Summer 2010 – Insider scoops by koptalk

With the next transfer window fast approaching it may be worth having a look at how the “Insiders” of koptalk did during the transfer window last summer. Quite a few new players arrived, but did the koptalkers know about it before the rest of the internet? Surely that’s why hundreds sign up without even bothering to make a single post in the forums. The lure of inside information has always been the main marketing trick for Dunk, but what do you really get? I did a similar post a couple of years back, and there was no inside info back then. Was there this year? Let’s have a look.

Milan Jovanovic:
The first player signed this summer was Milan Jovanovic who came on a free transfer from Standard Liege. Actually he signed a pre-contract agreement back in February. The first mention of him on koptalk was on January 24th when they reported a piece from the news about Jovanovic stalling on agreeing a proposed move to Liverpool. Then on February 2nd SSN reported that he was close to sign for Liverpool. This was picked up by one of the members. Dunk replied that “He agreed terms ages ago. Just nothing signed.” But why didn’t he tell this to his members who pays for stuff like that? The next day the news broke that Jovanovic had signed. Dunk then reported that “As expected Milan Jovanovic has put pen to paper on a contract with Liverpool.” It took another week before the player and his agent confirmed the signing, but there was nothing on koptalk that hadn’t already been in the media before.

Jonjo Shelvey:
Next out was Jonjo Shelvey. On April 25th Koptalk reported that “Liverpool have reportedly made enquiries regarding the availability of Charlton super kid Jonjo Shelvey.” The story was possibly picked from The People, but knowing Dunk he probably found the link on The Mirror website. In any case it’s quite clear that Liverpools interest in Shelvey must have gone on for some time as he signed three days later. The Insiders on koptalk never even mentioned him, and again noone on koptalk knew anything before it appeared in the media.

Joe Cole:
Again the first mention about Cole on koptalk was a report from the media on May 4th “Joe Cole is wanted by Liverpool, if you believe newspaper reports today.” Rumours about Cole were off and on during the next couple of months, but on July 5th one member reported that the bookies had changed the odds for the transfer, and was suggesting it was on. He said: “… has been backed into 4/5 to join Liverpool.
Was 14/1 on Sat……….” Noone in the thread believed it and there were references made to similar situations when nothing happend. The speculation in the media was intense and Dunk reported the next day that Cole was in talks with Liverpool. Nothing new that wasn’t in the media though. He then posted an email that he claimed he had received from someone he didn’t know, saying:
Hi Duncan,

I’ve been trying to get an add via facebook to get your contact details to give you some info re. Joe Cole.

I am very close to his agent and can confirm that he will now sign for Liverpool FC. Talks are at an advance stage with a wage somewhere between £80-90k a week being negotiated; other personal terms are currently being discussed.

Just though I’d give you the heads up to give the fans something to cheer about after all the doom.

If I get anymore details I’ll contact you.

Keep up the good work big man,

Apart from the fact that this email doesn’t make sense at all (why would someone he doesn’t know send him this info, and calling him big man etc.?) it doesn’t add any information apart from what’s been reported in the media. My guess is that it’s all fiction by Dunk who tried to be a bit clever.

A couple of weeks later Cole signed for Liverpool. When the transfer looked to be nailed on Dunk ran his usual routine about “Medical have been arranged”. He even used his alter ego The_Informer to pass this info on. It was a shame for Dunk though that he decided to add a bit of extra info himself. The squad was in Switzerland and so was the medical team. Dunk said in his exclusive that “Currently there’s nobody at Melwood available to perform a medical as the Reds are overseas but we are aware of logistical arrangements that are currently being discussed. The medical team are not due back until Wednesday but there are discussions currently taking place to determine if they should be brought home sooner.” But Cole was on his way to Switzerland and the next day he had passed his medical.

Danny Wilson:
Wilson was reported as a Liverpool target as far back as April (at least). There were several reports in the media during May and June that he was close to signing, but he didn’t sign until July 21st. Koptalk Insiders never reported anything on Wilson, and there was nothing that wasn’t picked from the media. When he finally signed, it was reported by one of the members who picked it up from the Official LFC site.

Fabio Aurelio:
Fabio’s contract ran out after last season, but he was invited back to train at Melwood. This was never reported on koptalk. They had no idea, and when Aurelio signed a new contract it came out of the blue for them. It was first reported on koptalk by a member who read it on Rory Smith’s twitter feed. With all the insiders they claim to have at Melwood and Anfield you would have thought that there would be at least a hint about it, but there was nothing.

Christian Poulsen:
The first mention of Liverpools interest in Poulsen was a report from the media on July 18th. In the same report Dunk claimed Kuyt had agreed personal terms with Inter. During the next weeks there was written much about the transfer, and even his agent confirmed to be negotiating with Liverpool. On August 10th it was reported that Poulsen was in Liverpool for his medical, having pulled out of the danish squad for the upcoming friendly, and Dunk took a chance, just to make it look like he was first with the news, and told his members that Poulsen had completed his medical and signed the contract. Later that day could reveal that his agent was in Italy to conclude things with Juventus before going to Liverpool to complete negotiations the following day. The confirmation of the signing came on August 12th, 2 days after Dunk claimed the deal was done. Again everything you could read on koptalk was taken from the media, apart from the lie that Poulen had signed before he actually did.

Brad Jones:
The first mention about Brad Jones was as usual a report from the media that was quoted in the news section of koptalk. This was on August 3rd. On August 9th Dunk claimed Jones had agreed personal terms with Liverpool, but he had his medical a full week later and signed the contract after that. Apart from that there wasn’t anything that hadn’t been in the media first.

Raul Meireles:
Raul Meireles wasn’t mentioned on koptalk before the news broke in the media, possibly in this article by The Guardian. Not a word about Liverpools interest in this player was posted by any Insider, member or Dunk himself. It came totally out of the blue.

Paul Konchesky:
Konchesky had been linked to Liverpool for a long time, even though Hodgson had said he would not raid his old club. On August 27th several sites reported that Konchesky was set for a medical. This was picked up by some members on koptalk, but there was no info from Dunk and his Insider before he reported that Konchesky was at Melwood the next day. That was all. No inside info there. And the players moving the other way was not reported by koptalk either.

So another transfer window came and went with no inside info on the site that sells memberships at £36,5 a year based on inside information. For those of us who have watched koptalk for more than a decade this comes as no surprise, but for the new members who signed up this summer, thinking they would get inside info about transfers and other stuff surrounding LFC, it must have been a big surprise.

But what did the koptalk insiders say then? Who did they think we’d sign, and what else did they claim? Well, they’ve gone a bit quiet the last couple of years, and they hardly ever post anymore. However, Dunk put up a bar above the threads in the footy forum where he showed a percentage of “koptalk sources opinion” on a few things. When he put it up in late May he had Torres to leave at 40%, Gerrard to leave at 80%, Mascherano to leave at 80% and Rafa to leave at 20%. A few days later Rafa was history. By then Gerrard and Mascherano was down to 60% to leave. A week later he had Torres and Gerrard to leave at 50% and he also had a 95% of new owners this summer. The numbers went a bit up and down, but on July 5th he had Torres to leave at 90% and Gerrard to leave at 100%. This would mean there where no chance whatsoever that Gerrard would stay. He’s still there though. The percentage on Gerrards leaving went down to 70% (how is that possible?) and then up to 100% again. On the last record I made before he took it down Torres was at 90%, Gerrard and Mascherano at 100%. There was also the investment saga going on, and Dunk claimed it was 1000% certain that the club would be bought by a rich sheikh from Abu Dhabi. That’s a long story though, worthy it’s own post. But the club is sold anyway, to someone who Dunk had no idea about.

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