Moar lies from Oldham the Conman

It seems that Dunk now knows what every player, the manager and the owners are thinking. What he is really doing is cooking a story on various stuff he’s reading on the internet, adding his usual bollox and pretending to know everyone. But Dunk still has this problem of remembering his own lies. Yesterday he claimed to have spoken to one of our local players:

I spoke to one of the players who played today within the last week or two and his exact words to me were that last season we could manage carrying a couple of players that weren’t good enough but this season they were carrying more than they could handle. Now that’s coming from a local player.

As you will see below (the bit in bold) this quote is now from a source close to Carra, not a local player. A few days ago he claimed to have spoken to Carras dad on the phone, but we were told that this was not true by someone who plays golf with Carras dad. It was just another of Dunks many lies.

Here’s Dunks latest drivel:
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Dunk's "inside" source revealed

One of the things Dunk does to make it look like he has inside information, is taking news from other websites, add his own spin, and post it as “Koptalk News”.

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Moans And Groans As KopTalkers Await An Update

While Dunk slept — sorry, waited to hear confirmation from the Anfield Mole — the few remaining members on KopTalk started to make rather a lot of noise. Where was the update they’d been led to expect? Who was the ‘high profile’ agent Dunk’s contact had revealed would visit Melwood?

They found out in time, but not before they discovered that, while £30 might buy them some made-up exclusives, it certainly doesn’t guarantee free speech. The thread below was locked and two other threads were deleted, though not before we managed to take screenshots. 😉 (I’ve trimmed one or two irrelevant posts from the thread below for purposes of readability, but the full exchange can be seen in the screenshot.)

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Your Sunday Melwood Agent Bull From KopTalk

You wait an age for Dunk to tear himself away from LiveVideo long enough to concoct some bullshit, then he belches some out twice in a weekend. Having had my fill of the Sunday papers’ weekly quota of rubbish, I logged into KopTalk and found the following gem:

#168190 – Sun Feb 10 2008 02:48 AM EXCLUSIVE: Agent due at Melwood
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KOPTALK sources inform us that a high-profile football agent is due at Melwood tomorrow afternoon.

It is claimed that the individual currently represents a player who is under contract at an overseas club but this cannot be confirmed at this time.

The identity of the agent or the client(s) he represents isn’t yet known but it will be either later this evening or at the latest tomorrow morning when his name will be added to the expected visitors schedule at the complex.

We’re hoping to be in a position to provide a further update either late this evening (10pm onwards) or when we surface in the morning.

Why do people stay there to have their intelligence insulted that way? How could it be known that the agent is ‘high profile’ or that he represents a player overseas if there’s no clue as to his identity? So far as it goes, that’s standard KopTalk fare: some hyper-vague nonsense that can’t be proven or disproven and offers no detail whatsoever.

Much worse is the nasty little insinuation that Oldham has a source inside Melwood with access to the register of visitors, who will then betray that information for a sleazy liar in Spain to peddle to his paying members. That is an insult to the integrity of staff who work for LFC, but it’s typical of Oldham not to stop and consider the reputations of those he is besmirching.

What could be Oldham’s motivation? Perhaps it’s revealed by one of his less gullible members.

#168228 – Sun Feb 10 2008 03:26 AM Re: Re exclusive.. [Re: ackred]
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It’s just Dunk playing pin the tail on the donkey again to generate a bit of interest other than the ‘I love the yanks / I hate the Yanks debate’! 🙂

KopTalk Bull Machine Cranks Into Overdrive Over Rafa Rift

Duncan Oldham is both transparent and predictable. He thrives on negativity; it’s always been the raison d’être of KopTalk to create controversy, after all, which is far more easily achieved with bad news than with good. That’s why it was no surprise that, after months of relative inactivity, he has been excelling himself in the last day or two by adding his own brand of bull to the speculation that is already surrounding the Club and the manager.

We’re not here to give opinions on the current situation. Clearly, something is amiss. Genuine fans will hope for a truce; stability and harmony will be the most important things if we’re to do well this season. Genuine fans wouldn’t lie through their teeth and add outrageous untruths to inflame things further. Why would anyone? Unless they have a financial incentive, that is.

Apropos of that, here’s Oldham with the only sort of exclusive his site ever has: one he’s made up himself.

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Rehashed Bascombe and Repeated Lies

As promised, we’ve continued to keep you all aware of the bull being cranked out at KopTalk Towers, though I’m not entirely sure why we’re bothering, because you can read it all first on NewsNow, icLiverpool and many other sites. It’s where Oldham gets it himself, after all.

Today’s rehashed ‘big story’ comes, once again, from Chris Bascombe’s latest piece in the News of the World. Oldham habitually used Bascombe’s stories when he wrote for the Liverpool Echo, often reporting news and then stating that it was ‘confirmed by the local media’. Strangely, then as now, KopTalk never had anything concrete before other news outlets ran with it. A case in point was the Babel transfer when, after linking us incessantly with Mancini and Quaresma all summer, he found himself completely wrongfooted by reality when Bascombe broke the story. Just what are his members paying for?

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Meeting Bull Can't Disguise That The Real Crisis Is At KopTalk

Some of you may have thought that we’d gone away. One person in particular probably hoped so. However, as so often with these things, the reality is far more prosaic: there’s simply been nothing of note to report from KopTalk.

The site’s pretty quiet, with the same round of familiar members providing the majority of posts, and Oldham himself has varied between inactivity and posting multiple YouTube videos or else attempting to stimulate debate with increasingly bizarre topics.

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