"Liverpool" site's £20m defender claim not what you'd think

Wondering who Liverpool’s £20m defender is? If you read Koptalk’s latest misleading headline then you’d probably be thinking that Liverpool boss Rafa Benitez had put that price onto one of our players. But no, it’s a price tag on someone else’s player, and the headline was designed to attract hits from people who think the word “Kop” in a website title means it’s a Liverpool website. In reality the “KopTalk” website is run by a former Leeds United fan who currently owns a Newcastle United season ticket and gets most of his transfer exclusives from the S*n or the Newcastle Evening Chronicle. The rest he makes up or steals from other LFC sites, without any acknowledgement, even claiming he’s got his own contacts inside the club!

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£20million price tag slapped on defender
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Clubs interested in recruiting Micah Richards will have to stump up £20million, so say his club Manchester City.

The teenage right-back who can also play in the centre of defence, has seen his valuation rocket following serious interest from Chelsea and that’s bad news for the likes of ourselves, Arsenal and Spurs who are all keen on signing him.

Manchester United are also keen on the youngster but Sir Alex has reportedly been told that funds will be there to compete with Chelsea if the Old Trafford boss wants to push ahead with a formal offer.

Expect more of the same from Koptalk next month – the transfer windows are  the busiest times of year for Koptalk, the times of year where they can make up more and more misleading headlines in an attempt to Kon people into parting with £30 for “insider” news.

Koptalk have no contacts at the club at any level. That includes gatemen, who aren’t going to be so easily bribed by the fat Konman. (In the summer, Oldham claimed to have persuaded a gateman, through the gateman’s brother, to become the latest member of the payroll for Koptalk. He of course hadn’t spoken to any gateman’s brother, and of course has no payroll of insiders and informers to add the gateman too. On the same day he claimed he’d got the painters at Anfield ringing him up with the identities of everyone who arrived at Anfield – he was at Melwood at the time. He also claimed he was set to move into Chris Waddle’s £300,000 home overlooking Melwood. Yes, that Chris Waddle. The Geordie one who’s never played for any of the Merseyside teams.)

As well as making up transfer stories to get people to part with £30, Dunk has spent a good amount of the last few years selling fake “signed” merchandise, and launching dubious “charity” appeals. Earlier this year he was combining the two, selling footballs with the most laughable of fake signatures on them for £100, similarly fake shirts for over £200, FA Cup final tickets (not fakes) for £1600 a pair – all supposedly for the benefit of his disabled cousin Lauren. Lauren never saw more than a token amount of what was collected at the beginning. Tens of thousands of pounds had been taken from Liverpool fans by the Koptalk Konman. Even now, in full knowledge of the accusations we’ve made, Oldham hasn’t yet confirmed that any of the money found its way to Lauren. Send him an email at support@koptalk.com and ask him what happened to the money. He’ll tell you to ask Lauren!

Just as we got closer to Christmas he launched an appeal for Alder Hey. Surely he couldn’t be about to rip people off again, not in full view of this blog with its thousands of daily visitors. We were worried about him asking for all donations to be paid straight into the Koptalk paypal account instead of him setting something separate up. At the same time I hoped this was finally a sign that he wanted to put things right, start offering something back from all his past cons and thefts.

After failing to show any receipts, after hiding the evidence of who’d donated what and how much it came to, after hiding his list of what he’d claimed to spend his money on, the whole lot was deleted from his forum. No mention of it, no sign of it, and I reported this in my last post on here.

But then I thought I’d got it wrong, I thought I’d missed the latest home of the Koptalk Alder Hey Appeal.

This appeal had first appeared as a sub-forum of its own, under the “Executive Lounge’ bit of the tumbleweed-infested Koptalk members’ site.

Then it moved to be a sub-forum of its own, this time under the “Chill Out Room” section of the same very quiet website.

All along there’d be different, important, threads related to the appeal disappearing on Dunk’s whims. Threads that showed evidence of how the money had come in. Members would leave a message saying how much they had pledged, “Katie” would list each pledge, then when it was received would show how much came through after the Pay Pal charges had gone out. Those threads were deleted as soon as it got close to the time to add it all up.

Later the forum was deleted altogether, and Dunk put just the threads he wanted his readers to see, and put them in various places throughout his site.

As we got closer to Christmas the only thread left for his members to see showed an email from Alder Hey and some photos from the “Imagine Appeal” offices at Alder Hey. More importantly was a promise that the receipts from the purchases would be scanned in and put onto the site, “over Christmas”. The fact that these receipts were, according to previous promises by Dunk, supposed to have been handed straight to Alder Hey “for guarantee purposes” at the same time as the goods were handed over was just another example of how Dunk continually goes back on his word without explanation.

On Christmas Eve all references to the appeal were removed, as far as I could tell.

The idiot running Koptalk, Duncan Oldham, had spent a week pretending to be in New York, when he was clearly still in Wallsend. Yet he couldn’t be arsed to spend five minutes scanning in those receipts to prove how he’d done all of this above board for the first time in his Internet life.

This morning I looked at the site and spotted this…

More hiding by the Konman

So the forum is almost certainly still there, just hidden from members.

What are you hiding Duncan?