KopTalk – April round-up

Over the coming days, we’ll be looking at the bullshit Dunk has been crapping out on KopTalk this month, but first there are a few more posts from April that deserve attention.

We all know that Oldham loves to steal stories from The S*n. He’s been doing it for years – click on the “SUN-lovers” sticky at the top of the page for proof. Oldham has even run adverts for that rag on KopTalk. A post by a KopTalk member calling Oldham a con man would be lucky to last five minutes before it was deleted, but ads for The S*n can stay up for two weeks or more.

It’s indefensible at any time of the year, but in the month of the Hillsborough anniversary, you’d think even Oldham would restrain himself. You’d be wrong – he stole at least two stories from The S*n in April. ­­

And he didn’t stop there. He put both of them on his front page – the headlines aimed at coaxing Liverpool fans into paying him £36 to subscribe to KopTalk. So in the month of the Hillsborough anniversary, Duncan Oldham tried to make money from stories taken from The S*n. Duncan Oldham is the scum of the earth.

See this Tribal Football summary of the story below for proof that it came from The S*n.

06/04/10 10:20 AM Ian Wright: Real Madrid right move for Steven Gerrard
KopTalk Team
Ian Wright believes Steven Gerrard should quit Liverpool and consider a move to Spanish giants Real Madrid… [copy & paste of Wright’s column from The S*n]

And now see here for a report by Goal.com for proof that this KopTalk article also came from The S*n. The Guardian linked us with Van Der Vaart that day as well, but its report didn’t mention Diarra.

24/04/2010 09:51 AM Liverpool linked with Real Madrid duo
KopTalk Team Administrator
Rafa Benitez is looking at bringing in Rafael van der Vaart this summer.
Anfield officials met in Madrid before Liverpool’s Europa League semi
final against Atlético on Thursday to discuss the player’s availability and valuation.
The 27-year-old midfielder would like to test himself in the Premier League but until Rafa’s future is resolved at Anfield, a formal bid looks highly unlikely.
A proposed move to Anfield several years ago collapsed.
Former Chelsea and Portsmouth midfielder Lassana Diarra has also been linked with the Reds.

Next, we come to another reason for all of Dunk’s “insider” bullshit: he wants to coax his members into putting on bets through his affiliate, Blue Square. He puts a link to Blue Square on every page on KopTalk – and he keeps making money from every single bet made by any KT member who signs up via KopTalk for as long as they keep their account open.


08/04/10 02:32 PM As a matter of interest
Dunk Editor
Dear Mr Oldham,
Thank you for taking time to contact us requesting some odds.
We are happy to offer you the odds of 9/1 maximum stake £50 on ‘Rafa Benitez to be appointed full time manager of Juventus for start of 2010-11 season’, please place your bet before the 12th of April 2010.
We are happy to offer you the odds of 6/4 maximum stake £50 on ‘Steven Gerrard to leave Liverpool before start of 2010-11 season’, please place your bet before 12th of April 2010.
We are happy to offer you the odds of 4/1 maximum stake £50 on ‘Steven Gerrard to sign for Real Madrid on permanent contract for start of 2010-11 season’, please place your bet before 12th of April 2010.
I was curious that’s all \:\)

Oldham has admitted that he doesn’t watch our matches any more and wishes he had never begun supporting us in the first place, which is a very strange thing for the owner of a Liverpool site to say:

17/04/10 05:57 PM Re: A serious debatable question [Re: kopstar]
Dunk Editor
If I could rewind the clock I would never have supported Liverpool.
I was too young to understand where Liverpool was in a geographical sense. If I was choosing a club as an adult I would have supported my most local club.

19/04/10 11:07 PM I didn’t watch the game
Dunk Editor
Sorry… I know this sounds very gay but I actually sat outside with a cup of coffee watching my cats play

24/04/2010 01:00 PM Re: no excuses [Re: RedJon]
Dunk Editor
I didn’t watch the game.
Not too concerned about the defeat though.

Finally, at the start of the month, Oldham’s “sources” (ie. the voices in his head) informed him that Aquilani was out for the rest of the season:

01/04/2010 at 10:15 AM Liverpool’s Aquilani out for the season
KopTalk Team Administrator
KOPTALK sources are reporting that Rafa Benitez has been told not to deploy Alberto Aquilani again this season.
ED: This isn’t an April Fool BTW, unless someone has set me up!

02/04/10 09:48 PM Benitez unhappy with Kop flop Aquilani
KopTalk Team
KOPTALK sources reported yesterday that the player was out for the rest of the season but that is yet to be confirmed by the club.

Two days later, Aquilani played for Liverpool against Birmingham. He’s played for us a further five times since then.

Yet more proof that Oldham has no sources – he just makes it all up as he goes along.

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