. I like the security of a 5 minute response time when the site goes down and regular updates rather than waiting hours and hours for a support request to be answered, never mind dealt with, when the site is down.(As long as you put the support request in though Dunk – when you were away on your “jolly” to Barca with your members money, your site was down for a good few hours. Nobody told UKFast it was down. You’ve only got the most basic service they do. £97).

We’ve registered with the Premier League since going members only have and stumped up our licence fees and spent thousands of pounds getting you guys the best match photos without having to lift them for you.(See above – again, try and give the Premier League a call. Tell them Dunk’s licence was obtained by deception. And ask them if Dunk’s actually been paying the agencies for each photo.)

Maybe these things mean little but the point I’m trying to make I guess is that we don’t pocket revenue. (Ah – off we go again)We invest every single penny back into the site.(So how do you pay for food then fatty? You eat a lot of it. And your car? Don’t pretend it’s property, we know it’s not. How do you live? Benefits? You contradict yourself too much.) It would be easy to save on hosting, we could ditch the photos and open up the forums to non members but I like the way things are now. It generally attracts more sensible people.(Like wezo23?)

We’ve also given away loads of match tickets and have made many Reds happy as a result. Maybe we need to fix a comp so you win (You can’t get match tickets you said earlier? Another contradiction. You started to give them away as soon as you realised we were watching. And you do fix the competitions. Don’t you?)

(He’s still not finished…)I see it more of people supporting us if they like what we do rather than buying into something for the sake of it. Because at the end of the day I like to think of it as a family and I think that’s why thousands of members renew every year. But we can’t meet the needs of everyone.(THOUSANDS! I think not. In fact I know not. But “thousands” means at least two thousand, which would be sixty grand in membership fees. Where does it all go? Is it declared? Well for starters I would be surprised if he’d even had 100 new members in the last 12 months. And whatever he does get in doesn’t get declared anywhere. It’s all hidden away in PayPal accounts. (For now).)

At the end of the day we’re just ordinary fans, we’re not a big player, we don’t have the resources of the big boys but we give 110% and if that’s not good enough or if that doesn’t warrant support, there’s not much more we can do 🙂 (Oh dear, dear me. Violin please.)

I’ve just paid for a site upgrade here which should happen soon. I also hope to have some new skins developed for people at work so the forums don’t stand out too much for them and fit in more with their work environment! (Paid for it? I should hope so, because you didn’t pay for it when you used it on your porn site. And you’ve also been looking at changing to the Exponent content management system, which is free open-source software. So don’t be trying to claim you paid for that if you do ever work out how to install it.)

We pay for a chat room, the podcast, the radio service, the SMS alerts (which cost us thousands of pounds every month or so), the match photos, the licences, the best hosting (bnest business host 3 years running I believe), 24/7 moderation, the best prizes… I don’t really know what else I could give. (He’s not mentioned the SMS alerts for a while. Those alerts that people get for a very short time before they all dry up. The ones that keep being reduced all the time. And if you’re now saying you pay for the moderation does that mean that you are all now getting a wage? Contradictions again.)

If people go on holiday they can let us know and we’ll call them at the hotel to let them know what’s happening at LFC or we can text them or fax them. If someone’s stuck on the tube and they need to know what’s happening at Anfield they can text Steve to ask and he’ll text back. If someone can’t get an LFC kit we’ll go to the club shop and buy what they want and send to them wherever they are in the world at cost, no profit…. it’s the small things that cost nothing that are probably welcomed the most. Oh yeh and our transfer deadline day updates are priceless (Has anyone ever had regular personalised updates on holiday? Can you get text messages out from the tube, considering it’s underground? Kits at cost? Do you add petrol money onto those costs for the journey from your Wallsend bunker to the club shop four hours’ drive away? And how about those special shirts you supply – you know the ones that you and Steve write on with black marker and claim Reds players signed them? How come you charge an extra 200 quid for those? Cost only? Bullshit.)

I hope you choose to stay but if you don’t, I wish you well(If he pays, great, if not – get stuffed. As many other members of “the family” found.)

And if you do go, and you don’t need to earn your “I’ve been banned by KopTalk badge” to parade on other sites after acting like a 2-year-old, I’ll even let you have one of my finest steak pies 😉 (That pie joke’s wearing thin as fast as you’re growing fat. And I thought you didn’t ban anyone anyway)

So half an hour in the afternoon, perhaps 15 minutes in the evening, and Dunk made that many mistakes. Dunk drew attention to the fact that there are sites outside the commune. Sites that attack him. And some members will now be using Google to find those sites. And more members will leave as they learn the truth about the Newcastle-season-ticket holder who has spent the last eight years conning Liverpool fans.

Well done Dunk – you market this site better than anyone these days!


I’ve been quiet again of late, but I’ve been popping in an out of Koptalk, and I do try to read all my emails, even if I don’t actually reply to them. Apologies to anyone who writes and gets no reply.

Dunk’s been busy again, on his little fantasy island.

And how I’ve laughed. You too?

Where’s the book? Where’s the van? Where’s the house near Melwood he’s buying  off Chris Waddle? Where’s the LFC-themed hotel he’s building in Liverpool? They’re all old fantasies. Now he’s talking of being the next airline mogul with his offer to charter a plane to Athens. Lazyjet? And then he finds, oh so conveniently, that there isn’t enough room at the airport to park his plane.

It must be quite hard for someone so dim to grasp the concept that every time he reveals one of his wild fantasies he finally tips at least one of his doubting members over the edge towards the truth. And each one of those usually takes a handful of others with them.

Not that there are many members left who have friends on Koptalk. What I mean is, their friends, if any, will be away from Koptalk. You can’t send a PM on Koptalk. You can’t find out someone’s MSN address, you can’t find out their email address. You have to go through “the daddy”, who even vets his sidekick Steve’s email before he lets him send any replies.

What is worrying is his Athens flights idea. Anyone who lives outside the Koptalk bubble knows damn well that you wouldn’t trust Dunk with an old bent penny. But some of his members may not be so aware. They’re still either caught up in the cult, or just don’t believe that such a dopy fat fantasist would actually want to rip them off.

No name is mentioned of the operator, if indeed there is one. I find it doubtful that there would be, and if there was they would allow Dunk to advertise in the the way he has. If there is an operator, Dunk is seriously worried we might find out who it is and warn them. We have warned ABTA, ATOL and Consumer Direct. We’ll find out soon enough if they are useful organisations who’ll protect consumers. The other reason Dunk would hide the operator’s name is because he knows he could earn a decent commission if he can con enough people to book through him.

And that’s the con. Dunk always tells us he gets no wage from Koptalk. He does if for the love of LFC – he claims. All the moeny that comes in covers the costs of hosting he claims comes in at £600 per month (we checked – he pays £97 per month in fact).

So why would he need to make a profit out of these flights? Surely he could offer them at a lower price, in return for no commission at all! He needs to make his mind up – is Koptalk there to make a profit, or is it a hobby for him and his unwaged family?

The real worry in all of this is that Dunk will be getting access to people’s personal information, and their credit card details. He claims the operator wants him to collate all the booking forms, including credit card details. This is the person who charges three times for one thing. The person who sells dodgy goods, fake Sky viewing cards, fake signed merchandise. The person who tells his readers to install spyware, using his affiliate link so he can make money from them.

And now he wants credit card details!

If you’ve already supplied him with any credit card details I urge you to speak to your bank immediately. Explain that you’ve passed your credit card details onto someone who’s been under scrutiny for some time over his business practices. Someone who collected thousands of pounds “for charity” but never, ever, showed a shred of evidence that he’d handed it over.

Someone who expects his poor ripped-off members to believe bullshit like this. Yes, the original reason for this blog was to show “outsiders” what the “insiders” were paying for. And this is what your £30 brings you these days…

#159143 – Yesterday at 12:53 PM Eto’o latest
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Italian giants AC Milan are stepping up their attempt to sign Barcelona striker Samuel Eto’o.

Milan officials are trying to arrange a meeting with the player’s representatives to discuss a possible summer move.

Chelsea, Manchester United and Arsenal has also been linked with the player but Liverpool are believed to have already touched base with the player’s agent.

Barcelona want to sign Xabi Alonso in the summer and would be prepared to negotiate a deal with the Reds if it meant that they could take the Spaniard back to Spain.

KopTalk understands that Reds boss Rafa Benitez has a short-list of six strikers and that Eto’o along with David Villa sit at the top of that list. Klaas Jan Huntelaar and Carlos Tevez are other names that the boss has an interest in. David Trézéguet is another candidate but we believe he’s more of a fall-back option.

News from within Anfield is thin at the moment but we hope to provide a more detailed update once the Charlton game is out of the way.

Why pay for bullshit when we can show it to you for free?