Koptalk owner: Fans views not as important as mine

I’ve posted the original post from the KT member in comments under an earlier article, but now Duncan Oldham has spluttered a response of sorts so I suppose I should comment in more detail. (And just as I go to post this I notice “Chapeau de Soleil” has made an eerily accurate prediction about Dunk’s response too.)

I’m talking about the Independent LFC Fans’ Survey that appeared on fifteen Liverpool FC fan sites on Friday. See here: “Independent LFC Fans’ Survey (This is Anfield)” for one of the original announcements. All the sites involved posted the release at approximately the same time. It’s not designed to represent just one site or just one view. It’s designed to represent many views. Whichever extreme you come from, you’ll have a voice if you want it. The fifteen listed sites represent quite a broad spectrum of Liverpool fans – I suppose the only fans not represented are those who don’t buy fanzines or use the net.

Dunk clearly wasn’t asked, for obvious reasons. To those new to this blog, the obvious reasons are that every other Liverpool FC website is happy to co-exist with other LFC fansites. A person who’ll feel right at home on one site might feel out of place on another. But they are all LFC fan sites. They all cater to their own audiences. They all acknowledge each other. Those of us who visit more than one forum will be familiar with a post on “Forum A” talking about a post on “Forum B”. I’ve seen inter-forum rows, but usually it’s a couple of wind-up merchants having fun with the easily wound-up.

But every one of those sites has, I am sure, spoken of the cons carried out by Duncan Oldham and his family using the “Koptalk” name. Stealing from LFC fans, running hate campaigns against LFC players, lie after lie about their contacts at the club. Read the rest of this entry »