Why has KopTalk failed to report a single big LFC story this year before it appeared in the national press?

It’s been a comedy masterclass on KopTalk over the past week, as Dunk takes up residence on fantasy island in preparation for the summer transfer window.

Oldham has already told so many lies this month that it would be impossible to list them all in one article. But the best/worst/funniest ones so far involve him having a contact within Kenny Dalglish’s immediate family, exchanging emails with “various Anfield luminaries”, and having sources close to Amanda Staveley and Fernando Torres’s agent.

It’s a risky strategy for Dunk. He knows that this sort of nonsense will alienate some of his existing members, the ones who have been on KopTalk for a couple of years and have slowly realised that he knows as much about the inner workings of Liverpool FC as they do. Having their intelligence insulted like this will be final straw for some. But Oldham calculates that he’ll tempt enough new victims into signing up to KT for it to be worth the risk.

Since the season began, Dunk has also told us that he has sources close to the Real Madrid board, Jose Mourinho, Xabi Alonso, Steven Gerrard, Jamie Carragher, and Tom Hicks or George Gillett (Dunk couldn’t reveal which, naturally). These posts are listed at the end of the article so everyone can have a cheap laugh at them.

As somebody said in a comment on here recently: “There are senior journos within world-class media organisations who don’t have these contacts.”

We all know Dunk reads this blog – he recently changed his avatar in our honour – so I have a question for him: why, with all these supposed contacts, has KopTalk failed to report any of the major LFC stories this year before they appeared in the national press?

If these sources did really exist, why did KopTalk members not hear about the Rodriguez deal until after it had been reported in the national press, whereas other free LFC sites had already reported that the transfer had been agreed before the news appeared in the nationals? (You can read about that here: KopTalk Maxi Rodriguez)

Why did KopTalk members learn about us selling one of our most promising youngsters, Christopher Buchtmann, from a member who had read the news on The Liverpool Way? (You can read about that here: KopTalk January transfers)

Riera’s training ground bust-up is Dunk’s idea of a perfect story. So why did KopTalk members not hear about it until months after it had been reported on other Liverpool sites? Oldham knew nothing of the incident until the news appeared in the nationals. And why could Dunk still not name the player Riera had come to blows with until after he was identified in the national press, even though Pacheco had already been named on every other Liverpool site around? (You can read about that here: KopTalk Riera Pacheco)

Why did Dunk know nothing about the Rhone group’s bid until it had been reported in the national press, long after the news had first been broken on RAOTL? (You can read about that here: KopTalk Rhone Group)

Why did Dunk know nothing about the appointment of Martin Broughton until after it had been reported in the national press? (You can read about that here: KopTalk Martin Broughton)

Why did Dunk know nothing about Barclays Capital coming on board until after the news had appeared in the national press? (You can read about that here: KopTalk Barclays Capital)

If Dunk really has a source close to Torres’s agent, why did he not know that Torres had travelled to Spain to see a specialist until after it had been reported in the national press? And why was he saying that Torres’s injury wasn’t serious days before the player would be ruled out for the rest of Liverpool’s season? (You can read about that here: KopTalk Fernando Torres)

And with all his sources close to the first-team squad, why did Dunk say that Alberto Aquilani had been ruled out for the rest of the season, two days before he played for Liverpool? (You can read about that here: KopTalk Alberto Aquilani)

Why? Because none of Dunk’s alleged sources exist. They’re a money-making figment of his imagination. Because KopTalk is a vehicle which Duncan Oldham uses to tell lies in order to con Liverpool fans out of their money.

Here are some – but by no means all – of the lies Oldham has told about his imaginary “sources” this season alone:

06/05/10 07:14 PM ED: Dalglish is perfect tonic to lift spirits and…
KopTalk Team
The reason I placed the bet all those months ago and so early in the season was because of information supplied to me from 2 sources. 1 a close friend of Kenny’s, the other an immediate member of his family.
I was asked to put together an editorial to try and put the idea out there amongst our readers and members to see what they thought… I was basically posting on behalf of someone else but I agreed with what they were saying.
The friendship with Amanda Staveley (pictured left) remained and so did her connection with KOPTALK sources.
I’ve been exchanging a lot of emails this week with various Anfield luminaries to discuss various issues.

06/05/10 08:23 AM EXCLUSIVE: Chelsea make Liverpool approach for Torres
KopTalk Team
KOPTALK sources are reporting that Chelsea have made an approach to Liverpool regarding the availability of Fernando Torres.
A source connected to the player’s agent said: “[Chelsea CEO] Ron Gourlay spoke with Christian Purslow yesterday regarding Fernando.

06/05/10 07:12 AM Benitez-Broughton meeting imminent
KopTalk Team
Real Madrid officials are yet to approach the Benitez camp and our source at the Bernabeu insists that Jose Mourinho is their top target to replace Manuel Pellegrini, if a deal can be struck.

05/04/10 12:43 PM Something has to give and something will
Dunk Editor
Last year, in the early stages of the season I told our members that Raf4a had lost the dressing room. This wasn’t an opinion, this was direct from within the squad.
Real Madrid will make an official approach for Steven Gerrard in the summer.
I have contacts there

05/05/10 06:22 PM Editorial
Dunk Editor
I have a source in the Dalglish camp who is a member here also – although they rarely post.

04/05/10 02:07 PM EDITOR: Get rid if they want out at Anfield
KopTalk Team
All of these claims were passed to be my the same source, a VIP member of ours. I would love to reveal her identity. It would be great for me and the site because I could silence the muppets but she would lose her job and I would certainly lose a very good source and friend.
A source isn’t always someone who works for the club. I get approached by journalist friends of mine to drop something that they maybe can’t put into print.

31/03/2010 12:12 PM Just an editorial based on a few things today
I have a source who is a friend of Mourinho.
The same source – one of our VIP members – will be making calls to people associated to Manchester City, Real Madrid and Inter Milan today and has pledged to come back to me.

12/03/10 12:06 PM EDITOR: Players have a duty to us and not just the manager
Dunk Editor
I have no relationship with Peter Crouch but I do have a foot in the Alonso camp.

20/12/09 02:26 PM Liverpool players turn on Benitez
KopTalk Team Administrator
Our source told us last night: “Stevie’s sick of it. He’s not going to walk but it’s brewing. Something will have to give.
Sources close to Jamie Carragher claim that the Liverpool defender feels that there are now more passengers in the side than ever before. That source told us: “Last year we managed to carry 2 or 3 passengers. This season it feels like there’s 5 or 6.

Oct 2009 EDITOR: No Anfield mutiny but time could be running out for Rafa
Dunk Editor
“Rafa could have had Wesley Sneijder during the negotiations for Xabi Alonso, that’s a fact,” insists the source. And without giving too much away, he would know if this was a real possibility or not.
I know that Gillett (or Tom for that matter) is not behind my source because my source plans to speak to at least one of them (to protect the source I can’t say which one) over the coming weeks.
I do know that Kenny Dalglish would definitely take the job with Sammy Lee as his assistant.
The first thing I asked my source was “Would Gillett and Hicks consider that option?”. The source couldn’t answer me that but assured me that the question will be asked ‘off the record’ over the coming weeks. Nothing official, just a sounding out.
But because the source in relation to this cannot be questioned – because he’s extremely close to 3 people named in it – I had to get it out to you.

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