Dunk the racist now also a sexist

Following from the sexist remarks by Andy Gray and Richard Keys about the female linesman that was officiating at the last LFC match, Dunk shows his true feelings about the issue. Needless to say, loads of koptalkers didn’t think much of it, and I believe quite a few are reconsidering their membership of the site. One of our top search hit phrases today is “how to cancel koptalk membership”. If you are one of those who are looking for that information, look at the paypal-post in the top menu or send me an email. So what did Dunk say?

Here’s the editorial he put out today:

#797191 – January 24, 2011 10:55 Andy Gray and Richard Keys are right Dunk
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Andy Gray and Richard Keys are right, women should be at home in the kitchen preparing a hot meal for their partners when they return from the match and not running the line at Premier League football games.

If they want to be involved then they should officiate women’s football fixtures. Why have they got to stick their nose into our game?

Sian Massey, the female linesman (that was deliberate BTW) at the centre of the controversial debate between Gray and Keys, isn’t the hottest chick that we’ll ever see running the line and truth be told, I think I have bigger man boobs, but I’m sure there were plenty of men behind her in the stands that most definitely still would have (use your imagination here).

Men are animals and while the football would have been the priority, every straight guy at the match with some lead in their pencil would have been asking themselves the same question. ‘Would she get it?

Now if she’d had a decent rack, and they’d been juggling around while she ran the line, that would definitely have put me off the game. It would have been a distraction and I challenge any hot blooded male to tell me that they wouldn’t have had the odd peak? Yup, you see, you took your eye off the game, this is my point.

I do believe that some women, the minority of course, do understand the rules of football etc and Sian Massey will be able to do her job as good as many man, I really do believe that. But that doesn’t mean that I want to see split arses officiating the game.

I don’t mind women going to the games providing they are accompanying a male partner. I’ve taken plenty of birds to the games over the years but only for company. It used to be a long drive down the A64 and M62 and someone had to lean into the McDonalds drive-through window.

Whatever happened to the female commentator on Match Of The Day? Is she still around? God she used to do my head in. She was even worse than Jonathan Pearce.

I don’t like women officiating games, I don’t like women commentating on games and I don’t like women anchoring football programmes.

And as for Karen Brady, for someone who bangs on about sexism, she certainly knows how to dress like a woman, she knows how to catch the male eye. I’m not complaining of course but she’s no fool. She’s certainly taken advantage of the fact that she’s a good looking woman and I’ve yet to see her dress down to look like a librarian.

Of course some of my words in this editorial are tongue-in-cheek to try and get a bite but I do believe that Andy Gray and Richard Keys are entitled to their views. To me it was nothing more than male banter, male bravado, just like how us guys criticise women drivers. Us guys talk a lot of sh*t when we’re together, we continually try to impress one another.

Do I oppose of women officiating men’s football? Yes I do but that’s because I think they should stick to women’s football. I have no problem with women attending games providing they’re prepared to do the pie run at half time.

Am I sexist? Well I guess people will say so, but away from men’s football, I have no problem with female police officers, female firefighters, female soldiers etc. If I’m sexist because I would prefer men to officiate the men’s game (notice I said the men’s game and not football), then so be it.

If this sh*te is all we’ve got to worry about then there’s something seriously wrong.


Duncan Oldham

From start to end it’s a tirade of sexist remarks. Make no mistake. This is not just an attempt to stir the pot. This is Duncan Oldhams true feelings about women. It’s not the first time he’s used phrases like “split-arses”, and it’s not the first time he’s making it known he thinks women should stay in the kitchen. This is what you get for £36,5 a year when signing up for koptalk. Last year it was racism, this time around it’s sexism. What will be next?

Thankfully there are still a few decent members on koptalk who is standing up agains stuf like this. Dunk doesn’t care though and tries to laugh it off when they are critical. We can only hope they will se the light and leave the site. If they haven’t noticed by now that all you get on koptalk is lies and stolen news, then maybe this will make them rethink why they’re paying for a membership.

Let’s have a look at some of the comments from the members:

#797230 – January 24, 2011 11:46 Unbelievable Crouchfan
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Are we living in the 21st century or the first?

Sian Massey did her job a lot better than most linesman do week in week out, allowing our goal when a lot would have panicked and given it offside.

But because she doesn’t have a d*ck, she shouldn’t be doing the job? I would love to get Gray, Keys, or Dunk for that matter to run the line in a Premier League match and see how they get on. Maybe then they’d have a bit more respect.

Thread locked after three replies.

#797247 – January 24, 2011 12:00 Re: Andy Gray and Richard Keys [Re: Dunk]
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Originally Posted By: Dunk
Well I’ve had one person saying they won’t renew

Not surprised, its people like you who make this world the sh!t hole it is. You wouldn’t have written that if she’d had offside nipple tastles on and spun em around when someone was offside… your just sick.

Wonder if rossco will survive that comment.

#797262 – January 24, 2011 12:13 Re: Andy Gray and Richard Keys [Re: rossco]
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I’ll say it again, seeing as they last one was locked.

Would love to see Gray, Keys or Dunk run the line in a Premier League match and see how they get on.

All Keys and Gray have done is put her under massive pressure in every game she plays. Wouldn’t blame her if she quit now. But its only a woman, so her quitting a job she clearly loves is fine isn’t it, she can “always go back to the kitchen”.

Like someone else said, this is supposed to be a football forum. Its the most exciting time for the club in ages, we look to be signing some half decent players for once, so do we really need the pot stirring? There were about 80 people looking at the transfers forum at 8 am this morning ffs – its not like the site needs the traffic.

Interesting that we’ve never seen the pot stirred about something like how asian people can’t play football, or how gays shouldn’t be allowed in the game. Like most bullies I guess they only pick on people who are smaller than them.


#797294 – January 24, 2011 12:43 Re: Andy Gray and Richard Keys [Re: mungo]
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Dunc, best you read the Equlality ACT 2010 before making sexist comments on your own website…


#797319 – January 24, 2011 13:01 Re: Andy Gray and Richard Keys [Re: Murielson]
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The new Equality Act comes in today (October 1 2010), and all of you with employees or providing goods or services to the public need to be aware of the changes to previous legislation.

These measures are obviously there to help protect minority groups and those who are discriminated against, which is unarguably good for our society as a whole, but the very unfortunate reality is that increasing protection for them inevitably hits small businesses hard when they’re already drowning in a sea of red tape, among other battles. Employers already spend on average seven hours a week handling HR, and the British Chambers of Commerce estimates it will cost £189m for businesses to implement the Act. Here’s what you need to know:

Key changes
The headings of age, disability (which includes mental health and people diagnosed as clinically obese), race, religion or belief, sex, sexual orientation, gender reassignment (people who are having or who have had a sex change, transvestites and transgender people), marriage and civil partnership, and pregnancy and maternity are now to be known as ‘protected characteristics’.;There are now seven different types of discrimination:
Direct discrimination: discrimination because of a protected characteristic.
Associative discrimination: direct discrimination against someone because they are associated with another person with a protected characteristic. (This includes carers of disabled people and elderly relatives, who can claim they were treated unfairly because of duties that had to carry out at home relating to their care work. It also covers discrimination against someone because, for example, their partner is from another country.)
Indirect discrimination: when you have a rule or policy that applies to everyone but disadvantages a person with a protected characteristic.
Harassment: behaviour deemed offensive by the recipient. Employees can claim they find something offensive even when it’s not directed at them.
Harassment by a third party: employers are potentially liable for the harassment of staff or customers by people they don’t directly employ, such as a contractor.
Victimisation: discrimination against someone because they made or supported a complaint under Equality Act legislation.
Discrimination by perception: direct discrimination against someone because others think they have a protected characteristic (even if they don’t).

Essentially direct or indirect discrimination agaist someone due to their sex is deemed illegal. Not sure on the law around opinions on websites (AKA Dunc’s editorial), however I think if Dunc had written ‘Asians can’t be referees’ then the reaction would be different from the readers (racisim is wrong). I think we as men need to look at our prejudices toward women more carefully, the law certainly is.

Duncs editorial in my opinion is purile, descriminatory trash. But hey we all turn a blind eye to it don’t we..


#797334 – January 24, 2011 13:15 Re: Andy Gray and Richard Keys [Re: Crouchfan]
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crouchfan, I’ve been a lurker on this site for ages but have to write now to say that I totally agree with you.
I know dunk is trying to wind us up but I really don’t see the point.

And dunk, your argument that you think that she can do the job as well as any man, you just don’t want women to be part of your boys club is no different than when in earlier times (white) people would say that they didn’t mind black people and were sure they were just as smart as themselves, only they didn’t want to be confronted with them so preferred if they kept to themselves.
If you can’t keep your eyes off her tits for 90 minutes while Liverpool is playing that’s your problem (or not) but hardly a reason to exclude women.
Ok, I’ve risen to the bait, but really this is not ok in my opinion and that has to be said.

Dunk doens’t understand this though.

#797349 – January 24, 2011 13:28 Re: Andy Gray and Richard Keys [Re: johnstb2]
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I dont recall the “its a private conversation” excuse working when Gordon Brown was recorded saying a woman was a bigot. He was roundly condemned. I don’t see this as any different.

I cant agree with the editorial, they were awful comments, they should be punished.

So should Dunk. Cancel your membership.

#797386 – January 24, 2011 14:23 Re: Andy Gray and Richard Keys [Re: drogred]
Jim B
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It’s totally unacceptable. If anyone else thinks otherwise, they should go down the golf club and talk about it with their mates

Jim, you know the score. Why are you still there?

#797389 – January 24, 2011 14:26 Re: Andy Gray and Richard Keys [Re: Jay22]
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Posts: 5364 I think a fine and a public apology is required here. I suppose the could even lose their jobs.

As for Dunk – I’m surprised at your latest editorial. Maybe you are fishing for controversy, but it’s a strange topic to focus on. You have your detractors outside of this site and this only gives them more fuel for their fire. You can bait them all you like with other, less sensitive topics, but this I think is a poor move.

As for women in football: I have no problem with it in the general sense. Female officials, if they can do the job to the standard of a man, are fine by me. If they are happy to get in between 22 men when a brawl or argument erupts, then that’s also fine. My point, is that no inch should be given as to the physicality of the job. There are times when the game gets ugly and if they are happy and willing to get involved in that, then fair play to them.

I always quite enjoyed the blonde one from Soccer AM (is it Helen Chamberlain?), but I’m not a fan of Gabby Logan. I also don’t really like the BBC female commentator, as for my tastes she shouts too much. But if a woman can do a job as well as a man, then she should be allowed to do it and not face sexist abuse.

This “it’s a bait” comments comes from Dunk every time he makes mistakes like this. He’s to thick to understand it before he makes the mistakes so he comes out with this after the damage is done as a poor excuse. then he tries to laugh it off making things worse.

#797428 – January 24, 2011 15:11 Re: Andy Gray and Richard Keys [Re: Colm]
Adam Abdool
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Dunk has really got me baffled on this one. This is an absolute clear cut case of sex discrimination.

Notice this is the man you’re paying to tell you lies, racist and sexist comments.

#797854 – January 24, 2011 22:18 Female members of KopTalk?
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Registered: July 27, 2007
Posts: 127 Haven’t had chance to peruse forums thoroughly today, but maybe a little disappointed at what I came across, perhaps particularly from Dunk. So, made me think… how many of us are there? Genuinely female, as opposed to just old women, that is…

Are you still there Mandy???

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