Duncan Oldham, Koptalk, The Sun

Are you new to this blog? Or a fan of a team other than Liverpool FC?

If so you might not know about the Liverpool fans’ boycott of the S*n newspaper.

We don’t read it. We don’t buy it. We don’t visit its website. We don’t use it to hang from a nail on the back of the bog door. It’s boycotted.

The boycott is of The S*n, and it’s a boycott without any exceptions. Save one – the Liverpool press office will obviously take a copy as part of their monitoring of the national press.

Some fans like to extend it to anything belonging to Rupert Murdoch – so that would include its sister papers like The Times and the News of the World, and his Sky TV empire. Others extend it to anything belonging to or involving the 1989 editor Kelvin MacKenzie, which until recently included the Talk Sport radio channel. But that extension to the boycott is optional. Each to their own.

The boycott of the S*n isn’t optional. We boycott it, we do it for the sake of the families, the sake of the 96, the sake of the survivors. And until the families tell us otherwise, the boycott must go on.

Why do we boycott it? Well that newspaper claimed that our fans pick-pocketed from and pissed on their fellow fans during the events that day in 1989. It said it in big headlines. The then-editor knew it was all lies, and finally admitted as much recently. There’s never been a meaningful apology. There have never been any signs of remorse for what was said. So it’s boycotted, and will remain that way until those most hurt by it are able to forgive the paper. That day may never come.

I was prompted to bring this back up again because Oldham keeps claiming that we are “using the 96 to gain brownie points”. We’re not. My own personal feelings towards The S*n are strong. I spoke to a Manc a few months back and although he’s a fairly (fairly) intelligent guy he actually believed that what the S*n had written was true. He’d heard that story and perhaps wasn’t that interested in reading much more about it. So he believed what was said – and he’s quite a decent chap too, considering his footballing allegiances.

Oldham’s now pretending to care about the boycott, to want Justice for the 96, but it’s just a marketing ploy. His site is dying on its arse and he needs to use whatever angles he can to retain the last few stragglers and also to convince any fans new to the internet that Koptalk should be their home for LFC news.

Oldham tried to play they boycott down last summer, as he’d done for years. He was trying to make out the boycott was dying out and it was up to each fan to decide what to do about the rag. Of course it’s up to each fan what they do – you can turn up at Anfield in a Chelsea shirt and Man Utd hat with Everton underwear on if it suits you. But you wouldn’t. You just know you shouldn’t. Why would you want to? Why would you want to buy The S*n when you know how much it hurt our own?

To prove the boycott never did end, never did reduce, that it’s as strong as ever, here’s an interesting piece from the Irish press. You can read the full article here – although you have register (free) to do so. The part of interest to Reds is this:

Scouser Cook gives Sun red card as he plots Sligo revival

FOOTBALL managers seldom take long to fall out with journalists but few make a point of refusing to speak to a newspaper before they even take the job.

New Sligo Rovers boss Paul Cook must have set some sort of record when he refused to do any interviews with The Irish Sun before it had even written about him.

The 40-year-old Scouser insists it is nothing personal against the journalists in question, but a matter of principle. As a died-in-the-wool Liverpool supporter, Cook simply can’t contemplate co-operating with any arm of The Sun.

Most Liverpool fans would not even eat their chips from The Sun due to its coverage of the Hillsborough tragedy in 1989 and Cook will not be deviating from that principle.

I’ve been a Liverpool fan all my life and have watched them play many times over the years,” he explained. “I knew people who died at Hillsborough and the comments that newspaper made at the time of the tragedy makes it impossible for me to have anything to do with it.

I’m not trying to be a smart-arse and it is nothing personal with the people who write for the paper in Ireland now, but in my life I’ll always side with Liverpool fans.

Good luck to Paul, and well done for taking a stand.

Look at what Duncan Oldham was saying last June, almost a year ago: Dunk’s lies and audiotape.

It was a story that Duncan Oldham was spinning about Peter Crouch. He claimed Crouch had spoken exclusively to The S*n. One of his posters (the infamous Brendan) suggested that perhaps Crouch had not spoken to the S*n, that he’d spoken to a press conference and that perhaps Dunk had seen it written somewhere as, “told the S*n”. Dunk wasn’t having that. He was already spending most of his time slagging Crouch off, calling him “Lurch”, enjoying a free ride on the national anti-Crouch bandwagon that was just about to see its wheels fall off: “No Brendan,” he responded. “I have the proof right here, I have the tapes. I’m going to lock them away until I decide it’s time for Crouch to be sold… probably next week then.

If you are a Liverpool fan, and a member of Koptalk, and you still support Dunk despite everything I’ve just written, then you need to reconsider your support. Seriously. Shake off those doubts, and shake off any pre-conceived ideas you have about Oldham. Good or bad. Just read this post, and the one I linked to, with an open mind. I’ve not made it up. It’s all taken from Koptalk, from the free forums Dunk had until he decided to scrap them one afternoon in a frenzy of panic. He couldn’t keep on top of the posts that were being made by people wanting to spread the word. He probably also thought it would be easier to catch me if he didn’t have free forums.

The post above, the made-up story used to try and attack Peter Crouch, followed on from this – Dunk says The Sun is OK.

Someone wasn’t happy to see the S*n being used on a Liverpool site in this way. A moderator attacked the newcomer, probably still under Dunk’s spell and unable to make up his own mind about issues. Or perhaps he too thinks, like Dunk, that it’s worth snubbing the wishes of the families in return for being able to look at more attractive pairs of tits than Oldham and MacNeish. I’ll give the moderator the benefit of the doubt and assume he now sees why it was wrong to take the side of the person who’d quoted (indirectly) from The S*n.

More on what Oldham does with the S*n here: https://koptalkinsider.wordpress.com/5-the-s-oldhams-arse/

It’s not just Liverpool fans who boycott the S*n, we’ve a lot of support from fans of other clubs too. But some people still think that the S*n’s lies were actually true. That’s why the boycott can’t stop. Unless the S*n is willing to make an unreserved apology and perhaps even name its sources from then, I really don’t see how the boycott would be stopped. But it’s not my decision.

One day we’ll stop Duncan Oldham fleecing Liverpool fans and treating us like nothing more than a meal ticket. We’ll stop him using footage of Hillsborough-related protests and sticking his site’s URL all over the top of the (stolen) footage. We’ll stop him exploiting his daughter on video and then using the slogan “Justice For the 96” as a way of making himself sound like a Liverpool fan all of a sudden.

Keep the proof coming in. If you signed up for the pay-site because you thought you’d get insider information let us know. Don’t be embarrassed, you weren’t the only one. If you bought a ticket for a match off Dunk, let us know. It’s the same with any signed goods – tell us what you paid and when. Like many parasites, he’s proving hard to get rid of, but he’s going. He’s not able to spread any further or grow any bigger (literally as well as metaphorically!). But we need that last blast of proof of his lies and thefts before we can finally flush him away like the turd he’s been.

He’s in La Manga now, stalking the Liverpool players he hates so much. I wonder if Peter Crouch will spot him? I wonder if Robbie Fowler (a past victim) will spot him? Then again, I wonder if they’ve even heard of him?

And one more thing before I sign off. We occasionally get people asking if they can donate to the blog, or if they can buy us a pint, even offers of help getting tickets. It’s a blog rule that we turn all this down, we aren’t in this for ourselves. It’s time and effort we need more than anything, we’re always looking out for new writers, and we appreciate any professional expertise anyone can offer us, including people who’ve helped out with informal legal advice or advice on helping us get higher in the search engine rankings.

If you think you can help us in any way let us know.

And if you’ve got money burning a hole in your pocket from a Koptalk refund then why not donate it to the HJC?

Frequently Told Lies

A new gem!

I’ve not been around much of late for various reasons, but I’ve kept a brief eye on things. I’ve glanced at Koptalk from time-to-time and also glanced on here. Thanks for all the kind words I’ve had on here and in the emails I’ve actually managed to read. The offers of pints I hope I can take up one day, although I’d have to buy you one back of course!

I’ve not actually done much reading of my email. I’ve popped my head around the door of the gmail account two or three times this week but with something like 600 unread emails it’s a little daunting!

Thanks to everyone who’s helped to keep the blog going in recent weeks and months, most of all of course Rupert who’s done some excellent work and really kept the heat on.

Today I thought I’d have a little nosy at Koptalk. I went to the main site first, with the intention of clicking one of those misleading “members only” headlines so I could have a good nosy at that too.

But something caught my eye first. Dunk’s added an FAQ! FAQ, for those who didn’t know, stands for “Frequently Asked Questions”. In Dunk’s case you just know each FAQ will be answered with a FTL (Frequently Told Lie).

I had to have a read. I had to see if, for once, he’s told the truth. You never know, maybe he’s finally turned over a new leaf. He’s just been to the USA for a month (How did he pay for that? After all, he is unwaged or so he keeps telling us). Perhaps he saw how bad some of those US religious cults look and realised it was time to stop trying to convert people to his own version of a cult. Then again, maybe he picked up some new techniques from those cults.

So what did he say? Read on…

In the summer of 2006 we cleaned up our member’s community and cancelled the memberships of a small group of people. (First sentence, first untruth! Anyone who was a member of Koptalk on the basis of a previous promise of being allowed a lifetime membership, was kicked out. Pay up or piss off was the basic message.) New members were starting to feel intimidated by a small group of members who had been with the site for several years. (But that wasn’t the problem. If you paid you stayed. Plenty of those left behind were and are capable of intimidation, but the truth is that Dunk only wanted paying members on his site. Those who’d paid various amounts for lifetime membership, or had done various deeds in return for honorary membership were dumped. There was also a distinct possibility that Dunk thought he would get rid of us if he got rid of all his free members. He didn’t manage that – I still have access to the site and I’ve not paid a penny to him for many, many years.) It has always been our policy that a member who has been with the site for years is no more important than a member who joins today.(As long as you pay you are important. Sorry, as long as you pay and don’t ask difficult questions you are important.) We like everyone to be equal with no kind of favouritism. As a result of our decision to clean up our community a campaign was launched against KopTalk by those we ejected.(Another re-invention of history. When this blog started, just over a year ago, Dunk had both a free site and a pay site. It was a good few months after this blog was launched before he started his “clean up”. I suppose he had tried a bit of a clean-up early on, but that was done by banning people at random in an angry way because he couldn’t work out who we were. Time after time he thought he’d worked out who we were, only to find us posting away on here as ever. I started this blog, and was never banned from Koptalk. I started it to have a laugh at Dunk’s made-up-insider-information. He over-reacted and plotted his own downfall. Dunk “cleaned up” his community as a reaction to this blog!) On this page we want to try and answer some of their claims that you may have seen posted around the internet on the websites they set-up to target us. (We’ve set up this web-site, so why “websites” plural? To make it sound worse than it is? This one blog is all there is. For the first couple of weeks of its life the blog was hosted elsewhere, and I’ve experimented with other free hosting services, but this is the only website purely devoted to outing Duncan Oldham, the conman, liar and thief. Other than this site, we’ve been mentioned on just about every UK-based LFC website, INCLUDING THE OFFICIAL SITE! We are linked to from many LFC sites. Very few people disagree with what we are trying to achieve with this blog. We want everyone who is considering using Koptalk to know the truth about it before parting with money. We want everyone who’s already parted with their cash to know what they are helping to support. Most people who know the truth, or at least read this blog with an open mind, leave Koptalk on the spot, or at least make the decision that they’ll leave once they’ve used up their sub. Remember – read it with an open mind. When one of Oldham’s lies is pointed out, no matter how trivial, it’s usually easy enough to see there and then that it’s a lie, or untrue. In this intro to his FAQ he’s told a few lies already. He is incapable of honesty. He has to lie. And when he does, he trips himself up every time).


Q. Is it true that the owner of KopTalk is a fat Geordie who supports Newcastle?

A. It is true that the owner is fat but he like all of us here are Liverpool through and through. Dunk has supported the Reds since he was a young lad. The first game he attended was the Liverpool Everton FA Cup Final in 1986 when he was 11. He has a Liverbird tattoo on his chunky arm and he was married at the Anfield stadium in 1999. Scouse he is not, he’s a proud Yorkshireman and out-of-towner – maybe some Reds don’t like the fact that he’s an OOT and that he runs a Liverpool website? (Does this answer include any lies? He’s fat, and he’s proud that he’s fat, so that’s not a lie. Liverpool through and through? Well we’ve had it on good authority that he was a Leeds United fan as a child. He turned to Liverpool later. And later still he turned to Newcastle. More on that later. He’s not a Geordie, as many Geordies have been desperate for us to point out. He’s from Scarborough, where he’s well known for his scams, some of which started when he was working part-time in a chippy in the seaside town. And it’s probably because of that notoriety that he had to move to Wallsend near Newcastle, along with his mother who is also notorious in the town. The claim that he attended the FA Cup Final in 1986, at the age of 11, actually messes him up on one of his other lies. To justify himself when questioned in late 2005 about why he wore a S*n hat (as in the boycotted newspaper) in 1998 he claimed he wore it because he didn’t know about the boycott. He knew enough about us in 1986 to be able to get tickets for and go to the FA Cup Final. Three years later and that newspaper printed those lies, and that boycott began. He would have been 14 if what he says above is true. Yet he claimed that in 1998 he didn’t know about the boycott! (Even though we’ve shown proof on here that he knew full-well about the boycott in 1998 – because he spoke about it online). He’s a liar and his lies about The S*n are probably his most despicable ones. He buys the S*n (he admitted as much on his own “free” site last summer, before he closed it down. Tattoo on his arm? The only proof we’ve had of that was on his “Video Podcast” some time ago when he dressed with a tea-towel on his head, hiding himself from the camera before his recent bout of bravery. He flashed, very briefly, what looked like a hand-drawn (with marker pen) drawing of a squashed spider to the camera. But not until he’d started to roll up the wrong sleeve! He was married at Anfield in 1999. And again that event resulted later on in him tripping himself up with another lie. Last summer he claimed his real name wasn’t Duncan Oldham! He said it was a name he made up for the internet! But he’d published his wedding menu from Anfield on his site some years ago, which clearly showed his name as Duncan Oldham, getting married to Maria (Hartley). Dunk’s lies always trip him up. Why would he lie about his real name not being Duncan Oldham? He told his trusting customers that Duncan Oldham wasn’t his real name – why? Then there’s the statement on here: “maybe some Reds don’t like the fact that he’s an OOT and that he runs a Liverpool website”. It’s an attempt by Duncan Oldham to try and convince OOTers that this blog is just here to attack an OOTer. But nobody knows whether I’m an OOTer or not! (Well I do, and those who know me do, but I don’t think I’ve ever said where I’m from on here). I’ve got LFC-supporting friends who are scouse, LFC-supporting friends who are from elsewhere in England, or elsewhere in the world. I’m quite strongly minded that LFC should be a club that welcomes fans from any part of the world, scouse or not, English or not, and I’ve had a couple of arguments on other forums about this in the past (not as “Insider” though). I’m not comfortable with some of the hijacking that’s been done on the RTK campaign by some anti-OOTers, because RTK is not an anti-OOT campaign. And I think that point of view is reflected throughout this blog, because one thing Duncan Oldham likes to take advantage of is that any members who live outside of the UK are hard-pressed to take action against him when they’ve been scammed. Most of his fake merchandise is sold to overseas Reds who just can’t easily take action against him. And an OOTer running an LFC website? Not a problem at all, although those websites run from outside Liverpool that I enjoy using don’t actually try and claim that they are run from Liverpool. Duncan Oldham has lied many times about living in Liverpool, about his site being based in Liverpool. Last summer he claimed he had done a deal to buy a house overlooking Melwood, and was using it free-of-charge until the sale went through. He claimed that he was negotiating with Chris Waddle to buy his house overlooking Melwood! That was a lie, and very odd one too.)

Q. I read he has a Newcastle United ticket season?

A. Dunk has been a Liverpool FC season ticket holder for around 10 years. The only connection he has with Newcastle is that he has family (who moved there) and property investments in that region. When KopTalk HQ moved to the north east Dunk bought a couple of season tickets to Newcastle for his son who would have been around 5 at the time. This enabled someone to take the lad to see some footy. Usually Steve was dragged into doing this or Dunk’s daughter but guess who took Robbie when the Reds were playing there? Dunk posted in one of his editorials about taking his lad to see a few games, it was no secret but those with a grudge like to try and make a big deal about it. Robbie is 7 today and he’s a big Red. He loves his football but now he’s a little older he’s happy to travel to Anfield to see the Reds play. His Newcastle ticket won’t be renewed for the 2007-08 season – thank God! (Dunk does have a season ticket for Anfield. In fact he has two. One’s in his (estranged) wife’s name. He renewed them for this season. They are in the Lower Centenary, I have the full details of which row they are in and which seats they are. Without giving too much away, the seats are a number between 190 and 210. The row number is between 3 and 7. If you sit anywhere near that and want to know Dunk’s actual season ticket numbers let me know by email and I’ll send you the details. Because Dunk doesn’t go to league games at Anfield any more. He obviously sells his tickets, like he sold his FA Cup final tickets last season for £1600. He’s a tout basically, because I doubt very much he has sold his season tickets at face value. I feel like publishing the full details of his seat numbers on here, but that might hurt the person he’s touted the tickets to. Perhaps I will forward the details on during the close season, so the tickets will be invalid for next season. Dunk doesn’t go to the game any more, but he makes a profit on his season tickets. That’s what LFC is to Dunk – a money-making machine and nothing more. His Newcastle season tickets were probably bought for similar reasons. Newcastle often sell out their fixtures, so he can no doubt make a bit of a profit on his tickets from time to time. When Liverpool play there, or at least for the past two seasons, Dunk is there along with his son and his daughter. So has he got THREE season tickets at St James’s? His son, who he’s named above, was pictured on Dunk’s site wearing a Newcastle shirt at the start of this season. Maybe he’s as fickle as his father when it comes to choosing his favourite team if he’s already changed his allegiances. And has his son been to Anfield? It seems doubtful, given that Dunk sells his season ticket and either sells (at tout prices) or gives away (in illegal competitions) any cup tickets he gets for Anfield. No renewal on the season ticket for 2007-08? Last summer Dunk claimed he’d had to lend money off his mam to pay for his season ticket for Anfield (the one he doesn’t actually use). If that’s the case, then he’d have surely had to borrow off her to buy the Newcastle one too. The recent spending spree they’ve had (even though they are unwaged) has surely made sure he can’t afford the Newcastle ticket this time around.)

Q. But doesn’t he run other club football sites?

A. KopTalk started as a hobby and grew into a huge site. During the years Dunk was approached many times by companies keen to tap into that success and help them establish other websites. He refused to sell KopTalk in 2000 and even rejected an offer of £1.3million for a 10% stake at the time. Again Dunk has always been open about his connection to such projects and revealed he had provided advice for other projects but wouldn’t be directly involved as KopTalk was his baby. Today Dunk has advised with the creation of half a dozen successful websites of various sporting themes. Not one of these sites is associated to any other football clubs here in England. Several years ago two club sites catering for Spurs and Newcastle fans were created purely to test the water. They were closed, rebranded and relaunched in 2006 but nobody from KopTalk is involved with such projects including Dunk himself. To clarify, Dunk has no inpurt or ownership of any other football sites other than KopTalk (and the forthcoming kopfootball.com) but only because he doesn’t have the time, interest or effort, not because he should keep anyone else happy. (Do a whois lookup on spursarmy.com, upthetoon.com, chavgames.com, caboodlenetwork.com and the other variations such as .co.uk and so on. You’ll find those sites were all registered by Duncan Oldham either in his own name, in Steve’s name or in his schoolgirl daughter’s name. Koptalk got off the ground thanks to the hard work of Dunk’s co-owner at the beginning. He soon left Koptalk. Dunk kept it going with his lies and scams, his broken promises and betrayals. He never rejected an offer of £1.3million for a 10% stake. He did hand over control of the domain name for a much, much smaller amount at one point, but in return for some easy money he spent all of his time promoting another domain he’d set up, an early version of his “insider” site. The victims that time were “Footy Mad”. In fact if you search around on “Footy Mad” you can see many of Dunk’s lies and made-up or stolen stories. And his begging-for-sympathy stories after he’d had to put one of his greyhounds down for not being fast enough. He was the sole person responsible for the Spurs and the Newcastle sites I’ve just mentioned. He even claimed last summer that Spurs Army was going to get back off the ground soon, but first of all he had arranged for Steve to go down to London to interview some people to work on it! So if he’s done nothing more than advise, what the hell is Steve doing interviewing people to take over the running of those sites? The truth is, Dunk created those sites. Early readers of the blog will remember how Dunk had actually copied the template for his Koptalk.com site to use on his SpursArmy.com site, but had made errors in various places so that parts of the page on the Spurs site loaded in Liverpool red, and he even had a blue Liverbird as one of the logos on Spurs site! The site disappeared when FusionBB were tipped off that he’d used one licence for their software on at least three sites. Is Dunk ashamed that he ran sites for fans of other clubs? Why lies about it? And where is the proof that he’s “advised” on other sporting sites? This bit made me laugh out loud “Dunk has no inpurt or ownership of any other football sites other than KopTalk (and the forthcoming kopfootball.com) but only because he doesn’t have the time, interest or effort, not because he should keep anyone else happy.” Dunk – read that answer again and try and clear up your contradictions. I’m not bothered that you run sites for other clubs, or that you used to do so. That’s your choice. What does bother me was when Michael Owen was about to sign for Newcastle and you pretended to be “Barry” from UpTheToon.com and thanked yourself (Dunk) for being so kind as to share information with yourself. Why not be honest? Why not be straight?)

Q. Someone on another LFC forum said Dunk’s a control freak and everyone has to agree with his views?

A. Was this person a former member who had been given a size ten up his rear-end for abusing others on one of our formers? (Who’s this former member that abused others on one of your formers? What’s a former?) Numerous former members have commented on how things are at Koptalk, how threads are deleted and locked on the whim of the fat controller and his dribbling helpers.) We have a strict moderation policy called the AUP (Acceptable Use Policy). (And how we’ve laughed at that Gestapo-style directive in the past. If you’ve got time find it and laugh, it’s hilarious without meaning to be.) This can be found on our support site at http://www.koptalk. info Basically providing you are polite and non abusive to other members and the moderators you’re fine. (And don’t question, no matter how politely, anything that Dunk does or says. Seriously – do so and you’ll be banned). Alternative debates are fine and nobody on the internet likes to get a few biting about LFC topics than Dunk but it is nonsense to suggest that you can only say a certain thing about the club. (Saying things about the club aren’t the problem. Saying things about Koptalk are the problem). If anything KopTalk urges you to be an individual and support the Reds how you want to, not how others want you to. Our forums are moderated every minute of every day by KopTalk staff and Dunk rarely gets involved in the moderation.(That’s because Dunk spends most of his time pretending to be someone else. So you’ll see a comment, sounding exactly like Dunk, but attributed to Steve, Katie, Emma (who never actually joined herself after her true identity was revealed on here), Jordy (who doesn’t exist) or even Dunk’s daughter. Dunk moderates, but much of the time he’s pretending to be somewhere else because he’s in hiding from one person or other). If you are a mature Red and you don’t go around offending others, you have nothing to worry about.(As long as you enjoy innuendo-riddled conversations with 17-year-old girls like Katrina/Katie on this “mature” forum.) People ban themselves on KopTalk. (Dunk’s catchprase, apart from “Blog That!”) We enjoy banter and we like to see people getting stuck into each other about their different club views. But we expect our members to respect each other. From time to time people clash but they usually kiss and make up. If they don’t and they continue with some kind of vendetta against another member, we bin them, end of. (Anyone else hate the phrase “end of”? It usually comes from people who aren’t able to explain there reasons for doing or saying something. It’s a bit like “because it is”.)

Q. KopTalk doesn’t campaign enough for fan issues?

A. This is a tricky one because behind the scenes we assist many fans with various LFC issues. But we won’t force any of our members or casual visitors to do a certain thing. We believe it’s about the choice of the individual whether they do or don’t do a certain thing. How someone chooses to support the club is not our business. We want our members and casual visitors to enjoy what free time they have online with us and not to get pressurised into doing something just because in the eyes of someone else, they’re not worthy enough unless they do. We will support fan issues if those behind certain campaigns run certain things by us. There are plenty of outlets on the net were people can get involved with various campaigns and we’re happy to point you in the right directions.

(Ha ha! Behind the scenes you assist many fans with various LFC issues? What like? You’re a liar Dunk, you clearly do no such thing. You’ve no contacts at the club, you’ve no clout with any supporters groups (most know who you are and condemn you completely) – what can you do? What about the Michael Shields campaign? Did you ever pay up, in full, the money you claimed you were going to pay? Remember, the amount you kept boasting about. You did it to justify the fact that you took a domain name related to Michael and pointed it to a part of your own site that included those lucrative pop-up ads you’re so fond of. You bought a domain name and created a special section on your forum to point it at, to make money from Michael Shields. Only when you got some stick for it did you PLEDGE some money. Did you pay it all up? As for campaigns, you jumped quite heavily onto the RTK bandwagon. So another contradiction isn’t it? You suddenly support RTK when they produce such a memorable six minutes as they did at the Arsenal FA Cup game. So why publicise that, yet disregard the S*n boycott? In fact your next question covers the S*n boycott.

Q. Is it true that KopTalk supports The Sun newspaper?

A. This is a silly one. That’s how low some rivals have to swoop to try and earn brownie points. To use the innocent lives of 96 Reds to try and target us disgusts us but doesn’t surprise us. As stated above if people want to buy The Sun newspaper then that’s their right. We wouldn’t encourage them to do so for many reasons but we have no right to tell people what they will or won’t do. We’d prefer it if they didn’t buy the rag and we’d encourage them to boycott it but that’s as far as it goes.

(Silly? Despicable more like. Brownie Points? Disgust actually. The S*n is boycotted because they tried to turn the blame for Hillsborough back onto the Liverpool supporters. Worse than that, they made claims that our supports pissed on the dead bodies of those fans who lost their lives. They made claims they we pickpocketed from them. Do some research if you’ve never seen what the S*n wrote. They’ve never apologised, apart from a half-baked attempt after Wayne Rooney had sold his soul to them. The editor at the time, Kelvin MacKenzie admits he knew that they were lies that he allowed to be printed, but he really does not care. What The S*n and Kelvin MacKenzie did played a big part in our 96 lost ones not getting the justice they deserved. That’s why that Arsenal game in January started off with six minutes of singing for justice for the 96, and why the Kop held up a mosaic for those six minutes asking for “The Truth”. Not everyone knows about the boycott of The S*n, and it’s not unusual to see a naive forum member on one LFC forum or other quote from that rag. Usually the poster is told about the boycott (sometimes politely) and the poster apologises. Later on a moderator removes the offending quotes. Nobody questions the boycott. Nobody feels it needs to be debated, perhaps with the exception of a debate over what it would take for the boycott to be lifted. Everyone agrees though – the S*n is boycotted and it will stay boycotted until the families say otherwise.

Except on Koptalk. On Koptalk last summer I saw an exchange where Dunk’s moderators attacked someone who pointed out that quotes from the S*n weren’t welcome. Then Dunk came along and locked the thread, claiming his readers don’t want to be bothered with serious things like that. As the summer went on Dunk’s true feelings about The S*n became more and more apparent. He told more lies about why he wore a hat promoting The S*n at France ’98, even though he’d known about the boycott at the time he was wearing it. And then I spotted a pattern. Some of his news stories linking Liverpool with players from other clubs didn’t appear anywhere else on News Now. Love it or hate it, News Now have long since stopped including stories from The S*n on their LFC page. So how did Dunk get these stories, some of which included quotes from players or managers? Google News helped me to find the answer. Stick a player’s name and part of his quote onto Google News and you’d find the story’s source. The S*n. Google News don’t actually boycott The S*n, so a search on Google News will include their stories in the results. Often there would only be one result with those quotes. Usually if it appeared anywhere else in Google News other than the S*n it was on some newspaper from overseas many hours later. But Dunk had taken the story and used it as his own on Koptalk. And with Google News a relatively new service, most Reds hadn’t a clue that Dunk had got his story from The S*n. Soon Dunk’s story would be number one on News Now – well it was the only story on there linking us to player “X”. Dunk’s now banned from News Now. For the second and hopefully final time. Dunk tried hard to defend himself over this. He was asked questions by his members. One day he claimed that Liverpool players spoke to The S*n. (The BBC are notorious for taking comments given by a player to a press conference and following them with “told the Sun”.) LFC PLAYERS DO NOT TALK TO THE SUN. Dunk tried to make out this wasn’t true. “Rushian”, well known on many Liverpool websites, pointed out to Dunk that he was wrong to say Reds players spoke to the S*n. Dunk again had a go, claiming Rushian was wrong, “and you know it”. The thread was locked. Then Dunk claimed that Peter Crouch had been speaking to the S*n. And what’s more, Dunk said he had the tape to prove it. And, like any true Liverpool supporter would he claimed he was going to use that tape to end Crouch’s career whenever he felt like it! LFC Fan? Sure.

Shortly afterwards Dunk admitted to buying the S*n. In fact he claimed he had it delivered every day, along with some other papers, but he claimed he bribed or threatened the paper boy to give it to him free of charge. Then he filmed him and Steve burning that day’s edition. And then he said he had to buy another copy so that he could type out the story that he’d been so outraged over.

Using the 96 to have a go at Dunk? Days before the anniversary I think his claims are insensitive to say the least, but Dunk took advantage of that boycott to make himself some money. As for supporting the S*n, well he refused to allow any discussion on the matter on his sites and actually seemed to be trying to persuade his members to soften their stance towards the rag. It’s an ideal paper for him, he hates the fact that he can’t talk openly about something he read in there that morning. The other way he supports it is that he copies directly from the BBC their round-up of that morning’s newspaper football stories. He never removes the references to the S*n, claiming outrageously that he CAN’T remove those references (even though it’s a cut and paste job). By removing any threads that inform his members about the boycott and the reasons for it, then printing quotes from the BBC talking about stories in it, he is effectively encouraging his members to satisfy their curiosity by going out and buying a copy of it. If that sells one extra paper for the S*n, then I consider that to be supporting it. Koptalk supports The S*n. )

Q. Fair enough but what about running ads for The Sun newspaper on KopTalk?

A. KopTalk has never taken a single penny from The Sun for advertising. Our advertising is organised and displayed by advertising agencies with the exception of Blue Square and Amazon. Every month the agencies add new campaigns. None of the agencies we use now or we have used in the past notify you of what ads will be run. If an offending ad is displayed, once notified we can disable the particular ad but only once we are aware. With Google Ads you can block/ban certain websites (advertisements) before they appear so obviously we have banned the website of The Sun newspaper. From time to time offending ads can appear, not just from The Sun but also from other advertisers that are maybe not appropriate. Any LFC site signed up to the same advertising agencies would have the same problem. In the entire history of KopTalk we have had to disable adverts for The Sun newspaper twice. The minute we’re made aware of such ads we disable them for obvious reasons. If anyone out there thinks we’d actually knowingly run ads for The Sun they must either be very naive or very, very stupid.

The last time S*n ads appeared on Koptalk, Duncan Oldham played a game of pretending he didn’t know where they were. It’s well documented on here how he played this game, not taking any action until his members had got pretty irate. At the time there were only three possible sources for ads on his site to appear in such a way. Instead of going into the control panel for each one of those three he played his game. He did it to prove a point, to attract attention. As he admits himself above, he hates being told what to do, and he no doubt had a great thrill to see how he’d upset so many Reds. He made no apology for those ads appearing. He instead had a go at those who’d complained. Liverpool fan?)

Q. Loads of Liverpool sites are free, why isn’t KopTalk?

A. Our site was free for years but when Dunk wanted to scale it down to concentrate on his kids, he wanted to concentrate on a more limited readership base. A membership helps deter rival fans and internet trolls. Rather than have the site plastered in adverts, we chose to generate revenue by way of an optional membership fee. Many fans website accepts donations and give little back, we don’t ask for donations, we offer an optional membership to our website with no advertising, free worldwide LFC alerts by SMS and much more. We also ensure that a member of the KopTalk team is online every minute of every day to ensure the forums are kept safe and sensible for our members. All for less than 9p-a-day! And if you disagree with the option of joining, you don’t join. That way everyone’s happy!

(Dunk wanted to concentrate on his kids? He doesn’t see his kids except at weekends and school holidays, and he’s not seen them for a month if he’s actually been in the US for a month. His wife has custody of them. And she wasn’t in the states with him either, despite his tales that she was. He scrapped his free sites because he couldn’t keep on top of the hundreds of outraged Reds that were trying to spread the news about him. Especially when most of his moderators upped sticks and left in disgust. He scrapped his free site. Then he ditched his members on the paysite who’d paid for a lifetime membership. He figured if he restricted his membership to just those who were paying £30 a year he’d get rid of people wanting to spread the word about him. It didn’t work though, there are still many of his members who are fully aware of his scams and have stopped posting, just waiting for the day before their membership runs out so they can make one last, significant post. If Dunk could find a way of bringing back his free sites with the same levels of hits he used to get he would bring them back – as long as nobody could spread the word about him. That’s why his expensive site (£30 a year more than any other “fan” site) doesn’t have a Private Message facility. That’s why you can’t view a fellow member’s profile. He is frightened to death of his members reading this blog with an open mind, away from his control. The fear of a “suicide post” is the reason he has Smoove logging on overnight and Katrina logged on all day. )

Q. Is it true that Dunk has a disabled cousin and ‘scammed’ tens of thousands of pounds from her through fundraising?

A. If you’re a complete loon, yes! Not satisifed with using Hillsborough to try and discredit the site, our former (banned) members and the sites that choose to rival us, try to claim that Dunk would target a family member and profit from her paralysis. Complete nonsense as usual. At first they said she didn’t exist, then she wasn’t really disabled.. if it wasn’t so sad you’d laugh! Then when she came on the site’s podcast to silence these idiots they said she was an actress. Remember, if you ever see such claims, ask them to report them to the police. It’s one thing targeting Dunk and the site but to stoop so low to target a young Red is another thing.

(This one hit Dunk hard. His cousin, Lauren, genuinely is disabled. She’s very unlucky to say the least. I don’t fully remember the start of Dunk’s campaign to raise funds for her, but it all began with the news she’d been hit with the bad news that she was paralysed. Dunk started to raise money from his members to pay money to her parents to pay their mortgage and so on. People were donating big money, sometimes as standing orders. Later on Dunk started a website for Lauren. It consisted mainly of plugs for Koptalk, but included details of how members could donate to her. Cheques were to be made payable to Dunk’s mum, not Lauren’s mum. Dunk used his own PayPal address for online donations “for Lauren”. He sold footballs that were signed – he claimed falsely – by Liverpool players, “for Lauren”, at over £100 a time. He sold numerous fake shirts for at least £200 a time. He sold cup tickets (including FA Cup final tickets at £1600) “for Lauren”. He collected well over a thousand pounds in one day from Paddy Power, including a £300 donation “For Lauren”. In the early days of the appeal some people donated goods rather than money, so Lauren got a laptop for example. But later on it was always money. Dunk made a big fuss on his site about how he wanted to raise money for a special hand-powered bike for Lauren. The balls and the Cup final tickets alone would have paid for that. Except it never appeared. There was never a word from Lauren thanking everyone for the money. And how it must have added up. Except we never saw how it added up. Dunk’s very public appeal was never publicly accounted for. He never mentioned how much was raised and how it was used. If it was all used legitimately it would have been extremely easy for Dunk to show how it had been used. He didn’t though. I’ve not said Lauren doesn’t exist or that she wasn’t disabled – her plight was reported in the press at the time it happened. I’ve not heard the podcast she is supposed to have appeared on. If it was her, did Dunk get her to explain how she’d used the thousands of pounds she’d received from money collected by Dunk between March and May last year? I doubt she did, but I’m prepared to be corrected. And if I’ve time I’ll go back to the police and chase them up on this. I had to stop my communications with them for personal reasons a couple of months back, but perhaps I’ll have time to go back to it soon. Anyone else with time on their hands should contact North Yorks police and ask them to investigate. It’s what Dunk wants! If Lauren got the money off Dunk and spent it all on booze and fags then that’s her choice and I’d not condemn her for it. Targetting Lauren? No, we’re asking Dunk to prove that he handed over that substantial amount of money to his disabled cousin. And it’s not hard to prove it if he did.)

Q. I read that KopTalk sells dodgy goods?

A. We don’t sell anything. We have tried to run a shop in the past but we really didn’t have much success. We could make a lot of money if we wanted to but we simply don’t have the time as we found out. Out of every 1000 orders maybe 2 or 3 items go missing and a further 2 or 3 get damaged in transit. It just wasn’t worth upsetting a member who has been with us say for 4 years because a picture he wanted turned up smashed. It was either a shop or the site. Because of our visits to Melwood we can obtain signed balls, signed shirts etc but if a player’s in a rush a signature on one shirt could be so much different to that when the same player has time to stretch the shirt and sign it when he’s not under pressure and when half a dozen kids are not trying to get a bit of him. Then you’d get one doubter saying this doesn’t match my shirt from last year and so on. Basically we now just keep things for ourselves or our own competitions.

(Dunk had a shop until we started to shop him. All of a sudden his Champions League Balls and Signed Shirts disappeared. Search the blog for the photos of the ball he sent to an Irish member. Look at the signatures, very very poor fakes. He signed them himself, or got Steve to do it. Steve’s name appeared on the certificate of authenticity, at a time when he was 16, maybe just 15. He refused to offer a refund. One member complained repeatedly that he’d not been sent the promised certificate of authenticity. Dunk said he would only send it out if the member first of all sent the ball back at his own expense, from Ireland, so Dunk could check it! He’s a liar and a conman. And he knows he is. What he did in selling those fake balls is classed as fraud, and the poor signatures have nothing to do with a player being under pressure. Dunk won’t admit to this scam of course, but look at those pictures of that ball and you’ll see he’s got no grounds to deny he’s faked those balls. An LFC Fan? Selling fake goods to “fellow Reds”?)

Q. I also read that once a member has signed up, you can debit their card again without their permission?

A. That’s rubbish. At no time do we ever know your credit or debit card number. If you sign up via PayPal your membership runs for one year. At no time during that year could we ever bill you again. It’s impossible and PayPal can confirm this. At renewal time your sub will autorenew if that is set up on your own PayPal account. There’s much more about this on our support site at http://www.koptalk.info

(It’s not rubbish. When Koptalk take your money by Pay Pal they do it using an option which will take an identical amount out one year later. But 11 months later Koptalk will send you reminder that you need to renew your membership, and ask you to pay there and then by Pay Pal. One month later your auto-renewal also goes out. Koptalk know this happens, but don’t tell you. They just pocket the money. If you try and ask for it back you often have to send numerous “support tickets” in before they will pay up. In fact Pay Pal have started to act directly and just pay the subscribers back. They are starting to get wise to Duncan Oldham. Even members who were banned six months earlier find themselves being billed, and Dunk won’t refund their money. Is that the actions of somebody honest? No, it’s the actions of a conman.)

Q. KopTalk has no official sources?

A. That’s right we have no official sources at all but we do have sources throughout the club at various management levels. We have no official relationship with the club and would never want one. We work for our members, the fans, and are not puppets for the likes of Ian Cotton in the press office. KopTalk is rare in that we refuse to toe-the-line on club matters where as some LFC websites will do what they can to have some kind of relationship. We’re not bothered about receiving a club Christmas card, we report the positive and the negative stuff and that will never change. Past and present contributors to the site includes the likes of Barry Venison, Rob Jones, Tommy Smth MBE, Ian St John, Jan Molby, Peter Thompson, Danny Murphy, Steve McManaman and many, many more. We have numerous relationships throughout the club and are in regular contact with players from the past and the present.

(No, the question should be, “Koptalk have no sources at Anfield, Melwood or the Academy?” Careful wording of that question doesn’t excuse you from answering the real question Dunk. You have no offical access to the club, at least you finally admit that. But you don’t have any unofficial access either. You are lying by saying you have “sources throughout the club”. The club hate you, to be frank, because you’re a parasite who reflects badly on our club’s name. In fact it seems you’ve now admitted that your recent visits to the States were far from being at the invitation of our new owners. Surely if they’d invited you they’d be official contacts? So what does that tell us? Lie after lie after lie. You were in Tom Hicks’ office, for a couple of minutes, which in itself is quite an achievement. But it was only for a couple of minutes, not the hour you’ve claimed. And you were warned off. Your hatred of Ian Cotton is unhealthy. As is your hatred of Chris Bascombe. And in that list of “past and present” contributors, how many of those are actually “present” contributors? And why did they all stop contributing? And not all of them ever did contribute did they? Did the ones who left do so because you wouldn’t pay them what you’d promised you would? Or did they realise what they were unwittingly becoming a part of? And Danny Murphy – you used to claim he was your Anfield Mole and your mate. Then when he left Anfield you didn’t even know it had happened! In fact you tried to make out it wasn’t true if I’m not mistaken! Another LFC website broke the news, thanks to their genuine contacts at the club. And your “mate” didn’t even tell you.

Last summer Dunk also claimed to be having a meeting with Rick Parry which he’d have when he could fit Rick Parry in. Dunk claimed he had something Parry wanted! He later admitted he doesn’t actually meet Rick Parry on a regular basis and in fact had never actually met him. He also went quiet on his previous claims that he was mates with Steven Gerrard!)

Q. Dunk’s writing a book called ‘Anfield Exposed’ but it’s never appeared why is that?

A. Simple. Just a lack of time. Several years ago Dunk announced his intention to write a book about the site. Interested people could place a pre-order deposit of £5 if they wanted to grab a copy when published. The working title was ‘Anfield Exposed’ but a more appropriate name would be given at publication. It’s not about exposing LFC in anyway and there isn’t any kind of negativity towards the club. Why would one of the biggest Reds in the world attack the club he loves? A publication date was never set and it was hoped to be published this season but again, time has been an issue. Also because of the campaign against the site since last year, there are fears that the book could be too revealing about key matters at Anfield. Not only that but since last summer various members of Dunk’s family have been targeted in a not so nice way. People with no connection to the site have been targeted at work simpy because they are related to Dunk. All of this just because one or two saddos cannot accept the fact that KopTalk is a success. The fact that Dunks own kids and family members have been targeted is a concern and whether or not we’ll go ahead with the book we’ll have to wait and see. Anyone who has placed a pre-order deposit several years back can at any time request a refund in full. It’d be a shame not to share this book with so many people but family has to come first.

(So once again, a month from his latest deadline, Dunk finds an excuse not to publish the book that he claimed was already finished last year. He changes this story all the time, even blaming an exploding laptop one time for the delay. The book was due out for the start of this season, then for the end of last year, then for the end of this season. And they are just the moving dates for his book since this blog started. He says “there isn’t any kind of negativity towards the club”! Well have a look back in time to his website promoting his book: The archive of anfieldexposed.con shows him promising all those about to part with the £5 deposit for a book that doesn’t exist that they’ll be able to read about, “The VIP apology from Anfield when a certain individual was trapped by the editor following a planned attack on the site” or “The CCTV footage of one of Anfield’s biggest stars that is locked away in a vault in the city. The media know it exists and offers of £50,000 have so far been rejected!” Not negative towards the club? An LFC fan? And again those claims about his family and kids being “targetted”! Meanwhile over on his cyber-squatted kopfootball domain he pretends his teenage schoolgirl daughter is the figurehead for his awful-looking site on the new stadium! It’s time someone warned the child protection people about Mr Oldham and the way he exploits his kids.)


Every day of the week new Reds join our website. We consider them to be members of our family and we will do all we can to make them happy. You can’t keep everyone happy but we try to if they come to us. We will do everything possible to make someone happy. We listen and we care and that’s why every year thousands of our members renew.

(Every day? Not what I’ve heard, far from it. You listen? Well listen to this – answer us some questions with honesty for once. Own up, if you’ve got the guts to.)

The internet is a scary place and for some reason some people want to rival us. We’re no angels but in all the years the site has been online we’ve never had any major problems.

(Dunk is quite obsessed with this “rival” idea. Look at any LFC website and you’ll see complimentary words about other LFC websites. You won’t see a complimentary word about Koptalk though, quite the opposite. And you can’t mention other LFC websites on Koptalk. Dunk is frightened you’ll jump ship. He sees the other sites as rivals, yet all the other sites see each other as part of one big net community.)

Anyone that takes a pop is usually connected to another LFC website or they’ve been booted off either our former free forums or our existing members only forums. Sometimes it’s simply just a Red who has no connection to us but wants to be loyal to the particular site they use. (No Dunk, most people who’ve been banned by you have been banned for mentioning this blog. Nobody gets banned for any other reason other than mentioning this blog or the concerns of this blog. People who take a pop take one because they’ve been double-charged by you and couldn’t get a refund, or got banned for asking where their book was. People who have a pop at you know about you and they speak the truth. Face up to it, the vast majority of Reds who’ve heard of you hate you for what you’ve done to our club and our fans. Your mam must be proud of you.)

At the end of the day there’s a lot of childish nonsense around the web. We’re happy that thousands of members enjoy our site and come back year after year.
(Thousands? You’ve only got “hundreds” left now, and most of those are lurking until their memberships run out. The game’s all but over, no matter how hard you try.)

Our site is aimed at mature Reds, we try to be different than the others. We don’t care if you’re from Liverpool or Libya or whether you attend every game that involves the Reds or whether you’ve never been able to get to Anfield. If you’ve got Red in your heart that’s all that matters. (No – all that matters is that they have to be in possession of a credit or debit card and have to be willing to take all your lies as truth. If either of those isn’t there you don’t want them.)

If you can’t make your own mind up in life and are thinking of not joining because you’ve seen a site taking a pop at us, we kind of understand, but maybe you’re not the sort of member we’re looking for. We don’t want people who aren’t intelligent enough to differentiate between a genuine moan and a direct attempt to discredit our site simply because of our success and because we don’t have time for fools.
(Good move Dunk. “If you are so thick that you believe a site run on a completely voluntary basis over a site that makes enough money for its unwaged owner that he can travel around the states in a party of four for four weeks then you aren’t welcome! No we didn’t steal money from Lauren, but we’re spending a hell of a lot on this holiday, and this gadget-filled van (did that ever materialise?) even though we’ve not got only a couple of hundred members. Obviously it’s still a lot of money you can make from even a few members, but £30 each time 300 is only nine grand. And you claim your web hosting costs 1200 quid a month. And you claim you’ve got permission to use all of those photographs on your site from the Premier League, even though you’d have to get permission from Anfield as well as the Premier League and then you’d have to pay a huge sum for the licence. And quite a large sum for each photograph too. Your little attempt at psychology is only going to attract fools isn’t it? Which is what you need, because without fools you’ll struggle to keep your myths alive.)

We have members from all races, backgrounds and ages. Sign-up and if you don’t like our website, why not email the man himself via dunk2007koptalk.com and tell him.
(Email him then. Ask him some questions. See if he’ll reply. Because from what I can gather, he won’t reply to anyone who asks even a slightly difficult question. All you get is an auto-responder where he claims other people filter his emails before he sees them! As if he’d trust Katrina to read his mail first, especially if most of it contains stuff that might make her finally see that Dunk did rip her mate Lauren off after all.

Keep an eye on our existing member feedback, they’re the only people you should pay any attention to. Don’t listen to us, our rejects or our rivals, listen to what our existing members think.
(How many of those “existing members” a) are still existing and b) exist? )
KopTalk doesn’t rival anyone, they just want to rival us and we know why…
(Dunk, again, shows his obsession with the word “rival”. He’s not afraid of the competition at all is he? And one last point on this update that I admit is probably too long: This blog is not making money. This blog is not an LFC website. This blog is here purely to educate LFC fans and others about Duncan Oldham and his many scams. As soon as Dunk goes then so will this blog. As soon as Dunk finds another club or another sport to scam, the blog will be locked. As soon as Dunk gets what he deserves after his years of bullying, the blog will no longer be needed. )

Keep reading, keep spreading the word, keep on Dunk’s back. There can’t be too many left now that don’t know the truth about him.

Who's the liar? Dunk or George?

Sorry I’ve not been around a lot of late, there’s a few reasons for that but you don’t want to be bored by those…

Dunk seems to have hated the fact that not much was happening on the blog. Rupert’s been busy and had only limited access to the net, so didn’t post much. Not that much was really happening. Then I wasn’t around to mock fat-fingered Dunk over his last-ditch trip to Barcelona.

Dunk’s trip to Barcelona wasn’t cheap, well not cheap for him the way things are at the moment. He’d not been planning to go, but in one of his manic moments he had told the blog (via his members) that he was going to go then after all. A sort of “Stuff you” moment. He lied that he was even taking his wife with him. The wife he keeps trying to pretend is still with him. Well that trip to Barcelona was attended by Dunk, Steve and Steve’s dad. Maria (Dunk’s wife) was never going to go. Dunk wasn’t going to go either but once he was into his manic moment he had to spend a bit more of the remains of the money he still had left in that Pay Pal account he used to collect money “for Lauren” last year.

He went to Barcelona. He took photos of Steve drinking beer. He took videos of Steve drinking beer. He put the photos and videos of 17-year-old Steve drinking beer on the net. We also got video of the threesome’s breakfast. He probably got a ticket for the game too (they were on general sale on the day of the game to locals or non-UK passport holders so it wouldn’t have been too hard to get one). I say “a” ticket, singular, because as far as I know all the pics of the new face of Koptalk (Steve) had stopped by then. The same camera that was used to take pictures of fast-fattening Steve outside the Nou Camp was used to take a few photos inside the Nou Camp. But no Steve, no Dunk. In fact it could have been carried inside the Nou Camp by someone unconnected to Koptalk. So much for Dunk showing us a picture of him holding that day’s paper inside the Nou Camp as proof he went.

All that effort, all that trouble, and – purely by coincidence – the blog pretty much ignored it. It doesn’t take much imagination to conjure up a picture of him hitting F5 on the blog with those fat fingers, hoping we’d finally talk about it.

After all the criticism he’d had, you’d think he’d be glad to have a rest from the blog. But it seems the blog has become a big part of his life. And we were ignoring him. A toddler who’s being ignored by his parents will draw all over his favourite toys with permanent marker. Dunk, a fat balding middle-aged waster with the mental capacity of a toddler felt much the same. But he did his permanent marker thing on his own site.

He made outrageous contradictory claims about cozy chats with George Gillett, the new co-chairman of Liverpool FC. The man who Rick Parry says will probably wander into the Kop one day to chat to fans. As owner of Montreal Canadiens he’s made a point of trying to keep close to the supporters, he wants to do the same with Liverpool FC. ‘Ah ha!’ thought Dunk. An opportunity…

So Dunk announces that his latest member is George Gillet. And that was the last straw for a large number of previously floating members. People who had doubts about Dunk, but gave him the benefit of their doubt. People who thought Dunk was being unfairly attacked, but weren’t 100% thinking that way. Not even 99.9%. It all seemed too far fetched, and this was pointed out.

Dunk deleted post after post, thread after thread. Even his own posts were deleted as once again a Koptalk-Kover-up started. Dunk had lied himself into another mess, dickhead that he is.

Today he posted this…

#109767 – Today at 10:47 AM
George Gillett – Final Word
Dunk Dunk Administrator

Registered: 08/20/04
Posts: 16426
If people don’t believe George Gillett is a member, please take your conspiracy theories to websites that are better suited to your way of thinking. Suggestions that we’d make such a foolish claim up are insulting to everyone connected to this website.

Whether someone here is a VIP or an ordinary Red based in Liverpool or Libya makes no difference to us, everyone is treated the same. I’m sure George had every intention of watching/subscribing to a wide range of LFC sources both official and non-official.

The reaction by some on other sites has been nothing short of pathetic and all they are doing is making Liverpool fans look stupid. I expect George will make a retreat from getting involved with various fans websites, fanzines and groups if petty Reds trouble him, his people and the club.

I expect to be sued if GG isn’t a member

I also expect his presence will be played down by those in officialdom.

If those on the net who are obsessed with KopTalk put as much effort into supporting LFC they’d be the biggest Reds in the world.

Once again Dunk shoots himself in the foot by referring to other sites. Most people who already visit other LFC sites know about this blog – because just about every other LFC website has shown some support to this blog. Even the official LFC website. But those members who still live in that little world where Koptalk is there only source of LFC information might not be aware of the blog. Every time he mentions “other sites” though he leads yet more members our way. He’s too thick to realise this (even though we keep telling him).

I’ve not done that much reading of the net since his claims on Thursday, but the only places I’ve actually seen the Gillett fantasies mentioned are here and on EST1892. And because of that – according to the fat-fingered-fantasist – Gillett will now instantly cease looking at any Liverpool related websites – even the official site! Dunk – don’t be such a dope.

Anyway, it wasn’t the final word. With another thread deleted another member was annoyed. “Marcus50bucks” wanted to know why Dunk was yet again being so defensive. He cannot take criticism. He’s the boss at Koptalk and if you don’t like it you can just do one.

#109765 – Today at 10:46 AM
Gillett thread deleted!!!
marcus50bucks marcus50bucks
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ffs dunk please tell me why the thread was deleted? It’s not like the thread got out of hand, I and others were merely giving our opinion on your latest news. it seems everytime a person has reservations about your posts, it gets deleted. However if I was to express doubts about posts from other members, that post would still exist. We are not always going to agree with you on issues and you should be able to take things with a pinch of salt.
– – – – – – – – – – – – – –
#109768 – Today at 10:51 AM Re:
Gillett thread deleted!!! [Re: marcus50bucks]
Dunk Dunk Administrator
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The threads are becoming tiresome. I have no problem with people having different opinions to myself. However, I won’t tolerate people coming on here suggesting we’re liars because we find that insulting. GG is a member, we’ve moved on, if people wish to doubt this claim, let them continue their investigations and then come forward to apologise afterwards.

The discussions about GG are getting out of hand, I suggest you use other sites to debate any kind of conspiracy theories.

We’re playing Manchester United in a couple of hours yet a select few are more bothered about KopTalk. That says a lot to me.


Excellent! Dunk doesn’t like the suggestion being made that he’s a liar.

gg_sshot1.gif(Update: Click the thumbnail to see two of the deleted threads.)

Here’s a question for you then Dunk (I’ve got a few). You said, in the summer, that you had renewed your season ticket, thanks to a loan of money from your mam. You constantly claim you are a season ticket holder. Well why haven’t you been to any league games this season? You flew to Barcelona last week for your publicity stunt, yet today, a massive game that you yourself refer to is taking place at Anfield, and you don’t even go. Why? Have you got a season ticket? I already know the answer – you’ve not got a season ticket any more. Someone else was sitting in your Lower Centenary seats today. And that makes you a liar.

You lied about having regular meetings with Parry, about chatting to Steven Gerrard as a mate, about having a tape that you would use to ruin Peter Crouch’s career, about being unaware of the S*n boycott in 1998 when you walked around France advertising it. The lies never stop. You lied about deaths in your family. About your daughter being threatened with rape when she was 8. Lie after lie after lie.

So, is Mr Gillett a member? Well if he’s as amiable as he’s made out to be I’m sure he could well be. That would only happen if he’d been lied to though. If someone had contacted him and asked him if he fancied joining a site that represented true views of Liverpool fans. Koptalk is a site that openly supports The S*n, even though all other fan groups and the club itself boycott The S*n. So how can Koptalk represent Liverpool fans? Would Gillett have joined a site that ignored the wishes of the vast majority of Liverpool fans that way? If Gillett knew what Rick Parry and others thought of Koptalk, would he join? What about those hints that Dunk was blackmailing Rick Parry, and that Parry was desperate for him to call in at some point? Laughable now, but at the time a lot of people really did think that Dunk had access to executives at Anfield. What would Gillett make of Dunk’s book, due out in two months, detailing all kinds of seedy goings on at Anfield?

So again let’s have a look at what Dunk claimed…

On 22nd February George Gillett personally called KopTalk out of the blue to inform us that he loved the site. He even confessed that he’d been watching our video podcasts (gulp)!

Let’s play along then. We’ll ignore the fact that Dunk won’t answer the phone unless the caller display shows your phone number, and that international calls don’t show your number. Gillett somehow found Koptalk. And phoned them up. GG’s not a member at this point of course. He’s therefore only able to read pages full of error messages, a couple of rants from an unhinged Wallsend-based manic depressive, and links to join a site for £30 offering all kinds of wonderful features. There’s nothing else to see for a non-member. Yet Dunk claimed this…

He was that impressed with the site that he wanted to become a paying member.

Still playing along, we’ll assume that Gillett was just being polite. There’s nothing really to be impressed about for an “outsider”. (Or an insider for that matter).

Now for one of Dunk’s infamous contradictions:

Naturally we offered him a free membership to take a look around etc but he insisted on paying to support us. He joined the same night using his own credit card and not one of an assistant or secretary.

It’s been pointed out on here before it needs pointing out again. Dunk defends himself from accusations of theft and fraud relating to his members’ credit cards by saying that he’s not got any way of seeing those credit card details. So how does he know how Gillett paid? Answer the question Dunk – which one is the lie? A) You don’t see credit card details or B) You saw Gillett use his own card to pay for membership to your site? You’re a liar Dunk, it’s pretty clear to all.

Because of confidentiality etc we can’t reveal his username but if he chooses to post, you’ll know straight away who he is.

No of course not. I saw somewhere else (EST1892 or in the comments here) that the only person who joined on February 23rd had a username clearly meant for us to believe it belonged to GG. This was the day after GG had supposedly paid his membership fee.

He said he couldn’t attend the Nou Camp to see us beat Barca 2-1 the night previously but he did watch it and he was very impressed with Liverpool’s performance.

So who did he speak to then? I’ve not checked, but weren’t you still in Barcelona the day after the game?

Now for the big lie.

The feedback he gave us about the site was that he really enjoyed the way that our members interacted with each other.

There is no evidence whatsoever on the free section of the Koptalk website of any interaction. The free forum was closed down ages ago. The paid-for forums aren’t visible to non-members. So how could George say he “really enjoyed the way that [Koptalk’s] members interacted with each other”? He’s not joined yet! He’s not seen the forums yet! So how can he say that?

And there’s the problem – someone’s telling a lie. Who is it Dunk? You or George? Think about it. Either you’ve made that bit up, or George Gillett lied. Are you calling George Gillett, new Liverpool owner, a liar?

The rest of the message from Dunk went on…

It became clear to me that George is not only very clever but he’s also genuinely bothered about what you guys think about how the club is run etc, hence my recent questions in the ‘Development Forum’ about what you would ask him (and Tom) and what suggestions you would put forward to them given chance.

The comments you make about the club, your hopes, your wishes etc are there for George, his people and his family to read.

I’m very proud to have George here as a member, along with our other luminaries.

So, Duncan Oldham, of Swan Avenue Wallsend, owner of Koptalk.com and supporter of The S*n – who is the liar?

Did George Gillett lie about enjoying the interaction between members on Koptalk before he’d even seen that interaction, or did you lie about him saying it?

It’s a serious question, if you care at all about George Gillett and Liverpool FC you’ll answer it truthfully.

Fat chance. Because you’d have to admit being a liar.

And if Mr Gillett or “his people” are reading this – I suggest you give Duncan Oldham a wide berth – but make sure he knows quite publicly that you don’t approve of his LFC-damaging ways. Before he does any more harm to our club.

Anti-Red scum cybersquats again

Duncan Oldham is once again doing whatever he can to chip away at the club we love and he hates.

On the day Liverpool got new owners, most Reds were either concentrating on what this major change meant to our club. Duncan Oldham, not a Liverpool fan, was working out if there was a way he could make some moeny out of it. So he stole the domain names that belong to the new company set up by Gillett and Hicks, “Kop Football Ltd”.



Registrant type:
UK Individual

Registrant’s address:
PO Box 556
NE28 7WZ
United Kingdom

Registrant’s agent:
eNom, Inc. [Tag = ENOM]
URL: http://www.enom.com

Relevant dates:
Registered on: 06-Feb-2007
Renewal date: 06-Feb-2009
Last updated: 06-Feb-2007

Well Duncan, you’ll find that all previous court cases involving similar types of parasitic domain name theft have resulted in the the thief losing his domains, losing the court costs and sometimes having to pay compensation.

And if the new owners of LFC decide to take you to court, they may want some witnesses to prove that you are the parasite we know you are.

Anybody want to be a witness to Dunk’s downfall in court? Perhaps we could supply evidence of how Dunk likes to steal domains from others. Well it’s all here – on our Cyber Squatter page.

I hope the Reds, under new ownership, do take him to court. As well as the Kop Football domains he’s just stolen, and the many he took in many moments of jealousy from other, reputable, fan-sites, he’s also got http://www.liverpoolfootballclub.org.uk,  http://www.liverpool-fc.net and http://www.liverpool-fc.tv.  Now those three are clearly not his to have. They belong to Liverpool FC.

The last time anyone tried it on with Liverpool FC over domain names was a few years back. Mr Andrew Hetherington demanded £125,000 from Liverpool FC for a domain name. You can read all about what happened here – LFC v Hetherington.  Hetherington was actually offered £50,000 for the domain name, but demanded much more, so the Reds took it further. He lost the lot.

Dunk used to claim he knew Rick Parry, but later denied he’d ever said any such thing. Well here’s some proof of him saying that exact thing. The Liar lies.

I’ve been passed some email addresses of KopTalk members (the few that are left) and I think it’s probably a good time to let them know about Duncan the Anti-Red. And this post is quite a good sign of how anti-Red he actually is.

He accuses me of being jealous, yet he’s the one with a collection of domain names he’s stolen from all the rival sites he so despises.

"Dave A" – you wanted to know more about this blog

Hello and welcome to the blog “Dave A”, or LPLFC1892 as you are known on KopTalk. It seems you only just found out about the blog today. That might explain why someone described by a good few people as a great Red still uses KopTalk. I know you’ll be back to read more, human nature is such that you’ll be curious to hear a response.

And welcome to any other Reds reading for the first time.

Most decent Reds long since learned that the Koptalk.coN site is best avoided, for numerous reasons.

The reason I keep being told “Dave A” is a decent Red is because of comments I made about him back in October on this blog, in this post. I called him gullible.

Dave A – what I was concerned about was that you were still falling for all of Dunk’s bullshit, all of his scams, all of his fake transfer rumours and false claims. More to the point, you were even giving Duncan Oldham free publicity on TV! If you are a good Red (as people claim), and you know about Oldham and his anti-LFC methods you’d not even visit his site any more, never mind give it free plugs.

I saw threads on KopTalk where you’d posted, and you gave the impression you knew about this blog and its claims about KopTalk. From what you’re now saying this wasn’t the case, but you did seem to comment on how nasty these awful bloggers were. Anyone who’s read this blog with an open mind usually works out that Dunk is in fact an anti-Red Konman, and soon give it a wide berth. Even if they’ve not got the guts to admit it, once the penny drops they disappear quietly from Koptalk.

Some stay, claiming it’s only for the sake of the other members. I doubt many of those will actually pay to stay on though once their subs have run out again.

Anyone who knows about the blog and still supports KopTalk is pretty gullible. Dunk’s a liar, as we’ve proven time and time again. For anyone to keep paying him to lie to them is quite sad really – and in my view a sign of gullibility. If you didn’t know about Dunk before, I suggest you read the blog now, search it at random, read the stuff at the top – read it with an open mind. If you’ve any questions come back to me with them and I’ll try to answer them. I’m not making any of this up!

Here’s what you said on KopTalk this morning (UK Time):

#86158 – Today at 08:31 AM
Re: Lauren Forsyth [Re: Dunk]
KopTalk Member
Registered: 21/10/02
Posts: 8058
Loc: Wellington, Aotearoa Kia ora Dunk

I have just been made aware that an answer you made to me last night in the shout box has become part of the attack on you by some internet morons.

Its the first time I have seen the anti koptalk site, god these guys are idiots. I honestly don’t know what drives them, and I find it hard to believe that even my username is given so weird significance.

I hope you know Dunk that I would do nothing to intentionally cause you grief.

Jealousy is a powerful motivator 🙂

Dave A

What I’m going to do now is answer your post. The “shout box” conversation you had was featured in a post on here by “Stannard” and “Rupert”. I know Stannard was a Koptalk Insider member, but Rupert wasn’t. Although I knew your username pre-dated the EST1892.co.uk website, perhaps “Rupert” didn’t. I’ve not spoken to him about the article. I personally wouldn’t have posted that link, but that’s because I remember the stick I got from people for calling you gullible. Your username has stuck in my mind for that reason. People have been taking the piss out of Oldham though by the way. Little bits and pieces dropped into posts to see if Oldham would bite – and I know because they’ve emailed me to tell me.

I’ll allow you to call us all idiots, you won’t be the first or last to do so. You might not be the first to take it back at a later date either – it depends on how open-minded you are. Can you face the truth?

I note you use the “jealousy” word too. This is one of Dunk’s favourite defences. You’ve been a member of KopTalk a long time – how often have you heard him hint at “jealous rivals” attacking him? He usually tries to make out it’s people with other websites who are attacking him, doing it to try to get their websites to replace his. This website, the one you’re reading now, is not a Liverpool FC website. It doesn’t have a forum. It doesn’t carry any ads or anything as a means for us to make any money. Everyone does what they do for free on this site. So please don’t be so small-minded as to use the “jealousy” word until you’ve worked out what I would be jealous of. Wake up! Dunk is shitting himself because for once he can’t sweep our accusations under the carpet. Have a look at the current list of people posting on KopTalk and ask yourself where all the names you knew from there a year ago have gone. Where are those names? Elsewhere – on one or more of the many Liverpool fansites listed in the links from this site.

You ask what drives us, well I can only really answer what drives me. I started this whole thing off as a piss-take of Dunk’s constant made-up transfer rumours. He’s quite skilled when it comes to making up transfer stories, but he’s not got any sources. Not one. When I started the blog off I thought there was an outside chance he’d have maybe one source, one who’d lost some of his own access to inside info since Rafa took over. But no, Dunk’s not got even one source. And any members he had who had contacts have long since left the site.

So to start with this was nothing more than a bit of a laugh, watching Dunk as he’d claim an exclusive story, 30 minutes after someone had posted it on YNWA or RAWK. He scoured the forums looking for snippets. What he couldn’t steal he’d make up – using aliases, like “Wallet” or “The Informer” or “Pat McCat” amongst many others. Remember how he claimed he had regular meetings with Rick Parry and others at the club? Rick Parry and Ian Cotton have told us that Dunk has no contact with them whatsoever. I know other things about Dunk and what the club think of him but I’ve agreed to keep this confidential. He’s not welcome at the club, let me assure you of that. And if you don’t believe me, please contact the club and ask them. Fill the form in on the official site, or email me and I’ll send you the email address you would need to contact them.

Dunk’s made-up stories are funny, unless you’ve paid £30 for it.

Apart from the transfer lies, the only other issue I wanted to address at the start was his apparent problem with the S*n boycott. To start with it just seemed that he needed to own up to an error of judgement he made in 1998. He wore a S*n hat at France ’98. He had photos of himself taken wearing it. He used editing software to smudge their logo and used the photos on his website. This was spotted, and he was questioned about it. He claimed he hadn’t known about the boycott at the time, otherwise he’d never have worn the hat. He blamed it on him being from outside Liverpool. He blamed it on him being fairly young when Hillsborough happened. In my view they were weak excuses, but some people accepted them.


Dunk had been posting on UseNet about the boycott months before France ’98. He knew full well about the boycott, but chose to wear the hat anyway.

When he was confronted with this fact on his own forums he ignored it. He diverted attention away from it. Instead of saying, “Sorry, I was a total arse, I shouldn’t have worn the hat and I knew that when I wore it”, he tried to divert people away from it. He owns a so-called LFC fan-site and he chooses to disregard the boycott!

I hoped that the blog would, if he saw it, persuade him to admit he lied about the S*n hat, admit he did wrong, and perhaps that would have been the end of it. But he couldn’t do that. Rather than tell the truth, he told more lies.

One day I saw Dunk had put some story on his site that I’d not seen anywhere else. I looked around the forums, no sign of it on any other forum, so where had it come from? Surely Dunk didn’t have a source. So I did a search on Google News and what did I find? It had appeared in only one other place so far. On the website of The S*n. No need for me to look at the S*n, I could see from the Google News search where Dunk had got his story.

That appalled me. Not only was he disregarding the boycott with his hat wearing in 1998, in 2006 he was actually using The S*n’s website as a basis for stories. No other Red would know about the stories the S*n was making up, because no true Red reads the S*n or its website. WE JUST DON’T DO IT!

So the blog reported this, and kept on and on reporting it whenever it happened.

Then Dunk admitted to buying the S*n. He owned up – he had it delivered every day. He tried to make out he didn’t pay for it, he claimed he bullied his paperboy into handing it over for an annual bribe. But he was bullshitting. You might remember the day, when he burned a copy of the paper and filmed it.

It’s all in this blog, have a search through. And while you’re there, look for the day that Oldham said he wanted to end the Liverpool career of Peter Crouch. Oldham was calling Crouch “Lurch” all last season, and when Crouch was on duty with England Oldham decided to make up a story about him. He said Crouch had given an exclusive story to The S*n. He claimed he had the tape of the conversation, as if he’d been in touch himself with the S*n journo! He said he would save it until he was ready to bring Crouch’s Liverpool career to an end. Bullshit, but nasty, self-centred anti-LFC bullshit. And you have been supporting him since, unknowingly (I hope).

Did you see the mosaic at Anfield before the Arsenal FA Cup game? Did you see the thousands of Kopites sending a message to the world that boycott wasn’t over, that the fight for justice hadn’t come to an end, that we wouldn’t allow Kelvin MacKenzie’s hate-filled lies to go unpunished? I hope you did. And to think, just months before Duncan Oldham was claiming that the boycott wasn’t important. Anyone who tried to correct anyone else would be attacked by him and some of his most toadying members (at the time) for daring to mention how bad the S*n was. Koptalk policy was the boycott should be forgotten.

And again, you’ll find all of that in Dunk’s own words in this blog.

So if you think all the other stuff he’s done doesn’t matter, do you still think his love of the S*n is OK? Is it alright for the owner of a so-called LFC fan-site to be so supportive of a rag that any decent Red wouldn’t even touch? I’d love to hear your answer to that. I’d love you to cut and paste all of Dunk’s comments and lies on the issue onto his site and ask him about it.

All the other stuff – does it matter?

His theft from Lauren is not something I’ve made up for fun. He sold FA Cup final tickets, tickets for other cup games, fake – YES FAKE – “signed” footballs and shirts, “for Lauren”. Have you seen the fake signed balls – look on the blog, they’re all here. Absolutely disgraceful forgeries, not even close to looking like the real thing. They were over £100 each, the shirts £250 each, the Cup Final tickets £1600 a pair. Not a penny went to Lauren. Nobody got a thank you. She didn’t get any money.

How would you feel if you’d spent £350 on a shirt and a ball only to find that they’d actually been signed by Dunk and Steve? And how would you feel if he made all kinds of excuses to avoid giving you a refund? Would you still support him?

He steals other people’s copyright. You might think it’s ok for him to make money out of recording football matches from Sky and putting them on his site. Liverpool FC aren’t even allowed to do this until so much time has passed. He breaks the law doing it. He’s not the only one, but no other site as far as I know actually charges people for it! And how about the time he stole a photo off a 15-year-old Scandinavian LFC fan? Then threatened to sue the teenager! It’s all in the blog, have a good search for it. We aren’t making it up.

How about his swings from being in the depths of poverty to being a super-rich property magnate? Does that bother you? Are you happy to give him that £30? He claims to be so skint he has to borrow money off his mum for his season ticket. Except he doesn’t actually have a season ticket! He pretends to have one, but hasn’t been to any home league games this year. He’s got a Newcastle season ticket though. He can’t afford to buy his own LFC season ticket one day, yet the next day has his NUFC one already bought. He can’t afford things one day, the next day he’s claiming to have signed up to a £1200 a month web-hosting package. Which later changes to a slightly lower price as he forgets the figure he’d made up a couple of months before.

I’ve gone on long enough now. There are a lot of accusations in this blog, but I think I’ve said enough in this one post for any “decent Red” to think that Koptalk has had the last of his money, the last of his support. Are you a decent Red? If so, boycott the S*n loving Koptalk.coN. TODAY!

I’d also like to give a special mention to the following Koptalk members who had a message for the blog via Koptalk.coN. None of them have the guts to post here. Don’t worry – I’ll not ban you from here, you can say what you like. I’m not frightened of hearing what you think of me!

But every single one of these people that follow – if you have read this blog, WITH AN OPEN MIND, and still want to support the S*n Loving Koptalk.coN, I suggest you give your LFC scarf and shirts to charity and find another club. Because you are not anything even approaching a true Red.

kevin_d: “great post dunk well said mate, dont let the b******s grind you down.”

ipaul: “The only thing you can say about this kinda thing is that there is always people willing to see bad in others to believe they are not sincere, to doubt and slander. Rise above it and be content in the knowledge you did right.”

kevin_d: “spot on mate”

chrispy: “Dunk, in all the work you do for charity etc and all you give away at great cost to yourself, anyone who can accuse you of that doesn’t really know you. You’re a terrific bloke who gives his all for others with no thought of yourself in the process. That’s what makes you such a great person. There’s deffo a place in heaven set aside for you my friend. Top bloke”

Dunk: “I’m not so sure about that I’m not an angel but you learn from your cock-ups. I do what I can when I can, like most people. There’s nothing special about me, I just want to be an ordinary Joe covering LFC matters for the people who have chosen to be here and especially those who continue to support the site year in year out.”

Chancer: “We’re all stars on that site, maybe we should do a book signing or something?”

mbfakhry: “Most people are not angels but at least they try to do the best, whereas some other people always like to see the worst in others. All I can say is shame on them and carry on doing what you think is best. Good luck and best wishes to Lauren being a fellow disable person, I always feel what most disable people go through.”

bigkwakman: “It should be called ex-koptalkers.com. Seriously it gets stupid when everyday you nose down newsnow and there are these effin idiots spouting their usual bo!!ox.”

1 True Red: “Couldn’t of put it better myself mate Rise above it Dunk, your better than them”

mbfakhry: “I just realised I passed 1,000 posts and didn’t noticed.”

Shemi: “Haha, congrats on a 1000.”

mbfakhry: “Thanks What is even more fuuny is I passed it by a couple. doh”

fatheadmurp: “i have read some of the stuff on the other sites about what you are referring to dunk and to be honest it is nasty and degrading.personally i think you should be hiring someone to investigate these allogations because to me if i was an inocent man and i was accused of the stuff you have been accused of i would be going to court about it.if you think by ignoring it is the answer well that is fair enough but i would personally get satisfaction in putting the wankers down.i await your reply with interest…”

chiman: “Dunk, I’m sorry to hear all the [oops] you’re going through… Tossers…”

Xabi_is_God: “from what iv read on those sites, those people are leaving themselves open to serious legal action. its pathetic that someone is willing to invest all that time into going after someone. / check out my band at
http://www.myspace.com/thescoreband feel free to give feedback. good or bad”

lfcbarmyarmy: “Dunk the bottom line is that the majority of people think your a top bloke and the rest… well they can all F off to be honest. You are giving a service to other Liverpool supporters and apparently thats now deemed to be wrong. Just highlights the stupidity of some people. Koptalk has been nothing but good to me since I arrived and i thank you for that so much. Keep up the good work big man! oh before i forget… Dunk Knows Best”

lfcbarmyarmy: “It can actually be classed as harassment and it is possible to get an ASBO on the offenders or an injunction”

Dunk: “Nah they can say what they like about me. I know who is responsible and I know their motives. I wouldn’t waste my valuable time on anyone I had issues with, simple as. It’s monitored and if I wanted to, I could take several options available to me. But I see it as kind of flattering and it helps promote the site however they look at it, which is why I helped out with footballandbirds.teehee – that was an expirement and they took the bait so promoted what was just a bit of fun. Some people are just misguided and if they’re talking about me, they’re leaving someone else alone. One thing that makes me proud is that I have never had to spam anyone to attract interest to this site. I’ve never needed to visit other LFC sites to target their users. You can always tell a good fans site… the ones that concentrate on themselves and nobody else… this shows maturity IMHO. This site has been on the go since around 1998 and only from last summer when we kicked out some people did this campaign against me start. You’ll always get some divs you’ve kicked off forums moaning, that’s life and you get used to it. It just shows how strange some people can be though.. some move on but some can’t let go.. if someone wants to stalk a 32 year old bloke and his family, then they must live a boring and sad life because when I have free time, I put it to good use”

kevin_d: “yea right duc i think you have said all you need to on the matter well put

fatheadmurp: “maybe thats what is bothering them,you are laughing at there carry on instead of taking it to heart.do what you think is best dunk in my opinion,it is harrassment and it is damn right insulting to you and your family but what these scumbags dont realise is they are insulting all the members on here aswell because if we did not like your ways and you and your teams website we would not be here.you have alot of support on here i can assure you.i read you talk about these people before and i didnt take much notice as i hadnt seen for myself the trash they were writing,it was only recently i read the crap,i wanted to post a topic about it but i didn’t because i wasnt sure how you felt about it.as i say you have great support on here,you help us when we need help,im not saying you need it but dont be afraid to talk if you do….YNWA.”

kevin_d: “they must lead sad lives if all they worry about is dunc and koptalk all day long.”

Macers: “Rocky and Bullwinkle ya mean ??”

Lathom46: “You can tell how concerned we were about your honesty by the way nobody sent you money for the Alder Hey appeal! Oh hang on, we raised THOUSANDS OF POUNDS and got the kids loads of pressies because we believed in you and Koptalk. Glad you are letting it wash over you and not letting the really sad people who are doing these despicable acts get you down. YNWA”
laddsy: “Maybe he kept the money and pressies for himself Only joking Dunk you are a top man”

LPLFC1892: “I have just been made aware that an answer you made to me last night in the shout box has become part of the attack on you by some internet morons. Its the first time I have seen the anti koptalk site, god these guys are idiots. I honestly don’t know what drives them, and I find it hard to believe that even my username is given so weird significance. I hope you know Dunk that I would do nothing to intentionally cause you grief. Jealousy is a powerful motivator 🙂 Dave A”

Dunk: “LOL… it makes me chuckle… I haven’t seen what’s been said, while they were doing that I was laid in bed thinking about what Merc to buy this year”

Some people in that list who should be ashamed of themselves. (Although there’s at least one who I know supports the blog!)

Please – if you still think Dunk’s ok, can you tell me why? Non-Liverpool fans need not respond.

The Truth – Koptalk still supports The Sun

No updates for a few days? Well with Koptalk and its owner Dunk now banned from News Now and most Reds well aware of what a con-artist he is there’s been a little bit less urgency I suppose. Personally I’ve had a few days of being busy and tired. Then the laptop decided to “blow up”. Actually it stopped working, needed taking to bits and then needed a touch of soldering on a dodgy part, before being put back together. A pain in the arse but nothing too bad. Dunk once claimed his laptop “blew up” – taking with it the almost finished “Anfield Exposed”. That’s the book he claims will lift the lid on all kinds of shameful happenings at LFC, the club he pretends to support. That’s not all he pretends about though – there is no book, never was, never will be. It’s just another item on the Kon list.

Congratulations to all involved at Anfield yesterday in getting “The Truth” to such a large audience. Well in Motty too – the fact you drew attention during the live commentary to the mosaic and the reasons it was there, alongside the chanting, was to be applauded, particularly considering it was your employers who were being criticised. Kelvin MacKenzie is scum and admitted quite happily that he knew he was printing lies when he said Liverpool fans pissed on their fellow supporters at Hillsborough. Kelvin MacKenzie should not be employed by any company or corporation that has any kind of concern about its customers or users. The BBC employed the liar, with public money, and deserve to be fined for it, deserve to have money taken away for it. Kelvin MacKenzie enjoys rubbing salt into wounds that 17 years on are still very much open – and whoever employed him should be sacked, on the spot.

This blog started off, as I’ve said many times before, as a bit of a laugh. A way of sharing with “outsiders” just what you got for your £30 as a member of the “Insider” and “Gold Club” – in particular the transfer gossip that was mainly stolen or fabricated. Additionally, one thing that had got my back up quite a bit prior to starting the blog was Dunk’s attitude towards The S*n. Kelvin MacKenzie was of course the editor of The Sun when he decided to help the South Yorkshire Police deflect the blame for their murderous actions by printing those lies. Like many Reds, perhaps nearly all Reds, I feel a deep sense of revulsion the more I think about that article. How much of a part that played in the prevention of justice ever coming for the 96 is hard to say, but it must be significant.

I can’t bear to see people read the Sun, as I occasionally do when I see people from outside Liverpool. I’m talking about people who aren’t Liverpool fans, about people who may not even be football fans. It might be people sat in a waiting room, on a train, in the pub, in a work environment. If I get speaking to them I point out why The Sun is so bad, and some people are genuinely surprised to hear about it. They didn’t know The Sun had, thanks to Kelvin MacKenzie, helped South Yorkshire Police spread a lie about Liverpool fans so that they could try and make it look like they’d done nothing wrong, that drunken fans were to blame. Great big disgusting lies, and MacKenzie is still proud of them.

What upsets me more about people reading The Sun is that some Liverpool fans don’t feel they need to tell younger Liverpool fans just what the boycott is all about. Or they play it right down, like it’s not important. Like it’s just political and too heavy. Well it is important. I read articles on other sites where the lowest of the low are saying some quite disgusting things about Hillsborough. A lot of this comes from fans of clubs like Manchester United – but it’s actually the exception rather than the norm. A lot of Manchester United fans are disgusted too. If Liverpool fans can’t put their younger fellow Reds fans right about the boycott, what hope is there that this minority of Manchester United fans won’t become a majority over time? An 18-year-old Red may not know about Hillsborough and The Sun – but they should only need telling once. And Koptalk is not a place to learn about the boycott, or to learn about Hillsborough.

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingDuncan Oldham has decided to start using the latest coverage of the protest, “The Truth” to try and make himself look like a Liverpool fan after all. Yet anyone reading this blog knows that he despises the boycott. He pays to have The Sun delivered to his home every day. He wore a hat in summer 1998 which carried a “The Sun” logo, and after carefully smudging the logo in Photoshop he put it on his site. He used Photoshop later too with the same image, superimposing his own fat head onto the body of a Liverpool player. In May 1998 he was talking on Usenet about how the boycott might be extended to also include The Mirror, yet in July he was wearing that Sun hat in France, and getting someone to take a photo of him wearing it. He later lied about why he was wearing it, saying he didn’t know about the boycott!

A lot of his stories we found during the writing of this blog came from The Sun. It was quite a simple test to see how he did this. A story would appear on his site that we’d not seen anywhere else. I’d go onto Google News and search for the names mentioned in his story. Google News would show it had originated in The Sun. No need to read The Sun’s website for the story, Google News did enough to prove to me that’s where he’d got it from. How can any Liverpool supporter buy The Sun? How can any Liverpool supporter take stories from The Sun’s website? He doesn’t even have the decency to remove the gossip from The Sun that MacKenzie’s BBC employers include in the column Dunk steals from them.

Duncan Oldham is a Sun-loving piece of scum, and no amount of belated use of the campaign for “The Truth” will change that. If you’re reading this blog for the first time, please don’t take my word for it. There’s is evidence all through this blog about how Oldham loves The Sun. See “SUN-lovers” for an example of how he was paid by The Sun for advertising them on his site. There’s more about that issue at “The Sun comes up yet again at Koptalk HQ“. There’s an old one here – “Koptalk admit daily Sun delivery” too. There’s also “A deleted thread” about what happened when someone tried to point out the boycott to others.

You might find this article is the most revealing – “Response to Oldham” – one where Dunk tries to defend his policy towards The Sun (he was deleting threads if anyone tried to let other members know about the boycott). It was shortly after this that he made up his story about Peter Crouch talking to The Sun, claiming he was going to end Crouch’s LFC career using the tape he had of the interview!

Dunk had visitors on his site for most of the above incidents. His free forums were still thriving. He should have been educating his members, or allowing his members to educate other members, about the boycott. He didn’t want to though – it didn’t suit him. He’d been caught reading The Sun. It had been pointed out how he’d used that Sun hat during France ’98. He had to try and play down the boycott so that his members would think the blog was over-reacting. Like the boycott was a load of crap, promoted by “militants”. The Crouch tape was part of this – we’d proved his love for The Sun, he was trying to make out that was OK!

So why is he now promoting Saturday’s “The Truth” protest? Because he’s desperate for hits, desperate for members. He’s put a video on You Tube of the first six minutes of the game – but he’s made sure he’s emblazoned “Koptalk.coN” right in the middle of it. Desperately hoping other fan sites will put the link on their site and in doing so make it look like Koptalk is part of the LFC “family”. His stolen photos of the protest (stolen from national press photo agencies) are also emblazoned with the tarnished Koptalk.coN name. Again – he wants them spread in the hope people will think KopTalk is for Liverpool fans. Koptalk isn’t for Reds though – Koptalk is for Duncan Oldham. It’s to make him money, and he doesn’t give a shit how he makes it. He doesn’t boycott The Sun himself, he buys it every day and uses its stories as if they are his own. Don’t fall for it, Duncan Oldham still loves The Sun, still admires Kelvin MacKenzie.

Please – Boycott The Sun Loving Koptalk.coN.

And don’t let the BBC get away with employing MacKenzie, and please don’t let the quest for Justice for the 96 ever stop until they get that justice.

Newcastle fan gets his Crouch story wrong. Again.

Earlier today I bought a copy of the Liverpool Echo and had a good read of an article which gave a totally different interpretation of the leaked document Mihir Bose had claimed to have seen earlier this week. He wrote a complete doom and gloom article about the DIC investment deal, but it didn’t come as a surprise really. I’ve read a few of his “stories” in the past, and my bullshit detector twitches like crazy. As he is someone who’s written books on Manchester United, probably one of their supporters too, I wouldn’t expect him to write anything positive about LFC, and I’ve seen many completely incorrect stories of his about LFC’s investment prospects over the last couple of years.

In fact Bose is now joining the BBC, where he’ll be stable mates with the despicable Kelvin MacKenzie, possibly the most well known bullshit spreader when it comes to Liverpool FC. I hope they’re happy together, and I’ll be watching out for more lies, but hoping I don’t see any. When it comes to spreading bullshit about LFC there’s nobody does it more regularly than Duncan Oldham of course.

The Echo article spoke about how DIC would be giving Rafa Benitez transfer funds, contrary to what Bose was claiming in his swansong article for the Telegraph. It also explained what the document really said about selling the stadium in seven years – it was part of a list of options in a business plan, not an actual intention. Anyone reading it as being a definite plan to sell the club and/or the stadium in seven years is either very naive or a shit-stirrer.

Further inside the paper is the pink “Football Echo” section. I’ve not read it all yet (it’s always good for a chuckle to read the bits by the blue journalists) but I’ve read the bit on Peter Crouch. It was written by Chris Bascombe, and included quotes from Rafa Benitez saying that Crouch wasn’t going anywhere.

Common sense tells you this. Why the hell would Liverpool sell one of the three strikers they have been using this season without first bringing in a replacement? Most games Liverpool will start with two of the three on the pitch, and depending on how the game goes will bring the other one on at some point. If we’ve got two games in close succession one of the two who starts on the weekend game will be on the bench for the midweek game. If Robbie Fowler gets his fitness back he should start getting involved more too, but Rafa’s not going to be relying on that at the moment. And just to underline this a little more for the slower fat people, we lost one of our strikers to injury during today’s match, hopefully he’ll be fit for the New Year’s Day game, but we can’t be sure.

Also today (on one of the forums) I saw mention that in the printed version of two broadsheets there were articles talking about how Peter Crouch’s agent was responsible for trying to stir things up with the media. Crouch’s agent is also Ashley Cole’s agent in case you didn’t know, so he hardly has a reputation most of us would be proud of. Google for “tapping up”, “Chelsea”, “Ashley Cole” for more on that. The two broadsheets in question did not carry this story on their websites – either an accidental ommission or perhaps a demand had been made by the agent not to carry the story. The same forum carried a comment later from the owner of the forum, someone who has contacts at the club (he’s got Jamie Carragher’s mobile number for example), saying that Crouch’s agent had indeed been stirring things up. He also spoke about how Crouch was still as down to earth and genuine as he’d always been. Crouch may have been having some troubles on the pitch recently, and the vultures who looked daft for calling him when he first joined have been circling in wait, but he’s not been trying to leave the club at all. He wants to stay, Rafa wants him to stay, only shit-stirring agenda-driven people with no love for LFC would claim otherwise.

Which brings us onto Dunk – Duncan Oldham, Koptalk owner and all-round Konman.

One of his members, “seanrogers100” did him a service. He gave Koptalk’s readers the nearest thing to exclusive insider information they’ve had in months. None of the members who had any slight insider information or contacts still post on Koptalk, long since gone from a site so repulsive to genuine Reds and decent people once they know the truth. Dunk has no contacts himself, not even a gateman (as he sometimes claims) and certainly not Rick Parry as he also used to claim until we proved how much that was complete nonsense. Sean might know all about Dunk’s anti-Red ways, and about Dunk’s hatred of people who have real contacts at the club, and so could have been posting the Echo articles as a way of getting up Dunk’s nose. I hope so, but it’s also possible he was just trying to be helpful to his fellow (few) Koptalk members. Whatever it was, fat Dunk didn’t like it. Picture the scene as Dunk spits pie in twenty directions at mention of one of his arch-enemies (the articles from Saturday’s Echo don’t go on the net, meaning fat Dunk can’t rip them off and use them as his own. He’s only got access to the Newcastle equivalent)…

#60898 – minutes seconds ago
bascombe on crouch
seanrogers100 seanrogers100
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for a few of you who i know dont get access to the football echo on a saturday.

in the football echo today chris passed on some comments which have probably been said off the record by rafa – i actually agree with them and have been saying them for a while:

he basically said – “since crouch came back from the world cup he seems to be entirely focussed on goals but is not getting the performances he did when he was on his goal drought and last season. Rafa backed him to the hilt when he was playing well but more importantly working hard and it is clear his application this season has not been what it was. Rafa quotes” he knows that i supported him last year when he missed chances because of his all round performances. I will continue to back him”

Now i agree with chris/rafa/both as i noticed mainly at homne to portsmouth this year how annonymous he was. Think back to that chavski game in the cl at anfield last year. he was awesome all round the pitch. Almost unplayable. This season he has scored some good goals but taking them away when was the last time you saw him play really well?

I want to keep him and chris makes the point that rafa has been trying to tell crouch that he does not need to move to progress his carear which suggests the stroies are coming from newcastle/his agent/or both.

there is no chance of him being sold this season but i think rafa is losing a little faith in him. We bought him due to his performances away from home and this year in 11 starts away from home he has only started three times.

Next games he plays wlets hopoe he plays well outside the box as well as in it!!!

come on the crouch!

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Re: bascombe on crouch [Re: seanrogers100]
Kop_5 Kop_5
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Thanx for that sean,if crouch is still at liverpool next season i would be very surprised
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Re: bascombe on crouch [Re: Kop_5]
JD JD Moderator

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Crouch will be hear next season.
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So far so good. Kop_5 – it’s time you stopped helping Dunk out by being one of his few non-moderating posters. He’s hardly got any posters on his site who aren’t either admins (i.e. family) or mods (i.e. people who should know better, like Rich Tea and JD).

Now for the real fun. As we said, picture fat Dunk’s pie getting spat at his computer screen, picture the can of cider falling to the shed floor. How dare someone post Chris Bascombe’s real insider knowledge on his site.

Dunk doesn’t do insider news. He does bullshit – and how well he does it….

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Re: bascombe on crouch [Re: seanrogers100]
Dunk Dunk Administrator

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Crouch is available. Newcastle have offered £7million, Liverpool turned it down. Word was put out that £12m was what LFC had told Newcastle, this was leaked to the media to tempt people to come in a little lower thinking they’re getting a bargain. He’s definitely up for sale if someone comes in. If we say he’s for sale then potential buyers will lower the price. Newcastle, Villa, Pompey etc all want him.

Oh dear Dunk. This is worse than your bullshit about Noel White. (For anyone new to the blog, Oldham claimed Noel White wasn’t the board member quoted by the Mirror slagging off Rafael Benitez. Even though many other sources and informed LFC websites were saying otherwise. And even when David Moores forced White to resign Oldham tried to make out it was still someone else who’d gone to the Mirror. Dunk is that stupid!) So Dunk, who told you this then? Earlier in the day you were using a clip you’d stolen from Sky of Phil Thompson talking about Crouch. Thommo is a former Red. A former coach. He works for Sky. He talks about what he thinks he knows. Is he going to betray a confidence on national TV? He’ll only do it once, because next time he’ll not have anyone’s confidence!

Duncan – you looked an idiot with your Noel White lies, now you look an idiot with your Crouch lies. You want him out, and if your voice had any kind of influence you’d be trying hard to get him out. Maybe you’re still trying hard, but you’ve no credibility. You’ve got a few members left who maybe still fall for your crap, but that’s all. You can’t get rid of Crouch – you’ve not got the power. Like you never had that tape of him talking to the S*n in the summer.

I think one of the funniest bits of the bullshit is “Newcastle, Villa, Pompey etc all want him” – who’s “etc” then? Come on – you can’t actually use “etc” in this kind of story! Who else wants him?

Newcastle may well have been sounded out by the agent, but Dunk you’d not know that. You may be a season ticket holder and fan of Newcastle, but you’ve no contacts there either. You’re not actually a Geordie, you’re someone who was drummed out of Scarborough, probably frightened to death of who you might bump into round there. And the Geordie’s don’t like being compared to a piece of scum like you. They’re actually decent people in the main, even Ant and Dec aren’t all that bad!

I also enjoyed this next bit of vintage Duncan, posted in response to someone pointing out that Kuyt hadn’t scored for a bit. Perhaps hinting that Kuyt was as likely as Crouch to be sold, seeing as both were Rafa’s own signings, both were playing quite well without scoring:

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Re: bascombe on crouch [Re: Rborhara]
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Kuyt has been a bit iffy recently which is a shame but we all know that it takes time to settle, plus his old man is seriously ill which is a distraction. I’m sure he’ll come good.

Dunk tries hard to make his bullshit fit any facts people throw at him – and he bans anyone that really makes him look a dickhead. Which could explain why Kop_5 and JD post replies as if they actually believe Dunk – they don’t want to be banned. I hope it’s that, rather than them actually being so gullible as to believe Dunk really does have knowledge from inside the club! How gullible can anyone be to actually believe Dunk knows more than Chris Bascombe? Chris is a qualified journalist who went to Uni to study journalism and actually gets to speak to Rafa Benitez just about every day of the week, and other players and officials from the club at very regular intervals. Dunk is a lazy Konman who left school without any qualifications and got kicked out of the army (probably for being lazy) before setting off on his career to rip anyone off he could. The closes he gets to Melwood is to stand on a bin looking over the wall. He no longer has his season ticket for Anfield so doesn’t even get inside Anfield that way any more.

Sean was less worried about being banned, pointing out that Dunk was completely wrong with his bullshit statement. Either he’s not bothered about being banned, or doesn’t realise that he soon will be. Never question anything said by Dunk or one of his aliases. NEVER…

#60917 – minutes seconds ago Re: bascombe on crouch [Re: Rborhara]
seanrogers100 seanrogers100
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bascombe stated at times last year that lfc will not evolve until crouuch is our plan B and not our plan A. Whether you agree with him or not it appears that rafa thinks the same way.

I just feel that players of his type are very difficult to get hold of and are vital in english football. Would you sign him for la liga? Of course not but here is different.

He will get better with age as he has no pace anyway and i see no reason why he would want to leave.

I hear what you are saying Dunk but bascombe not only used rafa’s quote in the paper but also in his own words said crouch will be going nowhere unless rafa’s mind changes in the summer.

Bascombe normally leaves an issue silent rather than end up with egg on his face e.g. were we to sell crouch in jan i will be sending him an email asking why he printed stuff today!!

No chance of him going in January in my opinion.
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JD JD Moderator
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Originally Posted By: Kop_5
even if we get Big bucks to spend in the summer ?

well every player has their price mate.

Just seems to me that rafa certainly is good at realising if he aint happy with a player he has bought. However, Crouch aint done nothing wrong in my opinion. You need 4 strikers and Fowler aint upto much so think its being hasty to say the least.
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#60925 – minutes seconds ago Re: bascombe on crouch [Re: JD]
Kop_5 Kop_5
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no imo crouch hasn’t done anything wrong to be sold but maybe he has been showing his discontent and maybe rafa is growing impatient with him and if we get money to spend can we do better than crouch,i wonder how jon carew would do for us
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#60930 – 57 minutes 35 seconds ago Re: bascombe on crouch [Re: Kop_5]
JD JD Moderator

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Crouch hasnt done anything wrong. I think its just a case if Rafa is going to get alot more money he wants better quality. However, I hope he doesnt make the mistake of selling him and not having someone else lined up. He did that with Owen and mucked up by not replacing him at all.
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JD, Kop_5 – Dunk is a know-nothing fat conman. Stop believing him over people like Bascombe. And if either of you donated to the Koptalk Alder Hey appeal, are you glad your money paid for Dunk’s Christmas booze order? He’s STILL not shown a single receipt, or a single screenshot, as he promised he would, from the Alder Hey purchases.

Why not? What is he hiding? How much profit did he make from it? It only takes a few minutes to scan some receipts in after all.