Jordan Henderson transfer rumours

There have been rumours going around the internet at various times that Liverpool are interested in signing Jordan Henderson from Sunderland. About a week ago it emerged again as rumours started circulating on twitter that Liverpool was in for Henderson, and even some rumours we had made a bid and had it accepted. One koptalk member posted this in the forums, but the thread was closed swiftly by Dunk, saying members should not post info from twitter. He also dismissed the rumours and said “Liverpool are not negotiating with the player’s club today. Liverpool have scouted the player several times but today’s claims are untrue and should be dismissed at this time.”

Later that night Tony Barrett and James Ducker (Times journos) ran a story about Liverpools interest in Henderson and Dunk changed his tune. 20 minutes after a members posted it on koptalk Dunk came up with this:

#846298 – June 01, 2011 23:38 Jordan Henderson will cost £20million insist Sunderland
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Sunderland have told Liverpool that they will have to cough up £20million to sign Jordan Henderson.

Liverpool’s director of football Damien Comolli has made an enquiry about the availability of the player but as we reported on Wednesday, there has been no formal bid and certainly no agreement, as had been suggested.

The 20-year-old midfielder – who has represented England at various levels – has been scouted by the Reds several times in the past and we believe our interest in him is genuine, but we can’t see us meeting Sunderland’s valuation, that will have to come down to enable a deal to proceed.

Meanwhile, KOPTALK understands that Liverpool have still not given up on signing Ashley Young despite the media suggesting that he will opt to sign for Manchester United.

So from dismissing it as twitter rumours he now suddenly believes the interest is genuine. Why didn’t he say so 11 hours earlier?

A few days later a member reminded Dunk about a post from early November where Dunk tried to put out news from the media as an Exclusive. We covered the lie in a comment back then. Now Dunk is trying to pull it off as inside info again on the members site and twitter.

Yesterday Dunk rolled out the infamous Informer to tell his members what they could have been reading in the media for days:

#848436 – June 06, 2011 09:50 Henderson fee agreed
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The fee was agreed last night in principle. Talks will continue today regarding the downpayment figure, bonuses and other contractual matters. Liverpool still not given permission to talk to him.

No mention of the transfer fee, but just in case the rumours come off and Liverpool actually sign Henderson, it would be nice to have made the claim. The timing is good because Henderson is off to play for England U-21, and the deal could be concluded before he’s off. Koptalk can then claim to have had inside info on the deal. He tried the same with Suarez back in Januray. It backfired then as both clubs confirmed they were still negotiating a full week after koptalk “sources” confirmed that the transfer fee was agreed. Will he be luckier this time around?

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