It's oh so quiet…

I have paid a few visits to Koptalk over the weekend, and I genuinely can’t believe how quiet it was. I know that the urge of many Reds this weekend was to cancel the Sunday papers and avoid the telly after Bolton’s linesman made that decision, but even so – it was quiet.

I looked on there at around teatime last night – something like 70 users online. Today, back to work day, 160 users on line on average whenever I checked at various points in the day. No wonder he’s made this demand…

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#1659678 – Fri Sep 29 2006 11:39 PM

The Honorary Membership scheme has been scrapped as some HM’s have exploited what was supposed to be a bit of fun. Some members complained for some time that HM’s were acting as if they had a licence to do what they wanted.

No more HM’s will be awarded and any HM accounts that are not as active as they were when initially awarded will be revoked. If you are a HM and KopTalk is no longer your ‘home’, you will lose your HM status.

HM’s who interact here on a daily basis will retain their HM status.

If you’re not a regular visitor to est1892 then you might not realise that there are a couple of members there who still post on both est1892 and Koptalk. Clearly ensuring they don’t breach Koptalk’s Gestapo-inspired “Acceptable Use Orders” these members are no doubt pissing the fat man off to a point where he can’t stand it any more. I’ve got to be honest and say I’ve had no time to visit est1892 really for the last couple of weeks, so there could be more to it, but these members seem to be the ones that fatty is trying to eradicate. “If you are a HM and KopTalk is no longer your ‘home’, you will lose your HM status.” He’s frightened above all else that these members might just find a way to spread the word. In the first paragraph he claims he’s getting rid of “HM” people because of complaints from other members that the “HM”s were posting things that were upsetting the afore-mentioned other members. Bullshit of course, unless you mean that the complainant was Mr Oldham and his ma. So paragraph 1 – HMs get zapped for posting too much that upset other members. Paragraph 3 – HMs are getting zapped for not posting enough, i.e. EVERY DAY!

Dunk can’t win on this one. Without the posts that come from Honorary Members each day his site dies out. Let them stay as Honorary Members though and they don’t pay – and as he’s got less than 200 members left that’s going to hurt. Let them stay if they know all about this blog and other sites and he’s taking the chance they’ll blab to the few members who don’t know about this blog and other sites. Bin the Honorary Members, keep the Honorary Members – which is the lesser of the two evils?

Some of the funniest moments of this summer were moments like this when the overweight liar lied himself into a knot. When he does it in consecutive paragraphs it’s even funnier.

Obviously fatty doesn’t ever stick to his word, he’s a serial liar and probably can’t remember how to just be straight with people. So he’ll go back on his word on this “post daily” rule too, which is a shame. You see those “HM”s post a hell of a lot of stuff on his site, they are the ones who get things moving, get topics underway. Will he bin any who take a couple of days off work and so in turn don’t post on Koptalk? I hope so, because that might just be the last straw on that creaking camel’s back. Take “Johnny H” for instance. Honorary member, at one time believed to have “inside” knowledge although that’s since been thrown into doubt, and of course consumer advice spokesperson. Without him Koptalk will lose a big poster, one of the few that remain. Has “Johnny H” already found out the truth about Oldham? Or is he just one of those gullible people you meet in life who just trust everyone to be honest? Well he likes Derek Acorah…

Johnny H
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Derek Acorah
#1661900 – Mon Oct 02 2006 12:28 PM Reply Quote

Went to see ‘medium’ Derek Acorah at the weekend.

He was a bit hit and miss, mostly hits I have to add.
And if you can trust that there were no ‘set-ups’ in the audience I think he did very well.

What does anyone else think?

Acorah, to those who have been spared his “work” is a medium. One who was seemingly outed as a fake on the “Most Haunted” programme he was once a part of. He also claims to have been on the books at Anfield, in Shankly’s day, but I’m sure he tripped himself up one time when he was talking about it. If I’m being very, very kind, I’ll say that Acorah might be able to pick things up from “the other side” (not Everton), but that he can’t pick them up live, on demand, on satellite TV. As such he has to make some bits up just to make sure there’s some content for his programmes. That’s a lot like Oldham, who we’ve also compared to Russel Grant before now. Acorah isn’t fat though. And why I’m being kind to Acorah I really don’t know – anyone who’s seen him acting like he’s just been “possessed” will know why I say that. He sounds like Paul O’Grady on drugs when he starts. Like Koptalk, it’s unintentionally hilarious.

It does say a lot though about why “Johnny H” is still an active member of the Koptalk Members site if he so readily believes in Acorah. How many other members have been just as gullible over the years?

Talking of the other side, over on the other side of the world is another gullible member of Koptalk. “LPLFC1892” is living in New Zealand, and he follows every one of Dunk’s words as if Oldham is a fine trustworthy Liverpool fan. We know he’s not of course. Also does anyone know why “LPLFC1892” keeps talking about a particular brand of orange cordial?

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KOPTALK will be on TV in New Zealand next week.
#1661785 – Mon Oct 02 2006 10:13 AM Reply Quote

Kia ora

In New Zealand we have three major TV news provodors, today I was interviewed by the first, over the next four days I have interviews scheduled with the other two.

I have made sure that today my koptalk badge was clearly visable on my suit lapel, and it will be for the next two interviews. Also wearing my Liverpool FC tie.

Thanks for the badge guys

Dave A
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I’ve no idea what it is that Dave A / LPLFC1892 does for a living that gets him on the news, but he really will be red in the face when he eventually learns that he’s been promoting the anti-Red Oldham, he who makes jokes about sleeping with 12-year-old girls.

Talking of TV – check this out…

It’s Steve with the latest laughable attempt at content from Oldham. It’s actually not as bad as you’d think, but I really don’t know how Steve kept his face straight for the bit where he mentions “Koptalk sources” talking to scouts. Maybe Steve believes in Derek Acorah too…

Finally, an example again of Dunk’s bullshit. Look at this from last week…

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Galatasaray (H) – Provisional Squad
#1656966 – Wed Sep 27 2006 11:11 AM
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According to sources at Melwood, the squad for this evening’s game against Galatasaray will be as follows, bar any injury problems picked up today:

Reina, Dudek, Finnan, Agger, Aurelio, Carragher, Hyypia, Riise, Gerrard, Garcia, Zenden, Gonzalez, Pennant, Sissoko, Alonso, Kuyt, Crouch, Bellamy.

It’s another bit of unintended comedy from Oldham, and it’s only right that we extend the audience it gets into triple figures at least.

And that’s about it. Not only is it quiet on Koptalk in terms of users, it’s quiet in terms of very much actually happening. It’s oh so quiet…

Footnote: I wrote this Mondy evening UK time, but set it not to appear until lunchtime Tuesday so that you could comment on Rupert Insider’s last post on what happens next.