"Dave A" – you wanted to know more about this blog

Hello and welcome to the blog “Dave A”, or LPLFC1892 as you are known on KopTalk. It seems you only just found out about the blog today. That might explain why someone described by a good few people as a great Red still uses KopTalk. I know you’ll be back to read more, human nature is such that you’ll be curious to hear a response.

And welcome to any other Reds reading for the first time.

Most decent Reds long since learned that the Koptalk.coN site is best avoided, for numerous reasons.

The reason I keep being told “Dave A” is a decent Red is because of comments I made about him back in October on this blog, in this post. I called him gullible.

Dave A – what I was concerned about was that you were still falling for all of Dunk’s bullshit, all of his scams, all of his fake transfer rumours and false claims. More to the point, you were even giving Duncan Oldham free publicity on TV! If you are a good Red (as people claim), and you know about Oldham and his anti-LFC methods you’d not even visit his site any more, never mind give it free plugs.

I saw threads on KopTalk where you’d posted, and you gave the impression you knew about this blog and its claims about KopTalk. From what you’re now saying this wasn’t the case, but you did seem to comment on how nasty these awful bloggers were. Anyone who’s read this blog with an open mind usually works out that Dunk is in fact an anti-Red Konman, and soon give it a wide berth. Even if they’ve not got the guts to admit it, once the penny drops they disappear quietly from Koptalk.

Some stay, claiming it’s only for the sake of the other members. I doubt many of those will actually pay to stay on though once their subs have run out again.

Anyone who knows about the blog and still supports KopTalk is pretty gullible. Dunk’s a liar, as we’ve proven time and time again. For anyone to keep paying him to lie to them is quite sad really – and in my view a sign of gullibility. If you didn’t know about Dunk before, I suggest you read the blog now, search it at random, read the stuff at the top – read it with an open mind. If you’ve any questions come back to me with them and I’ll try to answer them. I’m not making any of this up!

Here’s what you said on KopTalk this morning (UK Time):

#86158 – Today at 08:31 AM
Re: Lauren Forsyth [Re: Dunk]
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Loc: Wellington, Aotearoa Kia ora Dunk

I have just been made aware that an answer you made to me last night in the shout box has become part of the attack on you by some internet morons.

Its the first time I have seen the anti koptalk site, god these guys are idiots. I honestly don’t know what drives them, and I find it hard to believe that even my username is given so weird significance.

I hope you know Dunk that I would do nothing to intentionally cause you grief.

Jealousy is a powerful motivator 🙂

Dave A

What I’m going to do now is answer your post. The “shout box” conversation you had was featured in a post on here by “Stannard” and “Rupert”. I know Stannard was a Koptalk Insider member, but Rupert wasn’t. Although I knew your username pre-dated the EST1892.co.uk website, perhaps “Rupert” didn’t. I’ve not spoken to him about the article. I personally wouldn’t have posted that link, but that’s because I remember the stick I got from people for calling you gullible. Your username has stuck in my mind for that reason. People have been taking the piss out of Oldham though by the way. Little bits and pieces dropped into posts to see if Oldham would bite – and I know because they’ve emailed me to tell me.

I’ll allow you to call us all idiots, you won’t be the first or last to do so. You might not be the first to take it back at a later date either – it depends on how open-minded you are. Can you face the truth?

I note you use the “jealousy” word too. This is one of Dunk’s favourite defences. You’ve been a member of KopTalk a long time – how often have you heard him hint at “jealous rivals” attacking him? He usually tries to make out it’s people with other websites who are attacking him, doing it to try to get their websites to replace his. This website, the one you’re reading now, is not a Liverpool FC website. It doesn’t have a forum. It doesn’t carry any ads or anything as a means for us to make any money. Everyone does what they do for free on this site. So please don’t be so small-minded as to use the “jealousy” word until you’ve worked out what I would be jealous of. Wake up! Dunk is shitting himself because for once he can’t sweep our accusations under the carpet. Have a look at the current list of people posting on KopTalk and ask yourself where all the names you knew from there a year ago have gone. Where are those names? Elsewhere – on one or more of the many Liverpool fansites listed in the links from this site.

You ask what drives us, well I can only really answer what drives me. I started this whole thing off as a piss-take of Dunk’s constant made-up transfer rumours. He’s quite skilled when it comes to making up transfer stories, but he’s not got any sources. Not one. When I started the blog off I thought there was an outside chance he’d have maybe one source, one who’d lost some of his own access to inside info since Rafa took over. But no, Dunk’s not got even one source. And any members he had who had contacts have long since left the site.

So to start with this was nothing more than a bit of a laugh, watching Dunk as he’d claim an exclusive story, 30 minutes after someone had posted it on YNWA or RAWK. He scoured the forums looking for snippets. What he couldn’t steal he’d make up – using aliases, like “Wallet” or “The Informer” or “Pat McCat” amongst many others. Remember how he claimed he had regular meetings with Rick Parry and others at the club? Rick Parry and Ian Cotton have told us that Dunk has no contact with them whatsoever. I know other things about Dunk and what the club think of him but I’ve agreed to keep this confidential. He’s not welcome at the club, let me assure you of that. And if you don’t believe me, please contact the club and ask them. Fill the form in on the official site, or email me and I’ll send you the email address you would need to contact them.

Dunk’s made-up stories are funny, unless you’ve paid £30 for it.

Apart from the transfer lies, the only other issue I wanted to address at the start was his apparent problem with the S*n boycott. To start with it just seemed that he needed to own up to an error of judgement he made in 1998. He wore a S*n hat at France ’98. He had photos of himself taken wearing it. He used editing software to smudge their logo and used the photos on his website. This was spotted, and he was questioned about it. He claimed he hadn’t known about the boycott at the time, otherwise he’d never have worn the hat. He blamed it on him being from outside Liverpool. He blamed it on him being fairly young when Hillsborough happened. In my view they were weak excuses, but some people accepted them.


Dunk had been posting on UseNet about the boycott months before France ’98. He knew full well about the boycott, but chose to wear the hat anyway.

When he was confronted with this fact on his own forums he ignored it. He diverted attention away from it. Instead of saying, “Sorry, I was a total arse, I shouldn’t have worn the hat and I knew that when I wore it”, he tried to divert people away from it. He owns a so-called LFC fan-site and he chooses to disregard the boycott!

I hoped that the blog would, if he saw it, persuade him to admit he lied about the S*n hat, admit he did wrong, and perhaps that would have been the end of it. But he couldn’t do that. Rather than tell the truth, he told more lies.

One day I saw Dunk had put some story on his site that I’d not seen anywhere else. I looked around the forums, no sign of it on any other forum, so where had it come from? Surely Dunk didn’t have a source. So I did a search on Google News and what did I find? It had appeared in only one other place so far. On the website of The S*n. No need for me to look at the S*n, I could see from the Google News search where Dunk had got his story.

That appalled me. Not only was he disregarding the boycott with his hat wearing in 1998, in 2006 he was actually using The S*n’s website as a basis for stories. No other Red would know about the stories the S*n was making up, because no true Red reads the S*n or its website. WE JUST DON’T DO IT!

So the blog reported this, and kept on and on reporting it whenever it happened.

Then Dunk admitted to buying the S*n. He owned up – he had it delivered every day. He tried to make out he didn’t pay for it, he claimed he bullied his paperboy into handing it over for an annual bribe. But he was bullshitting. You might remember the day, when he burned a copy of the paper and filmed it.

It’s all in this blog, have a search through. And while you’re there, look for the day that Oldham said he wanted to end the Liverpool career of Peter Crouch. Oldham was calling Crouch “Lurch” all last season, and when Crouch was on duty with England Oldham decided to make up a story about him. He said Crouch had given an exclusive story to The S*n. He claimed he had the tape of the conversation, as if he’d been in touch himself with the S*n journo! He said he would save it until he was ready to bring Crouch’s Liverpool career to an end. Bullshit, but nasty, self-centred anti-LFC bullshit. And you have been supporting him since, unknowingly (I hope).

Did you see the mosaic at Anfield before the Arsenal FA Cup game? Did you see the thousands of Kopites sending a message to the world that boycott wasn’t over, that the fight for justice hadn’t come to an end, that we wouldn’t allow Kelvin MacKenzie’s hate-filled lies to go unpunished? I hope you did. And to think, just months before Duncan Oldham was claiming that the boycott wasn’t important. Anyone who tried to correct anyone else would be attacked by him and some of his most toadying members (at the time) for daring to mention how bad the S*n was. Koptalk policy was the boycott should be forgotten.

And again, you’ll find all of that in Dunk’s own words in this blog.

So if you think all the other stuff he’s done doesn’t matter, do you still think his love of the S*n is OK? Is it alright for the owner of a so-called LFC fan-site to be so supportive of a rag that any decent Red wouldn’t even touch? I’d love to hear your answer to that. I’d love you to cut and paste all of Dunk’s comments and lies on the issue onto his site and ask him about it.

All the other stuff – does it matter?

His theft from Lauren is not something I’ve made up for fun. He sold FA Cup final tickets, tickets for other cup games, fake – YES FAKE – “signed” footballs and shirts, “for Lauren”. Have you seen the fake signed balls – look on the blog, they’re all here. Absolutely disgraceful forgeries, not even close to looking like the real thing. They were over £100 each, the shirts £250 each, the Cup Final tickets £1600 a pair. Not a penny went to Lauren. Nobody got a thank you. She didn’t get any money.

How would you feel if you’d spent £350 on a shirt and a ball only to find that they’d actually been signed by Dunk and Steve? And how would you feel if he made all kinds of excuses to avoid giving you a refund? Would you still support him?

He steals other people’s copyright. You might think it’s ok for him to make money out of recording football matches from Sky and putting them on his site. Liverpool FC aren’t even allowed to do this until so much time has passed. He breaks the law doing it. He’s not the only one, but no other site as far as I know actually charges people for it! And how about the time he stole a photo off a 15-year-old Scandinavian LFC fan? Then threatened to sue the teenager! It’s all in the blog, have a good search for it. We aren’t making it up.

How about his swings from being in the depths of poverty to being a super-rich property magnate? Does that bother you? Are you happy to give him that £30? He claims to be so skint he has to borrow money off his mum for his season ticket. Except he doesn’t actually have a season ticket! He pretends to have one, but hasn’t been to any home league games this year. He’s got a Newcastle season ticket though. He can’t afford to buy his own LFC season ticket one day, yet the next day has his NUFC one already bought. He can’t afford things one day, the next day he’s claiming to have signed up to a £1200 a month web-hosting package. Which later changes to a slightly lower price as he forgets the figure he’d made up a couple of months before.

I’ve gone on long enough now. There are a lot of accusations in this blog, but I think I’ve said enough in this one post for any “decent Red” to think that Koptalk has had the last of his money, the last of his support. Are you a decent Red? If so, boycott the S*n loving Koptalk.coN. TODAY!

I’d also like to give a special mention to the following Koptalk members who had a message for the blog via Koptalk.coN. None of them have the guts to post here. Don’t worry – I’ll not ban you from here, you can say what you like. I’m not frightened of hearing what you think of me!

But every single one of these people that follow – if you have read this blog, WITH AN OPEN MIND, and still want to support the S*n Loving Koptalk.coN, I suggest you give your LFC scarf and shirts to charity and find another club. Because you are not anything even approaching a true Red.

kevin_d: “great post dunk well said mate, dont let the b******s grind you down.”

ipaul: “The only thing you can say about this kinda thing is that there is always people willing to see bad in others to believe they are not sincere, to doubt and slander. Rise above it and be content in the knowledge you did right.”

kevin_d: “spot on mate”

chrispy: “Dunk, in all the work you do for charity etc and all you give away at great cost to yourself, anyone who can accuse you of that doesn’t really know you. You’re a terrific bloke who gives his all for others with no thought of yourself in the process. That’s what makes you such a great person. There’s deffo a place in heaven set aside for you my friend. Top bloke”

Dunk: “I’m not so sure about that I’m not an angel but you learn from your cock-ups. I do what I can when I can, like most people. There’s nothing special about me, I just want to be an ordinary Joe covering LFC matters for the people who have chosen to be here and especially those who continue to support the site year in year out.”

Chancer: “We’re all stars on that site, maybe we should do a book signing or something?”

mbfakhry: “Most people are not angels but at least they try to do the best, whereas some other people always like to see the worst in others. All I can say is shame on them and carry on doing what you think is best. Good luck and best wishes to Lauren being a fellow disable person, I always feel what most disable people go through.”

bigkwakman: “It should be called ex-koptalkers.com. Seriously it gets stupid when everyday you nose down newsnow and there are these effin idiots spouting their usual bo!!ox.”

1 True Red: “Couldn’t of put it better myself mate Rise above it Dunk, your better than them”

mbfakhry: “I just realised I passed 1,000 posts and didn’t noticed.”

Shemi: “Haha, congrats on a 1000.”

mbfakhry: “Thanks What is even more fuuny is I passed it by a couple. doh”

fatheadmurp: “i have read some of the stuff on the other sites about what you are referring to dunk and to be honest it is nasty and degrading.personally i think you should be hiring someone to investigate these allogations because to me if i was an inocent man and i was accused of the stuff you have been accused of i would be going to court about it.if you think by ignoring it is the answer well that is fair enough but i would personally get satisfaction in putting the wankers down.i await your reply with interest…”

chiman: “Dunk, I’m sorry to hear all the [oops] you’re going through… Tossers…”

Xabi_is_God: “from what iv read on those sites, those people are leaving themselves open to serious legal action. its pathetic that someone is willing to invest all that time into going after someone. / check out my band at
http://www.myspace.com/thescoreband feel free to give feedback. good or bad”

lfcbarmyarmy: “Dunk the bottom line is that the majority of people think your a top bloke and the rest… well they can all F off to be honest. You are giving a service to other Liverpool supporters and apparently thats now deemed to be wrong. Just highlights the stupidity of some people. Koptalk has been nothing but good to me since I arrived and i thank you for that so much. Keep up the good work big man! oh before i forget… Dunk Knows Best”

lfcbarmyarmy: “It can actually be classed as harassment and it is possible to get an ASBO on the offenders or an injunction”

Dunk: “Nah they can say what they like about me. I know who is responsible and I know their motives. I wouldn’t waste my valuable time on anyone I had issues with, simple as. It’s monitored and if I wanted to, I could take several options available to me. But I see it as kind of flattering and it helps promote the site however they look at it, which is why I helped out with footballandbirds.teehee – that was an expirement and they took the bait so promoted what was just a bit of fun. Some people are just misguided and if they’re talking about me, they’re leaving someone else alone. One thing that makes me proud is that I have never had to spam anyone to attract interest to this site. I’ve never needed to visit other LFC sites to target their users. You can always tell a good fans site… the ones that concentrate on themselves and nobody else… this shows maturity IMHO. This site has been on the go since around 1998 and only from last summer when we kicked out some people did this campaign against me start. You’ll always get some divs you’ve kicked off forums moaning, that’s life and you get used to it. It just shows how strange some people can be though.. some move on but some can’t let go.. if someone wants to stalk a 32 year old bloke and his family, then they must live a boring and sad life because when I have free time, I put it to good use”

kevin_d: “yea right duc i think you have said all you need to on the matter well put

fatheadmurp: “maybe thats what is bothering them,you are laughing at there carry on instead of taking it to heart.do what you think is best dunk in my opinion,it is harrassment and it is damn right insulting to you and your family but what these scumbags dont realise is they are insulting all the members on here aswell because if we did not like your ways and you and your teams website we would not be here.you have alot of support on here i can assure you.i read you talk about these people before and i didnt take much notice as i hadnt seen for myself the trash they were writing,it was only recently i read the crap,i wanted to post a topic about it but i didn’t because i wasnt sure how you felt about it.as i say you have great support on here,you help us when we need help,im not saying you need it but dont be afraid to talk if you do….YNWA.”

kevin_d: “they must lead sad lives if all they worry about is dunc and koptalk all day long.”

Macers: “Rocky and Bullwinkle ya mean ??”

Lathom46: “You can tell how concerned we were about your honesty by the way nobody sent you money for the Alder Hey appeal! Oh hang on, we raised THOUSANDS OF POUNDS and got the kids loads of pressies because we believed in you and Koptalk. Glad you are letting it wash over you and not letting the really sad people who are doing these despicable acts get you down. YNWA”
laddsy: “Maybe he kept the money and pressies for himself Only joking Dunk you are a top man”

LPLFC1892: “I have just been made aware that an answer you made to me last night in the shout box has become part of the attack on you by some internet morons. Its the first time I have seen the anti koptalk site, god these guys are idiots. I honestly don’t know what drives them, and I find it hard to believe that even my username is given so weird significance. I hope you know Dunk that I would do nothing to intentionally cause you grief. Jealousy is a powerful motivator 🙂 Dave A”

Dunk: “LOL… it makes me chuckle… I haven’t seen what’s been said, while they were doing that I was laid in bed thinking about what Merc to buy this year”

Some people in that list who should be ashamed of themselves. (Although there’s at least one who I know supports the blog!)

Please – if you still think Dunk’s ok, can you tell me why? Non-Liverpool fans need not respond.