Greedy conman shows his true face once again

Another koptalk member has found the membership fee to be a luxury he can’t afford anymore. This time it’s even a moderator who has done a lot of work on the site for free. So you would expect Dunk to give him a “free ride” for a while until his fortunes turn around and he can afford to pay again. After all, what’s the difference for Dunk if a member leaves or stays for free? Not a penny. God knows his dying site needs to keep those who actually bothers to post.

Here’s the post that appeared a couple of days ago: Read the rest of this entry »

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Koptalks latest scam

Despite claims of thousands and thousands of members paying 36.50 GBP each, koptalk and duncan oldham have resorted to old tricks of conning Liverpool fans to pay for his latest venture, the koptalk iPhone app.


What Dunk wont ever tell anyone is how much the project cost and never will he keep a public tab on who donated what and how much money he actually accepted. It smells of his cousin Lauren and the Alder Hey collections where no final amount, though suspected to be in the thousands could ever be accounted for.

It’s classic duncan oldham. Goes off to America with his fiance at the expense of his members and comes back to them with a begging bowl to pay for the app, claiming he cant afford the project
There is no shame in the man, He even wants his members to believe that someone donated 1500 GBP for the app just because he is a good guy and the off-chance the bait will be taken by other members for a contribution.

What will a koptalk app offer anyone that you cant already get for free from Twitter ? Almost everything dunk posts today is recycled from Twitter. If Dunk has all this so-called insider information, how come not one Liverpool Football journalist follows him, not one ? Tony Barrett, Tony Evans, Chris Bascombe, Brian Reade, Ben Thornley to mention a few are all easily accessible on twitter, just ask any one of them their thoughts about duncan oldham and koptalk.

Save your money or do the very bare minimum of doing your homework before you part with any cash.

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Dunk the racist now also a sexist

Following from the sexist remarks by Andy Gray and Richard Keys about the female linesman that was officiating at the last LFC match, Dunk shows his true feelings about the issue. Needless to say, loads of koptalkers didn’t think much of it, and I believe quite a few are reconsidering their membership of the site. One of our top search hit phrases today is “how to cancel koptalk membership”. If you are one of those who are looking for that information, look at the paypal-post in the top menu or send me an email. So what did Dunk say? Read the rest of this entry »

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Koptalk’s customer treatment is not what they make it out to be

One of the things Dunk wants his members to think is special about KopTalk is that they care more for their members than other sites. On their signup page it says: Once a V.I.P. member we become your very own Liverpool F.C. P.A. You can call or text us night or day if you need an update! Stuck on the tube or in the car? Text us and we’ll find out what you need to know. As a member you become a part of a very special family.

On several occasions Dunk has said that they will do what they can to help out their members. This is an example taken from an email Dunk sent to a member who had come across this blog and contacted Dunk to find out what was going on:

When things go wrong we try to put things right and we bend over
backwards to help people
when we need to. Many people come to us
saying they can’t renew because they are broke, but what the haters
don’t see is the emails I send out saying “Don’t worry, stay with us
and if things pick up, sort your subs out then“. We don’t just kick
someone away.

Well. Let’s take a look at what really happens when someone actually needs their help.
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Oldham the Conman

Dunk claims he’s not bothered with this blog or the “haterz” as he calls us. Despite this, every other video on his moanvideo site, and most of his tweets are about us. In fact he talking, tweeting and thinking about us all the time. I can understand why though, as we’ve managed to reduce the number of people he is ripping off by several thousands in the three and a half years the blog has been running. Today he made a tweet with links to three different websites where he’s addressing us. On one of them there is a long speech where he tries to defend himself from some of the issues we’ve brought up on this blog. How does he even know what we say when he claims that de doesn’t read this blog? The truth is, he’s one of our most avid readers. Here’s what he says: Read the rest of this entry »

Don't say goodbye – we don't like that

Another well known and respected poster left koptalk today. But he wasn’t allowed to say goodbye to those he had shared ups and downs with over the past few years. The post where he said goodbye was deleted and then it returned but was closed, and then it was deleted again. The last time I saw it it had 39 views. So why wasn’t Legin1973 allowed to say goodbye to the few remaining koptalkers? I mean, there wasn’t much controversy in his post. Read for yourself: Read the rest of this entry »

Welcome to the muppet show

You may have seen my comment yesterday about a thread Dunk made, where he attacked a koptalk member, calling him a muppet and gloating about what he (Dunk) thought was a piece of inside information broken on koptalk. Needless to say it’s not, but that’s another story. The thread developed into a discussion about who had left koptalk or not, and Dunk had to close it as he doesn’t like people talking about others leaving. But it was going to come back and haunt him later. Read the rest of this entry »