I was about to say…

I started writing this last night, added a bit more this morning, then got distracted before I could post it. And since then we’ve had Rupert’s excellent post where he talks about Oldham’s paranoia. He covers much of what this article has in it. I was going to bin it but thought, what the hell…

So read this as a post that’s a couple of posts out of date. It’s a response to two of Dunk’s many rants of late. He’s fighting like crazy (did I say “like” crazy?) to keep his site going, but it’s dropping like a turd does. Well that’s what it is. You can read on in more detail in a moment, but to summarise what I’ll be saying…

1) I am not a teenager. I haven’t been for the best part of two decades. Or the worst part, depending on how you look at it.
2) I’ve not attacked anybody’s family.
3) I’ve not got a BMX.
4) I’ve not asked for money for the writing of this blog.
5) I’ve not asked for money to stop writing this blog.
6) I’ve reported what Duncan Oldham has either written or said. Duncan Oldham contradicting himself on two different days, proving him to be a liar. It’s not difficult, he does most of the work for us (he’s not very bright). I don’t “allege” that he tells lies – I show the proof of it.
7) I ask questions. The Lauren situation has always been about asking questions. If Oldham answers them, we can stop asking them. If he paid her all the money he can prove it. If he didn’t, well he’s got plenty of assets he can sell to raise the funds. Such as the MERCEDES CLK 200K (03 ON) CAB AVANT AUTO 1796cc 2DR he upgraded to just after he’d been touting tickets “for Lauren”.
8) I was never banned from Koptalk.
9) I don’t “use the 96” to score brownie points. The boycott of The S*n is an important issue and very simple to observe. Exploiting your child (despite threats of rape you claim were made against her) then sticking “Justice for the 96” on the end of the video is what I would call using the 96. As was copying the BBC’s coverage of the Truth protest and sticking your site’s name all over it.
10) I’m not jealous, I’ve nothing to be jealous of. Spending my days with two 17 year olds isn’t my idea of fun, especially not the dopey pair in the Koptalk shed. Nor is chasing overweight executives of football clubs like Newcastle. Ten years of making “pie jokes” would be wearing a bit thin now, even if I wasn’t. I don’t like being the centre of attention either.
11) This blog isn’t just a couple of people. It’s possible becuase of the support we get from those who send us emails, or leave comments, or spread the word on other site.s The blog is big. Bigger than Oldham’s belly. And that’s big.

Anyway, what had I written? It’s long, as always, although most of it is Oldham’s rantings….

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